Heineken House (Holland)

heineken-house ENDED FEB 28, 2010: Located near the O Zone in Richmond, the highlight of the Holland Heineken House experience is the main hall, which can host thousands of people every night, and features celebratory medal ceremonies for successful Dutch athletes as well as nightly performances by renowned Dutch artists and DJ’s. The Holland Heineken House is located in Minoru Arenas in the Richmond O Zone and is open daily from February 12 to 28, from 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. Along with the nightly live entertainment, there is lots to do during the daytime in the Holland Heineken House such as shopping, internet surfing, getting health checks, competing virtually against Olympic athletes, watching sports on dozens of screens, reading, eating, drinking and watching several sponsor events.

Please note: There are long line-ups and limited access to Heineken House. Entrance to the Holland Heineken House is free of charge, but ID must be shown. Minors (those less than 19 years) should be accompanied by an adult at all times. Those under 14 years of age are not allowed in the venue after 8 p.m. We're also advised that 400 Dutch bikes will be available for free for guests to use.  Click here for directions on how to get there.

The live entertainment to date, which begins @ 10:30 p.m., is:

Sat, Feb 13 - Marco Borsato
Sun, Feb 14 - Jan Smit
Mon, Feb 15 - Nick & Simon
Tue, Feb 16 - Jan Smit
Wed, Feb 17 - Nick & Simon
Sun, Feb 21 - Guus Meeuwis
Mon, Feb 22 - Gerard Joling
Tue, Feb 23 - Guus Meeuwis
Wed, Feb 24 - Roel van Velzen
Thu, Feb 25 - Gerard Joling
Fri, Feb 26 - Roel van Velzen

Along with the artists listed above, house bands De Corona’s and Evers Slaat Door, and the house DJ/VJ will hit the stage every night starting at 8 p.m. All these artists are very popular and are renowned in The Netherlands.

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according to his twitter, Tiesto is in Sweden enjoying his sat night.

I Heard Tiesto is playing tonight, can anyone confirm?

Yesterday after I drove for 1 hour in order to visit the Holland HOuse, I found out that only persons with DUtch persons are allowed in.IT is so PATHETIC for the DUTCH that they have an open house in Canada for the DUTCH.IT is rediculus.At least they should have published it on their web site as terms and conditions so persons like me dont have to drive for an hour to discover that they cant enter in because they dont have a dutch passprt.SHAME ON YOU DUTCH.

For all you whiners out there. STAY HOME! Don't go to any of the venues. Don't go to any of the celebrations.Don't travel anywhere, not outside, or inside your country you will never be happy or satisfied.Go home lock the door and throw away the key. Nobody needs you! Visitors don't need you. Locals don't need you. And I certainly don't want you anywhere near me.

WOW, everyone's a complainer here.

Honestly, what do you expect, if capacity meets capacity, you can't go in, that's life, and you should understand. People should also understand that if Holland or any other Dutch country wins a gold, you should ALSO expect it to be busy.

Get there damn early and stop complaining. Obviously if you go at 7-10 it's going to be packed.

And seriously, you're complaining about the food? The House was built in and around an ice arena, so you can't expect a freakin' Joe Forte's of Holland. It's called MAKE SHIFT, deal with it.

And those of you that are complaining about not having enough free stuff, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? Them to shower you with gifts? It's a FREE venue, better than paying $20 cover like the Irish House. And think about all the money they spent building the area, setting up food areas, hiring and paying staff as well as security. SERIOUSLY, be reasonable...

AND SERIOUSLY STOP HATING AGAINST ACCREDITED PEOPLE. Of course they SHOULD have seniority since it was a venue built for THEM and their COUNTRY. RUSSIA HOUSE has it, US HOUSE has it, GERMAN HOUSE has it so freakin' respect it.

I honestly thought it was a blast, and I've been there twice already. The atmosphere is great and lively. People are friendly, the people working at the bar are great and fun (and were even dancing when some Dutch macarena was playing). De Coronas was great and I loved how they let people request songs. Food was moderate, but that's totally understandable since I know as a fact that the arena never had the best food to begin with anyway. The games are great when you get there early and need time to waste. The gift store is actually moderately priced compared to other countries. AND the staff are friendly if you obviously give them respect as well.

AND they have random famous DJS spinning aka when Van Buuren spun a few nights ago...


I had never had such an awful experience. The lineup was okay but it was the stuff inside that really pissed me off. There was nothing about Holland, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! It was just a bunch of boring games about the games in the Winter Olympics. Bobsled, Snowboard blah blah blah. There was even a Volkswagen! What do they think their playing at? It is the Holland Heineken House not the Winter Olympics House! Besides, the people there either had a bad attitude or didn't speak any English. I asked a young man who worked there how much it costed to buy a pair of nice Dutch gloves I saw in the showcase. He just said "No you can't". I asked again and it was the same answer. Then he went off and made fun of me in Dutch to his "friends". It was a stingy environment there was no free stuff besides these ridiculous stickers and I hated it! If you want to go don't. IT IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!

Can't understand why anyone is hating on the Heiniken House. I thought it was spectacular and that most of the staff was quite friendly. Loved the food too. Had a great time watching the game there. The Lineup was long but that was to be expected.

I beg to differ on Holland House being one of the better Pavilions. I could care less about visiting the Heineken House to watch a bunch of Dutch getting Drunk! Do I need to remind you about Sven Kramer's inappropriate behavior after his speed skating disqualification! He shoved a woman, for god sake...unacceptable! So far I have not seen anything I like...rude and arrogant come to mind!

I beg to differ on Holland House being one of the better Pavilions. I could care less about visiting the Heineken House to watch a bunch of Dutch getting Drunk! Do I need to remind you about Sven Kramer's inappropriate behavior after his speed skating disqualification! He shoved a woman, for god sake...unacceptable! So far I have not seen anything I like...rude and arrogant come to mind!

The hospitality and food at the Heineken house was wonderfull. My only complaint would be, I would have liked more selection in their store. Thank you for the taste of home!

Just wondering what a good time to go there on saturday nights if we want a garentee to get in.

At the least Dutch house gives the option to be open to the public. The russia house closes to all public (except russians and VIPS) after 5pm, and does anyone realize there is an American (USA) house that is totally CLOSED to the public? Well, there is. Does anyone say anything against this? No. It is an American house for the Americans to celebrate together. Just like this is a Dutch house for the Dutch to celebrate together. There are other houses from countries that are completely closed to the public. Yet the Dutch are getting slammed because they are not open to the public "enough"? Give an inch and everyone wants to take a mile. Go earlier in the day and you can enjoy yourself there like everyone else. I was there over the weekend and everyone was very polite and friendly inside. We all had a fantastic time, and it was a complete blast in there!! I will definitely go back!!

I know it can be frustrating if you like to get in and then have to wait in the line up or maybe turned away again,if you go during the day the line ups are not bad, after 5 they give the preverence to the Dutch you have to understand this is also a place for the Dutch to hang out. and because the molson house is $100 to get in, people would rather come to the Heineken house and pay $4 for a beer. and ofcourse the Canadians would love to go to a party but When the Dutch win Gold they would love to party,If they would not give the preverence to the Dutch then there would never be room enough for them to hang out and celebrate with there own country ,One note :everything is in Dutch, singing included. Maybe people should complain to the Molson house and tell them to open up for everyone and not only for the Rich people,then the Canadians have a place to hang out as well,
we had fun, and will have fun until it is over.
about the bikes, besides a dutch passport you also need a dutch bank account, a bummer, (for insurance and Liability) but I don't think this is the fault of the Heineken house I think the city of Richmond had it advertised wrong

TOTALLY NOT IMPRESSED! UNBELIEVABLY RUDE and ARROGANT! We actually heard two Dutch guys tell people in line to "move aside Dutch Citizens coming through." I wanted to say to them I guess the criteria to get in;is to be Rude, Bald and Blatantly Obnoxious. Three reasons and unattractive qualities why we didn't want to visit. NO THANKS YOU COULDN'T PAY ME! IDIOTS!

i was there yesterday,man i have never had such a great time, great people,great food and best of all great beer

What do you guys think?!?! Anywere where dutch sportmen go they bring a lot of fans. Something you people cannot imagine. When we play football, there are orange campsides, fanzones, stages. 2 years ago in Basel there were 200.000 fans. They closed the border, because the city was full:

It does not mean others are not welcome. Bring our country a visit, and see it yourself...

oh yeah why was it that I moved from Holland to Vancouver again?

... oh I remember, it was because of this type of attitude! You're part of an international event for god sake, you should show your best side to the rest of the world. If this is your best side? I'd rather be Canadian than Dutch!

Couple of thing I have to say to all of this:
- Heineken might be the biggest beer brand in the world but it sure isn't the best and so isn't their hospitality!
- I'm ashamed to be Dutch!

Short answer: NO!!!

This place was awesome and I had no problems until my cousin tried to take his shirt off (inappropriate i know). The security guard there however manhandled him and when I tried to tell him to calm down he shoved me out and twisted my arm behind my back. Again the place was a blast it was too bad it had to end like that.



How were they rude?

To sum it up in one word: RUDE!

Yes but...they are supposed to be showcasing their coutry to the world! Those with Dutch Passports already live their and don't need their own country showcased to themselves! Like I said last week, the Dutch can be very Xenophobic at the best of times and this is very clear example to this!

Fred you are totally right. Arrogant attitudes and rudeness was the experience we had from the Dutch Nationals as well.

The Olympics have been wonderful, especially the pleasant people as volunteers and workers. The only distasteful experience we have had was at Heneiken House. 2 young ladies serving had real snotty attitudes. A security guard was totally rude and beligerant to us after the Canadian Tenors performance. Each person was dutch. So sad. the rest overshadows this thankfully.

Not true!!

The HHH card can be turned back in at a cashpoint and if you have $$ left on it, it will be refunded to you. If you wish tokeep the card, you will lose your $5.00 deposit. If you give the card back, you will be refunded your $5.00 as well

Come down the stairs from The Lodge and you are in the beer garden. You do not have to go back outside. I was there last weekend with 1 of my sisters and my niece.... no problem. then I was back twice this week with a sister in a wheelchair... they were awesome!! Have fun!


Not so, Heike. Yes, people with Dutch passports were given preferential treatment as far as getting in via a shorter lineup. Every building has a maximum capacity and I can understand that they allow those with Dutch passports in 1st.

We had a great experience at HHH. My sister fractured her tibia just weeks before flying out here from Ontario. She has a brace from thigh to ankle and is in a wheelchair. When we got to HHH and saw her, security immediately spoke into their sleeve and got someone to unlock the gate and escort us up the ramp and inside. Later in the day when we came back for dinner at The Lodge... same thing. And then the gentleman made sure she got safely on board the elevator (its a little scary) and to the 2nd floor, right through their press room and into the restaurant. 4 people showed up to help her hop up the 1 step and lifted her wheelchair up as well. When we were ready to leave, same thing..... The hospitality was amazing, the people super friendly and helpful. We had a blast downstairs too. De Coronas rock!! Thanks to everyone at Holland Heineken House!!!

I got in earlier in the week, lined up for an hour got in at 5pm. It was pretty cool the activities they had, I didn't stick around for the 9pm show though. Might try again another time.

We came to Richmond yesterday evening for the Heineken House but were turned away, apparently only Dutch passport holders and people with reservations allowed. Very dissapointing, how does that promote Dutch culture abroad? We're not going to try again to get in, too many other things to explore instead of wasting our time this way.

The Lodge should have and perhaps still could supply you with a proof that you made reservations. We got a small note for our reservation which led us passed the line ups.

The first few days they were pretty relaxed at the door and I got my whole family and some friends in on my Dutch passport. Unfortunately, the last couple of days they really tightened up the entrance and I only got my wife and kids in. A friend of mine had free passes and he couldn't get more friends in either. I wouldn't even try it anymore. Might be disappointing for your friends.

I have a Dutch passport but would like to go to the HHH with friends. Does anyone know if I can take friends with me in the VIP line?

I'm assuming that non-Dutch will be able to get in if we go early enough. Not too worried.

No....I tried that one too....

Everywhere I read, I can rent the Dutch bike for free. When I asked the girl at the info desk in HH, she told me that the bikes are for Dutch passport holders only. what kind of hospitality is that!!!!

Tried to Enter HHH and told ”NO FORIGNERS ALLOWED” IE: CANADIANS (yes exactly what was said to us)
Doorman/bouncer was very rude! Uhhh last time I checked this is CANADA!!! Guess they don’t want my business.

if you're going for the gold medal bottle openers - they're gone and they're not getting anymore in. the souvenirs weren't that great and they were not really cheap compared to the winter hats and scarves, which they also sold out. the atmosphere wasn't that great either. It's ok to check out, but there's definitely better places to be than here.

I have a Dutch residency permit from when I used to live in Amsterdam. Does anyone know if this will get me into the VIP line?? (I'm guessing probably not...)

I used the 'accredited' line which is to the left of the long public line.
There was only a handful of people in that line so it starts almost at the tent.
Hope you have a better experience than we had.
The place was only 1/3 full but when we asked to move to a table with chairs as opposed to a cocktail height table with high chairs with no backs we were told (after waiting 10 minutes or more) that the tables were reserved.
When we left two hours later the 10 or so empty tables remained empty the whole time we were there.
Servers were sullen and humourless.
Look out for things like water. We all asked for water and beer. Water turned out to be bottled at $9. a crack.
No tap water available.
No one smiled the whole time and the atmosphere was a big zero.
Food was mediocre and overpriced.
Had we known ahead of time would never have paid for a reservation.
Main floor beer garden and take out stands looked like a lot more fun.
Suggest you use your reservation to jump the line then go to the beer garden.
No bitterballen available in the 'Lodge'.
Wish I had read the comments before going.

I have reservations for the Lodge on Saturday night with some friends. Someone told me today though that we'll still have to stand in the long lineup for Holland Heineken House to party - I can't find out any info on this - can anyone help please?

how much is the beer inside??

Could you please let me know how you got a reservation for the Lodge restaurant?

Yes you can make a reservation for about $4. Cdn per person.
Use the reservation to take the short line if you must go.
The Lodge restaurant is over priced, lousy food.
Not worth the $4. for sure.

Major disappointment! Should have just used the reservation to jump the line and joined the beer garden.
The restaurant food was less than second rate and pricey. Service was sullen and slow.
Half the tables were empty so there was zero atmosphere.
Very over hyped. Too bad.
A big thumbs down.

wooooo LG central!!!!!! party!!!!!

House of Heineken ... or House of Horrors --- you decide.

If the bouncers at the door are any indication of the hospitality of the Heineken House, then I'd be embarrassed to be from Holand. The staff at the entrance were a misguided representation of the friendly Dutch people we know. The bouncers' attitude was one of exclusivity and not inclusion to enhance our Olympic experience. We will not let two (2) very rude people at the door ruin our enjoyment of the Olympics and the great people of Holand.

I think we'll stick to enjoying the great Heineken commercials and beer while partying at home on the beaches of California! Cheers!!!!!!!!!!

Big Disappointment!

Long line-ups, when you get inside there is only overpriced merchandise and overpriced beer. Lots of TV screens, that is it! (Oh, it's Dutch TV too, no English)

In the evening they have a DJ, maybe that is entertaining.

The food: I went hoping for some Duch treats: poffertijes, zoute haring, maybe bami, but it's just hutspot (mashed potatos), and fries...

Admission: Dutch ID gets you past the lineup, but open to anyone who likes standing in line.

NOT WORTH THE WAIT! If other places are like this, I will just stay home & watch coverage on TV.

I went there yesterday to watch the hockey game. We waited in line for a little over half an hour, which wasn't too bad since I'm getting used to lines everywhere for everything.

The gift shops inside aren't bad, but are pretty expensive. I had my heart set on the gold medal bottle opener but of course they were sold out.

You have to "buy" a HHH card in order to purchase beer or food, which is a little annoying but whatever, not a huge deal. The food is tasty but over priced. The beer is small and pricey and not worth it to me.

We didn't get a table, so we had to watch the hockey game on the wet, sticky floor. We left after the game ended because there isn't much to do inside the giant beer garden. The entertainment didn't sound appealing to me, but might to others.

I'd say go, experience it for an hour or so and then leave. If you can't get in, don't be heartbroken, as you aren't missing much. This seems to be the theme for most of the "houses" around town. A lot of hype and a bit of a let down. Oh well!

I went there at 11:00pm, the staff told me HH was closed and turned me away.

I was confused. I recalled the website says HH opens from 9 a.m. to 2 a.m.?

" The Holland Heineken House is located in Minoru Arenas in the Richmond O Zone and is open daily from February 12 to 28, from 9 a.m. to 2 a.m."

I am more confused when I read some of you comment that HH only admits Dutch Passport holders. If the Dutch don't want to open HH to the public, they could have said it's for private function for the Dutch nationals only. Why wasting everybody's time list it on Ozone as an attraction? Now every tourist/visitor hates Dutch because of their unhospitality attitude. Imagine.. international visitors hate you. Imagine that.

My best guess is VANOC advertises HH because there is nothing else to see at Ozone, who cares about crap ice sculpture and lame displays. They use HH as bait to lure you to Ozone, once you are turn away by HH, you'd end up spending money on lame stuff at Ozone. I hope Vancouver never gets another chance to host Olympics, this is the worst planning/organization I've ever seen.

Nothing to see. Nothing to do. Seriously lame. You wait in line for like an hour (this was a short wait) and when you get inside, all they have on display is orange merchandise for you to buy. On the other side, inside the smelly arena, is the beer garden where you can buy beer and various expensive dutch sandwiches. Truly a waste of time. Don't bother.

"Throughout the Olympic Games the Holland Heineken House, hosted by the NOC*NSF (Dutch Olympic Committee), has been the traditional ‘home away from home’ for the Dutch sporting world." -Richmondozone.com
This is why non-Dutch persons are being turned away, according to a Richmond official. They paid for it. Fine, there are tons of venues we won't be able to visit during the Olympics because we are not VIP's. I accept that. Except...
"Everyone is welcome, including international guests, and most especially all those with a Dutch Passport."
"Access to Holland Heineken House is free and everyone is welcome but there are some restrictions for minors."
Both quotes are from the official OZone website...
Bottom line...Dutch win a medal..don't go to Heineken House...admission with a Dutch passport only...

Go early, such as 1-2pm or earlier, waited 2 hrs and got in on Saturday. The lines for all venues such as the Irish House are long also.

Inside, merchandise and activites section are much bigger at HH than other "houses" seen so far.

The "Cashpoint" and "Pay cards" making ordering food, beer and merchandise a breeze.

Worth the visit.

Hi Maria,

We did not have a problem to get in with our old Dutch passports. Our daughter came along and she does not have a Dutch passport. My whole story I put on the site were you wrote too. I really think on the weekends it is way too busy.
More luck during the week.
So sorry you and your mom had to go through this.
Try it during the week and let mom bring her passport. We are now Canadians so it was our Dutch passports from almost 40 years ago.

The line ups must have been on the weekends. We walked today Monday without a line up in. No line up for people with their Dutch passport also old ones ( we are now Canadian) Our daughter was with us without a Dutch passport. No problems. There was a line up but, not that long for the people without a Dutch passport. We had a good time their at HHH and enjoyed some Dutch goodies.

Personally, I think you have more luck to go their during the week instead of the weekends.

This venue is a sad statement to poor organization and inhospitality to the host country. Having both studied and worked in The Netherlands, I know many Hollanders can be a bit Xenophobic at the best of times. It's extremely disappointing.Ben beschaamd, ben zeer beschaamd Nederland

Yups Vancouver is named after the British Captain George Vancouver and his name is derived from a Dutch town Van Coevorden.

FYI Vancouver is sometimes nicknamed Vansterdam, it's for you to find out why? :-D

I've heard the name Vancouver is originated and derived from the Dutch town Coevorden. Does anybody know, this is true?

ps: Fricandellen and Heineken Beer are the perfect match!

Unless you are Dutch, don't bother. They just decide randomly to only let Dutch people in. And the O-zone area has nothing else to do.

What a joke the Ozone and Hieniken house is!!!! We went on the 13th around 2pm, got parking by sears at the mall and walked over. The line-up to enter was quite long and a police officer was directing the crowd to walk to the other entrance, which was through a muddy pathway a few minutes around to the other side where there was also a security lineup.

Once inside, there was nothing to see, no booths, a big joke. The heiniken house had a lineup 2 miles long that we looked at and didnt for 5 minutes.

We went back out the first entrance and left! Is this some kind of olympic experience? Seems like a joke, or maybe they should have rented a bigger venue?

Yes, but you had to do that in advance. I have reservations which I made 2 weeks ago!

Inge, it's not really Heineken House's problem that Richmond, BC, has so created an environment which the only real good social gathering spot is the Dutch Pavilion. The O Zone is in effect a park with a stage to watch late night concerts, a collection of tourism booths, and a lot of lacklustre snack bars.

The O Zone shows that the public is ready to actually enjoy public space and celebrate responsibly. Perhaps someone should have thought ahead of time that there would be an alternative to Heineken House, which has the benefit of being named after one of the world's most famous beverages.

While I empathize with Maria for her disappointment, someone out at the O Zone site should be trying to deal with the increased demand for fun. There are no ambassadors on site who could be talking with visitors, for example, and telling them where to go, and warning them about long queues.

Note that the O Zone is not the only place facing this challenge of being too popular and not responsive enough to guests.

The Holland Heineken House is a home away from home for the Dutch. Can you blame them that on a night a medal has been won they admit the Dutch first??? I know from Turin that if you get there early in the day you can watch the race and celebrate in the evening.

How sad. I talked my mom who is of Dutch origin to come to visit Heineken House to be a part of the Olympics. After carefully researching on the internet the details of parking and fees for entrance we were set. I loaded mom's walker in the car and our umbrellas and mom and off we went to go and explore and be a part of the Heineken house and Olympics welcoming in Richmond.

We found a great place undercover beside Sears and then off we went. Mom, who cannot wait in lines well or walk far was off and trucking and we found a great attendant who saw her coming and motioned for us to go into the middle lane. We walked further down and found the Heineken house and were so excited as we entered the line that said Dutch nationals without documentation line up here. We entered the line only to find that mom needed a Dutch passport not her Canadian passport that has stamped born in the Hague. Then we further learned that because Sven had won the gold that all those internationals lined up for about 80 meters were not going to be allowed entrance.

My mom felt so dejected and rejected by a country that she still felt a kinship too. There really was nothing else in the O Zone for us to see and I looked for Ice sculptures and other attractions but we did not find them..

Well that was soooo disappointing and I thought when are the Dutchies going to tell all those people that they would not be admitting them?

The Canadian volunteers did not seem to know and the Dutch speaking staff seemed to know but not really directing the other line...well not too cool and had something like that had been on the website instead of all are welcome and hours of operation being from the morning till late in the morning.

Well at least we would have had a heads up. Back to Ladner we went and mom just is not impressed with that whole lack of invitation...

Sorry to say but neither was I..

Not a good feeling with the Heineken House.

Yeah I wanted to show my friends here how the Dutch party but they were not allowed to get in! what a bs, 2 Dutch ppl and 2 guests! very VERY disappointing!!!

So much for the Dutch hospitality, hmmm why did I move again?

GO EARLY! The line this afternoon was insane.

not happy, waited 1 1/2 hours in line, then was told the house was full and they were admitting all the members of the skating team and family and the wait would now be in excess of 7 hours. All spent standing in the rain, very disapointing.

Ja, kan iemand zeggen of het schaatsen live uitgezonden word in Heineken House. Zoja dan kom ik de 5000 kijken morgen middag. Maar kan nergen uitvinden wat te zien is van de olympische spelen op het scherm.

weet iemand of de schaatswedstrijden live worden uitgezonden in het Heinekenhuis?

I'd trade the bitterballen for some decent Indonesian food.

Danke is GERMAN not DUTCH! lol

I heard a rumor that do to the high possibility of long line ups to get in that there is an option to contact the HHH in advance to make a reservation, in doing this you will bypass the line up and secure yourself getting in. Is this true ? and if so how can i make a reservation ?

I was just there tonight. Was great! A little slow, but love the vibe and atmosphere... cant wait to spend more time there!

No you dont HAVE to, there is no dresscode...but most of them will were orange probably.

i heard a rumour you have to wear something orange to get in to the House... does anyone know if that's true?

The big question:
Will there be frikandellen?

Hope you're just as excited once it has started.

I life across the Irish House and it's an hell of a noise ... till 3AM!!!

If you want to see an impression of the orange bike tour last saturday you can find it here:


Also, if you want the Holland Heineken House Iphone App. (pretty cool) it's available in I tunes...of course free!


Above it says that u only have to be older then 14 to get into the HH? as long as your with an adult u can get in cant you if your older then 14 after 8pm?

Please clarify this is open to the public and free? We are hearing from different people that you have to buy tickets? Hoping it is free and we can just line up before 8pm. Danke....

We went on the bike ride on Saturday and it was a lot of fun. Hot chocolate and Dutch treats after and a goodie bag with Olympic pins and a stainless steel water bottle and an orange bike vest we could keep. Thank you!

The updated info for HH says no minors after 8pm.

Can you be under 19 and get into the heneiken house for the night performancess??

I bet there will be very long lineups for this one. But those with Dutch passports get the VIP line! :D

Ah, eindelijk na 6 jaar in Victoria, weer eens een broodje kroket en een patatje met. :-)

Dutch people = best people on earth.

Welcome to our beautiful city & can't wait to party with you! :)

hup hup HOLLAND, echt een feestje!! is er nederlaandse eten met de biertje? :)

nu kan mijn broertje een heerlijk heineken biertje drinken!
Dat is al zooo lang geleden.

Lineup shineup! I checked into the website (thanks to you CityCaucus) and was able to make a reservation for a table to dine in the evening after our speed skating event. It's okay, if we have to wait we can have some beers with the crowd....

Oh nee, een zatte bende Hollanders... hehe

For all HHH info check our website. A beer will cost $4,= just as a "broodje kroket"
And the lineup is also known

See you there.....

Loved it in Beijing!!

Any word on lineups.

When Tiesto randomly showed up it blew me away (at least it was random for me!).

Any word on what's going on is greatly appreciated... I know Tiesto was announced a day or two before....


There'll be DJ's...no line-up confirmed though. However the dutch artists that will perform are known.

More information on this (in dutch) visit http://bit.ly/aObXi0


What are the costs? is it free?

I'm really looking forward to Holland House! Does anyone know how much cover is going to cost?

i live across the street from HHH! i am sooo looking forward to partying with the dutch, i have lots of ORANGE to wear! =)

Gewoon te gek! Kan niet wachten tot dat ie open is. Lekker biertje drinken en natuurlijk patatje met.
Hup Holland Hup!

I love the Heineken House!! I visited it several times in Beijing, and can't wait to visit again in Vancouver!

I am very excited about the Heineken House. I have been helping the city of Richmond prep the temp office space and recently toured Amsterdam and Rotterdam. I love the DJ's that come from the Nederlands. I have been searching every where for a DJ line up and show times. If any body knows please fill me in. It would be greatly appreciated. Wishing you all a great stay in Vancouver! Gezondheid.

for a virtual tour of the Holland Heineken House, please see:


I love Heineken beer !!!

and I grow up in Mexico & they have also good beer !!!

I will try to get drunk on that place; I mean a happy drunk !!! wish me good luck !!!

Dit wordt mijn Olympic destination... I hope they serve bitterballen with the Heineken... :0)

Here's hoping we can get some Hardstyle from the DJs!

We komen zeker even een biertje doen!

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