Coca Cola Pavilion (LiveCity Yaletown)

coca-cola-happinessENDED FEB 28, 2010: A big red temporary 8600 square foot structure is going up at LiveCity Yaletown in David Lam Park. This will become home to the new Coca Cola Happiness Pavilion. They are one of the major international sponsors of the Games, including the Olympic Torch Relay and you can expect to see a lot of them around town in the next couple of months. Fans will have an opportunity to learn more about Coca-Cola and their history with the Olympic Games, sample ice cold Coca-Cola products, see the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch, and much more! (See our sneak preview & video) The venue provides state of the art interactive displays and unique bottle artwork. Coke is showing off recycling and sustainability as a theme for their new line of products. If you compete in at least 2 of the on-site interactive games you earn a prize that you collect as you leave.

At night the translucent roof becomes the canopy for a spectacular light display. caught a photo of it a few weeks ago. Hours of Operation: 11am - 11pm daily. Access from Yaletown-Roundhouse Canada Line – LiveCity site requires security check, no bottled liquids carried on-site. For more information visit

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The site doesn't work anymore to download your Olympic Torch picture. It says site cannot be found. Did they close that entire site right when the Olympics ended?

The Glowing Coke Bottles are only given after dark. So they are only available after 6:00 pm. I got mine on Friday and still saw people getting them Saturday evening.

We came to this pavillion, by request of our children and decided to come in the rain yesterday hoping for a short line to wait.
We did have to wait 15 minutes to get into Live City, which to me was a let down as it was not very 'live' at the time, short of the big screens to watch our atheletes compete.
The line up to get into the Coke Pavillion was 1.5 hours......and I stress you really reconsider. Once you enter and que for another 15 minutes you see the various stages of the coke bottle, interesting to me but short lived to kids. You came to pass the torches used in previous Olympics that we all enjoyed and continued to stand in que to watch a 10 minute video that was not educational in the aspects of coke, but it did generate hype to get into the pavillion and nothing more. Once you entered the main room (felt like cattle corraling) you experienced a mad rush to receive your free bottle of coke. Scary with the shoving involved for small children ~ really! It was shameful behaviour and scary at the same time.
There was more line ups inside to have pictures taken with either the torch or the coke bear. Not worth it as you can do it at the Bell site in Pacific Centre in 15 minutes.
Kids can line up to play a big screen game. Not sure why we had to scan the coke bottles. Watched them recycle the bottles in a airvac system similar to the cash deposit system at Costco...BIG DEAL!
There are NO MORE GLOWING BOTTLES, NO PINS, and lots of loud music. A guy hung from a rope and did tricks, but not very interesting.
I am sorry I bothered, and kids found it a let down after seeing incredible pavillions like the Mint, Canadian Northern, and even the Art Gallery.
SKIP THIS ONE and save the last 2 days for something better. You'll appreciate it!

we were the first one at the line (at 10:55am). still had to waited for 25 minutes before the door is opened. The reason was they had a group of VIPs who supposed to be arrived at 10am to tour the coke pavilion, and yet these VIPs arrived late at 11:10am. We had to wait until these VIPs finished their tour first. There were over over 200 people waiting for less than 10 VIPs to complete their tour first. HOW unfair!!! The showcase is fair. Definitely not worth my time to wait! Not recommend!

It's not the longest line up at the Olympics but it's probably the most unpleasant. Lots of screaming children, unruly teens and queue jumpers expecting a free glowing neon bottle, but good luck with that because you have to queue 3 more times inside to win one.

Someone tell Coca Cola it's not 1986 anymore. The pavillion was nicely done and a nice way to kill some time while waiting for the evening's performances, but it really feels like something that would have been more appropriate at Expo. The dancing Coca Cola Scientists definitely made me roll my eyes.

You have to be better prepared for a long line.

I am actually wondering why I come all the way to Vancouver (I'm from Richmond) and visit the CocaCola Pavilion just to get a free coke? Doesn't make sense. Hahaha and the funny thing is, it feels great to drink that bottle of coke after standing up for the line for about solid 45 minutes! I went there about 11:30am. Then I realize the negative effects of soda drinks to our bones that's why I haven't drank Coke (or Pepsi) for more than 3 months and here am I enjoying coke! Actually I endured two waiting lines, 1 line from the main LiveCity entrance (about 15 minutes) and the other is the CocaCola line.

You have been warned... LONG LINES AHEAD.

Make sure,
you endure.

There are other stuffs to see at the site (Samsung, Panasonic and Acer have their own show tents + some live music or watch the games on two giant screens) but the Coca Cola line is the longest all the time I was there.

I am embarrassed by this Vancouverite's ability to spell ;) Man, you and your husband must be fat slobs that stay at home and watch too much tv!! Go out and have some fun! This is the best thing that has ever happened to Vancouver!!

Ok, I am a fan of the Olympics for the atmosphere and things that it brings. I don't agree with all the money spent unnecessarily on a lot of things.

Marketing for a Company, however, is one of the biggest budgets and imagine one of the biggest companies in the world....big budget.

I just want some of the hectic angry people here to maybe chill out for a bit and have a think about it from an Olympic point of view.

There's a didn't expect that? Up to half a million extra people in the city at an international sporting event and you expect to be the only one looking for something fun? And again, lining up to get inside a coke tent where you get free coke and you really wanna complain about a line? I see that as really Un-Canadian myself. But regardless, it is just irrational to get angry about it.

Security restricts lineups in high traffic areas at events worldwide. Bet you wouldn't be bitching if you were stuck at the front of some mob of people if Coke let them all congregate in front of the building and there was an evacuation! It is about being responsible.

People push in and you don't say anything yet complain about it? I know we don't like to cause trouble but don't come back on the internet and whinge about it after the fact. SAY SOMETHING! Jeez

Theres a lot to be said about corporate haters and crazy people but the fact of the matter is, I went inside and got to see the Torches, which I had never seen, saw some old bottles that my relatives would have probably grown up maybe drinking one time, saw a story about the Olympic Torchbearers (Who cares about the coke marketing through it, what did you expect in the Coke tent!), Then got a free coke, a photo holding the torch, and had some fun with my family playing games. There was a line.....big wow, if you are too busy or angry to relax and talk to somebody in the line then you wouldn't enjoy the game anyway.

Yea the staff are over the top and some were fake, but did you want a room full of Motivational speakers and professionally trained actors? They were probably just trying to make you smile.

I didn't get a glow bottle. They said it wasn't available at that time. Why bitch about it, they didn't promise anybody one, and from what I hear, they are limited edition! LIMITED! Not everybody can get one!

I saw Coke staff let in a total of 10 people in front of everybody else while I was in Livecity. 3 were disabled with wheelchairs/crutches and had a family member with them, 3 had Coca Cola Official gear on (if you worked for a company, wouldn't you expect to get let straight in?), and one was a police officer.

People who want to hate for the sake of a corporation or having a long day should lighten up. My kids had to wait in line and had to pee and all the rest but we had fun inside. And I don't think Open happiness is about happiness coming out of a coke bottle....not even Coke is that lame or messed up. But getting a free coke and spending time with my family with a bunch of people (who SHOULD be) enjoying the Olympics, was a cool experience I would do again.

Lighten up and appreciate the Olympics for what it was made for, uniting people from all over the world.

Devil's Advocate

take a trip to yvr, they have a place set up there with gobs of coke pins and a really cool one where you have your picture taken and put on the pin

I meant GLOWING not BLOWING bottle.

As for the pavilion, the line was CRAZY and people kept budging in!! If you stare at them they'll stare back at you. Nice hospitality we have in Vancouver. Jeez.

HOW YOU GET THE BLOWING BOTTLE: when you're in the pavilion, you'll watch a video, after that, grab a bottle of coke; PLAY AT LEAST ONE GAME inside the pavilion, they'll give you a sticker and u stick it underneath the coke bottle. then u trade this bottle in for the glowing bottle. BUT YOU MUST PLAY ONE GAME AND GET ONE STICKER BEFORE YOU TRADE IT IN.

There is a Coke Pin trading area setup in at YVR on the arrivals side where you can take a pic with a torch without a line up.

@Nick. Security guards at the LiveCity Yaletown have been told to remove all the "improper branding" on any products going into this public site. If you have a President's Choice water bottle, you can expect the label will be cut off prior to entry.

We arrived mid-afternoon and I asked a guy who works at the pavilion if they were giving out the famous glow bottles and he said no, you have to come in the evening, OR go to the parade at 6 p.m. which runs outside the site (Pacific). After standing in line to get in the actual site for 30 minutes, we couldn't stand to wait for another 2 hours just to get inside this pavilion. They should have some staff outside trying to entertain the long line, or even handing out some freebies. I was surprised they didn't have some seats for the elderly/disabled to rest.

Security check removed a label from my EMPTY water bottle because it was not COKE! That's most ridiculous requirement I ever seen. People have a right to drink water, not coke. Will make sure I'm not buying coke products anymore.

You can buy Coke pins at the Bay on Georgia. They also have the Coke pin trading center there.

The line up was not too bad if you go there early, but just wondering HOW DO you get the glowing bottles?

My little nieces want them very much, but it seems like they ONLY give them out in loads during the fireworks BUT almost none at all at the other time, is that true?

A big red tent and nothing more. Long line for nothing. Coke history once you get inside but you don't have time to read it cause line moves quickly so they can show you their torch relay movie, yawn, the big screen opens up and you line up for a free coke, in order to swap this of a glowing bottle you have to play one of the three interactive games which had long line ups. This is not worth it.

Lots of line-ups and then this phoney marketing some from a coke. Saw some torches, old coke bottles and got a free little coke and a pic with the torch. Games were silly- probably ok for kids. I just couldn't get over the theme of happiness from a coke and the workers asking you if you were happy? How stupid is that?

Where can I get information on puchasing coke olympic pins. for my grandkids?

Haven't been to the Pavilion, but if you like videos of torch bearers this is a great one

Finally, someone who agrees with my husband and myself and sees it for what it is. This is not a World Expo. It's about amateur athletes from around the globe competing against each other; nothing more, nothing less. The rest of the stuff is just expensive advertising at best. Being from Vancouver, I am extremely embarresed and frustrated about it all.

When I say 20 - 40 minutes I mean 1+ hours. I can't overstate how bad it is, it takes half a day to go to and from there and there is nothing, nothing at all to do other than leave.

Terrible all around - I would recommend against going - you wait in line to get into LiveCity, the you wait in line to get into the pavilion, THEN once inside you (you guessed it) wait in another line, then you see a short film about how wonderful all of the touch bearers are - turns out they are great, then you get in to the pavilion, you get a free coke, and the opportunity to wait in 3 more lines one to take a photo with a torch, and 2 other for crappy video games, there is even a line to get out. Basically you stand 20 - 40 minutes to get a free coke and thats it there is absolutely nothing to do there.

Yes. The line up was terrible. I waited for 45 mins and in between, people kept walking in and pretend they were waiting in line. Those people are loud and rude. They weren't embarrassed or aware that they were budging. The staff seems to let a lot of their friends budge in whenever possible. Also, one person can get only one glowing bottle, I think the limit should be 2 since the line up was freaking long. Another thing was the HD movie section and the building right next to it. The HD movie section closed the line up at around 10:15 and the next building was closed when the Pavilion closes at 11pm. I am not too pissed because at least I got a glowing bottle.

The staff were extremely rude and made me embarrassed to be Canadian. They would not even let you line up and pretended there was a waiting area. For 40 minutes they called fake lines where people budged in front that werent even waiting. When we finally got into the line it was another 50 minute wait and the staff was so phony. Inside was neat but there were no glow bottles available.

Waited over an hour & it was totally not worth it. Staff were fake friendly & way too busy chatting to stop people from budging into line. At the end of it there were just some lame activities which you had to wait in even more lines to do. What a waste of time. Unless you are a big coke collector looking for that bottle DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!

This was a fun pavillion, my friends and I had a great time and didn't find any long lineups and got a glow bottle! would suggest it for little kids!!

do they still give out bottles?
my children are desperate to have one of them

I had a great time there yesterday!! Line-up wasn't that bad, and got to come out with the glowing COKE souvenir! I was told they only manufactured 50,000 so they are limited. I got one in teh 10,000's.

One of the 'games' inside is taking a picture... after they give you a sheet. I seem to have lost the sheet to dl the file. Can anyone post the link for me please? :(

We visited today, (Monday) with our kids aged 7 and 10. About a 10 minute wait to get in at around 5pm. To see the Coke house/pavilion it was another 90 minutes. Forget that. This isn't Disneyland!! We saw a 3D show at the Panasonic building. Had to wait for that too - about 45 minutes.
The long and the short is that after wandering around the streets of Vancouver for 7 hours today, we realized there's really nothing worth waiting in line for. The food and drinks are overpriced and the pavilions/houses have nothing of any interest to offer. I'm glad I got this out of my system otherwise I would have forever wondered what the downtown vibe was like during the Olympics. All in all, there's just a lot of people wandering the streets. I don't get it.

I wasn't very happy with their management of the line at the Coca Cola Pavilion. I don't know if it was the City or CocaCola that made the decision to not allow a larger queue to line up outside of the gated line up area. That caused a lot of uncertainty and annoyance to everyone. Once you're in line it's okay and amiable.

Inside, you start with a waiting area for a short movie. That area is full of old Coke bottles and some Olympic torches past and present. The movie was about the Torch Relay. The best part was leaving the theatre and collecting your Coke bottle.

From the comments, I gather I was one of the lucky few who actually got a glowing Coke bottle at the end of my visit.

So frustrating at first, but the atmosphere and design inside are actually quite fun. Plus, as we were leaving, they were pulling off the roof cover so that the lights could be seen outside by the night crowds at LiveCity Yaletown.

I'm so sad... was hoping to get one of those glowing coke bottles, lined up yesterday. Got in, played the games, scanned, then turns out they don't have anymore of the bottles. Next day, they only handed it out randomly at different times, which I only saw a lucky girl got it out of 50 others that came out with none.

went down to livecity yaletown.

probably the most interesting of the pavilions but only if you don't have to wait too long. we got there around 11:30 am and had a half hour wait. not too bad in the sun with some entertainment to keep you occupied. i hear this is the busiest so go there first. lots of things to read, factoids about coke and odd memorabilia. a quick video to introduce you, a free can of coke, picture with the torch and some games and prizes.

My planned visit to the Olympic site to see the Coca Pavilion was the BIGGEST dissapointment of the weekend. After standing in line for 40 min. to get into the Live City grounds I went straight to the Coke Pav. Only to have some Rude little guy in a Coke jacket holding a walkie-talkie,tell me they were full and they were not allowing anyone in without a ticket. IT WAS ONLY 6:15 pm !!!! Every other pavilion there had line ups if you wanted to wait you'd get in BUT NOT COKE. Thanks for wrecking the fun COKE

Waited 45 minutes to get in to the site, then 15 minutes to get in to Coke. Staff tried to get us out of the line up by offering tickets for 7:30. We took them, but stayed in line and got in faster. The ticket system does not seem to be working well.

Once in, you see a video, then the screen lifts up and you walk through fog. Head to the Happiness Bar, get your bottle of coke. Now get in line, scan your bottle, get a sticker and take your pic with the torch. Get in line for one of the two games, scan your bottel, get your sticker. If the wait looks long, get out of line without playing the game. As you exit, scan your bottle again to get the glowing coke bottel keepsake.

Meh. A 30 min lineup for the Coke Pavillion to see a bunch of different bottle shapes that they used over the 1900's.

You get a free coke, and get a chance to take a photo holding a torch replica. If you play the lame games they have there, you can get a color changing coke bottle...which is actually kinda cool.

Such a disappointment. I got to LiveCity at about 3:30 and stood in a line-up until about 4pm to enter the site.

From there I was directed to another line-up for the Coke pavilion where they were handing out tickets for 10:15 pm! Obviously I didn't wait.

I seriously doubt that many people came back 6 hours(!) to make use of their 10:15 tickets, so to me the ticket system was pretty pointless. What's wrong with 1st come 1st served? I'm sure they could keep track of the # of people inside so that the site doesn't go over capacity.

Thanks for the pics...
looks a coke commercial. I like the animation from tv better ...the baby polar bear and pengiun

Be warned, the long line up to get into the site is just the beginning. After waiting an hour in the rain to get in we were faced with massive lineups at all the inside attractions. At 1:50 we were given a slip to get into Coke pavilion at 4PM! Really no way we could kill 2 hours and even then there are more line ups inside the facility. The theme for the games seems to be WAIT WAIT and WAIT some more.

Megan, the Coca-Cola Happiness House is on the east end of the LiveCity Yaletown site, located on David Lam Park on False Creek. It is right next to Drake Street, near the corner of Pacific Boulevard. See this link:

The easiest way to get there is via the Canada Line, and getting out at Yaletown-Roundhouse. It's about a five-minute walk from the station.

Can someone help me find the exact location of here?

Thanks for letting us know. We had been told the 12th, but will make this adjustment to the pavilion profile.

CORRECTION. the Coke pavilion opens on Feb. 12th. My husband tried to attend today (11th) and was turned away. It's only open to media on the 11th, officially to public on the 12th.

some pics are here...

I have been a coca cola fan since mid 50s. I am hoping to find some free pins & flags at the venue. I for one will visit this venue. Canada is looking for GOLD, and the most medals they have ever won in an Olympic Game. Go CANADA Go.........

Did Coke tow that in from a farm in the valley after a fire sale?

That's one hideous venue. Coca-cola running out of money and ingenuity?
Reminds me of the structures seen in the Antartic!

The games/party beigins in 11 days. Make us proud Canada. Please Win Gold in Hockey.

Let the games begin... GO CANADA GO.


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