Kla-howya: Aboriginal Village Welcome

pan pacific pavilionENDED FEB 28, 2010: The lobby of the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver (at Canada Place) will be transformed into a stunning 16-day showcase of Aboriginal art, performances, and culture – free to residents and visitors during the upcoming 2010 Games. Organizers tell CityCaucus.com they want to share the cultural richness, stories and traditions of British Columbia's Aboriginal people, and promote Aboriginal tourism across British Columbia. The Kla-howya: Aboriginal Village Welcome will feature traditional dancing, cedar bark weaving, Aboriginal fashions, birch bark chewing, moose hide tufting, jewelry making, carving, storytelling and an opportunity to explore the harvesting of wild herbs for traditional medicines. They have set up a blog where you can read all about the various exhibits and entertainment. If you would like to see other First Nations art and culture, you should also visit the Four Host First Nations Pavilion and Canada's Northern House.

The Pan Pacific is located at the Waterfront terminus station for Skytrain and Canada Line. For a map on how to get there, click here.

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I visited the Pan Pacific Pavilion a couple of days ago and was very pleased with the displays of Aboriginal People's art, crafts, and skills. They are very knowledgeable and happy to talk about their culture and what they are doing. It's free, little or no lineups, and the exhibit is right next to a restaurant. The whole place has a great atmosphere due to the openness of the space, and the great views of the North Shore mountains. I highly recommend it, especially if you have kids. I took some short videos there, talking with the Aboriginal crafts people. You can see the videos here: http://gobart.tv/2010/02/17/pan-pacific-pavilion-vancouver/

Lovely..up close and hands on...

Great exhibit and we were fortunate to see a few performances....went twice!

I've heard about this, should be a good one. Also a good place to take photo's of the harbor and the convention center.

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