LiveCity Yaletown

livecity stage CLOSED: LiveCity Yaletown is a family-friendly venue that will feature live local, national, and international entertainment on the main stage in the afternoon and into the night, culminating each evening with a dynamic water and fireworks closing show. Giant screens will show highlights of Olympic Winter Games sport coverage and visitors can enjoy the interactive Olympic sponsor pavilions (Coca-Cola, Acer, Panasonic & Samsung), Vancouver House, and much more… all for free!

Monday through Thursday from 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., LiveCity Yaletown will be offering exciting educational programs for Vancouver students Grades 6 – 12. The public is welcome to join in!

Friday through Sunday from 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., family programming, similar to the weekday educational component, will offer kids the chance to experience the Games in a family friendly environment.The afternoons will feature highlights from the day’s sporting events on the giant screens followed by late afternoon live entertainment and the official medals presentations. See this link for a full schedule of events and live performances at the LiveCity Vancouver sites!

By 8 p.m., the stage will light up with their headlining act with free concerts every night of the Games, followed by a spectacular nightly water and fireworks show looking out onto the water of Vancouver’s picturesque False Creek. Click here for directions on how to get there. For more detailed information on LiveCity Yaletown click here.

Hours of operation:

  • February 11, 4:30 p.m. – 11 p.m
  • February 12, 11a.m. – 9 p.m
  • February 13– 27, 11 a.m. – 11 p.m. daily
  • February 28, 11:00 a.m. - 9 p.m

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What's up with all the complaints? Especially about line ups? What did you expect? This is a major event, with tons of tourists and locals all wanting to be a part of the Olympics, of course there will be people everywhere. Also, all these pavilions is what funded these free celebration sites for you to attend and experience without having to pay cover or expensive tickets, plus there are some freebies at the end of the day.

The Olympic torch that those took a photo with in the Coke Pavilion was REAL to set the record straight.

Hello, Panasonic are you listening? Your staff needs sensitivity training and to learn how to be kind to people with diabilities!!
We were there last nite, Saturday Feb 27th and had a brutal experience.

Hi Bree, the first song played during the fireworks is "Being Here" by The Stills, a great band from Montreal. :)

Does anybody know the name of the three songs they played every night during the fire works? The first song sounded as though it was by the Fray, or a similar band. Can anyone help me out here? I've been searching everynight after the fire works for the name.

OMG. Thank you for writing the name of the song on here. I was driving myself crazy looking for the song.
Have a great year.

I have to admit, I wasn't big on the idea of experiencing either of the LiveCity sites. I hate the high fences, I hate the security screening, and I hate the lines. Despite all of those things, my curiosity got the better of me and when I heard there was little to no wait to get in, I decided to make a trek down and watch the Canada vs Russia Men's Hockey game.

The key to maintaining sanity and avoiding the hour + line ups is to make your move when everyone else is pre-occupied with something else (for Canadians: apparently it's any international tournament involving Canada and Russia when reputation is on the line!)

I arrived at 2:30 this afternoon and it was 5 minutes to get in. I was surprised to see that it wasn't really that busy but considering that the capacity of the site is 10,000, it takes quite a few people to make it look busy. That and I suppose because there was no onsite beer garden, most wanted to be in a local bar to catch the game.

I'm actually glad that this site didn't have a beer garden. The families that were there could really enjoy it and not worry about idiots drinking to stupidity. Don't get me wrong, I like getting stupid drunk sometimes but there's a time and place and I'm glad the families had this place.

I do feel bad for those who are older or bad knees/hips. There is no place to sit except in the Samsung pavilion and Vancouver House (supposedly? there was a VIP event and part of the exhibit was closed off, the couch part - gee how convenient).

The highlight for me in this venue was holding the replica torch and watching Canada kick some Russian butt with a few thousand of my fellow citizens. The venue is electric when fans get together to watch the games and I'm glad that this location relaxed its schedule to show real time events (according to their website, unless otherwise indicated, most of the live telecasts usually take place at the Downtown locale).

I don't agree with the idea of having each pavilion show its own telecast of the games because it takes away from the mood they're trying to set within each pavilion and people who won't leave because they're trying to seek shelter from the weather. Case in point, the Panasonic pavilion had a really hard time keeping their venue free from loiters who were getting in the way of those who wanted to check out the different areas of their layout.

The line up for the Coca-Cola house moved faster than I anticipated. I can't speak for anyone else but I think it took them a few days to figure out how to keep the people moving and minimize the wait time. The longest delay was just before the 4 minute video, when they had people in a holding area with all of the old coke bottles and the torches. Kudos to the students working in that pavilion for making small talk and sharing interesting factoids about the bottles or the torches.

At the end of the day, the site is one big commercial for major olympic sponsors, but I'm really ok with it. How else would our athletes get funding? The Own the Podium program is in its infancy and until it really gets underway (and we're talking maybe a few more winter olympics away), we need these major sponsors to fill in the gaps.

I don't think it's really been mentioned, but the food variety (along with the price range) was a welcomed relief for me. I like that they had food from Greece, India, Italy, China, Jamaica, and Canada. Any locals who are familiar with the Richmond Night Market experience will recognize the offerings from the China kiosk. Admittedly, the mark up is about $2 higher than night market but considering that everything else of substance that isn't street meat starts at $8, getting a sticky rice pocket with meat for $5.50 is very reasonable. The naming convention of the various international foods stuck me as funny, though: "Taste of India", "Taste of Canada", etc. It was all I could do to not walk up to "Taste of Canada" and say, "Oh, so that's what Canada tastes like. Needs more maple syrup..."

Make sure you eat enough before going here because ...

Long Lines Ahead!!!
Long Lines Ahead!!!

The coca-cola pavilion is just 2/5 for me. But mine you, it was the most packed house all time I was there. So just for curiosity I went in. I think it will be packed all the way till closing.

Samsung house, oh yeah, i have an old samsung phone 2007 model and im just curious how to operate the Samsung Omnia phone so i tried to see its major features and all of a sudden one of the samsung guy says I can't do much but just go to the "wow" menu. I mean hello? Im trying to see how the phone works! As if the "wow" he must be saying is World of Warcraft on Samsung... har har har. You wish. So i got bored with (what am i gonna do? stare at the "wow" menu? So i left and i forgot that they give free cellphones cleaners as what other bloggers say? Ouch. Actually when the guy interrupted what im doing with the model phone it went downhill from there so my samsung house experience wasn't that great. I give the samsung house 1/5.

Actually the best part for me was the Acer house. No lines at all. It seems people today are feed up with computer ads. So they don't bother the Acer house. But's its the olympic video games and LCD displays plus music inside the house makes me feel good. they have a winter quiz you can take on their demo monitors (touch screen mode) and I feel like doing Tom Cruise's on Minority Report. Yehey, I got 3/6 in the quiz = skater boy rank. Me and the Acer lady laughed!!! This has the best house for me. 5/5!

You go to the panasonic house and watch 3D HD videos. My first, and I gave it 3/5 experience.

Remember, the coke house always the long line. Panasonic (for their 3d HD video demo) has two waiting times, one for the ticket and then going inside the "theater."

Yes, the fireworks are totally worth it! I think it's the same every night though. The third song (when I was there) was Sarah Mclachlan's "One Dream"

""The fireworks at 1045 each night are great! they last about 3 songs and one of which is Arcade Fire! "

@Matt: Do you mean Rebellion(Lie) by Arcade Fire?

Personally I was impressed by the fireworks as well. It was just AMAZING, especially when they played the last song, the celebration remix version of "Wavin' Flag" by K'naan. Definitely recommend going!

BTW Does anyone out there happen to know another song?(I didn't even notice there were 3 songs in total until I read matt's comment)

Many thanks!

Lets remember the spirit of the Games here people.

Yes there'll different points of view and people will feel as though somehow, they are "owed" something special b/c they paid taxes, or because they are inconvenienced. But lets face it, EVERYONE in the Lower Mainland and British Columbia has sacrificed and accommodated something over the past several years to make this event happen.

Refusing to change any single part of your life or making an effort to minimize the impact of things that you know will bother is not an excuse to come to this website and gripe about things like noise & congestion & litter.

Frankly, you dont get something for nothing. And we as Vancouverites/British Columbians/Canadians are getting an amazing experience of sharing our special place with the world. I'm very proud of all the locals that I've read about in the paper that have made the city such a friendly and welcoming place to all the visiting countries. I'm enjoying the free sites that I can get access to and accommodated the no parking issue by commuting downtown and despite all the construction issues, we now have an awesome Canada Line and the Cambie St corridor is even better than ever. On top of all that, we didnt have to travel to Vancouver, pay an outrageous hotel room charge, eat out for every meal (& likely have to line up for that too) to enjoy what we have in our backyards.

Something could always be better or done differently, but then would we be hearing you complain about the high cost of the olympics instead? Focus on one good thing about the olympics being here and forget the rest. In a year, you're not even going to remember the inconveniences. You're going to remember how Vancouver threw a kick-ass party and the whole world showed up for it!

Wow MY, complain a little more. Thanks for confirming everyone's theory that Yaletown people are totally self-absorbed and narcissistic. Figures your name is "My" as it is all bout you right? It's the Olympics and you live downtown get out, enjoy it and stop thinking about yourself for a change. All of our taxes have paid for this. I'm excited that people in Yaletown are actually friendly and nice and it's a nice place to go out for a night for a change.

If you can handle the giant line, it's worth it to go to LiveCity Yaletown.
Get there early for the concerts because they fill up quick.
The coke house is great- a nice little short film, then free drinks and games. Very fun in there, great atmosphere.
The panasonic house is cool- they show clips from the 2008 and 2010 olympics, along with clips of the city and a cartoon. All in 3D! Get tickets to watch the short presentation.
The acer house is decent- nice and warm, has computers where you can play olympics-themed games
The samsung house is good as well- has a DJ and random games and phones, etc. they give out stickers and phone screen cleaners as well.
The Vancouver house is great- not very interesting, but they have couches and they let you sit down, even on the ground. great while waiting for concerts.

The only thing that is worth lining for is the free concert, the fireworks and the water show at the end. The pavilions inside this venue are lame. The Coke pavilion is not worth lining up for. The Panasonic, Samsung and Acer pavilions are just like one big store advertising their products. The last concert start at about 9pm and goes on for an hour and a half then you get the fireworks display and the water show which are amazing. Just go for those three and spend the day somewhere else.

That really sucks for you MY. I walked past there today hoping to stop by and take a look around but the huge wall prevented me from seeing anything, and the lineup snaked around and around. (Plus they didn't allow dogs, which I guess is somewhat understandable, and I had one with me.) I really hope you get some kind of compensation because I would HATE to be in one of those nearby buildings, especially if I couldn't even get in to see a mere concert! Paying more strata fees.. pshht! Makes me mad!

The fireworks at 1045 each night are great! they last about 3 songs and one of which is Arcade Fire! Super cool! if you cant get in you can mosey on down to the water and get a good view. although the dock is closed cause someone got hit by firework debris they say.

We visited the coke pavillion on the 17ty because someone said it was worth it. The line took about 45 min to get in the building and then probably another 15-20 min of line up in the building. While in the building lineup they did have some information on the history of coke and showed some of the bottles as well as some torches from previous olympics.
They show you a 4 min. video on the torch relay and once inside there isn't too much to do. One thing that is cool if you haven't already had the opportunity like I had is you can get a picture with a replica torch. They give you a bottle of coke and there are I think three interactive games (long lines). When you leave you'll get a glowing coke bottle.

As a 30-something owner of a Yaletown home, I'm fully aware and accepting of and use to the Friday & Saturday B&T crowd venturing down to my neighborhood for their weekend partying. It's par for living in Yaletown.

I've been looking forward to hosting the Olympics and do enjoy the energy and buzz that is created during the day as a result of the pavilions. It's great to witness so much Canadian spirit.

My disappointment lies with how the evening free LiveCity concerts have been organized. Having tried on 3 occasions now, to catch an evening concert, I have failed on each occasion, as I did not arrive early enough to 'get in'. It's disappointment for me, a Yaletown tax payer (on a $900,000 2 bedroom condo) that I haven't been able to enjoy any of my city park, David Lam, where the 'free' event are occurring, that my taxes pay for. Also, as a result of the high cost of living in Yaletown, I need to work and don't have the options of taking time off to line up at 4pm, to get to a concert.

It feels very disappointing for me as a resident of the neighborhood, to be unable to "afford" the time it takes to enjoy an event at the city park that my taxes pay for... Why all the fencing? Why not lower fencing? or Why not make the concert visible to more people, since it's free...

To add insult to injury, my strata has incurred extra cost this month, as a result of having to pay for extra external janitorial services (every night!), landscape and vandalism cost associated with the disregard some people have to the fact that this neighborhood is home for some people (me). Please show some respect when trample through 'my backyard' or past my building. I don't throw trash on your front lawn, or puke against your living room windown...


I wish the organizers could have given the actually residents of the neighborhood, some perk or consideration. Eg) 1 guaranteed admission pass, to a free concert at LiveCity Yaletown. This would have gone a long way to showing me some sort consideration.

Although, to some, it may appear this is only a 2 week event. This event has blocked the street to my home for 1.5 months and the closed down the city park that normally enjoy every night, since January - March.

Some small gesture of consideration to use residents would have been nice, Mr & Mrs Organizers...

(Don't you also realize the added volume of traffic you generate in people coming downtown to only find out the event has been full since 4pm?)

Went to Live city Yaletown aout 5:30 Monday the 15th. Line was not too bad - Nice to see some "expo " type street entertainment for the line. City could use lots more of this for the long lines that seem to be everywhere! Once inside what the group wanted to see was the Coke pavilion. Having recently been to Atlanta and seeing the Coke museum my part of the group decide did not need to wait in another approx 2hr lineup to get in. So do we do Samsung or Panasonic both about half hour waits. Went into panasonic to see 3D future. The line up was to get a time to view movie we had another 40 minute wait for that. The 3D info on future of home TV was interesting for about half that time. The hip hop DJ was replaced with Olympic sports on the big screens ( Novel concept we went to the Olympics and missed a day of sports - really surprised was not more places to view the sporting events as we wandered from one site to next. As I left the Panasonic display spoke to info booth and asked why they did not dedicate one or 2 of the many TVs in the building to the sporting events one girl tried to answer but did not say anthing that made sense the other girl piped up `if we did that people would just stay and watch the sports` Shame on us .... ) But our movie time came up ( impressive picture!) and had to head inside, Mr Witherspoon was still in 2nd place... but alas when we go through our lineup and movie ( really couldn`t of had a Tv for those in line to see the races ) We got the results we did not want...maybe was a good thing. But on the other hand loved the new 3D coming to a home near you technology.

Lots of waiting in be expected. However, you can make it up to your younger kids by going to the park next door. Genius!

I live in the westend of Vancouver and have the vectorial elevation right outside my living room window - and i love it!! I also work downtown and have had absolutely no trouble or inconveniences. Afterall, we have all had a number of YEARS notice for the olympics and all its closures and so-called "inconveniences" - so I'm sorry, but i think any locals who are complaining should indeed still "suck it up". The olympics in Vancouver was not a surprise. I'm a local who lives in the westend and works downtown, and I have to say it has been a fantastic experience all around!:) Truly amazing!

Actually, those of us living here have been putting up with it for several months - not the concerts, lines, and fireworks, but other aspects that have been disruptive to every day life. Closures of community centres, playgrounds, streets, roads, science world, for example. Constant security exercises and drills that involve helicopters and jets. These aspects began in January and will last until April - if it truly were only 2 weeks that impacted everyday life, I'm sure locals would "suck it up". However, we do need to get on with normality - we still have to go to work, take the kids to school, go grocery shopping. All aspects that are made increasingly difficult. As for the suggestion that I am constantly hearing to "go early to avoid the lines" - not an option when you have to work until 5pm! We didn't all have the ability to take time off work or leave for Mexico!

This is not a complaint against the Olympics - I just think you really have to think about what you are saying to us locals who are hosting a party to which we are not invited!

To all those who live around the area, please keep it in perspective that this is only for 2 weeks and try to enjoy the fact that if you want to live in a vibrant city, it may mean some inconveniences.
The fireworks play every night @ 10:45 for 15 minutes. The show is spectacular, especially if you can view it with the music.
As for the lines, unfortunately this is a common problem at all venues, especially when there is a popular act. They have a music act from 8pm-9pm and again at 9:30-10:45. Often, many people leave after the first act, allowing for people to get in for the last act. Try to be patient if you want to see an act or come early.
Remember, these are acts that most people pay to see, so its a bonus to see them for free.

To the idiot who said "Old people and young children do not live in Yaletown" - the live site is across the street from an elders residence, my building is filled with families and "old" people, the entire neighborhood is so filled with families with young children that there are huge waitlists to get them into the local school and daycares. Some of us actually want to enjoy the spirit of the olympics but are also coping with everyday realities of sick children, grueling work schedules, lack of sleep, death in our families, etc. Yes, it can be fun to be a part of this - but not when you don't have a choice and it's being shoved down our throats every night while we're coping with reality. Even the athletes have found places to stay outside of the city so they can escape the "partying." There's a time and a place and right now it's being shoved in our face whether we want it or not. That's not fun.

But GO CANADA GO!! We still want our athletes to excel.

Can you imagine when Blue Rodeo or Sam Roberts perform at Livecity Yaletown... if you want to see these bands you may as well start lining up in the early morning and stay till late evening and most people will be fenced out,it's so sad that the Terrorists have won. I live in Yaletown and took two weeks Vacation to celebrate the Olympics ... after only four days I am thinking of going to Seattle to get away from the fences and line-ups.
I miss the Hippies and Easter Be-ins with no fences,metal detectors or threats of terror.

Got there 2 hours before the 9:30 show. We walked up the sea wall so got to the back entrance first. There were a lot of people leaving but we were rudly told that the area was closed to admission even though people were leaving. We went around front and there was a large line up but no room for wheelchairs. We were told that you need to be in the area before 4 if you want to be sure to see the show at 9:30. Not a big deal if there was anything to do eat or places to sit for 4.5 hours. Fortunatly for us, as wee were leaving a staff member saw us and took us through a gate our wheelchair could get through and showed us were the wheelchair seating was. There was only one other person in that area so i have to question why they were telling us there wass no entry when there was obviously room for us? I agree, take the fence down and let people move freely. Sure they will get a large crowd for the bands but we wouldn't be forced to hang anround for hours so no one else can get into the area. Great time at the show though!!

Coca Cola - mixed experience: bad lineup, cool atmosphere inside, got a free glow bottle, but not everyone gets one according to some comments I've seen.

Samsung - cool interactive displays, games, and counters full of their latest phones. I lucked out with front row seat to an acrobatic performance on a tiny stage inside their pavilion. That was impressive.

Acer - in and out. Just a glorified computer showroom unfortunately.

Panasonic - went into the non-lineup section and just saw different TVs on display. The 3D theatre required lining up. Not sure I want to try now, but my experience has been different from others for the other pavilions

So close Vancouver, so close.
Livecity Yaletown is such a dissapointment. This is by far the biggest free public Olympic site I have seen so far, it has 2 massive screens and room for thousands of proud canadian fans to watch and cheer but there are next to no Olympics in evidence. The whole site is given over to sponsors showcasing their products.
I asked a very nice blue-jacket what the point of the site was and she looked stumped. All she could do was say 'visit the happiness zone?'
It's such a shame as the space could fit a lot of people and the atmosphere would be electric for live sporting events. It seems like there has been an opportunity missed to create the best free site by far.
The potentially great atmosphere was partly in evidence last night I was there when Canada won it's first gold medal, the only problem was the crowd/line-up was half-heartedly watching highlights of the qualifying runs when the news was emblazoned on the roof of the coke tent. The place erupted! 5 minutes later the two inept and charisma-less hosts came on stage and announced in their best talking to 5 year old voices 'something very special is happening right now and we are going live to Cypress!'... Good try guys.

If they clear out the bands and show live olympic events on the screens this has the potential to be the greatest place to watch the games in the whole city.

Just returned from this venue. LOOOOONG line ups. Waited 25 min. to get in and an hour to get into Coca Cola Happiness House. Was not worth it and skipped the other houses.

Went on Sunday afternoon. Waited about 20 min in line to get through security. The place was not very crowded when we went in, but there were line-ups for each of the attractions. Except for the Vancouver Pavilon. But it was very disappointing. You had to walk through the "laneway" house first and it only served to remind that the housing market here at home would support this! The rest of the pavilon was a rather boring 1 dimensional presentation of our ability to live green. They had a nice spot to relax on the deck though. The interactive table was on the fritz when we were there so we didn't get to experience it.

Went through the Acer pavilon in about 30 seconds as I didn't come to buy a computer.

Watched the Olympics on the big screens as we walked about. Went to get in line for the Coke building but they told us that they were not allowing anyone into the line right now and we should come back in 5 minutes. The lineup to get in at that time was about 1 hour. We went around to the front of the building and saw that people were just lined up inside as well.

So we left and walked up through Yaletown. The walk through Yaletown was more interesting, and felt much more alive with the Olympic buzz than the LiveCity site did. Great energy, catching more emotion from everyone watching many small screens than everyone sitting on the ground at LiveCity.

Webisodes from Vancouver's 2010 Winter Games!

Watch to see a video featuring the LiveCity Yaletown launch and the people behind the scenes.

After standing in a long line to get though the one and only entry point into the venue and then another one to experience the 'Happiness House', all I wanted to do was take a load off and enjoy the energy of the place-but what the ?... not a bench to be found!! I also witnessed a volunteer shoo an older gentleman away from trying to sit on the curb alongside the coke pavilion. I mentioned this as an oversight to guest services on my way out and got a 'ya, that sucks eh?' kind of response.
Along with lots of others, I find it disappointing that at both LiveCity venues there are screens around them that prevent you from enjoying the view of what you are standing in line for... it's 'free' for crying out loud. More entrances and less visual impairing fencing!

it is a really cool place. it is definately worth going to and waiting in line for. However, do not go to the Panasonic 3d HD theatre because waiting for 25 minutes in line is not worth a show on olympic highlights. The Coca Cola place inside of livecity yaletown is a blast though!

Went with a group to Yaletown CityLive at around 8pm with the plan to watch the laser waterworks show. The sign-boards outside on the Pacific Blvd read: 15 minute wait-time. We followed the line to its start and it was unbelievable to see people going as far back as 900 ft to the corner of Homer & Beach Cr. We dropped the plan altogether with great disappointment and headed back home.

BTW, none of the volunteers (in blue jackets) knew the time for the laser waterworks show. We eventually figured out it probably is around 9 or 10pm. Other posts here now say its around 10.30pm.

just got back from live city yaletown and enjoyed the day despite long lineups. it was free so as long as you go with a good attitude and prepared to wait, its not so bad. great vibe there and pretty family friendly. i brought my stroller, got there early and lucked out with a sunny day. food is pricey so eat before hand. otherwise, see my pics for a preview of whats inside the pavilions so you can decide for yourself if its worth the wait. hope this helps.

I went early this evening to check out the venue. Long line-up but that is expected. What I did not expect was that no food or water/drinks is allowed. Unless I am blind, I did not see any signs posted. So when the security guy checked my bag (I just finished work so had a change of clothes and some fruit/snack so I could refuel myself during the line-ups), took my food, snapped at me and practically threw the food at me and rudely said that it was not allowed. I understand that he was probably working a long shift and tired, but it is not necessary to be rude and nasty. If I was rude back to him, he probably would not have let me in but it was okay for him? I don't get it. Manners and politeness goes a long way.

The Panasonic display has a very impressive display of 3d HD tv technology. This did a 3d video of Beijing and Vanocouver 2010 opening and many other clips of various past Olympic competitions. The clips of Avator looked very good in their coming new 3d HD tv.
Goh Ballett did a terrific performance while we were waited in a hour lineup to the Cocacola happy house which did not impressed me with a history of the coke bottle and a video of the journey of the torch relay.

Romeo. We totally agree with you regarding the fences around LiveCity Yaletown and Downtown. We're not sure why the City has installed all of this high level security and fencing at their two key public sites? They would be far better off to let people come and go as they they do at all the other free venues.

We're only Day One of the Games, so the Mayor still has time to tear down those walls :-)

I was looking forward to the Wilco concert tonight and I was one hour early but did not get entry. I was there for the flame arrival on Thursday they had 2 big screens on the street outside for people who could not get in could at least enjoy the show on hd screens outside the venue but not tonight. So far olympics =line-ups for Everything.
Too many fences ,don't fence me out.

I overlook David Lam Park and am enjoying every minute of it. I am one of the "old" people who live down here - I just close my windows when the loud music is on. Love the fireworks. Glad i don't have to travel to get here tho.

Note that once you get inside you still have to line up for ages to get into any of the sponsor tents. We got into LiveCity at 1:50 but could only get a card for entry to the COKE tent for 4pm.

Yes, it's only 2 weeks and people should have fun, but we all can't stop working and sleeping during that time.

Our lives keep going even DURING the Olympics. Not everyone can afford to go to Mexico for two weeks.

Certainly people can party without it being so loud? How can anyone hear each other and converse with it so loud?

if you want peace and quiet, move to the country side. CITY living comes with its territory (noise, traffic, people, OLYMPIC parties). I've lived in Vancouver my entire 28 years. Old people and young children do not live in Yaletown, I do. If you dont like it, you had 7 years to move your ass or go on vacation and rent your place out.

It's time to celebrate the Olympics and represent how Canada parties. I say LET IT RIP and TURN IT UP.

For once in your life Vancouverites ... Loosen up and enjoy this moment in your life. Like it or not YOU ARE THE HOST OF THE WORLD !! Show some true Canadian CLASS... GO CANADA GO !!!!!!!

I can see Lam Park from my balcony people are starting to go in On Olympics eve. The Flame is coming Downtown
Bring it on.

At the end all of us will pay for the Olympics so let's have fun. It is your party. Do not complain all the time! Enjoy the music, do not consider it as a noise.

Lighten up people!
The world is coming to see this beautiful city we live in and all we have to say is that the music is LOUD???!
How about you just join in the fun, only 2 weeks and then it will be back to boring quiet Vancouver for those of you that likes it that way... in the meantime you can always get earplugs... Go Canada Go and Go Vancouver!!!

Norahhhh, stop being such a whiiiiiner!

I live right by the concerts and will also be affected by the noise...but I love it! Less distance for me to travel. If you can't beat, why don't you join it!

Must the Music be sooooo loud. I live on the other side of False Creek and the noise is intolerable even with my double sealed windows closed tight.this is a quiet area of older citizens and young children. Is everybody deaf in this city or soon to be?. I would trade my view of the light show for quiet in the evening any time.Hope you can turn down the
sound. It is not necessary to have such volume. We talk about pollution of various kinds but this is noise pollution to the 10th degree.

Tuesday, Feb. 9 8:00 pm
Dear Sir, I'm sorry to have to complain but the music at LiveCity Yaletown in David Lam Park is just too loud. I realize that today is a test/rehearsal, and perhaps you are waiting for reactions. I live a couple of blocks away and I find it disturbing because of the volume. Please reduce the volume.

Yes Bubber we did consider it and we decided that we don't care. Try and have some fun and stop being such a downer!!!

it's the Olyimpics and all you can think about is the noise???? It will be noisy, so what??? The shows will end at 11pm which is not too bad at all. After all, how oten do you get to be a host city? I am so happy this city will be alive again.

Did anyone consider how noisy this will be for the residents in this area????

Dates and times would be great! Hard to make plans without this info.

I agree, I would like to see dates and times of the performances.

There are NO details available yet (Jan 17). It's time to get this info up. People want to make plans.

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