Laser Waterworks Show

laser-water-showENDED FEB 28, 2010: Join friends or family at False Creek to see the nightly laser waterworks show which will take place next to the LiveCity Yaletown location. A large pipe in False Creek will stream water high into the air providing the backdrop for what will become a vivid backdrop to all the excitement. The staging (seen left), and is located along the seawall beside David Lam Park. The City of Vancouver says the fireworks and water show will start in the late evening, but they don't provide a start time. Once we have this, we'll post it here. For a map showing you how to get to David Lam Park, click here.

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Does anyone know if there are fireworks here on Sunday after the closing ceremonies? Thanks!

The song is called Wavin' Flag by Knnan i think i spelt his name wrong but its a great song if you type it into youtube you should be able to find it righ taway :)

LiveCity Yaletown and all the pavilions within, including Vancouver House, will be shut down after Sunday and not happening during the Paralympic Games. That would include the fireworks show, I believe.

will yale town live city site be open during paralympics and will it include laser/water show at closing each night?

can i see the show from science world? the line to livecity yaletown is just too crazy

There is no start time because it all depends on when the last performance ends. Generally, it starts at around 10:40-10:45, and lasts 10 minutes, but for example yesterday, it started at 10:50 because Sam Roberts Band finished later than normal. The show starts immediately after the last song of the particular performance that night.

What is the pointof having a security perimeter and forcing everyone to line up? This is just a waste of time. There is no target at live city that is not at robson square.

Hi Phyllis,

Can't be sure but I believe that song is "Waving Flag" by Kan'an, an awesome hip hop artist out of Toronto. Enjoy!

Saw the show last night. Corb Lund was great. The fireworks and laser light show afterwards topped it off perfectly. I loved the song that played about growing up strong, being called freedom and waving the flag. Does anyone know more about this song, I've never heard it before but would like to hear it again.

Any idea if the music for the laser water show is being simulcast/broadcast on a radio frequency? That way one can watch it from further away.

The Laser light show & fireworks happens every night at 10:45. The laser show is projected on a screen of water behind the stage, which they also project on the big screens. Not sure if you can see this from outside, but you can see the fireworks. It's best if you can also hear the music with the show. I find it very inspiring and spirit lifting.
Hopefully you can experience it at least once during the Olympics.

I was standing on the pier outside the Atlantic House/ Backstage Lounge and could see the fireworks over the water. After a pause the fireworks really got going, probably a 15 min show. Actually not half bad, almost as good as some of the weaker regular fireworks nights. It was around 10:30pm or later.

Where can one watch the show from? Do we really have to beat the line-ups and get to the LiveCity to watch the laser show, or can one find a spot along the seawall somewhere and get a view?

The fireworks started tonight (Sunday) at 10:40 and lasted about 15 minutes. It was an enjoyable show, and certainly novel with the waterworks.

NOTE: I wouldn't recommend taking your dog too close, as I stood about as close as you can and noticed a few dogs who were terrified by the loud bangs.

Yaletown fireworks started perhaps around 10:30pm and were about 10 minutes in duration

There is no mention anywhere on the 2010 site about the start time of the fireworks... nor anywhere else... pretty poor when everything else has been so well organized!

I think it started at 10:40 pm last night, didn't see it from up close though, will have to check it out one night.

Is there a set time for the light show each night?

I guess they decided not to have the show because of opening ceremonies tonight. Does anybody know anything about this?

This sounds great. I'm going to go with my girlfriend for sure. I'm curious, though, if this show going to be after opening ceremonies or during.

Perfect, easy access from the Yaletown Roundhouse station - will this be worth viewing from across the Creek?

We live right across the street and can't tell you how excited we are and how much anticipation these entire project has created in Yaletown! Kudos to all the people and specially to all the guys/girls that have worked day and night to build up from scratch! Go Canada Go!!

could somebody tell me at what time is "late evening"? and is it everyday?

(sorry for my question, but i'm learning english, hehe)


Took the kids to see this on Friday night at Vanier Park it was fantastic. My kids comments where "mom, this is the most awsome way to spend a Friday evening!"

I can't wait for this show, Vancouver is/has really rose to the occasion and stepped it up for the Olympics! Nicely done. There are so many cool things going on! Oh, and people like that John douche, stay home, write your crappy comments on paper and mail 'em back to yourself, after all 'misery loves company!'

get bent, naysayer. The pipe is in the water already. drainage is not an issue.

Very nice! I can't wait for the shows. I also love being able to do these shows at home with my Moonstar Laser projector.

John there is no need for drainage because the display takes place in the water just off the sea wall...we had it up and running for tests a couple of weeks ago and there was no water in the park. I can tell you it was very cool...

it starts feb.12 does that mean its that night and every night after that?

Um, John, I think you stand in David Lam park and the show is in the water... Are you really that anti-olympic and paranoid?

very interested to see the show when is it?

Now if only they'd give any thought what-so-ever to drainage for this thing it'd be great. They haven't. The erosion to David Lam Park could be devastating, and doubly so since they are apparently using salt water for this. Good bye any form of plant life.

I can't wait to bring my kids to see this! Looks very interesting.

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