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Saskatchewan PavilionENDED FEB 28, 2010: Located in between BC Place Stadium and Sochi House (Science World) in Vancouver, this free pavilion will consist of two structures. One will house a business centre, the other an entertainment venue featuring Saskatchewan entertainment and food. We had a sneak peak of the pavilion including the massive 6-storey dome. The mainstage features Saskatchewan bands and two bars at the back of the room. It has the capacity to handle about 600 people after 8 pm. The onsite restaurant features massive $8 bison burgers and $6 sausages as well as some tasty perogies. You can expect this pavilion will be a great place to hang out for anyone wanting to enjoy good music and prairie hospitality. Hours of operation: The big sphere will be open from 11 am daily through to 10 pm daily. Note that on Feb 21-24, the sphere will be closed to the public at approximately 6 pm due to private receptions. The big tent featuring all of the bands will remain open every evening until 1 am. The live entertainment starts at 3 pm daily. This is sure to be a popular venue, so try to get there early!

See our Pavilion Preview, including video here!

There will also be a pavilion at Whistler during the Paralympics. Through these venues, people from Canada, and around the world, will be able to learn about Saskatchewan business opportunities, vacation destinations, immigration and quality of life. Click here for a map to the pavilion. See this promotional video for more information.

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If you are looking for a pavilion to eat, drink and listen to live bands this is where to head. And unlike Quebec they actually paid for a roof (boo Quebec).

True, the one big disadvantage of Sask house is the $8 price tag for a small glass of Molson beer. The better beer deal is at Ontario house: $6 for (in my personal opinion, though yours may be different) much better beer.

I was at the sask house. Not to bad people are friendly would probably be a good place to party in the evening. However $8.00 for a class of molson canadian or pilsner is way too much. The food was ok. Not a bad place but this is Canada and we shouldn't be gouging people on the beer that you can get all over Vancouver for about $3.50 a pint

I'd like to share my family's experience at the Saskatchewan pavilion. As a native Saskatchewanite now living in BC, I was looking forward to taking my wife and four year old son to the Saskatchewan pavilion as part of our day at the Olympic cultural events in Vancouver to show them some Saskatchewan hospitality and highlights. After enduring a long day of walking and a heavy downpour, with boy in tow, we were excited to see a short lineup of people (approx. 30 - 40) waiting to get in to the Saskatchewan pavilion when we arrived. You can imagine our surprise to overhear another couple ahead of us saying they had talked to someone ahead of them who mentioned they had been waiting an hour and a half to get in. It was then discovered that the reason for the long wait was due to the fact that the pavilion was broadcasting the Canada Russia mens hockey game on a big screen inside and were at capacity. I approached one of the volunteers at the gate to see if this was indeed the case. She verified that yes, this was the way it was. When I conveyed my disappointment and frankly, my disgust with this kind of decision she replied, and I quote, "Don't bitch at me. I didn't make the decision. I'm just a volunteer. Tell the government." I then corrected her and told her that she was in fact an ambassador of the pavilion and did have a responsibility to hear my complaint and if need be deal with it. She then went on to further justify the decision by telling me she was glad they were televising the game so "I can keep track of what's going on in the game." I pointed out to her that the pavilion was no more than (literally) 75 feet from the Molson Canadian Hockey House which had two jumbo monitors facing directly at the Saskatchewan pavilion. If that were not enough there were numerous other venues with TV's broadcasting the game, along with an entire city erupting every time Canada scored. It wasn't necessary to tie up the pavilion for a few hockey fans. We had no choice but to leave as there was no way we could wait for another two plus hours for the hockey game to finish and for people to disband when we had a very tired four year old with us.

The entire experience has left more than a bad taste in my mouth. The conduct of the volunteer and the bad decision making by management were inexcusable. This is a world class event with world wide exposure.

I have always been very proud to call myself a born and bred Saskatchewan farm boy. Not any more. I can no longer say that given this experience. I am embarrassed to even let on I'm associated with the type of people that represent your province at the Olympic Games. I can only share my experience with others and recommend they avoid the Saskatchewan pavilion.

Perhaps I will take the volunteers advice on one issue and "tell the government". The people of Saskatchewan deserve to know how their hard earned tax dollars are being spent in Vancouver and how they're being represented.

Yummy Saskatoon berry tarts for sale in the food pavilion. Inside the info tent, friendly folks presenting an interesting array of Saskatchewan products and resources. Well worth the short wait to get in.

The best of the bunch! Great food, friendly people, table service, fun music and the most AMAZING portapotties I've ever seen! SOCIABLES!!!

I have visited Atlantic Canada house, Ontario house, and Saskatchewan house. On neither of my visits to AC house was I able to actually get into the venue despite showing up several hours before bands were anticipated to play--the chosen venue is far too small. As AC house is the only venue on Granville Island, when you get turned away, that's pretty much it for the evening.

Ontario house last night was fun--we saw the Great Lake Swimmers play. Despite a very small crowd and a quiet, mellow band organizers felt a great need to protect our security with guards lining the front of the stage and volunteers all around. If you've not heard these guys, check 'em out on myspace... not exactly music to riot by.

Finally when we left Ontario house we noticed the real party was at Sask house. The band, the Library Voices, was absolutely incredible, with the lead walking off stage among the dancing crowd and getting up on top of tables to sing. His band mates tossed their instruments in the air. The crowd was happy, danced, and many seemed to know all of the words. This is the sort of Olympic-party atmosphere one should expect if not demand, and despite the lack of armed guards and meat-head security guards, everyone left safely and happy. Sask house, and least at night, is the best Olympic activity of _any_ kind and the Library Voices are one of the most unique, energetic, and crowd pleasing Canadian bands since the Me, Mom, and Mortgentaler days in Montreal. Don't miss it as you'll regret it!

we went first thing Feb 21. Not too long of a line-up. Info was sparse in the Info Centre but it is a nice place for a rest stop and for a bite to eat. Didn't see any performance at that time (noon).

Agreed! And the pictured looked the same, couldn't tell where you were.

it begins with friendly conversation in the line up...trivia questions and a chance to win a t-shirt; line up flows quickly; greeters welcome you genuinely and give eye contact and smiles - such a contrast to everywhere else; Jack Semple rocks the house and you just know there is a reason he won the world guitar wars 3 years in a row; sit back and enjoy bison burgers, perogies and beer; be first on stage for the contests; prizes include ipods and victory ceremony tickets daily; CLEANEST and warmest outhouses I've ever seen; everything you need to chill out. ENJOY a prairie moment in the land of the living skies!

Kudos goes out to the Pulse industry in Saskatchewan for supporting this pavilion! Lets keep up our exposure around world to remind them of the high quality crops we grow. Where was our livestock industry representation though?

Absolutely awful bison burger...cold, dry and hard enough to use as a puck. The sphere is sort of neat to look at but you can do that better from the outside and no need to wait in line. Pretty much a boring bust. Don't waste your time waiting.

Went to Saskatchewan House last night had a great time. Rocking band no line up's people dancing! Staff really friendly! Had a great time will go back!

loved the band on sunday evening

Thank Saskatchewan Pavillion!!!!!!!
We had a wonderfull.Realy GREAT peoples,very interesting things to do inside the globe (if people will take the time to enjoy instead of rushing to get a pin and walk out the doors like many do all the time.)Go and enjoy a very nice BISON BURGER for 8$CAD,its a good deal with live entertainment.
5STARS for it.

Watching this pavilion taking shape, we were quite excited to see what it had to offer. Then to finally get in there and take a look around, it was a bit of a disappointment. Don't make a special trip just to see this pavilion. The entertainment at the time wasn't all that appealing either.

Ummm a big let down, some laptops sitting around displaying jobs in Saskatchewan; a free "R" pin from people I think promoting Regina not sure and that lovely white furniture which seems to be in every did I miss this sale..the best thing was a green screen and you could get a free pic as if you were in Saskatchewan. What no Rider real men eat wheat shirts..nothing!! The lounge was better and the food was decent..and hey saskatoon tarts!!

Boring. Like a previous poster said, nothing to see or do. Long line, and even though it moved fairly quickly, it was still frustrating. No separate line up for people with strollers - everyone has to be in the main line.

Nothing to see or do. Boring!

Get there early. It fills up fast. Really fast. And if you have to wait you wait uncovered outside in a sometimes flooded parking lot.

So excited! Can't wait to party like we're in Saskatchewan :)

Hi. The video was GREAT. I am planning on taking two elderly people, both over 80 and one is in a wheel chair. Both grew up in SASK so are really looking forward to going. I want to be certain the SASK pavilion's are both wheelchair accessible and to find out the hours of operation as soon as possible so I can plan this trip for them. I hope that you can email me back. Looking forward to hearing from you. Trish


We'd love to visit but we won't if we don't know when to show up ...

Can hardly wait- any chance Brent Butt will show up- go Riders go!

If the music is going to be as good as that promotional video I'm sold

Some Great Entertainment at Sask pavillion:



Humboldt Broncos

The entertainment will be good but lets face it - its only going to attract former Saskatchewanians talking about the 13th man, the need for a dome stadium and debate about the best SJHL team of all time!


Is that a good comment?


Good to see Saskie people, anytime!

I agree with you Marcy.I think that's a great idea!

It's the ugliest thing ever! As if all it has to offer are RCMP officers. How about mixing in a bit of Hay for some interest. Heard there's alot of that there! lol.

Coolest pavilion ever!

Come and experience Saskatchewan's excellent hospitality, as well as discovering what all the excitement is about in this province. I will be volunteering there and look forward to welcoming everyone to our pavilion.

Lokking forward to seeing it. Like the previous comment, I am from Saskatchewan and I know it will be great. Is it located at 88 Pacific Boulevard?

Being from Saskatchewan I know it will be great.

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