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PyeonchangCLOSED: The City of Pyeongchang, Korea is trying to successfully do what Vancouver did in 2003. They want to impress the International Olympic Committee in order to win the right to host the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. Perhaps that's why they plan to pull out all the stops with their interactive Korea House pavilion located at a NEW LOCATION at the Sutton Place Hotel, 845 Burrard Street in downtown Vancouver. Representatives from Korea House advise CityCaucus.com that the pavilion will be open to the public every day from 11 am to 6 pm. Check out Daniel's review of this venue by clicking here.

The Koreans plan to wow guests with a razzle dazzle high tech show that will highlight Korea's burgeoning information technology sector. The pavilion will also feature local dancers, artists and cultural performers. According to the Koreans there will be multi-touch tables and an interactive wall installed. A multi-touch table is a digital device that uses a touch screen to enjoy video clips of breathtaking views from Korea's winter, its athletes and culture. It also allows you to play games. As you move your body, you will see changes on the wide screen. The venue will open on February 13th through Feb 28th. We anticipate the Koreans will do everything they can to impress both the IOC and guests by putting their best foot forward. If you want a map on how to get there, click here.

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Have a free coke beverage and watch a huge video screen about Korea deserving to host a winter games. No line up..in and out in 15 minutes. They were closing it down on Saturday at 4PM permanently.

How does one get the invitations to the Korea House Events(e.g. Samsaung, Korean Night on Feb 22, Team Korea Night on Feb 27, etc)?

the live dance show at 4pm
and at 2 pm weekends
are better than many olympic events

free drinks offer by courteous hostess

2 charming cultural exercises
palm reading and paper prints

everyone would enjoy the wall wide video

interactive touch screen

charming entertaining
korea at the its best

a little out of the way from the
hazzle, enchanting

Skip it.

There are more staffers than visitors.

Nothing much to see.

The hand massage is not worth the line up. Unsanitary. 1000's of people use it and they don't clean it at all. Purell will not clean your hands! The machine does not get cleaned.

H1N1 alert!

four tables to work on , a touch screen hi tech table to play with photos,second one describes the bid of 2018 , third is a hand massage good for adult and fourth is traditional temple print art for kids. An all-round and concise design to introduce Korea, no harm to spend twenty to thirty minutes out of the hustles and bustles.

EXCELLENT HOUSE!Best one we have seen,high action and athletic dancers,hand acupuncture,cool Korean do it yourself Tak Bon Buddist rubbed art project to keep,short video showing facilities for 2018 bid,super friendly and everything including pop was free.

We found this to be a great place to take the kids(we have a 3 and 7 year old). Not only was there no line-up and few people, there were activities to do--making a meditation bead bracelet and some kind of traditional art piece--which were representative of the culture. The video piece playing on the wall was quite enthralling for the whole family. And we had free drinks! Thank you, Korea House!

Skip this. They could have spent their money by not having a room at the Hyatt and all there was were 3 tables of printmaking and hand massage. Waste of time. Too bad as we had high hopes for this one.

The purpose of the pavillions is to showcase an aspect of an organization, province or country. The Korea House was a quaint pavillion which refreshingly didn't have a ridiculously long line to get into it.

I think people are expecting too much from some of these pavillions, although it would have been nice to have some Korean food.

Nothing to do there except get your hand massaged. Skip it!

Went there today. The interactive touchscreen table is really cool and I arrived just in time to catch the performance. The staff saud there's only 2 shows daily 2PM & 4PM. No kimchi though:(

i love korea so much. i can't wait to visit korea house. please please tell me that there will be kimchi. and other korean delicacies. i love your country and the food and electronics.

YAY KOREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Hi. I don't believe Korean culture and food is widely known by non-Korean Canadians. I would think that along with the high tech stuff, if you were also to include a quick overview of what Korea is in terms of something that is tangible to all cultures...food...you may be able to reach more Canadians and visitors from all over the world. I am a Korean Canadian and I was hoping that the overview of the House of Korea would describe also that there would be information about traditional Korean food/drink sampling. Food is the quickest way to learn about a culture and I would think more people would go to visit the House of Korea if some food sampling or preparation demonstration was involved. Just a thought... Really looking forward to the cultural stuff though - the dancers, artists, performers!

Can't wait to be there to see the high tech stuff! Go Korea!

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