German Fan Fest

german-fanfest ENDED FEB 28, 2010: The Thuringian sports association and the German Olympic sports association in Vancouver are welcoming guests from all over the world to celebrate Olympic champions in the German Fan Fest, which is set up at 555 West Cordova Street in downtown Vancouver next to Steamworks. This is an alternative to German Saxony House (which is located near the entrance of Stanley Park). The venue, which features Thuringian band "Acoustica", is a great place to meet up with other German guests, enjoy a beverage and meet up with friends. Be sure to try the Thuringian sausages! Hours of operation are 10am - 5 pm - free (closed for one hour between 5-6 pm). After 6 pm there is a $10 $20 cover charge. Located just outside Waterfront terminus station for Skytrain, Seabus and Canada Line.

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HA HA... you fooled me into thinking I was actually going to get in. I'm so glad that I gave up only to find that outside your secure zone there was NO line up as you had already told the people outside they were not getting in - would have been nice had you told us after 2 hours in the rain, but I guess then we wouldn't have paid your $20 cover OR bought you $9 pints would we?
How very unorganized of you - not very German at all. I expected much more.

Will the tent be closed from 5-6 today right in the middle of the Canada-Germany game??? Wouldn't make sense if it was..

I decided to buy advance tickets for tomorrows Canada vs Germany hockey game.

I figured, since Fanfare passes for the MHH is sold out and game tickets are $300++; the Germany house would be the next interesting spot to be in attendance for the game.

They say "keep your friends close and your enemies even closer" Looking forward to a good time... As a peace offering, for winning the game... might have to bring some back bacon to go with the bratwurst.

Adam. We have now changed the pavilion description to reflect the new $20 cover charge. Thanks for alerting us to this.

I can confirm Steve's comment that it has been increased to a $20 cover, which is probably why there was no line-up when I showed up there at 9pm earlier tonight. I didn't go in because I think that $20 is too much to pay for any bar and I don't know about costs before 6pm because I've never been there that early.

By the way, could the editor of this website please change the summary to reflect the increase in cover charge?! I was a little bummed when I saw the signs saying "$20 cover" after anticipating only a $10 cover from reading this website. Thanks!

Not sure if anyone can confirm Steve's comment. We were told free until 6pm, then a $10 cover for the evening. Please let us know if the cover has been expanded to prior to 6pm, and if it has been increased.

Is this event free??? When I went, the security working the venue at the entrance said it costs $20 to get in.

Went there during the last Canada game. It was quite a crowd. There was a sense of excitement in the air. We got in before 4 PM and avoided the the new $20 cover charge that they were now charging.

They had two types of beer, both were $9. The dark beer was Kostritzer and it was actually one of the best beers I have... ever had. The lighter beer is best avoided, it was kind of a watered down version of Molson's.

The food was okay. The Bratwurst was $7.00 and a pork sandwich called Rostbratl was $9.00. I had the Rostbartl and it was quite good.

Overall, I enjoyed it and was quite happy to avoid the $20 cover.

I was there yesterday and had an awsome time. I could see why it wouldn't be too much fun during the day though.

The band was awsome, the staff were nice, and the patrons were awsome. $9 a beer is far too much though. Thanks to all the guys there I didnt have to experience paying for them ;P

Go at night you will have fun!!!
I have no voice today

Went yesterday to the German Fan fest.
I was a little disappointed but perhaps my expectations were too high. The place is a large beer garden with a festive vibe. However it is not much of a cultural experience.

Pros: line-up moves fast. Great place to watch the games. good festive vibe.

Cons: increased cover to $20 after 6pm and beer is $9 now. Why increasing prices after a week?

I've been to quite a few of the Olympic tents and I have to say that German Haus is one of my favorites. Ya, the beer is $9 and ya, there's a line outside... It's the f***ing Olympics, people! It's going to be busy everywhere, so if you don't like lineups, stay HOME! Too much whining in Vancity right now! This is a once in a lifetime thing. Get over yourselves!

Pros: Good atmosphere, good beer, lots of places to sit because of all the picnic tables, friendly staff, good food.

When the lineup was back to the entrance of the seabus terminal at 3pm on Saturday, I only waited an hour to get in. That's not so bad...

If you like Oktoberfest, come on down!

Dude I had a hoot at German Fa Fest, as far as the comment regarding the "Crappy Beer" you must be a Molson lover...
I can see you have NO palate for the real good stuff. Enjoy yourself at Irish House theres a s**t hole!!

Long line-up to go stand in an other line-up $10.00 to get in and $8.25 a beer! To much money for crapy beer.

German fanfest place was great ...
did have to wait two hrs to get in
1 hr 15mins get pass security and another 45mins to get into the least for the 45 mins wait we could buy some beer and food.
After 6pm there is a $10 cover..
Beer $9 ... Food $8-9
A big screen tv to watch the game.
A german band playing 80s, country and german music was great.
Overall it was a good night.

The beer must be very good because Canada didn't win Gold in the Luge!!

Went there yesterday, Monday Feb.15/10. We had to wait 30 minutes to pass the security guy, and about another 30 minutes to get into the tent. But we could already buy beer and Thueringer Bratwurst outside which felt like the party already started. In the tent the energy was sizzling, Canada won Gold at the men's luge. Everybody was singing the Canadian Hymn, it was a great atmosphere. The musik started at 8PM and people were dancing. I do not know what people expect...of cause you have to wait in line, everybody wants to get a feel of Germany. And the prices are high everywhere, so do not complain. We only have the Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver once in our lifetime.

Ich lebe seit 7 Jahren in Vancouver und habe mich auf das German Fan Fest gefreut. Ich wollte mal wieder eine gute Thüringer essen und ein Bier trinken.
Aber nachmittags 2 Stunden anstehen und dann diese Preise...NEIN DANKE

I was looking forward to the German Fan Fest. I wanted to eat again a good Thuringer (sausage) and have a beer.
But waiting for 2 hours in the afternoon and then these prices ... NO THANKS

In comparison to the Saxony House I found this venue to be a nice surprise. It is much bigger, and has more food choices. I liked the bench seating, the Olympic atmosphere, and especially the Trabant at the entrance to the tent! To see what I saw take a look at my short video on my video blog:

Miserable - waited two hours on Saturday with the long line moving slowly then it stopped moving. It turned out a bunch of "dignitaries" arrived and so no more hio polloi were getting in for quite a while - we left. I love Germany but would not bother with this again. no stars!

UGH! The most frustrating and disappointing evening possible. Waited 3 HOURS in line (from 3:40 to 6:40) Sign says no cover charge before 7:00. Get to the main tent after and was told by a rather rude doorman that I had to pay the cover cuz there was going to be love music. Guess what? Left at 9:00 - still no live music. RIP OFF. $9 for a mediocre meal on a bun, and $8.50 a beer - DON'T BOTHER!!!

Boooooring. What a waste of time waiting in line for this place. The cherry on top was the $7 to $9 charge for a glass (not even a pint) of beer.

Watched the Opening Ceremonies here Friday late afternoon/evening. Great vibe, fun atmosphere. Good place to spend an evening. Beers are pricey at $8.25.

My only complaint is we arrived before 5pm, so did not have to pay cover. At 9:30pm they advised the crowd if you wanted to buy anymore drinks you would need to go outside and purchase a $10 wristband (i.e. cover charge). The bartenders will not serve you without a wristband. I and about 75% of the place got up and left.

Just got back from this venue and it was BORING!!!! Aside from a beer and some so-so sausage, there is nothing going on at this place!! What a complete waste of time.

Maybe this place rocks at night but in the day time give it a miss. Dreary and a half.

Could be fun but expensive to eat/drink there. I'll hold back judgment just yet.

Just got back...
Drinking $8.75 beers in a wet parking surface under a tent, with just one big screen TV in Anolog.
Nothing Olympic too see here.

The old white car with beer taps attached to the truck was a nice touch.

My first taste of 2010 Winter Olympics was at the German House where I was left with little choice but to throw out my plastic recyclable drink cups in a garbage can because there was NO on-site recycling!

Green Olympics???!

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