Park Royal Winter Carnival

park royal pavilionENDED FEB 28, 2010: It may not be the most flashy venue, but Park Royal Shopping Centre in West Vancouver is planning on hosting a special winter pavilion during the Games. They advise they've set up a special outdoor skating rink where your family can lace up and enjoy some time on the ice. There are limited skate rentals, so it's best you bring your own. There will also be live music performances on Friday and Saturday evenings. A large screen displaying the live CTV broadcast of Olympic events will allow you to cheer on your favourite athlete.

A "beverage tent" is also being set up for you to enjoy a beer or glass of wine while you're watching the Games or listening to the entertainment. The skating canal will be open from noon to 10 pm every day. There is plenty of parking on site, but if you plan to drink, be sure not to drive! The beverage tent will be open from 4 pm to 10 pm and you must be 19+ to enter. Click here for a map on how to get there.

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Plastic ice??? Come on West Van!

This is a reply to Craig.

Seriously dude, do you just go from site to site & make nasty replies to other peoples comments. This is the second person that you have called a whiner. ARe you that same loser that called someone a whiner in the ziptrek comment section?
Get a life you freak of nature & STOP telling people to "Stop Whining"

People are allowed to make comments that are not in the positive. Yes, that would mean that they are allowed to make comments in the negative.

The ice rink is not that crowded compared to Robson Square. It's synthetic ice, so warmer temperatures shouldn't be a factor like at Robson. They also have a mini outdoor deli making some hot food like soup, smokies, fries etc. Watched Alex Bilodeau win the gold with a fair -sized crowd a few days ago, it was great to see everyone so into it! Way to go Maelle!!!

Check out the signs again, Tami. I felt the same as you, but they have finished them now and they look great!

Tami, West Van has its own celebration going on at our Rec Center. What Park Royal does is its own business. You may want to check it out instead of whining about how affluent West Van is. Have a wonderful olympics.

Considering that West Vancouver is one of the most affluent suburbs in Canada don't you think they could have stepped up a little and partnered with Park Royal on a better gateway project than those home made "go canada go" signs that look ike they are a last minute attachment to entrance on the north and south sides of Park Royal. For shame! Looks like Uncle Hank made them in the back yard wth Bob & Doug and a couple of brewskies !!!!

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