Quebec House (Maison du Quebec)

maison-du-quebecENDED FEB 28, 2010: Quebec House (La Maison du Quebec) is located at the Concord Pacific site between Sochi House (Science World) and BC Place in Vancouver. The pavilion will show thousands of foreign visitors the distinctiveness of Quebec culture, expertise and tourist attractions. For Quebecers coming to participate in Olympic events in Vancouver, Quebec House will be the place to assemble. Many Quebec artists will perform at the House from the 12th to 28th of February. Hours of operation: Noon to midnight daily. Note however that there is almost nothing to see on site prior to 5:30 pm when the performers hit the stage. Prior to 5:30 pm, there is simply a small merchandise shop where you can purchase authentic Quebec cuisine. As for the performances, you should bring your umbrella as everything is exposed to the elements. Although the pavilion looks large from the outside, it is very tight for space inside.

Click here for map to pavilion. Quebec House is about a five-minute walk from the Main Street Skytrain station.

What follows is a blurb (en Francais) for our French readers: Ce lieu démontrera aux milliers de visiteurs étrangers sur place le caractère distinctif du Québec soit par notre culture, notre savoir-faire et nos attraits touristiques. La Maison permettra également d'accueillir les athlètes, avec leurs familles, et leur apporter notre soutien. Plusieurs artistes s'y produiront et auront ainsi l'occasion de rayonner sur le plan international. Un bistrot offrira des produits agroalimentaires du Québec.

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Awful. Nothing but over priced food and beverages. Not even a roof to get out of the rain. There is a stage set up but no one playing when I was there. Quebec didn't even try.

Forgot to mention....

Please, fire the person that designed the Quebec House !!

Went to Quebec House after Finland-Sweden women hockey game.
Was very deceived.Nothing there showing/promoting Quebec culture/attractions/ect..
There's no freakin' roof ! WTF !
They missed a nice occasion to attract potential tourists & businesses.

(Born & raise in Quebec City, now in BC)

I was very disappointed. Very small space, no roof ~ did they forget that it rains a lot in Vancouver! The poutine was over priced - 10 fries with gravy and very small curd for 10 bucks!
you could of done better than that!

More Canadien than these seperatists...

Quebecers were the first Canadians to be called Canadians! At first, the French Quebecers were called Canadians, go look it up! And next time you want to prove a point, try to look smart, instead you sound like a guy from Halifax that feels less important than the Québecers!

Was at a reception for Quebec Tourism and heard a performance of “Les Trois Accords” a musical group from Quebec with zany songs and festive pop-rock that is oh-so-contagious!

I was also there dancing in the linked chorus lines, Tuesday, Feb 23. Alain Francois and his band. Most entertaining performance I saw in my two days downtown. Box drums, pvc pipes, mandolin, fiddle, etc. Great fun.

In true Quebec form they have there hands as deep in our pockets as they can with really nothing to offer. $10.00 beer is insulting

I was frustrated by the Olympics and the ridiculous crowds, lineups and rude people until Quebec House tonight. I had an amazing time. The band had tons of energy. The crowd was dancing, singing, clapping and embracing each other. Even with the rain and lack of roof it was my highlight of the pavillions/events thus far.

Yeah - maybe Canada would discover what they have there - he would definitely be a huge draw for Quebec and also for Canada on a global stage. I'm so tired of farmer-blues & folk standards that everyone else does...
But it looks like he usually goes overseas to perform elsewhere -not much in western Canada

They should fly Eric Mongrain out from Montreal to salvage the pavilion... one of the uniquest guitar players in Canada ... woulda been their best choice...

well I had a fantastic time tonight at la maison du Quebec!!!
no line up

by the fabulous Lost Fingers playing Django Reinhardt versions of everything you could imagine!

man were they good!!!
the highlight of the Olympics so far!!

way to go Quebec house!!!

WARNING: This venue sucks!!! No lineup and wonder why? There is nothing side...a big white box with no roof and a horrible cover band that plays hourly. Sucked back my $10 canned beer and got the heck out of there. VERY disappointing! A huge opportunity missed here for Quebec to showcase their beautiful province and amazing culture that I know they have.

I agree. I went in there during the day and the people staffing it give you dirty looks if you're not speaking french. Better go to Granville Island for some nice french speakers!

Love the Quebec music and contemporary circus at Quebec house. Here's a chance to practice your french, an opportunity we don't normally have out west. It doesn't matter if you are bi-lingual.
It's lovely to have some food that isn't deep fried. French onion soup that's fresh, tasty cheeses, tortierre, etc.
Poutine was offered one day and it sold out in 30 min.
True the Bistro area is small and there's an open air ceiling but the food and entertainment are a welcome change from loud rock music.
You don't have to spend a fortune to enjoy yourself.
I'm not french speaking but know a few words but I did make sure my children are and have experienced the French Canadian culture.
Quebec, the province is lovely. So are the people. Canada is so large that the east and west are so far apart that it isn't surprising that we don't have much chance to mix on a daily basis.

Quebec needs to stop whining about how they aren't getting enough representation at the Olympics. I went to Quebec house yesterday and there's NOTHING inside... just a stage and a restaurant. Do you want everything done for you??

We were there at 7:30 pm on a Wednesday night and was greeted by an empty cube tent with pre-made over-priced cafeteria style food choices. They had a small stage but no band yet, a few tables and chairs, and the food & beverage area - not much else. Perhaps it is more enjoyable when there are performances.

Went to Quebec house last night after the medal ceremony and had a great time. The cheese plate was tasty the wine fine. Saw two acts that were very good. Yes, they were in French but music is music and it was good. Sure beats either standing in line or paying $99.00. Yes the food and drink is pricey but not outside the norm for this kind of event. Rock concerts and sporting events are also expensive for food and drink.
I guess I am easy to please!

FYI the link to the site map goes to David Lam Park map not 88 Pacific Blvd.


I thought I was the only one that confused with the beer-selling schtick. Sure I'll "try a beer", but then say it's $10 after it's been poured?! I felt bad and left a $2 tip, but they kept the beer. $10 for canned beer....give me a break!

I thought I was the only one that confused with the beer-selling schtick. Sure I'll "try a beer", but then say it's $10 after it's been poured?! I felt bad and left a $2 tip, but they kept the beer. $10 for canned beer....give me a break!

I'd like to have something more positive to say - but it really could use more going on when there is no performance.

- we went there at 9:30 and there was literally NOTHING to see , learn, or do - and when we thought we were being offered to TRY a sample beer - got charged $10 for a full one we didn't really want.

People don't always want to or can afford to spend money to experience different cultures.

A HUGE Missed opportunity for Quebec i'd say!,

Saskatchewan house by contrast next door was PUMPING! and packed!

I agree. It's hugely disappointing that the various provincial "houses" squandered a great opportunity to showcase our beautiful and diverse country. We don't just drink beer in Canada for crying out loud. Shame on the exhibitors.

I don't know where all these acrobats and live music that other reviews mentioned were when I came on Sunday, Feb 14.
After standing in a long line, all we could see inside was empty stage and a restaurant. That's it. We did get lovely free Quebec scarves though, but they were not worth waiting in line for sure. What a waist of time!

No roof!

The food and beer were pricy, but very tasty. Ain't no Molson Canadian in here (although they were pushing the Jackson Triggs). I've been craving a duck sandwich made with figs since I left there but the chances that I'll make that at home are slim to none. We were treated to acrobats, live music and 40-ft tall screens projecting Olympic events (including tonight's freestyle moguls final).

For an empty "cube" this evening's entertainment was pretty good! Although, there was no poutine, the staff are very friendly.

The beer at Quebec House is being served by a Quebecois microbrewery - the best that I've had at the games so far. The cheese plate I had was pricy, but tasy- went well with the beer.

Probably not a great place to be if it's raining, but when the sun's out, quite nice.

Ok! Everyone can complain....
BUT... Tomorrow The Quebec House WILL BE the place to BE ;) Felicitation a Alexandre Bilodeau for the FIRST Gold Medal on Home Soil in Canadian History!!!

How this represents Quebec? There is nothing to see or do except overpriced drinks and food and stand in the rain. No Thanx!

How this place represents Quebec? There is nothing to do or see, unless you want ovepriced drinks and crapy food.

It could use a roof over the venue, which looks like a big cube on the outside but really four walls. Not very welcoming when it rains and you're standing there soaking. The cafeteria is covered though.

I thought the Quebec House was great. The staff was friendly, I enjoyed the food and the performance of Etua Snowball was awesome.

Went down there today, and left highly disappointed. Small, no roof, nothing indicating what there is to do except step into the small and limited cafeteria.

Jay. With your wise words of help, you seem like the half glass empty person. Must be fun to have a conversation with you. Bet you are a joy to have morning coffee with. Maybe you might want to try and be part of the solution, not the problem. Try smiling, it might help your anger and negativity problem

Totally agree with Vixen. Quebec House is a bust. Did nobody tell them it rains here? Huge looking place on the outside but inside just a tiny seating area and cafeteria like service.

So where are you from? Are you telling me you have no culture that your culture clashes with. If you say you do not you are a lier. Tell me where you are from and I will tell you who you clash with!

Some of you Canadians are just dumb, intolerant, racist idiots on both sides. I am not a Canadian or speak a word of french but have travelled completely across your amazing country. Quebec was awesome, so were other parts in Canada. I made friends all the way across. But why do some of you Canadians like to find the differences between English & French & then beat up on each other. If you guys are so politically correct then why not abuse Aboriginal People, East Indian People or Asian People as well. No because it is WRONG & I am guessing East Indian, Asian, European, immigrants are newer to Canada then the French were. So is it ok to taunt each other French & English. You guys whom indulge in this make your country look silly to the whole world, especially after professing how tolerant you all are to the world.
To the intolerant people, You’re a mob of Bloody Idiots. GROW UP..
For a large country you have allot of small minded people
To the average Canadian I have met on both sides of your country.
Thank you, You have an Awesome Country

I think Vandan spends too much time on blogs??

. The Olympics bring us together like nothing else, "All Canadians" Quebec is still in Canada and several athletes are from Quebec so just try to enjoy this and post your opinions somewhere else.

I went down for opening ceremonies and the Quebec house was the saddest of the bunch. There's no roof (Did someone not tell them it rains in Vancouver?), it's smaller than my shoebox apartment, and there was no 'wonderful french cuisine' that they were boasting on the news. Thanks for the school cafeteria feel. Finally, to get out you had to balance on wet 2x4's in the mud!

The Saskatchewan Pavilion blew it out of the water.

I can not find the schedule of performances! Where is their website?

fine. I'm looking forward to the goofy french performances that no one will understand anyways. Vivre le quebec anglais.

Might we respectfully suggest that the comments regarding the Maison du Quebec be limited to the venue and its performers. If you would like to engage in a political debate regarding the future of Quebec politics, there are many other blogs you may want to visit.

To vandan
After reading your comments, I really don't understand why some people in Québec would like to separate from "real" Canadians like you!
Pour revenir au sujet principal, très réussi - Bravo!

Grow up vandan.

Where can I find a schedule of all the performances that will take place here? There are a lot of good artists from Quebec that I'm hoping could make appearances.

I was born and raised in Montreal so I think I know what it's like to have your english rights taken from you. What do you know? I rarely saw a canadian flag until I moved out of that province. I speak for all true anglo canadians. French culture is as distinct as Mohawk or Chinese or Punjab culture so give it up. Nobody wants to speak french anyways.

To vandan: Not all Quebecers are separatists. You should educate yourself before you write.

is there going to be a Halifax house? They are just as distinct and more Canadien than these separatists. So tired of these people wanting to be "distinct". Your culture has given us Celine Dion and Poutine. Both are bad for my canadian health. Accept your place in Canada or move to France.

Will Bonhomme be there?? We have been telling our children about Quebec's Winter Carnival and they would love to see Bonhomme!!

Comparé au Site du French Quarter, Le Québec fait pepic...Incapable de trouver quoi que ce sois de valable..

Avis aux francophones qui vont assister à des manifestations culturelles en février, nous, à Radio Canada, ça nous intéresse d'avoir vos impressions. Vous êtes bienvenus de nous contacter par courriel:
N'hésitez pas à nous contacter!

Mmmm poutine and deep fried Mars bars.... *drool*

I just want me some of that poutine!

i bet this pavillion is going to be terrific.

i think the quebecois designers are fond of cubes for the overall pavillion layout as in Expo 67 Montreal, Expo 86 Vancouver all had cubic Quebec pavillions.
glad to see the new one is following suit

certaine que ca sera un endroit fun et accueillant...comme les Québécois! :0)
a bientot, xx

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