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ozone.jpgCLOSED: 17 days and nights. Exhilarating. Amazing. Once in a lifetime. The O Zone is where you can be part of a real Olympic Games experience, with thousands of your closest friends, cheering on Canada’s athletes, exploring cool stuff, and rocking to some of the hottest young bands in Canada. The O Zone is also the biggest celebration of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, amassed over 60 acres in the heart of Richmond City Centre, just minutes from the new Canada Line Brighouse Station near Richmond City Hall and Minoru Park.

You’ve never seen Richmond like this: mammoth ice art, massive high-definition screen, outdoor skating on real ice, entertainment from around the region and around the world, art, athletes, exhibits, virtual reality (bobsleigh ride anyone?), food and fireworks. Bands like Our lady Peace, Hawksley Workman, Bedouin Soundclash, Toyko Police Club and Wintersleep headline. Theme nights saluting Canada’s diverse cultures and regions from World Beat rhythms and South Asian dance and music to Pan Northern sounds from above the Arctic Circle. There’s something for everyone, and for all ages. Did we mention it’s free? Check the O Zone's Calendar page for their event and free concert line-up, or read O Zone news.

On site will be the BCLC 2010 Winter Games Dome. This massive 5,000 square foot four-domed tent features interactive sport experiences. The Immersa-Dome® allows visitors to experience, through sight, smell and touch, what it might be like to compete as a member of Canada’s Olympic bobsleigh or Paralympic sit-ski team from the athletes’ perspective. Within the Games Dome, participants can also shoot targets while skiing through the winter woods on a simulated Biathlon course, or test their wrist shot on the Olympic or Paralympic ice hockey rink. As the Official Lottery and Gaming provider to the 2010 Winter Games, BCLC will be offering free daily draws to win one of 10 pairs of Closing Ceremony tickets, available to anyone 19+ who wishes to enter their name, February 12-21.

The O Zone is located just a few kilometres south of downtown Vancouver and a short hop on the Canada Line, starting Friday, February 12 through Sunday, February 28, 2010. Every day. Every night. Check back closer to the dates for a complete line-up of what’s happening and who’s on stage. Click here for directions on how to get there.

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Anyone saw the Canadian short track and speed skating members at Ozone on Saturday? They made an appearance at 3:00pm and 5:30. Disappointed that I found out this much later.

Went there after speed skating on a very cold and rainy Tues. The lineup for HH was still an hour long. You think there's nothing to do on a good day, try a crap day! The signage to get to this area is the worst I've seen yet for the games. Oh and don't bother taking the Canada Line or Transit (good luck finding it from there), it's right beside Richmond Centre, a huge mall with TONS of free parking.

Arrived at O Zone on Friday, Feb. 19, at 5.00 p.m. Expected to enjoy the Olympic experience of viewing the events on the big screen with other cheering fans. The after-work crowd was just arriving and sliding events were on the screen, but, to our huge disappointment, the sound was turned off and an Irish fiddler band took the stage! A Canadian athlete was in the process of winning a medal but no one even knew! Thought this was supposed to be an Olympic venue! F.

The concerts here are great b/c the site accommodates a lot more people than Livecity Yaletown and the lack of metal detectors speed up the line. I came for the Our Lady Peace concert and was through the line in 10 minutes. I showed up 1.5 hours early - downtown the venue would have closed for a capacity crowd before then. Besides the concert, there are a few cool things - the Holland House of course (crazy lines though), the BCLC tent (worth the wait for a fake athlete pass with ur picture; the simulated bobsled ride a bit overrated), and a free 'oval' ice skating rink.

Love the OZone. Seen some great free concerts. The Canadian Tenors were awesome on Friday night. The OZone Lounge is great. The food and atmosphere were really good. Went for a ride on the ferris wheel a few nights ago - great ride and view of Richmond and beyond. The City of Richmond has done an awesome job here. They have transformed a muddy old Track and Field complex into a major entertainment HUB for the 2010 Olympics. Keep up the great work everyone!!! It will be sad to see the OZone go after the Olympics:(

Went on Sunday Feb 21. Crowded. Had to through security and empty out my water bottle. There is entertainment on the stage. the BCLC tent had long line-ups but did have a daily draw for the Closing Ceremony tickets outside. The Ice Sculture Tent was ONLY open from 12-4:00. don't know why as there was also a long line-up to enter (at 3:30). I can understand the sculturer only being there a certain time, but can they open the tent a little longer ? BC Street was good tourist info for the province and there is an Ice Wine Tasting (pay) area. I think $5/glass.

Oh, you mean the Snore-Zone. Talk about boring, BC Street was the worst. I was wondering do you have to fail a creativity test to "make it" with your local chamber of commerce? Hokey and ho-hum. Don't waste your time.

Went to the ozone today, and that's about it. My highlight was a roasted corn on the cob. I thought it was boring, nothing really to see, no excitement of really anything going on to make you interested. The Heineken house was the only place with the some buzz, but no minors. I will stick to the downtown core and yaletown, I've had a blast down there!

Go to see it but you are better to go downtown to Live City Robson. Don't waste your time there if time is limited.

I'd recommend you go after dark so you can appreciate all the lights and the Chinese Zodiac paper sculptures. Really lovely. The other highlight is the skating rink--bigger and better than Robson Square.

I went yesterday to OZone and I thought there were lots of things to do and see. For kids they have 3 tents (great for when its raining) with gymnastics, climbing equipment and other fitness equipment they can try. They have a skating rink for adults & kids. The City Hall has an interesting display on speed skating, including bone skates from hundreds of years ago. The regional tourism displays were friendly and great for planning a trip around BC. They have 2 big tvs set up for watching sports, one inside the field and one outside City Hall.
There is even a beer garden where the food is sold so you don't have to line up for HH, which we didn't bother with (afterall, I can buy Heinekin at the liquor store, why line up for it?).
We came early and stayed around for the concert of Our Lady Peace. The place packed out with probably 15,000 people and there was still a line-up a block long when we left after 10:00 to avoid a rush on the skytrain.
Overall, I thought its worth the trip from downtown.

Arrived for the gate opening (on the 18th) and I checked out the BCLC tent. Stood in line for about 10-15 minutes. They take your picture and give you an athletes pass which is kind of fun. After that you now only get to try one of the three interactive games (I believe you used to be able to try all of them but the line was taking too long etc.) - biathlon, hockey, and I'm not sure what the other one was as the line was long. I tried the biathlon and it was pretty fun. After you play your game you get a scratch ticket to see if you win a special pin and as you leave they hand you a ballet to win some goodies from bclc as well as a goldrush scratch ticket for Chinese New Year.

Everyone seemed to be having a great time and on the big screens they were showing some of ongoing sports.

The Heineken house had a HUGE line right at 3pm but it's probably because Canada was playing hockey that afternoon - the line went to a sign that said "2-3 Hrs from this point"

There were entertainers doing a few shows.

The BC street was kind of neat with information about different areas in BC. I found it quite useful but I'm planning on doing a BC road trip this summer.

I agree. There really wasn't much to do for the kids. The line ups for the interactive tents were way too long, and the prices for food and drinks were outrageous. They could have at least had some roving entertainers or something. Thank goodness the sun was out and it was a nice day. I recommend the tents near City Hall much more.

Not much to do or see aside from HHH and even that isn't too exciting. I was expecting a lot more interactive tents or something, not just a big field and some TVs with 2 concerts at night.

I'm with you, Jenn. The OZone might be great at night with the life band and Heineken House (if you can get in), but during the day, it's not worth trekking to on the Canada Line. A very small games tent from the BCLC, (although getting a free scratch n' win ticket is nice), and took a ride on a ferris wheel in a park across the street, and ice skating on a small rink might be great for small children,but not much else is there. I know many people must have put a lot of effort into this venue, but it isn't worth it in the daytime.

Went to Richmond O-Zone tonight. I'm 35 and my mom is 55. We were willing to stand in line for the Heineken house but were disappointed to see the "FULL" sign on the door. They weren't even letting you line up anymore as of at least 5pm. That was disappointing. On our way out of the O-Zone we were walking behind a couple who were drunkenly proclaiming that they had been in there for 10 hours. It's too bad it can't be controlled a bit better. Mom and I then explored the O-Zone. I don't know what I was expecting but this venue didnt deliver for me. The food options were terrible, the site map was awful, and the whole thing was very underwhelming. Maybe it's better later when the live music comes on stage but Mom and I were too bored to stick it out until then. I should say that if you're a family with young kids or a group of teens looking for a place to go I think it would be a great fit. I'm sending my 15 year old and his friends to check it out tomorrow.

Checked today and all shows at OZone are all ages. Got turned away with my son at Ontario Pavilion last night as the shows there are 19+.

The torch night was awesome. The city has done an excellent job......just one problem. Getting out of the Ozone after the ceremony wasn't their finest moment. Toooo many people, to few exits.

There is also a Richmond O Zone facebook page which lists all the free events. Here is the link:


The list of performers and times can be found at:


Is there a list of performers for the Richmond O-zone?

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