Nightly Medal Award Ceremony

new stadium.jpgENDED FEB 27, 2010 This is the most inexpensive way to participate in an official Olympic event. Tickets costs as little as $22 dollars per person and this provides you access to some of North America’s best entertainers as well as the medal winning athletes. Some of the confirmed bands include Barenaked Ladies, INXS, Nelly Furtado, Hedley, Theory of a Dead Man and many more. The newly renovated BC Place Stadium will play home to this nightly event, in the heart of several other nearby pavilions. If you are taking the Expo Line SkyTrain, get off at the "Stadium" station. You will have to walk about 5 minutes to get there. Click here for directions on how to get there. A note for out-of-town visitors, BC Place will undergo a massive renovation after the Games and will have a brand new retractable roof installed (see illustration).

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The Victory Celebrations are exactly what you would expect. The winning athletes march in, get their medals, and the anthem of the gold medal country is played. Afterward a band plays a concert. This is all good, but BC Place has to be the ugliest and most depressing pile of concrete on the planet. I wish they would've organized these events in a new outdoor plaza.

I went to the INXS night. They had tv's on around the concourse, but not in the seating area.

...this is a need to know situation, can someone pls answer this post?

I have tickets for Friday night's medal ceremonies which starts at the same time as the Men's hockey semi-final. Does anyone know if they will show the game at BC Place or if there are TVs around that will have it on?


Does anyone know how long the wait to get in to the medal events is.... just so we have an idea of when to get there?

sorry, yes, tickets start at $22-$50 and, no, you can't "get them at the door" but the box office is right beside the building if tickets are available. One more thing to note, the show starts at 6pm and is over at 8:30pm...don't be late or you'll miss it!!

If you are looking for tickets you can try on-line or in person, the box office is on the corner of Smithe and Expo Blvd. It's right beside the West security gate entrance. I'm not sure which shows still have tickets left. Some of the reviews I've read talk about viewing the stage for the shows and I would agree that the side views are not the best, but typically once the entertainment starts the volunteers will let you move to empty seats or you'll be given a wrist band that will let you in "the pit" (just like a normal concert no seating area close to the stage)

I still don't understand if you can just buy tickets at the door???? and how much??? $22 really????

Can I still get a ticket for the 19th?

I love reading what people have to say because you know these people are honest with no ulterior motive. I would love to take my son to this event as a cheap way to participate however I am still confused as to how I go about getting tickets, (I am looking to go Friday night)and what time the event starts...anyone?

Can anyone tell me - can you buy tickets at the door? I haven't had a way to purchase over the internet and wondered if I should bother trying at the door.

Well, consider yourself lucky that you got to view a video screen of the athletes, from our section(443/444), we couldn't even SEE the screens. We viewed the BACK of people the size of ants !!!!!

Attended the awards ceremony on the 14th. Sat in section 251 and 249. This was in the second setion from the stage and to the right. Still had to watch the screen in order to view the performers and the medalists.

A lot of people were very incosiderate and they appear to think it was okay to wander in the aisles and block others view of the stage.

the atmosphere was very exciting when the medalists were awarded their medals.

Cost $10 for a hotdog and drink combo. Drink by itself would be $4.50 and hotdog $5.50. Eat before you come in.

Waited at least over 30 minutes for the security gates to open and then another 30 minutes before they started processing patrons through the security gate.

Volunteers on the streets were not very helpful in terms of how to enter the security check zone. they gave wrong info as to which security zones entrances were closer.

My group sat in sections 443/444 ( they run together) in the upper level. We could only see the performers and athletes from a side/rear view. I would assume that any sections in the lower levels immediately below us would have been the same.( And directly opposite on the other side)I would suggest sitting at least 1-2 sections closer to the end of the stadium for a clear view.Hope that helps.

Can any posters that had a bad view please post what section you sat in.
so i know what tickets to avoid.

I was at last nights (Feb.14) Victory Ceremony at BC Place. I agree with the comment previous regarding the horrible view( or lack of) from the side sections.Can someone please tell me why, why, why, were the 2 GIANT video screens directly opposite the stage NOT used for viewing the presenting of the medals, but were turned on for Nelly Furtado??? We could only see the athletes from behind, and had no idea who they were.And, before you tell me "that's what you get for the cheap seats", I believe all of the upper levels seats were the same price, and ours DID NOT say'Obstructed View".I think it was very unfair to sell tickets for these seats.Money Grab???

own the podium. How can we own it if it take sherlock hours online to find out when and where. Why make the basic info so obscure

I was at the medal ceremonies and was utterly and totally disappointed. We have had the tickets for months with no choice of seats. When we got there we were in the upper level on the wings and could not view the stage that well - no problem lots of big screens. Then the show started. Who knew what was going on or who the performers were - we could not see and there was only tourist videos on the screens that we could see. We found out later that it was related to BC Day. Then we determined that the screens facing out from the stage were showing the events on the stage, but the other screens were showing video or graphics that were of no real relevance and certainly did not contribute to our experience. It was also frustrating to see many empty seats in positions that could view the stage and screens while we could not. When the Bronze Medal winner in Womens' 3000 speed skating was announced we had no idea who it was due to the cheering, which was great, but again those lucky enough to be facing the stage had the advantage of knowing who she was. WE actually did get great video of the Whistler medal celebrations - far better than what was happening live in front of us. When Nelly Furtato came on many left as the acoustics were terrible. There was only a wall of noise. We left and found watching it outside on TV was fine, but inside was a total waste. Also, when the concert started, staff offered to move those in the wings to seats where they could see, so the problem was known. A quick fix is needed - we wasted over $100 - our advice is stay home and watch it on TV.

My wife and I were out exploring last night and decided to see if there were tickets available. The gentleman offering seats for $50 seemed to steep for us, so we wandered on. On a lark, we checked in at the ticket booth.

$22. Upper level seating, but I think the view was better than on the floor!

We could not have been happier with the cultural and medal elements of the evening. Great way to be part of the Olympics in this fantastic city.

If you get the chance, it is certainly worth $22.

I'm afraid the roof is very much "non-retractable". That renovation will not even begin until well after the games are complete.

Where did you purchase your tix online?

Any response to what "not currently available" means?

When it says that tickets for a given medal presentation event at BC Place are "Not Currently Available", what does that mean? Does it mean they are sold out, holding some back, not yet for sale ...? Some clearer information would be helpful for people hoping to attend an awards ceremony.

may i ask where can i get the ticket for this? at the door or by reservation?

Same here! I'm getting worried that they won't find anyone.

You can find out exactly which medals will be awarded on each night by looking at the top row here:

@Susan: further details can be found here:

6:30 Provincial/territorial celebration
7:00 Medals presentation
7:30 Live concert

All sounds great time given! When does this all start? 7? 8? 7:30 - makes me furious when something as obvious as TIME is omitted on all sites.

We've got our victory tix for Febraury 15th- but no band/ performer listed yet.....hmmmm.

Does it even pay to attempt to go.

Time is short somehow think the cueing verses seeing something is a hard sell. Bands & celebration would be great tho.

Think better left for those who know they will be able to get in & still will have to wait in line...

This will be one of our places to visit while we are in Vancouver from Feb 10 to 18th

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