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discover calabriaENDED FEB 28, 2010: Do you like a pavilion with no line-ups? If so, why not explore the Calabria region by visting this venue. The unique sensations from a remarkable land with an ancient history is unleashed on the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic games from fashion to food, Italian pottery to exquisite jewelry, business opportunities to Mediterranean vacation plans, and of course wine, olive oil and cheese. The Discover Calabria venue is located at 851 Homer Street in Vancouver.

Unioncamere Calabria has recognized the unique opportunity afforded by the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games to organize, in collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vancouver, a “Discover Calabria” showroom to showcase the rich culture and heritage of Calabria as well as their businesses in key sectors. The showroom is open to the public and visitors will learn more about Calabria's cultural heritage, economic system, investment opportunities and local products. You are able to sample food specialties, view artisans plying their crafts, and view one-of-a-kind products. Special seminars are free of charge and will educate visitors on Calabria's tourism, Mediterranean cuisine and the health benefits f red wine (previous registration is required for the seminars, so please contact Hours of operation are 9 am to 6 pm daily. Calabria is a region in southern Italy, south of Naples, located at the "toe" of the Italian peninsula. For directions on how to get to the venue, click here.

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Until March 5th Marco

anyone know what date it will be open until?

I went there twice, the first time to show my family (my grandparents came from Calabria), the second time to bring some friends. We were all impressed with this small-scaled, chic venue... a nice contrast to most others. People were hospitable, displays informative, food samples great (loved the white chocolate figs!), and we had real Italian espresso (not Starbucks!). Videos and posters show the historic and natural beauty of this little known region in the deep south of Italy. I've been to Italy a couple of times, but the next trip will definitely include Calabria. Great job!!!

A little jewel of a pavilion.

@ yawn, "costco samples are better". Are you Homer Simpson?

In response to the comments from Yawn, anyone who has been to Italy knows that real Italian Espresso is served in this way...It is meant to be savoured and not served by the litre and diluted as the bastardized North American version.

As to the food samples, the showroom is not a restaurant and they are just that: samples, with the intent of letting people gain a knowledge of typical local food products so that once they are available in the local markets in the very near future, people will remember these wonderful products.

I liked this small pavillion. Lovely hosts, wonderful samples of olive oil, chocolate covered figs and others. They had some beautiful glassware and I was interested in buying some but wasn't clear if it was for sale. I may pop in again to see about the glassware....

skip it if you don't want to get bored.

Nothing to see, food was ridiculously small. Costco samples are better.

Expresso was only 2 tablespoon full. ridiculous.

Hi Brenda, when I went there on Sat late afternoon, they did have samples of canapes available at the bar area and all the TVs were showing a bit about Calabria..

We went mid-afternoon on Saturday. No line-ups, but no wonder! Empty plates with crumbs littered the coffee bar area, no food samples in sight. However the free espresso was amazing.

This was little more than a place to stack some travel brochures. If you want to entice travellers, at least do a video that shows off your wonderful scenery and specialities of the region. I'd skip this one unless you need a jolt of espresso.

Nice little venue. NO LINEUPS! Free powerful shot of espresso - whew! Free praline-type sample...delicious. Art, jewelry, design on display.

9 or 10 am - 6 pm.
I was there tonight around 7 pm and they are closed....

What are the hours of operation?

Fantastic chocolates and appetizers! Try the bread and olive oil, it's delicious!

One of the best venues to visit!

Authentic Italian with free expresso coffee and appetizers. Very cultural with Italian crafts and handmade jewelry for sale.

that's more like it!! yes, I've been there and it is worth the visit! very informative and NO LINE UPS!! also, lots to meet and see and taste! good job calabria!

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