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edgewater casinoENDED FEB 28, 2010: Edgewater Casino hosts their “Celebration Village 2010” an unprecedented Chinese New Years’ Celebration worthy of welcoming the world to Vancouver. From February 12 – 28, 2010 the “Celebration Village 2010” invites you to enjoy FREE daily entertainment Monday to Thursday 2pm-11pm; and Friday to Sunday 12pm – midnight.

The February 14 grand opening will celebrate the Year of the Tiger with an exclusive traditional Chinese Lion Dance, featuring five different lions (symbolic of the Olympic rings) as part of an incredibly memorable day of ceremonies. This spectacular showcase will feature free entertainment from traditional, comedy, Kung Fu, and Cabaret performers. The Chinese New Year festivities will span 17 days and feature 120 different food and shopping vendors in the heart of the city’s flurry of activity.

In honor of the Year of the Tiger and all Chinese New Year traditions, visitors will enjoy a magnificent harbor side view of the Plaza of Nations. Celebration Village is accessible by foot along the east or west seawall, and is in close proximity to major Games-related venues: Canada Hockey Place, Hockey House, and the BC Place Ceremonies venue. Edgewater is also hosting the ‘International Pin Exchange’. Visitors from all around the world will exchange their countries pins daily from 2pm to 10pm. Edgewater Casino will remain open 24/7 during the Games. For directions on how to get there, click here.

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so good to see Hunky Bill's on location - has to be the best fast food in town!

Conny, Conny, Conny - please take a Grade 6 Social Studies course, read newspaper now and then, or head back to to your cave - wow..mom must be embarrassed

Connie, the Lunar New Year celebrations are not an Chinese conspiracy to 'steal the show' from the Olympics.

The Lunar New Year is centuries old and is celebrated among many ethnic Asians around the world - including Chinese-CANADIANS. Celebrations for the Lunar New Year have occurred in Vancouver for decades for/by the local Asian population.

The place is a scam. Its unfortunate so many vendors were dooped into this. During presentations, Edgewater representatives promised they would attract a large number of tourists to the event, this has not materialized. The layout is poor and forces anyone who finds the event to choose either going to retail or foods. Not only has Edgewater casino not made any attempts to promote the event, but has regularly undersold the food vendors. For example, 1 dollar hot dogs, when all food vendors MUST sell above $4.00. I highly recommend people visit the event just to support the vendors who are hurting so much. Many have slashed their prices so much that there are excellent deals to be found. But stay away from the Casino at all costs

No schedule of the music at the Village at the Casino's web page, but it's in the Georgia Straight's schedule of local bands here:

http://bit.ly/azTOIz I walk along it everyday and it's pretty easy to get to from 2 skytrain stations. You can walk along the seawall along Yaletown from Roundhouse station (Canada Line) towards Canada Hockey Place, or from Stadium station pass the Canada Hockey Place thru Expo street and you'll get to Edgewater Celebration Village 2010 after the bend if you keep walking along the water.

Lots of merchandise booth and food vendors there. The area's quite clean and cheap food to be had under the tent that gives $10 free casino coupons with $10 purchase. I saw some selling cute animal knitted hats for $25-$30, cheaper than stores. I sampled a new food vendor I'd never seen before called Rollies, little handmade spring rolls treats with assorted fillings that you can top with ice cream. Delicious, I will be back again for more.

Celebration Village is a reflection of 2 things, the diverse culture in Vancouver and musical showcase. Yes there is a lot of deep fried foods. It is a street like market not Urban Fare. They have Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian and North American food options. Including some healthy options as well. Dried fruit, smothies and sandwiches. It's not trying to be gourmet, it is grab and go food.

As for the retail vendors. There is definitely a cross section that sell toques (or should I say knot hats), silver and beautiful leather bags.

Entertainment is live from 2pm to midnight. There are a variety of local bands, singers and dancers. I think the great thing about this market is that it's FREE, open and offers something for everyone. The location is ideal along the seawall between access gates to BC Place. You can come and go between events and other venues. With the beautiful weather we are having I plan to hit the beer garden outside of the Casino and people watch. I love having the world see our beautiful city.

If you can get past the awful set up of the food and vendor tents, they have a stage with live music until about 12 midnight. The bands aren't bad, but I don't think the organizers are promoting it as there are very few people enjoying the music.

If you want to avoid lineups and listen to the music, keep this site in mind.

I don’t understand how Chinese took over the biggest moment for Canada, they are trying to celebrate their new year’s party when Canada is celebrating their Winter Olympics! I just think that is not fear, China already had their moment last Olympics…..plus the place where vendors are looks like sh.......

The fact that the city of Vancouver allowed a casino on their most beautiful waterfront and then darken all the windows is disgusting.
The area around the casino was filthy and in disrepair, garbage dumpsters overflowing. The whole place has a very sad energy around it.

The celebration village is a rip off and waste of time - the casino itself was pretty dead (so were the slots) - and the walkway along the fence at the water's edge (in-between the condos) pretty dark and not looking festive at all. Not many places to get food - you would think the casino would keep the food court open later!

Huge failure, doesn't feel like a Chinese New Year celebration or Olympic related festivity. It's like a ghost town. What a waste of time. Merchants selling similar stuff as found at the night market in by The Richmond Ikea. Better off waiting till the summer for the night market, it's much more convenient!

A total disappointment and not worth the effort at all, if you want an authentic Chinese New Year experience you are better off visiting China Town. All the vendors at this event are straight out of the PNE swap meet, almost no Asian content to speak of, just very over priced crap. The Edgewater is a nice casino if you like gambling, however it is practically empty due to the Olympics. Save your time and skip this event.

Lots of ethnic food and things for sale (same as PNE), but at least something else then a beer garden!

This was the biggest waste of time! Being right on the water was beautiful, too bad the commercialism of this 'festival' was such a downer! Lots of fried food, mini donuts, White Spot vendor etc etc. Don't bother!

Today the 14th is the Chinese new year event. Plaza of the Nation is located outside of Edgewater Casino, very near to BC stadium (where opening ceremonies took place). Music starts at 2 pm everyday. Tents with lots of vendors and a stage is set up. If you head to Expo Exit and walk around BC stadium to the water walkway, you'll walk right into. Or follow the path from Cambie bridge along the water (BC side) and you'll walk into it, as well.

Glorified swap meet. Lots of stalls selling food and cell phone skins.

Is the Chinese new years celebration a 19+ event?

The link for "how to get here" isn't working.

Nothing is listed on their website, but you may want to call them directly at 604-617-1199 to see if they have any further information.

We also have a hyperlink above which brings you to their website.

Where can I find a schedule of Performers at the Plaza of Nations for
the afternoon of Feb.20?

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