Sochi House (Russia)

sochihouse.jpgENDED FEB 28, 2010: The Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2010 in Vancouver will be a significant milestone for the Sochi 2014 program, since it is in Vancouver that Russia’s Sochi will officially take over and become the focus of the next Winter Olympic Games. Unprecedented in its scale, the World, Russky Dom project will be the only official location for the Russian delegation in Vancouver.

The doors to Sochi World will be open from February 12-28 for everyone who wants to become a part of the big Russian celebration at the Vancouver 2010 Games. It will bring together well-known athletes, eager fans and officials from around the world.

Every day from 12 pm to 5 pm, activities for Sochi World guests will include: meetings with Russia’s celebrated athletes, as well as autograph signing and photo sessions, entertainment programs, contests, excursions and official project participant and Games Partner events.

The venue is free, however, Sochi 2014's website states the following regarding admission requirements:

In order to take part in the Sochi World activities, visitors must obtain accreditation (permanent access) or day-passes (single-use access). Day-passes are available at the information desk or at the Accreditation Center at the entrance. For Russian fans, entry passes will be created upon presentation of a Russian passport.

Guests of Sochi World will be able to get to know a new, modern Russia, where innovation is balanced with tradition: exhibition halls and informational booths will introduce everyone to the city and country that will host the Sochi 2014 Games. The cultural program, legendary Russian cuisine, performances by famous Russian and Canadian artists and, of course, the guests themselves will all help to create an unforgettable, truly Russian festive atmosphere.

In the Omnimax theater, guests will be able to watch sports-themed domestic films and cartoons—the masterpieces of Russian cinema (with English subtitles). Additionally, on the days of ice hockey competitions, retrospective screenings of ice hockey matches between Russia and Canada will be held in the theater.

On hockey competition days (February 21, 26 and 28, 2010) the Sochi World day program will also include: A Table Hockey Tournament; Games with famous hockey players (for example, «Score a Goal Past Tretyak» and «Best Scorer» with Pavel Bure and others); Autograph signings and photo sessions with the stars of Russian and Soviet hockey; Chant and dance contests among fan groups. In the evenings, guests can enjoy unforgettable performances and jointly celebrate the Olympic victories of our athletes.

Click here for directions on how to get there. Check out our Sochi House pavilion profile here.

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Horrendous manners and we don't speak English seemed to be the theme of the day.

I have visited Sochi House 2 times now, my wife and daughter 3 times.
Contrary to the complaints here, people with children were advised they did not need to wait, elderly and handicapped were escorted through first. All staff were friendly, courteous and respectful. The actors, dancers, musicians, etc were great and stopped to chat and even play with my little girl.
Yes the restaurant was staff only, but upstairs was a small bar in the back where you could get food.
They had a section set aside for children to play and even staff laughed and played with the children.
Children are very important and the time and effort for them inside Sochi House was impressive.
Canadians on the other hand were welcoming, but showed no respect to children, handicapped or elders - no assistance and no time.

Sochi House was a total waste of time. We waited 3 hours in line and got into a place filled with staff who were mostly rude and uninviting. There was nothing interesting except some historic Hockey Jerseys. Some pretty girls were handing out brochures of an oil and gas company, like we would be interested in that !! the rest of the staff were interested in chatting amongst themselves about makeup and treated most of the visitors like nuisances. There was nowhere one could even get a drink or refreshments. We asked the lady at the entrance and we were told there was food. A fellow stood guard at the entrance of what seemed like a restaurant and all he said was closed and gave us the brush off. If that is the welcome one gets then I guess the only people that would go to the 2014 games would be the athletes only.

I would NOT reccommend going to this Pavilion. We went yesterday (F.26), waited in line for 2 hours, spent a grand total of 30 minutes inside & then left.
We were advised that food & beverages were for VIPs, not 'regular' people, and the staff were incredibly rude, hostile & very unfriendly.
It was free to get in, but totally NOT worth the wait!!! Probably the worst Pavilion I have visited!

I think the supervaj will do well

I agree with the comment from the person who was born and raised in Sochi 100%, I myself am Russian and wanted to leave asap, even some of the familiar faces of local girls that were working there were miserable and rude to non Russians. Nice...we didn't even want to speak Russian to any of them, just a waste of breath.

Good point!!! You are 100% right.

Hi, I visited the house twice now. the first day was on Feb 11 :) no line and very nice people welcome us.They give us free drinks ans food but hey! I think they didn't expect such mass of visitors!..they were fine with 400 per day now it is like 1000! or more..and sorry but Vancouver isn't ready for them either. The second day was two days ago or so and the line was huge! but i think it is worth it, it isn't Russia! is just a Canadian place with Russians inside and installations made by designers, Russia is more than that..go travel. I think the entrance is well coordinated because the place is small. Everyone who likes Russia is interested in visit the house but a the same time we know Russia is old good stuff mafia and freedom. Something impossible to get in Canada with fake "polite" guys.
So if you are Canadian and you really would like to know Russia, travel or get to meet your neighborhood ...yes the same you criticize in a very polite way everyday.

South Korea we miss you :(

I was concerned about visiting the Sochi House, because of the numerous negative comments . I am just grateful that my daughter's enthusiasm persuaded me to go in. We had fabulous time and everyone was friendly. They closed a little earlier today, but put up signs to tell people when the last entry would be. The line moved very quickly - less than 30 minute wait. I saw one family with a stroller and they immediately told them they could enter right away. My seven year old received a chocolate bar from one of the ladies (she had them behind the counter). The songs and dances were fabulous. On the second floor, we discovered a station where people painted matyioshkas. One of the ladies apologizedto us twice for having to close the station. Then she gave my daughter a matryoshka to take home. She can't wait to paint it. We also had great time spinning in the egg-like chairs. Sochi House and the Mascot ice show at Robson Square are my daughter's favourites.

as far as i know about bure, it's completely false. i went there on the 21st and he wasn't there! Also it says Russia's playing on the 26, but they probably wont because they'll be knocked out by Canada today!

The Russian mascot is not ugly! He's an old soviet cartoon character who is extremely popular in Russia and Japan. He has tons of history and he's a nostalgic little guy. I think he's cuter than all of the Vancouver mascots combined!

Hi Everybody!
I was born and raised in Sochi, Russia. For the last 2 years I’ve been living here in Vancouver. First of all, I want to apologize in front of all of you for the lack of hospitality and manners that most of you have experienced while visiting the Russian House. I went there myself last week and was deeply disappointed by the attitude of the supporting personnel and lack of creativity in the exhibition. Not all Russian people are like that; please don’t form the stereotype of all of us just because of the several supporting staff members who forgot that the purpose of their travel here was to invite the world to the next Olympic Games in Russia. I have to admit giving Science World to the Russian House was too generous on part of Canadians and a huge waist of such a great space.
Secondly, please let me explain to all of you why this is happening. In Canada and probably most of the other countries in the world, you don’t have to be a VIP to be treated with dignity. Not so for Russians. You need to be accomplished (mostly moneywise and reputation) to earn the right to be treated with respect. If you are just a normal human being you are nothing, you have no rights or privileges. They brought the same mindset here to Vancouver and that’s why you guys are treated like that. I know that you are not used to that. Forgive them, if you can. Treat them as you would your kids. Russia is just at the begging of its development and is going thru some tough times that look like teenage years if you draw a parallel with the human development.
I could only hope that Russians will get their act together and realize that they have to try to be friendlier; otherwise Sochi 2014 will be an expensive failure.

Visited the Sochi House on Sunday and it was a big mistake. We stood in line for an hour and as we are approaching the security checks, a couple just budged in the line. Told them right in the face that they budged in and kindly asked them to go to the back of the line. They cared less and just said that we are welcomed to go before them. THANKS!

We then waited to go through security (Paladin Security) and advised them that the the couple in front of us budged in line and should not let them in. The so called "security" just did a shoulder shrug and said "there is nothing that he can do". He just let them in without hesitation. We were mad. He has the right not to let them, but he took the easy way out. I asked him for his name and he responded "I don't speak English" (yes, he said that in English). That's not responsible at all. Such a coward coz he doesn't want to get into trouble. I don't understand why PALADIN SECURITY would hire such people.

Here is what the guy looks like:

Went there - waited for 1 1/2 hours and probably spent less than 30 minutes total in the pavilion

First floor - overpriced Sochi merchandise and a mascot that is uglier than the ones from Vancouver's Olympics. Boring information on the Sochi Olympic Games.

Second floor - 2014 Olympic sponsor set up - nothing interesting there

Omnimax Theatre - boring Russian TV show - cut out half way through and they just turned the lights on so we left.

2 hours of my life that I will never get back.

"Games with famous hockey players (for example, «Score a Goal Past Tretyak» and «Best Scorer» with Pavel Bure and others"

Do you have more information on this?

I waited in line for 3 hours on Sunday. Arrived at 10:30am, they opened at 12 noon and I did not pass through the front door until 1:15pm. It was a COMPLETE waste of time. There is NOTHING to do or see, all the food vendors were closed, everyone was absorbed in the hockey game and not willing to asnwer any questions, or didn't speak any English. The gift store is HUGELY expensive, $160.00 for a thin fleece jacket. DO NOT BOTHER waiting in line, especially if you have children.

"Guests of Sochi World will be able to get to know a new, modern Russia, where innovation is balanced with tradition: exhibition halls and informational booths will introduce everyone to the city and country that will host the Sochi 2014 Games. The cultural program, legendary Russian cuisine, performances by famous Russian and Canadian artists and, of course, the guests themselves will all help to create an unforgettable, truly Russian festive atmosphere"

These words were in the description for the Sochi House. To my dismay this was NOT AN OUTSTANDING pavilion and felt a chill in the air upon entering. It wasn't a happy or friendly forum to be in and I really don't know what all the hype is about this particular pavilion.
Nothing that I noted was truly outstanding. We were the only ones 'outstanding' for 2 1/2 hours before they opened at 12:00.

It was very evident that HOCKEY took the stage in this pavilion. Where was the legendary cuisine and performances by famous Russian and Canadian artists?
Where were the festivities?

If this is any indication what's to occur when they host the next winter Olympic Games, there will be an icy cold response from the world.

Going to this place is a waste of time. Many Russians who work there don't know anything about manners. I am sorry, but I don't forsee any success in the 2014 Olympics.

Visited Sochi House this afternoon. We were able to walk in relatively quickly, waved along indifferently by some folks affiliated with the venue, only to make our way through the gift store mob to be greeted icily by a gigantic Russian who simply blocked our passage and said "clozed". I asked him a question but I don't think understood, or cared, and he repeated "clozed" while he checked out my wife from head to toe like a side of beef and continued to share his frozen charm with other visitors. Nice. If he and the other Russians who didn't bother to tell us they were closed represent Sochi...we'll pass on visiting them in four years thank you. If their weather is as cold in four years, they'll be set.

What happens when Evil Can evil jumps across the Grand Canyon? You may be awarded silver, but many people can see that you won the gold (you took the risk and that should be awarded for your success)!! No matter what nation or what individual you are- you are gold (even if the politics, judging, and other factors are against you- just like Elvis Styko said on the article I read today posted on Yahoo)!!
Let me say this, figure skating judging definitely needs improvement in the area of judging and the system by which is currently used to award points. I do not care what nation is involved or who is involved. I'm not an expert in this field, but I do have a background in playing the piano and writing music and I know when various athletes or couples skating are not synchronizing to the music properly (like staccato, arpeggios, four beat notes, and so on). Furthermore, I also know and understand that taking risk, like in stock market investing, and achieving success, normally represents greater rewards (like Elvis mentions about performing the quad in the article posted on Yahoo today). This being said, I think that the Russian should have won the gold medal the other night, and any figure skating individual or couple who synchronizes to the music wonderfully (like the Canadian couple tonight), deserves the real reward of gold! Does this make sense? When I say this, I mean common sense- not politically correct sense or marketing sense!! THE MACHINE

Going to Russia House- waste of time.

hi, guys!!!
we Russians like food, we like good food also. But, it is not in our culture to have food everywhere we spend time. We don't eat in classrooms during class time, we don't have coffee travel mugs, we don't eat at theater while artists performing...
however, I guess, some Russian food would not hurt also

Does anyone know if I can still get in as a VIP since I was born in Russia but no longer hold citizenship? My Canadian passport shows that I was born in Russia. Thanks!

The Russians were a lot more entertaining when they were known as Soviets

stood in line for about an hour on sunday 14th. I think Sochi House is worth the wait, there is food inside, I got free pop and dessert at the Sherbank area. I saw another section serving sandwiches.
there is quite a bit to see in this pavilion, i especially like the opportunity to hold the Beijing and Vancouver Olympic torches.
The displays abt the next Winter Olympics are informative, including the railway display.
there is also a store that sells russian olympic stuff, pretty cool to see.
And, most staff do speak english.

Is there free vodka samples at sochi house?

Spent ~1h in line on Sun (Feb 14th) ~2pm. In my opinion not worth it unless if you are Russian and want to socialize with fellow country men and watch the games on the big screen inside, or screen popular russian movies at the theater. Aside from lots of photos and maps of Sochi, Russian dance & music and a chance to take a photo with the 2010 Olympic torch, not much else to do. No food, no real activities for kids... Not worth 1h of wait time IMHO.

No Sochi house will close on the 28th. Science World intends to reopen as a science centre for Spring Bring

Is the Sochi House going to be open during the Paralympics as well?

If there was ever a separate line for folks with kids it wasn't there today. The general line up was 45 minutes. There was a separate entry for what I could only assume was "VIPs" next to the countdown clock. I asked the security guard about a separate line for kids/strollers and he told me I have to join the same line as everyone else. We went to the playground instead!

Spent 45 in line on Sunday. Is not worth it.

as a parent - you might think of bringing food for your child with you, and may I suggest taking an english
writing class. Theatre - organization .... ect.....happy olympics

Just wanted to leave a quick comment and say that I went to see Sochi House today and it was great! I've seen a few venues so far, mostly Canadian, and this one, by far, is my favorite. I went with my child, who is under 2, and the friendly Russian folks allowed us to skip the long line up. As it turns out, they allow all people with small kids and strollers to skip the main line up, which is absolutely awesome! As a parent of an active toddler who does not do well in line ups, this was such a great help! Why aren't other pavilions not having separate line ups for people with strollers? To get into Canada House, for example, we had to stand in line for 40 minutes just to get into the main area, and then there was a separate long line up within the main area just to get into Canada House. Anyway, Sochi House was great and we plan to see it again.

Love this place,a lot of interesting people and thing to see! You can feel yourself in Russia for a moment)))
No food, but I cannot imagine, how long would be a line to Russian food, if they decided to present it too...
Looking forward for next Olympic games in Sochi 2014!

Went to see on Saturday just after they opened. Line looks long, but moves quit quickly. Note: Families with a child in a stroller will get through without waiting. Just go right to the door. You can see that they have spent lots of $$ to change our Science World. However, to consider the idea behind - introducing the world to their country, to show the pride and hospitality - dah, did not get that experession they have tried too hard. Important to keep in mind - unlike us Canadians, Russians are not used to take their kids with them anywhere they go (I have Russian friends and this was their comment). There were many children on venue, but I would not consider it to be a family friendy place. Most upsetting - no food!!! I had my 4 year old with us and after patiently waiting in the line (we had no stroller) and spending some time inside, he became hungry followed by being moody. The ex White Spot has been turend into a restaurant, which is opned from 8pm. Upstairs were 2 spots with some type of food - media and VIPs only. After my hubby fricked out on someone got a muffin and glass of water for kid. While he was snacking - number of families with kids passed by desperatelly looking for food. Now about the store, prises as extected quite high. Also standing in the line is a pain - it took them 40min to serve 10 people. And last - movie teatre. If you ask girls at the movie entry - they can give you an idea what is running when, but I was hoping for more orgonized schedule. We got to the teatre just to see cartoon ending. After waitng for 20 min a 40min long documentary about russian hockey started. Well. My verdict - do not waist your time to go there and if 2014 olympic games will be orginized same way as Russky Dom - good luck to you, russian folk.

Cool decor but uninviting people. Barely anyone spoke English. No Russian food aside from one type of pastry. Might be a cool venue to go pubbing at due to the slick lounges.

Stood in the rain for about 25 minutes, It moved along fairly quickly. There was a small security check at the entrance but the venue is indeed 100% FREE. There was a lot going on including Russian dancing, a digital 'floor' hockey game, lots of photo ops and a play area for the kids. After visiting Casa Italia, it was great to see that Russia went for a warmer and more welcoming feel. There was also a large space to relax and enjoy the games on large screens upstairs. Please note: You have to get a free pass to get upstairs. You might have to wait in line once you get into the building but it's well worth it.

Didn't need a pass the day I went.By far the best house of the lot. Go here to watch Russia or Canada hockey games.

does anyone know what Russian movies are playing and when?

can u watch the opening ceremonies there?

@John. We agree their website it a bit confusing and a visit to the site yesterday didn't clear up many details. It does appear that the venue is FREE to the public every day from 12 pm - 5 pm inclusively. Our brief visit inside allowed us to see that the whole venue has been gutted of what we have come to know as "Science World". The front entrance walls are covered in green astro turf and and the gift shop appears to be a place to buy 2014 merchandise. I wouldn't venture there until at least Feb 12th to be sure they've worked out all the bugs. Our attempt to get some sort of media credentials yesterday was met with utter confusion. Let's hope this all gets pulled together in time for when the doors "officially" open.

Wow, I am glad to see others are confused as well. I may just walk over tomorrow and ask in person because I can't for the life of me determine what exactly they are saying with regard to who can view the pavilion (which sounds incredible).

The description on their web site is just too vague and open to interpretation. I don't mind if there is a reasonable fee for admission of non-Russians for a day pass. I just wish I could figure out what it is.

I have no doubt some of their events are closed or limited, but I hope some of the pavilion is accessible for the general public.

we've been there today and russian "officials" in the accreditation center told us that tomorrow there are NO any public events. Grand opening for official persons. How I understood it would be pretty hard to get entry passes on any evening events. But during the day from 12.00 to 17.00 - welcome!

Good evening and looking forward to seeing your pavilion.

As I am of russian ancestry, am looking to bring my twin 2yr old boys to see the festivities.
When is the best time to bring young children for russian food? Are any russian hockey players available to see during non game days? How about tmw? thanks for your attention in advance.

andrew pietrow

Russia you will be the BEST !!!!!!

Met some of the russian team on sunday feb 7th. So nice and great spirit, exchanged my hockey jersey for a team t shirt, sust great.

Russian Olympic Figure Skaters are already in Vancouver! We had a chance to met them and to see their training sessions yesterday-Feb 7 in Abbotsford during torch Ceremony. They look awesome and sure will be the Gold Champions.

Удачи и победы, ребята! Русские Канадцы Болеют за Вас.


Rossija vpered!! GO Russia GO!
Russia the Best!

Вперёд Россия! Россия Вперёд!!!!!!!!!!!!

What about the cultural activities? I'm interested in seeing the Kuban Cossacks but as yet have not been able to find where, when, how much for tickets etc. Someone out there can help??? And the food???

Россия - лучшая!!!
Давай РОССИЯ, давай, давай!!!

NICE!!!definitely we'll be there. How i understood it's for free for everybody. Russians don't need to registrate thenselves to get entry passes

Anna, Kateryna says "Let's get only gold! Hi to everybody and good health" smth like this...

Hopefully I'll be there too. I wish I could...

i want to score a goal on tretyak.

"Wow ... my translator didn't work for that comment. "
She wish to Russians to be Gold medallists....

I think Science World charging for entrance,Thats why it's not free ....

New details regarding Sochi Pavilion have now been posted on their on their website. We are pleased to report this venue is free and accessible to everyone! We're still trying to confirm the hours of operation as this is a bit unclear. As we get more clarification from Russian officials, we'll do our best to post that info right here.

Wow ... my translator didn't work for that comment.
I've tried to contact the Russians on both sides of the pond, but no one has responded to my inquiry!
I don't think it's a free event ... PLEASE someone correct me if I am wrong.

Davaite shto bu tolko Zoloto bulo!!!
Bsem ogromnui privet iz Kanadu i na zdorov'e:0)


Yes, but I think you need a Russian passport to get in for free.

Looks fab. Will be there. H

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