Four Host First Nations Pavilion

fourhostnationsENDED FEB 28, 2010: Located on the plaza of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre at Georgia and Hamilton in downtown Vancouver, within easy walking distance of BC Place (venue for opening ceremonies) and Canada Hockey Place (venue for ice hockey), the 8,000 square-foot 2010 Aboriginal Pavilion will be right in the heart of Olympic activity, with Vancouver’s Celebration Site located immediately across Cambie Street. The pavilion features a high-tech 3,000 square-foot sphere, surrounded by a Coast Salish Longhouse. The Longhouse, which features a 1,500 square-foot Trading Post, will be relocated after the Games as a permanent legacy. As well, the adjacent 2,000 square-foot QE restaurant will be converted into a reception hall, featuring an Aboriginal showcase and cuisine. Special “theme” days will showcase Aboriginal groups from all regions of Canada. Live events will include Inuit throat singing, Métis jigging, hoop dancing, as well as spotlighting contemporary Aboriginal performances and other fields of achievement. We're advised the Yukon First Nations 2010 will be presenting their 45 minute show ‘What the Land Remembers – Tales of Raven and Wolf’ on Sunday, February 21, 2010 beginning at 11 am, ending at 3pm. GlobalTV did a great profile of the pavilion you can view here. Hours of operation vary by day. Click here for a detailed schedule of events.

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We visited this venue today. Short wait, about 15 minutes, and great entertainment - although it was a bit disorientating coming back into daylight as it felt like an evening show! Once again the aboriginal venues lead the pack in terms of quality and friendliness.

Had a wonderful time at the Four Host First Nations Pavilion. We got our venison stew and bannock and ate it while we were waiting in line. The show was not what I expected, but it was entertaining and of a higher quality than what I expected. I enjoyed the voice of Dan Amero. I'm not a fan of rap, but this Wab Kinew was hot. I had never heard of these two artists before. It would have been helpful if this info was posted somewhere.

The Pavillion is nice.
The line up is not worth the wait for many of the shows. The most annoying part is that people are lining up not knowing what for. The Four Host First Nations could do a much better job of sharing the information.

I suggest you enjoy the wonderful food at the Jack Poole Restaurant right behind the Four Host First Nations pavilion. Order the chef's platter and you won't be disappointed. While the decor leaves a bit to be desired, the food won't disappoint.

TIP: Don’t bother to wait in line to enter the large white globe to see the video presentation, you can enjoy this area simply by checking out the store and getting some bannock or venison stew. Also be sure to head 1 block north to Vancouver Community College where the lovely Aboriginal showcase is. The showcase has a ton of booths displaying various arts and crafts and there are no line-ups to enter this area, it is even under cover. I think this pavilion needs better signage to let people know what they are lining up for and that the showcase is available right down the street, I suspect a lot of people just get in line out of habit.

Waited in line yesterday for almost 2 hours for a multimedia presentation. Not worth the wait, the show was supposed to tell the "Story" of the first nations, but there was no story

Stood in line yesterday for almost 2 hours to see a 5 minute multimedia presentation.

Not worth the wait!!!

i was entertained by the cree people on tuesday the 16th. (after an hour wait)enjoyed myself tremendously. the singing, fiddlling, dancing was wonderful as were the costumes. on sunday the 21st. my friend and i were entertained by people of the yukon; what the land remembers, which was an enchanting tale of the land and the peoples. fabulous dancing, singing, fiddling and acting. altho' it was an hour standing, an hour in line - it was worth an aching back. everything i have seen (canada north, four hosts, aboriginal artisan village) has been native with the exception of atlantic hse. (very good singing), and carneval du monde (great fun). i have thoroughly enjoyed being entertained and hosted by the native people.

Saw the Inuit performance on Saturday and it was amazing! Entire audience was mesmerized.

The wait on Saturday at 1 pm was about 1.25 hours & it was standing room only by the time we got in. Check their performance schedule & plan for what interests you the most.

This was by far the best pavilion we saw (DaVinci drawings were great too). Don't forget to go to VCC to see the First Nations handicrafts and artwork. I bought some beautiful moccasins, very well-priced.

We watched "What the Land Remembers - Tales of Raven & Wolf" today. It was great! Lined up at 9:50 am only to find that we were making the cut for the 12:00 pm show. That was fine by us - nice day outside. They gave us a free pin for waiting in line! The show was definitely worth the wait! Lots of types of music and great traditional and fusion Aboriginal costumes.

Then we checked out the Aboriginal Artisan Village, specifically Corrine Hunt's booth, the lady who designed the art on the Olympic and Paralympic medals. She was actually there today! She had sold out of the wonderful handcrafted orca/raven hoop sterling silver necklaces though, and said there would be more on Tuesday. A very nice lady!

The line up was huge, and would of appreciated a host informing us that we were waiting for each 45 minute show to end, and why the line so slow. The tpe of show depends on the day/time and today the venue was better appreciated outside as the dancers with beautiful costumes were incredible. Inside we heard a school band and choir, which was very disappointing and had we known would not of waited the 2 hours to get in. The venue is not high tech, if so I missed it completely. It was standing room only with FEW seats, hard to do after a 2 hour wait and standing and additional 45 minutes. The huge cold air vents constantly blowing to keep the dome up was bone chilling, and bad for young kids and older folks who were forced to stand or sit on the floor infront of them. We would of left early but could not safely make our way to the exits to do so. I was too disappointed to go back and see another show, or make my kids wait again for those conditions. I'd rather go to VCC to see the displays instead. Your kids would like that better!

I was here with my nephew on Friday around 2pm. We waited just over an hour and a half. I had read things about this pavilion on this website that were good. We ate some venison stew, 5 bucks a cup pretty much and some bannock which was good for 2 dollars. The bottled water wasn't a ripoff at two dollars.

So we waited and people were terrific. They had Aboriginal drummers and dancers come out to entertain occasionally as we waited, which was a plus considering all the waits that do not seem to have entertainment to offset the wait times.

We finally got in, I acknowledge lines okay, no seats, okay fine. A great dance with the star being the older woman in my opinion.

The information about the language was interesting.

I was stunned to come here and listen to a school brass band with music that was not native at all.

We left early. Maybe we expected too much for that kind of wait, but I don't think so.

Went to see movie: we are here / nous sommes ici last night. It is the best thing I have seen so far. The line looked long, but we were lucky enought to be the last two people in.

I will visit this pavilion again as it was so interesting.

This is the best cultural pavilion. Went on Wed Feb 17 and saw Alex Wells the hoop dancer backed by Smokey Valley (traditional drums/vocals). There were also other dancers in traditional costume too. Went back later in the day for the short film "We Are Here". Pretty cool.

Down the street is the Aboriginal Artisan Village. Corrine Hunt, artist designer of the Olympic & Paralympic medals, has a jewelry booth there. You can buy a sterling silver hoop pendant on chain with whale on one side and raven on the other side for $80 plus tax. Makes a fantastic and meaningful souvenir for the games.

Another fantastic First Nations jewelry designer is Nancy Dawson and Vincent Henson. Check out the booth. Great necklaces, earrings & bracelets.

Can someone comment on the restaurant and/or food at this pavilion? I'd hate to wait in line to find that there are additional waits or costs to try the food here. I've heard about the bison sliders, and rumours of a $25 entry fee, but no one has given up the goods on grub!

We Are Here...Absolutely splendid...I have learned and became knowledgeable today...and so did my 11 year old daughter...It was most definitely worth the wait in line...This Pavilion is a must see...its worth the wait in daughter and I both loved it...we are heading again 2 morrow.

Why is everyone so unhappy. I think all the pavilions will have a line up.
so no matter were you go there is going to be a line up,
So, The 4 host First Nations Pavilion
Keep up the good work:)
As a First Nation I know that they are doing GREAT!!!

Waited in a long line for 20-30 mins. and finally left bec. I don't think I can get in.

I did talk to an attendant who is from an upnorth nation near Prince Rupert.
Amazing looking people! very pretty.

I will go back tomorrow to line up when the line up is not all the way out on Georgia St.

i can;t handle lineups!

Waited in line for just over an hour to see the 9 minute video. About 100 ppl get to go in at a time and sit on the floor, the video is projected above you. Luckily it was a sunny day, defniately wouldn't want to sit on the floor if it had been raining out- it would have been wet and very dirty. We were disappointed b/c we were expecteing to see Aboriginal dancing/artwork/performances and instead we just watched a short video.

Grace, we'll see if we can find this out on Sunday. They've not been in touch with us, and we've not been successful in reaching them yet. my friends who have written...would like to know the event times and where....also where to find and purchase the fourhostfirstnations on sweaters/jackets/t-shirts?

If you have the chance you should make your way to see Pam Baker's fashion show. I had the opportunity to volunteer for one of Pam's fashion's shows and it was fabulous. I am presently wearing some of her silver jewelery which is beautiful the earrings have an eagle design and the necklace I'm wearing has a humming bird design. Pam has great work.

Daniel and Mike are providing a great service here but they can't do everything for you! Click on the link '2010 Aboriginal Pavilion' in the article. Easy, eh?

Today when we showed up (following the wonderful sound of drumming) we were not allowed in to the performance area. Why open a pavilion and then bar the public?! I was told it will be open to the public after Feb. 12 with performances from 9 pm - 12 midnight. The whole point of going today was to beat the crowds. It sure was frustrating today to go to various pavilions downtown only to find none were open to the public. Who's running this event anyway?! LOL!

Is anyone responding to these questions?

2nd request: please update with times to access pavilion,events and restaurant

Corrected. Thanks, Ane

I think the name is actually "Four Host 'First' Nations Pavilion"

could you please provide to/from dates as well as times of daily events and access to pavilion, food, etc


Sounds like this is going to be an overall great exhibit...all is there art, food and shows!

Can't wait to see this pavilion!
hope to be able to buy some artwork
there !

How do I make reservations for the restaurant? If not possible, what will the hours of operation be? Thanks, Carol

Will you be selling any of the aboriginal clothing designed for the Olympics. The 4 Host Nations Hoodie has disappeared from the official Oly. store page?

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