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livecity-downtown-gateCLOSED: This site located at Georgia and Beatty will open during both the Olympic and Paralympic Games and will be Vancouver’s version of a downtown “piazza” with a large outdoor screen, daytime interactive school programming, engaging street entertainment, and late-night entertainment. Additional partners and governmental agencies will bring programs and pavilions to complement the site. The site will re-open during the Paralympic period (March 12 through March 21) with a mix of on-screen programming, demonstration sport events and entertainment. Both the Canada and Manitoba pavilions will be on-site. See this link for a full schedule of events and live performances at the LiveCity Vancouver sites! Check out Daniel's review of this venue by clicking here.

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There's hundreds of places to sit, not really that limited at all, and yes it is covered. Im not sure if I can imagine the place where "half of the seats were taken by children," unless of course you mean anybody under 30?

LiveCity Downtown is a good bet for a chill hang out. The line looks long, but last Tuesday and Saturday night took less than 2 min to get in. Got to take a picture with the torch (smoking it!). There's a curling rock from 1535 AD!! Wow! And the beer garden has drinks for $5, a fair price. I got a beer cup filled to the brim with cooler, a great deal. Saturday had a cool east-coast band. There's a huge screen outside if you don't want to go in the beer garden. You can order food inside and outside. One of the better live music venues (along with the Alberta house), if you don't get into the show you wanted to go to.

Waited for half an hour to get in to see the Manitoba House - Stanley Cup was in the canada house for viewing so you couldn't get there to see anything. It was a waste of time! Very disappointing, they should have had the cup in a separate viewing area so the rest of the house was available for those who didn't care to see it.

With limited seating at the facility, I found it frustrating that in a venue where you can get a drink, half of the seats were taken by children. Should have the beer garden restricted to adults only, take your kids to the "Family Friendly" [read: Alcohol Free] Yaletown site

Line up for a couple of hours to get in. There's a store to buy trinkets. You can buy generic fast food. Then there's another 2 hour line to enter a bar. That's about it. Lame.

Went today, it was great.
Line up to get in was not bad. Food, fun things to do. Definitly worth checking out!!!

A long line to get into the compound, but it moves quickly. Airport-like security. Not much to see inside. Save it for the free concerts.

What a joke!

@Rita. Most of the site is outdoors. I would ensure you bring your umbrella. A number of venues such as the Canada and Manitoba pavilion are indoors.

Is the live city site downtown all outdoors or is the area covered or sheltered?

@ Teresa. Sure, we will adjust this post and put that direct link. Thanks for the suggestion.

can you add the link to I would like to direct people to citycaucus for affordable things to do around the olympics and if they could jump from this site to more details that are out there on each venue that would be great.

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