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Scandanavia HouseENDED FEB 28, 2010: Located in the heart of Burnaby, the Scandinavian Community Centre is inviting the public to join them in their celebration of the 2010 Olympic Games. Stefan Wallin, Finland’s Minister of Sports, Culture and Youth will be on hand to officially open “Scandinavia House”, the 2010 games hub for Scandinavians, Canadians and visitors alike on February 12th. 

The Scandinavian Community Centre will be a games live site from February 12 – 28th, 9 am to midnight, for event viewing, daily programs, special guest visits and seminar speakers including former athletes. Several big screen TVs have been installed to televise local CTV Olympic programming as well as European real-time streaming broadcasts provided by Finnish broadcaster YLE. The public is invited to watch the games at the centre. Entry is free. This is the only venue of its kind that we know of in the Burnaby region. For directions on how to get there, click here.

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Great house!
Great price for beer!
Would have like some Scandinavian food but food was good.
Don't miss out on this house.

It is not a disappointment! Opposite!
It is a fun and warm place to go and not have to wait in lines or have to pay through your teeth for a mug of beer. I had a great time and enjoyed the feeling in the House where you could sit and have something to eat, a cold beer and enjoy watching the games. We didn't have to shout to be heard; line up for an hour to get a beer; or wait for a table. We were able to have a great time.

We went to the scan house today. Quite a disappointment, I'm surprised the nordic countries didn't plan anything for the olympics. Don't waste your time going out to this venue if you are expecting any events going on here.

I likely won't get out to the Scan Centre during the games, due to a crazy work schedule and being over in North Van, but I have been there on numerous occasions and never been disappointed. Definately worth a trip if you can make it and unlike many of the other places that will be gone after the Olympics there are things going on there all the time.

I was disapointed with the scandinavian house as I was expecting more information about sweden like for instance a nice display of what the daily life is like there, the location is not good either it would have been nice to have a location in downtown vancouver, but that is ok, do with what you have so

Cool place. If you're looking for a quiet, rustic, traditional place, this is it. Very nice people and we even had a personal tour. Not much to do here other than drink and eat, but a good chunk of the place serves as a museum of sorts. Very interesting and educational. Really glad we made the effort to check it out.

Where will the Scandinavians (particularly the Finns) be celebrating tomorrow night after the Finland vs Germany men's hockey game? Are there any locations downtown?

Probably not after tonight ....

I live in Burnaby and plan on dropping by the Scandinavian house to have a look. Im glad there is an "olympic house" in Burnaby so those of us with young families who want to immerse themselves in all things olympics but cant venture downtown nightly can walk a couple of blocks and catch the olympic spirit

take the train from downtown and connect with the bus or you can walk towards Eight Rinks from the Sperling Skytrain on Kensington for about ten minutes and your're there.

Close to TransCanada Highway and Kensington Street. Close to 8 rinks. Click on the Google map listed in the post for an exact address.

Where in Burnaby is it?


Doesn't matter if you find it appalling. This is offered to you FOR FREE so shut your mouth and quit complaining.

The fact that they have a house is already good enough. People like you that think you deserve everything. It's not a right but a privilege.

If you don't like it then don't attend. Simple as that

Hi Mathias.Thanks for your comments.
The Centre is accesible by SkyTrain. Just go to Sperling station and take the 144 Metrotown bus to 8 rinks.It's a short walk from there. Do try to come as there will be many surprise visits from athletes and as well as guest speakers. Come try us out. You may be surprised by what you'll find.

I agree with the comment above - with both the Scandinavian House in Burnaby and the Norway House in Whistler, I would love to know if there will there be any events for Scandis living Downtown? I am sure there are plenty of us!

As a "Scandinavian" living in downtown Vancouver I find it appalling that the Scandinavian house is located all the way in Burnaby, far away from the main buzz and really difficult to reach especially seeing how crammed traffic is going to be during the olympics. Fy fan.

Any one know of any volunteer opportunities such as Security or First Aid Attendant ?

Lisa, we've corrected that to be 9am to midnight.

Do you realize that the "blurb" about Scandinavia House reports that you are only open 3 hours a day? 9am to 12pm.

Thanks Maija! The Scandinavian Centre is open for dinner bookings during the Olympics! Catering is being provided by 'The Butler Did it' catering. Email We also have a live feed being provided by YLE broadcasters in Finland. The Centre is open from 9am to 12 am daily during the Olypics. All are welcome. There are also several big screen TV's in various locations throughout the Centre. Check for more up to date information.

Thanks for your comment! We are in the process of talking to various broadcasters. So far only YLE network from Finland has confirmed. The centre is a great meeting place for all countries and backgrounds. Welcome! Each country's room will be showing various sports. Check for information.

schedules of events at the community center, for Sweden, Finland. What do you offer for the visitors coming from Scandenavian contries , have you evening socials,dinners? its very slim pickins not a lot on the schedule for such a slick organization. Lets see more "Action" that people will come around and participate with us, come on show us proud among these high rider countries. Just a idea. Thanks

Will you be broadcasting the Norwegian ice hockey games?

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