Place de la Francophonie 2010

Granville Island public marketENDED FEB 28, 2010 Located just south of the downtown, the popular Granville Island tourist attraction will become the place to celebrate Canada’s French heritage. During the Games, Place de la Francophonie 2010 will become Vancouver’s French Quarter, a place to live and celebrate the Games in French. Highlights will include over 400 hours of FREE live entertainment, more than 100 performances by artists and performers from Canada and around the world, 1 sports bar, 5 stages, 3 exhibitions locations, exciting agritourism showcase, and lots more!

During the day, people can visit the agritourism pavilion where producers will show case their local products, and Canadian tourism organizations will present tourist trails. Next to the agritourism pavilion is Club Adrenaline, a sports bar where everyone can follow Olympic events, eat the finest that Canada has to offer in the culinary arts and starting at 9:30 p.m. get entertained by our artists, who are sure to get the crowd going! Also everyday starting at 5:30 p.m. is the Grand Défilé of Big Nazo. Where weird and wonderful creatures will be appearing at Place de la Francophonie. Starting on February 11th at 6:30 p.m. are our shows featuring artists from the Francophone world.

You can get there by taking the free streetcar from the Olympic Canada Line Station to Granville Island. Vancouver's famous False Creek water taxis will also provide transportation across the water during the Games. Expect this site to be extremely popular so get there early and take transit if you can.

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Don't waste your time here. Nothing to see... The restaurant had the most lousy service ever and I was literally choking and they had nothing to offer but a $2.50 bottle of dasani water!!! Prices are ridiculous $12 for a poutine, $18 for a salad, gimme a break!

One the best kept secrets. Went multiple times. Free admission, excellent (and electic) music on the Air Canada stage, virtually no lineups for either the pavilion or the outdoor entertainment, friendly bilingual staff, decent food, good beer at $6-7 per bottle. I'm not sure what the complainers are whining about. Place Francophonie is head and shoulders above 90% of the other overcrowded pavilions. It does lack a bit of the excitement and wildness of some of the other more party-oriented pavilions, but if you want to drink a beer, watch some Olympic action, check out some cool new music, PDLF tough to beat -- even if you're an Anglo.

I agree! I saw the Carnival Band in the streets. It was really sweet being around all the french again.

You are an idoit! you are upset that the francophone house was in FRENCH!!! WHAT did you think it was?!?!? people named frank?

Went for a visit to GI last night to show it off to some visiting friends. The Atlantic House line up was huge so we went to Place de la Francophonie and really enjoyed it. The beer tent offered a good view of the show and all staff spoke French, unlike the German Houses ! We saw the French Beastie boys perform and other interesting / graeat bands ( M V). Great place to avaid the line up and go to a pub with live music!

Didn't like it at all!

No line up, walk in and walk out!

Lady selling matcha tea for $1. She said it is expensive and exotic. Sure, $1 for a sip? Don't bother!

Nothing to see.

This is highly under-rated and under utilitized. Waited in line for Atlantic Canada House, got in and found it was just a pub. Friendly people, but no music, no Atlantic atmosphere and nothing worth waiting for (this was late afternoon, music starts at 10:30 pm). Walked ovefer to the French pavillion at about 6pm - there was a huge stage with good music, no line up and an almost empty beer garden. The contrast was strange - this place needs more promo and more people.

At least they know how to trow a party. No tents, chains,lineups and beer gardens.

I must have bad luck. I went during weekday and it was bad.

The performance is lame, nothing to rave about. It is as good as you put on a dance show in your own living room and you can probably do better than that. Costumes look cheap and low rent. And the stage area looks like crap.

The stage is crap and the audience area is a health hazard. Many bumps and dents on the ground, you could easily trip if you are not careful. There's also puddles on the ground but it hasn't not raining the whole day. Where does the water come from? Why can't they clean it up? Food is unappetizing. The whole event is poorly done.

There's not a lot of people there. Not a surprise.

It is so embarrassing for the their tourism board to give tourists this kind of impression.

I never want to come back to Granville Island again for events again. The standard is so low or no standard what so ever.

I feel that if these organizers don't want to do a good job, maybe they shouldn't even do it at all. It actually hurts their images and brands.

The Place de la Francophonie is one of the best free venues for a few reasons:

1. It really doesn't matter if you are Francophone or not. I've been there for three nights already with friends who don't speak French, and they enjoyed it as much as I did. In fact, they were surprised by how much fun they had. All the performers knew they were catering to a mostly Anglophone crowd, and threw in quite a bit of English. Most importantly, it does not just showcase Quebec, but a bunch of Francophone countries (and some non-Francophone ones). I went to the Carnavale du Monde (World Carnival) last night, and there was dance/music from Belgium, Israel, Brazil, China, to name a few.

2. The line-ups are non-existent or relatively short, and there is no security zone to pass. The outdoor stage has lots of space (just remember to bring an umbrella or jacket in case of rain). Performance Works is a bit more crowded (we had to wait a total of 5 minutes to get in on Saturday night). The restaurant/lounge had the longest line-up, but the space is pretty small and we passed by it at 10pm on Saturday night (not to mention the good music was a Performance Works).

3. The shows are awesome! There's such a huge mix of music, from folk to jazz to rock (and some fusion between all those). It's not everyday that you get to see someone tapping while playing spoons and accordion.

4. It is so easy to get there, now with the Olympic Line Streetcar (transfer from the Canada Line Olympic Village Station). The car traffic around Granville Island has been a huge problem in the past (congestion all the way up to 4th Ave on weekends - makes the air very unpleasant). So hopefully more people will leave their cars at home and take the bus instead.

Saw Pierre Lapointe on Sunday night and it was fantastic. Can't believe it was free!!

We walked through this site on Saturday, thinking it was being promoted by France. A bit of a surprise to see that it was Canadian.
It was somewhat boring and we were disapointed that almost everything was in French.
It was a waste of our time.

Visited today. The restaurant and menu looked nice, did not eat there. However the display area inside the community center was nothing more than tourism adds for francophone areas in Canada..boring..imho. The outdoor stage and line-up of performers looks impressive plan to return another evening.

I went to the Place de la Francophonie on Saturday afternoon and while it was fun to see the Governor General a few feet away from me, the rest was a bit of a disappointment. We had to wait 20 minutes for anyone to come to our table and when the server did come over she said "we are out of this and that [food items] and I don't have time to clean this up" [re: beer bottles left over from the previous patrons] and then she walked away. No one ever did come back to allow us three girls to order anything and we left disappointed. I am so glad that we weren't visitors here as that would have been very embarrassing (the service and the lack of food). We went to the Irish Pub instead and had amazing service right before closing time.

Thanks for the positive info, we will take your advice on ride the new lines to Granville Isle.

omg! Visted granville island yesterday, and it was GREAT! It was great to walk with children. I really recommend this place if you have children. The performance I saw (a female singer) was great. My 2 year old didn't make a fuzz and she kept on hearing and dancing.
This place is A+++. I recommend getting on the Canada Line from Waterfront to Olympic Village. Then take the train (Bombardier Sp?) from Olympic Village to Granville Island. My family then took a sea cub from Granville Island to Yaletown. It was $8 dollars for 2 adults. Great views, really short waiting times, and a great experience!

Last night's show at Place de la Francophonie was great!! Dancing/splashing around to the French language musicians and singers in the puddles under an umbrella with fireworks and Vectorial Elevation overhead on a warm February night in Vancouver was a wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Lighten up everyone! Stop bitching about whatever, get on the streetcar or the aquabus and have a good time!

Come on have a little fun everyone and enjoy what the city has to offer at this unique moment in our city's history. Have fun! Locals and tourists alike esp the locals. People are comign in from all over the world to have a good time. Quit the whining and enjoy yourself. I'll be talking the Canada Line and Streetcar to visit this site on Sunday. Isn't it the purpose for us to be a bit more greener and take advantage of the public transportation to get to these events. I prefer that there are more spaces for things to see than more cars. Walk and take transit!

Bonjour - looking forward to visiting, but please translate the individual site information for those of us linguistically challenged - my French while enthusiastic is not very good! I did click on the English version, but these sites came up only in French.
Merci beaucoup.

Will all the performances be in French only?

I understand the resentment some English Canadians have towards Québec. I often have the same feelings because it seems you can't please Québec no matter what and I'm a francophone from Québec! But if you want a good time and great food, do visit la Place de la Francophonie and la Maison du Québec. You probably won't regret it.

I agree with Dennis.....the idiots @ CMHC have reduced the parking spaces by adding "courtyards", thereby eliminaiting close to the market (quick stop in food etc shopping) spots and now are charging for any that are remain. It does not feel good to know that the merchants are hurting due to this move and to know our bureaucratic employees (CMHC) want to "tax" us further by charging us for parking on land we own, thus hurting our Market and making it impossible for many of the merchants to do well in this next two months let alone during the last several weeks when due to incredible long term construction has made it hard to access grocery shopping.
The Market drives the dollars so what is it with these unimaginative people. Do they not live in Vancouver? Doesn't seem like it. Poor Ron Bashford would be rolling over in his grave. What a sorry sad situation this has become and it is not just the Francophonie area that is pathetic use of our money.

I wish this event bon chance but after the morons who run Granville Island went to the gouge the public program of no free parking after 10 am ( wow )the island and market are dead. I hope the merchants sue the Trust for absolute ineptitude but alas, you can't legislate common sense or intelligence can you.

Oh, please. Enjoy! WE. ARE. CANADIAN!!!!!!

Come one everybody! where is your sense of pride in the Canadian Heritage? Put aside your pre-conceived ideas, and enjoy the party!! We are ALL paying for it - French and English alike!
Let's wish our Canadian Athletes "bonne chance" et amusons-nous !!

The Place de la Francophonie is a federal government initiative. Granville Island is federal government property, so Vancouver is not directly funding this. I think many of us here are interested in seeing expressions of French-Canadian/Quebec culture here, including some great food and music!

What a farce! Why ever should Vancouver taxpayers, who no doubt are hard enough hit, have to fork out for this? Here in Quebec, the English language is stamped out at every opportunity. Odd, isn't it - the very Anglais who now coo over preserving French are usually the same who couldn't get out of la Belle Province fast enough.

Typical - Federal property (Granville Island) is being used to promote Francophone stuff. Would we ever see anything in Quebec on this scale to promote all things English? HAH!

It's a gigantic pain in the posterior for residents and taxpayers who want to get to the market to do their shopping.

By all means visit Granville Island but keep in mind that public parking on the Island will be practically nonexistant. The public should realize that parking near any of the venues is pretty much zero and public transport is the best option and that will be crowded too. Plan ahead.

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