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rowing-club-winterCLOSED: During the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games, the Vancouver Rowing Club in Stanley Park will be transforming into the Saxony House. Be sure to drop by this free pavilion to experience the Olympics in true Saxon style! You’ll have the opportunity to watch the games, meet medal winners, listen to live music and enjoy traditional German food and drinks.

The Vancouver Rowing Club (Flickr photo by Difei Li seen above) will transform its 19th century aura into a glittering Saxony House, offering magnificent views of Burrard Inlet and Downtown Vancouver. What better place to exhibit the prowess of Saxony's art, culture and booming economy, its sports and the innovative drive of Saxon inventors! The Saxony House is open free to the public, February 12th - 28th, from 12:00pm- 2:00am. There is plenty of low-cost metered parking during the day. Parking is free after 6 pm. Click here for more information.

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House of Saxony beats other pavilions on its waterfront location alone. We visited on a weeknight at 9-10 pm and walked right in--there were no lineups at all. The folky German band was fun, and the DJ who came out afterwards spinning house beats was alright too. The strobelight-lit outdoor deck overlooking the Coal Harbour skyline was an added bonus. At $9 each, the pints (that's right, full pints as opposed to the tiny glasses and cans in other pavilions) may be a bit pricey, but at least it's quality preservative-free Deutschland brew. A good experience.

I have been here a couple of times now. I was sad to see that they no longer served beer in the glass steins, but besides that the energy was great both nights. The food is pricey but it is the Olympics and to be expected. Great place to go with a more mature crowd.
No line ups at all on Tuesday night.

Tried to take my family for dinner at 4:30 on Saturday. Line took 3 1/2 hours to get to the front - i know i was an idiot, but the line was moving ok until the dignitaries, VIPs and special interest groups started arriving and by then we had put in too much time to turn back. Once we got to the front they wanted to see gov't id for my kids to get in and turned us away. Not really clear when this place changes from a restaurant to a bar. There was no communication to the line outside about what was going on, how long we would be there, whether minors were allowed. Very frustrating!

Waited over an hour in a short line that didn't move... to spend $70 on
a few drinks, sausage and schniztel.
Was hoping to see and learn more about Germany and their athletes. Nice view of the water but nothing more than over priced beers, food and some tv screens inside. Could have watched the Olympics at home and save a ton of $$$.
PS - pork was low quality meat and the tarts were dry. Was really looking forward to this venue since I know real Germany is a hoot! Too bad.

I went there with my son yesterday (Saturday 20 Feb) and lined up from 2:00pm to 3:50pm to get in. The security guard looked bored and couldn't give a damn about counting the IN-OUT. Once we got in, I discovered there was another line to get a table at the balcony so I lined up inside for food instead. Then they ran out of pork so the only choice was brat on a bun with onion/sauerkraut ($10 each). I was told to sample the beer so I lined up again for a 'Light' and a 'Dark'. Both beer were $9 each served in a plastic cup. I asked an important looking lady if I could get a German pin and the answer was "Please don't bother me as I am very busy!" - Needless to say it was a completely WASTE OF TIME and MONEY(Spent almost $40 for what?)...could have saved the 2 hours walking about elsewhere...

Loved the plum pie, otherwise just another boring drinking establishment.

There are lots of German deli stores on Fraser Street in East Vancouver. (it is a primarily German neighbourhood) If you don't know where that is, it is only about 10 minutes away from the Olympic sites in downtown Vancouver.
There are quite a few of them in about a 3 block radius - from about East 49th to East 45th streets.
Depending on where you are... you will have to ask someone for directions to get you there properly.

do's some one know were there is a german store (deli)?

We went to both the German Fanfest down in the parking lot at Steamworks as well as Saxony House on Sunday afternoon/evening. Both had their merits. German Fanfest is very much beer garden, long tables to sit at and get to know your neighbours, but they also have the hightop tables to stand around. Saxony House has a more welcoming loungy kind of feel to it. It is family friendly, there were people of all ages when we were there. The beer at fanfest was 8.25 in a plastic cup and 9 dollars for a glass stein at Saxony House. They had a huge screen at Fanfest and a stage with what looked like a full band later in the evening. Saxony House has several 50ish inch screens throughout the room and a three piece German band that plays from 7ish. They're a lot of fun, pretty traditional German beer drinking music. Sausages I think were the same price at both places and the food was equally good. Saxony House has a more varied menu, they have everything from brats to pork steak to venison and trout entrees. Fanfest has a more limited menu. Also if you're bringing a group who may not necessarily be into beer, Saxony House has full bar service. I enjoyed both places, we had to wait in line about half an hour to 45 minutes at each place. It's great to have the opportunity to take in different venues. For those of you complaining about running out of beer, they were only out of beer for half an hour before a delivery arrived, and there were other drinks available. Plus they didn't kick anybody out...a friend was at Heineken House on Saturday night and they were running out of beer, they stopped to serving unless you could show them your Dutch passport, everyone else was "encouraged" to come back another time.

We went on the weekend for lunch, and while the food tasted relatively okay (nothing 'exciting' though), it was ridiculously expensive. So was the beer. Lots of guests were complaining around us too. We definintely won't be back - but we've heard good things about the German Tent up at 555 W. Cordova so we'll try that instead.

Go for the food and for the best beer. The chef told me they have sold more beer than expected and more is on the way. So far this is the best place I have been for partying at night with a great band from Saxony.

Was there yesterday evening at 5pm. Line-up was short and we were inside in about 20 minutes. No cover charge at any time of day

Saxony House is setup in the Rowing Club function room. If you've been there previously for an event or wedding then you know the layout. Basic standard function room, podium style tables, no chairs inside but some regular tables and chairs outside on the deck which has a nice view of the westend. About 6 or 7 large plasma screens there, good atmosphere during the mens moguls. Never got very busy, plenty of room but still a party atmosphere. Food and drink on the pricey side but on par with other houses, it is the Olympics afterall, not bad really considering no cover charge until close at 2am.

Some weird band came on at about 7pm but the beer probably made them sound better than they probably were.

All in all the Saxony house doesn't seem to get busy at all, no line up at all when we left at 8pm. Definitely more family friendly and a more social atmosphere than some of the other beer halls. Worth the walk out to Stanley Park.

I ordered a stout Kostritzer, and although it was a bit bitter, the beer drank rather slow and wholesomely, and since I've never seen that beer here (much less on tap) the price for a taste of europe was fine.

For anyone enjoying sausages,
Freybe has an outlet store selling their entire line of products on the corner of Hastings and Victoria--excellent prices and fresh quality is outstanding, much better than plastic packages for supermarkets. I highly recommend the chorizo sausage, Montreal smoked meat, and capicollo, also the peperoni beer sausage bites if they have them! Good brie there too for a discounted price.

Went to the Saxony House on Sat with high expectations and left disappointed.
by 7:30 pm they were running out beer only to be out of it altogether by 9:00 pm What made the situation worse was how management dealt with it. It was obvious the bar staff were scrambling with little information - it was a total gong show as at 7:30 some people were told there was no beer at all, where others were managing to get some beer. .Did the organizers not understand the scope of hosting an event on a Saturday night during the Olympics?? Hopefully they will get it together very soon. But be forewarned, if you are lining up for over an hour hoping to enjoy a German beer - you are better off going somewhere else.

i wars there yesterday and i wars disappointed. by 7 pm no Wernsgruener and by 9.30 pm no beer at all....
But the worst part is the Management denied they running out of Beer so people still going in and spend 7 Bucks for a Frebe sausage from Safeway....
I thing all of this wars a big waste of my time.

We visited Saxon house yesterday and were disappointed that there are tables but not chairs to sit down. It's pretty uncomfortable to stand while you try to eat. I did not think this was worth my time and hope they change their set up inside.

$9 for an imported beer, no problem, but running out of beer on a saturday night, unforgiveable....there is just no excuse. wie lange habt ihr denn zeit gehabt das zu planen, und wieviele leute habt ihr denn erwartet
? metro vancouver hat mehr als 2 mio. einwohner, und z.z.haben wir ungefaehr 400000touristen hier....wirklich peinlich!!!

Nice location for sure and the food is good. However, 9$ for a beer? And that's not even a 'Halbe'! Ok, it's german but I get a big can of Radeberger in the liquor store for 2$!
The other annoying thing.... stop those Erbschleichers. Leather hosen in Saxony? Zillertaler? WTF? Let them play for the old folks but switch to club music 9pm latest!! Pleeeaasse!

I supply classical musicians to events. Call me if you need any help.

Hello, I am a saxon by birth and hope to meet some of you saxons visiting our fair city.
if i can be of any assistance to you please contact me,


We heard of this venue, but had few details other than it was located by Steamworks. We will add it to our list in the next day or so. Thanks for visiting the site and providing your feedback.

Another German venue has also popped up. It will be hosted by the Thuringian State Sports Federation and it will be free.

It will be situate on a parking lot in a fixed-tent structure adjacent to Steamworks in Gastown and will accommodate up to 600 people at a time.

It will be open daily from 10 am to 2 am and have typical German fare for meals, beverages, and entertainment.

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