Ontario House

ontarioENDED FEB 28, 2010: Located in between BC Place Stadium and Sochi House (Science World), Ontario House plans to set a new standard in creativity and innovation. CityCaucus.com dropped by the pavilion on Jan 24th and can confirm they are constructing a special 4D theatre. Once you enter, why not use your brain waves to turn on the lights at the CN tower. Don't believe us, check out this video. They also plan to feature many other exciting and original exhibits, events and performances; showcase made-in-Ontario products and services; and be technologically state-of-the-art while being supported using environmentally sustainable systems and technologies. Ontario House will offer visitors a unique, one-of-a-kind, inspirational experience that will live on in their memories for years to come and reinforce Ontario’s Olympic brand message — “There’s No Place Like This…” If you want to see some exclusive photos of the pavilion, click here. If you're looking for directions on how to get to the pavilion then click here. Hours of operation: 10 am to 2 am daily.

Ontario House also features Ontario’s brightest talents and are free to the public. Showtimes are 10PM except Feb 15, Feb 22, Feb 24 @ 9:30PM. Arrive early as these are expected to be popular shows. You must be 19+ to enter and have valid government issued photo identification after 9 pm.

  • February 24 - Ontario Day at the 2010 Olympic Games. featuring Justin Hines, Damien Robitaille, God Made Me Funky
  • February 25 - The Wooden Sky
  • February 26 - Molly Johnson
  • February 27 - illScarlett
  • February 28 - Crash Parallel

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Is Bright Ideas open on Sunday Feb 28?

what time do you guys think we should start lining up for the game tomorrow?

Molly Johnson is a talented artist but it is a shame to have her perform when she so clearly was not interested in being in Vancouver. Show started very late, ended early and she was negative and complaining about it being 2am in Toronto and past her bed time. So much for Olympic spirit.

Don't miss the 4D video especially if you have children..they will LOVE it. Everyone applauded when I went thru it.

Too bad this great venue isn't open for the Paralympics and their athletes and their supporters who have been preparing for their games and couldn't make it here in time to partake. It's too bad no one thought about this because the various pavillions, especially this one, have been great.

No. The Ontario pavilion will be shutting down during the Paralympic Games.

Hi did not find out in all the coments if you will be open during the paralympic games? does any one know?

Anyone knows if Ontario House will open after this Sunday or during the Paralympics? Thanks!

Beer is $6.00 :) no line to get in. Don't get faked out by the 4D line up. It will probably have a line for the evening but $6.00 beer is the cheapest of all the Olympic houses I've been in.

Bright ideas will close tonight around 18:00-19:00 depending on crowd. Tomorrow we have a private function from 14:30 -18:00 and then turnover for Hockey so there will be no ability to experience after 14:30.

Thanks to your response. In case of a hockey game or a concert, does Bright Ideas close early? I was thinking about coming on Friday night or Saturday or maybe even tonight.

You are correct it is for 22:00. We will be letting people in between 21:00-21:30 for the show. There is limited space in the lounge ( approx. 185 pax)for you to enjoy some of the food and beverages until start of performance.

Question about the Molly Johnson show: she's advertising the start time as 8:00, but I've seen elsewhere that Ontario House shows actually start at 10? Wondering what's the actual showtime, and when you'll start letting people in. Thanks!

I don't see any dates listed for March. Will you be open for the ParaOlympics - I would hope so. F

Loved the band last night, Nadjiwan! Great sound and songs. Very nice selection of beer and food too.

Thank you for a wonderful evening!!!

No the 4D theatre is outside of building on deck under the canopy and the Bright Ideas ( lights for CN Tower etc.) is in the building on the west wall. The 4D is open to approx. 22:00 and the Bright Ideas is open until 19:30 daily unless there is a function or Hockey game.

I wanted to know if the 4D and the brain waves to turn on the CN tower lights was the same thing and if they are on until 2 am as well. Can't wait to check them out.

Was here on Thursday late afternoon/evening. Had been going through pavilions after attending the Colbert Report taping. After no food or beverages at Sochi House (unless you're a VIP), and $8+ food and drink at the Saskatchewan and Quebec pavilions, the relatively inexpensive food and drinks in Ontario House were refreshing. Also nice to drink a beer that's not Molson Canadian. They had microbrews on tap and the food was pretty tasty (nothing really over $6 I think on their menu). I stayed to watch the CAN v SUI hockey game, and it was a perfect venue for that. Left before the concert.

Biggest downside to the venue is a pretty severe lack of seating. I sat against a wall, on the floor. Sask House had far more seating. Wish I could put the two venues together :P.

The 6 minute 4D video has a long line up when I went to check this out on Wed around noon. If you don't want to see the video you can just walk in to the House and enjoy some food. A huge wall of recycled plastic bottles and another line for some kind of interactive thinking that uses your brain wave. If you don't want to spend some money and don't want to line up for that then you will be out the door in less than a minute.

yes hockey hockey hockey, there will be beer available for sale.

Really good food tapas style and wine, and no line ups. Just not a lot of seating space. My fave pavillion so far

Will you have on the Canada vs USA hockey game tomorrow with tv commentary? Is alcohol served all day or only after 9pm?

There will be a shut down for transition and sound check but it will be a bit earlier today so that we can get people in a bit earlier. I would suggest a 6 or 7 arrival for doors at 8:30-9:00.we appreciate everyone's understanding on our challenges but we want to keep our free shows as enjoyable and safe as possible.10:00 is target for showtime. It is 19+ and we do have to follow the capacity laws that have been set out by municipal bylaws.Again we thank everyone for making this a must destination and loving the bands that have, are and will be playing.

So, if we were to arrive at 6 or so, can we just stay and have some drinks then enjoy the show, or do we need to get into another line for the show at 8pm? Looking forward to coming down tonight, just not clear on when we should arrive!

It is unfortunate that you dislike Australians. Actually it is Opus Hotel Catering that is working at Ontario House which are from Vancouver but being Canadians we welcome people from all countries. In the evenings there is a snack menu available which does limit offerings.I hope you get an opportunity to enjoy this great event called the Olympics and maybe show a bit more love to your fellow humans

They contracted the food out to a rude Austrailian staff that harass you for asking for an alternative. Forget vegitarian food on concert nights, nice one Ontario, getting Austrailians to sling fries. Get with the times, this isn't a county rodeo. Will write to the Sun about this in contrast to other provincial houses.

Wine is $6 per glass. Sorry, typo!

All sporting events shown on screens.

Ontario House is open from 10 am until 2 am. As of 9 pm in the evening, the Pavilion is open to 19 + as per liquor license. Anyone is welcomed from 10 am until 9 pm.

The concert lineup begins around 8 pm and we have a maximum capacity requirement as well.

That being said, if you can't get in - we project all the concerts on the outside screen.

Despite the lineup for the 4D Ontario film - it's a 6 minute show so the lineup moves quickly as we put a group of 50 in every 8 minutes. If there's 100 people in front of you - you're looking at a 16 minute wait time.

There has been no lineup in general to get into Ontario House, you can just walk in. The lineup you see is for the 4D Ontario film.

We had Wayne Gretzky in yesterday from 4-5 pm and enjoyed his wine 99. This is also served at the bar at any time for $5 a glass.

Food is $5 for anything on our menu and all Ontario produce. Check out our website for fullsome details at www.ontario.ca/olympicgames2010

We show all major gamine events on our 5 massive screens as well as on our outside screen.

Performing tonight is Broken Social Scene. Come early as it will be a packed concert!

Does anyone know who is presenting on the 20th?

Go to ontario.ca and look up olympics2010 for info about upcoming bands, events, etc. at Ontario House. No minors after about 9pm (for the nightly bands). Bring ID! Lots to see, different events daily, and tasty snacks at the bar @ $5 a pop. Some of the smaller snacks are only $2.50. Deffo worth a visit, and a great place to see the medal events on the big screens (including one outside you can watch if you're waiting in line), with the cheapest (and best) beer at $6 I've seen at any Olympic venue thus far. Go with a smile, and the staff is more than happy to help as much as they can. They're getting more organized by the day, but please understand the numbers and the crowds they are dealing with! Everyone is doing the best they can...
Open 10am-2am daily, with RARE closures for VIP/Athletes parties, and a short closure daily just to set up for the bands at night. You can still see the film in the theatre when the pavilion is closed--long line up, but it's a fun film in 4D, most people say it's well worth the wait.
Have fun! One of the best pavilions around...

I went during the day. I thought that the line for the 4D theatre was the general line to get in. They don't tell you, we got lucky by over hearing someone and got out of that line and got in to the actual house. Not much to see but the live entertainment was very cool.

I find all the houses really need signs to tell people what their lining up for.

is this where they have the cheese cake on the stick?

I was at Ontario House on Wednesday. Showed up around 7:30pm and was in within 20 minutes. Had friends arrive around 10pm and there wait was around 40 minutes. So I think the madness is a lot less than when BSC was playing.

As far as the house goes, the beer is awesome and relatively cheap, and the tiny tapas they serve are decent. The building itself is just a giant rectangle, so nothing too special, but the giant screen are great for watching events.

Where this place really shines is during the concerts. The stage setup is really great, and there is lots of room on the floor in front of it. I would definitely check it out, and make sure to catch a band too, it is worth it.

I want to go to tonight's Ontario House Concert (Feb18/10). Anyone know if it's still a mad house down there? Line-ups? What time do they let in?

I went to see Bedouin Soundclash too. After waiting for nearly FOUR hours I was not allowed in because I did not have ID. No where did it say online or anywhere at the venue that it was a 19+ show. Also, I got in line at about 7, yet it was so disorganized that most of the people who were not in line at all got into the venue first.

I could complain more, but there's no use really. I just hope they figured their shit out.

i tryed to come to the ontario house on sunday at 12 30 pm and they say it is closed but on here the hours are from 10 am till 2 am so whats the deal with that

Thanks for a great evening with Serena Ryder!

Love love love this place! Walked in on Monday night, no line. Drank "Mike Weir chardonnay." All drinks are from the region (Wayne Gretzky Reisling, Dan Ackroyd Shiraz, etc.) and ALL drinks are only $6 (unlike other venues). Great local themed food for $5 a pop also. Saw Serena Ryder play an amazing sow. Sound was awesome in there and lots of big screen TVs and a gorgeous bar.

Ya I saw the show tonight, it was much more organized than friday, they had a proper line and let people in way ahead of show time, Good job on the improvements. Serena Ryder was awesome, but the opener swing sucked, they were a like a french boy band with a violin and the occasional guitar and dj amking most the music and doing break dance moves, i thought i was at a comedy club it was pretty hilarious but aweful at the same time, not a well chosen opener for Serena, but Im loving the free olympics, thanks causcus for keeping us informed.

Fabulous concert tonight - two great bands, put on a great party. Bar is nice, has some food to munch on. We got there an hour before showtime and only spent 20min in line. 2 Thumbs up!

Can you watch Olympic events at Ontario House?

One of the better pavilions. The 3D TVs are cool! and there is the 4D movie and the CN Tower thingy, except when we got there at 3pm they closed it down for "private function". I guess we were just common people.But at least it's not just a pub like the rest of the pavilions in the area.

I went to see Beduin Soundclash opening night and this was the absolutely most unorganized pavillion and concert event I have ever been to and I have been too nearly 300 concerts. The concert was schedualed to start at 9pm but they didnt open the doors til 10:45 we stood out in the rain for two hours and finally got in but my friend didnt. They stopped letting people in and the venue was more than half empty, I spoke with the fire marshall who said that they could only let in 400 people but 700 because he was there. With my experience I can garuantee that venue can hold 1500 people easy and still have lots of room. We left cause we weren't going to ditch our friend so I spoke with one of the organizers to let in two more people out which they didnt. The crowd inside the venue was not properly representing the amount of people who waited out in the rain in clusters to try and get in and they could have all fit in. I am 25 so the age limit didnt bother me but it was not posted anywhere. This was a very poorly ran event, this needs to change or some organizers need to be fired!

One of the better pavillions. Looks really neat with the cord walls. The short video was not bad. The 3D is not Avatar for sure, but cool in a way. The effects are rather cheesy. Sound was thundering. Video showcases Ontario sights and sounds.

So far the better of all the pavilions we've seen...the 4D movie was very cool and the brain waves thing was cool....

Catch the 4-D movie. Its worth the wait. The 6 minute show takes you beyond 3-D.

Tristan, sorry to hear about your troubles. I hope that you get out to Richmond's O Zone tonight (Saturday) where Bedouin Soundclash are playing tonight @ 9pm. No age restrictions, but dress for RAIN tonight.

We got there just after 8 and I could tell it was a mess. No organized lineup. No shelter for the line. Very poor organisation.

Im 16 years old and love bedouin soundclash. I checked online to make sure the time of the consert and that I wasn't to young. After waiting there for 1 hour I got to the front of huge pack of disorganised angry poeple only to be turned away from the even because I was not 19 nor did i have ID. Nowhere was it said that you had to be 19 or older and nobody in the line knew this. Very dissapointing because I would not have wasted my night waiting if I knew. The security was overwhelmed and the event was poorly advertised and organised. Another thing is that it seemed that there was a long line that was made of people who had arrived earlier. When I showed up at 9 there was huge crowd froming infront of the entrance budging in front of all the people who had been waiting patiently. Some how they have to organise this even beter and work out the lines.

What a poorly organized event. They made people form a line for Bedouin, and then simply allowed the mass of people wandering around to get in first. So everyone who waited in line wasn't able to get in.

Amateur hour for sure.

The most underprepared staff for a free show I have EVER witnessed. the lack of security and proper line up ques bordered on negligence. Unimpressed! Is this going to be the case for all free shows in pavillions?
I hope this is a wake up call for future events.

You need to bring picture ID to get into the concerts, I brought other official ID without pictures and even though I am almost 40 I was turned away.

We walked along the waterfront from Yaletown, past the casino.

No, got turned away with my son tonight. Sadly, 19+ only.

Can you watch the opening ceremonies there tonight??

Anybody know where there will be parking anywhere relatively close to it and the price?

Thanks Daniel! I'll try and get there early to grab a table.

Are minors allowed in for the shows? 14-15 yr olds who love Bedouin Soundclash? I'm just thinking about alcohol, etc.

@Doug. When we visited the pavilion there were lots of cocktail tables and chairs near the bar/food area. Not sure if they remove those when the bands come in to play? I would suspect they likely keep them there.

Anyone know if the shows at Ontario House are standing room only? My wife is pregnant but would like to see Bedouin Soundclash tonight. A seat would help. ?

No. This pavilion had a sneak peak event this evening. They will be officially open to the public on Feb 12th and throughout the Games.

Is this Pavilion opened now until the end of the Games?

You can also walk from Yaletown-Roundhouse (Canada Line station @ Davie & Pacific) along the seawall. It's about 12-15 minutes walk at a good clip, but such a great view along the water, lots of other folks around. Just head east past BC Place Stadium. You'll see the huge video screen outside the venue, which is set back closer to Expo Boulevard. You can walk right up from there, and Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan and Molson Canadian Hockey House are all clustered beside each other.

Another five minutes walk east and you get to Sochi House.

The best way to get there is by foot along the seawall. Best to get off at the Main Street Science World Skytrain station and walk there. It's only about 5 mins away.

Does anyone know how to get there? All the roads around there are closed off so where is the route? I can't find any maps that show pedestrian access. Even the really crappy, slow, annoying VanMaps off the travelsmart2010 site don't show anything of use.

Dufflet Pastries is one of the featured products sponsors - we're sending gooey Kahlua Toffee Bars and Iced Fudge brownies!

You can read the Ontario slogan two different ways - it appears they're encouraging Ontarians to "live in Vancouver". Funny.


Is there any information on what kind of "ontario products" will be featured?

thanks for the information.
any info on what is allowed inside?
cameras video recorders etc?

to Scott re: times of performances:
if you would read the info in the blog, show times are listed.

In additon to Susan's post the list of performers are now up but what time are they performing? Am I to have to go there the day of to find out? Some great artists i don't want to miss

Susan, we're getting this info as it becomes available. Most of these venues are still days away from opening. Stay tuned!

@Susan. Thanks for your comment. We too have noticed how little information has been posted for some venues online. Especially this close to the Games. We're making as many phone calls to the organizers as possible to get info. I know many of them are reading this blog daily, so comments like yours will likely get back to them. If you track down any information you'd like to share with our readers, please drop us a line.

Again, this place sounds marvellous. But, when is it open, and how late?
Man oh man, this basic information should be included...I am amazed at site after site so sadly lacking in the most basic and necessary info.

Is there a list to show who will we performing at the Ontario Pavilion?

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