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centreplace manitobaCLOSED: CentrePlace Manitoba is a 2,560 sq ft, pre-fabricated, sustainable building featuring Manitoba products and technology. Multimedia exhibits, developed in Manitoba, will showcase tourism, business, immigration and sport and highlight our province’s prosperity, opportunity and potential. The Canadian Museum for Human Rights will be a partner and have a feature exhibit in the pavilion.

Thirty Manitoba artists and arts groups will perform, supported by the Manitoba Arts Council, as part of the 2010 Cultural Olympiad. Many of our province’s Aboriginal artists will also perform at the Four Host First Nations pavilion. CentrePlace Manitoba will be located at the LiveCity Vancouver – Downtown site (on Georgia Street at Cambie).CentrePlace Manitoba will be open during both the 2010 Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Games. See a short video here with more info.

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there was no line for this pavillion - might have been an indication.

there was nothing to see and do!

there was no line for this pavillion - might have been an indication.

there was nothing to see and do!

Went to check this out on Wed, and I was out in less than five minutes. There's nothing much to see inside except for large murals which I noticed that nobody payed any attention to it, same for the dozen TV's above. There's a back room where you can see a display of new museum inside a glass case and also you can wait in line to have your picture taken while holding some kind of a board. This pavilion is boring from the outside and that says it all.

Cool looking outside! Not much to do inside especially if you have kids. Canada Pavilion was more fun.

Could someone please fix the CenterPlaceManitoba webpage. When you 'click here' to see a virtual tour, visit our blog or view our web cam nothing happens. Go Canada Go!

Hmm, Manitoba decided to come and try to collect money for their Museum at Vancouver Olympic games, what a shame.

Boring - nothing to see or do.

Manitoba Day is February 25!

Very cool looking! I hope it's exciting inside too as we will drop by for sure!

When is Manitoba's Day at the Games?

Great to have the heart of Canada at the Games festivities. I may live back in BC, but Manitoba will always be my second home.

Best of success at the Games and I hope to stop by.

I intend to visit . You gave the address but not the days when you will be open or hours.


A Manitoba House - how cool it that.
I was born and grew up in Manitoba and now live in vancovuer. How can you not ove Van but I have to say there is not better province than manitoba for enjoying "cottage country" and total community spirit. I look forward to visiting Manitoba House and will enjoy the memories of a great life growing up in that great province. I welcome you to visit Manitoba House not once but several times and watch canada win gold.
Go Canada Go
Richard Prokopanko

Welcome to our city I was in Winnipeg last Spring right after your floods and had a wonderful week long visit Everyone was so friendly and helpful and sure hope you find the same here. I am involved with a wonderful group of underpriviledged Metis children who all attend Inner City Schools in Vanocuver and they are entertain all over the lower mainland telling the story of the Metis people though song, dance(jigging) and fiddle playing. They are always well received and I am sure would love to visit your CenterPlace Manitoba They may be a small group but they are good. I look forward to hearing from you Sincerely Gail Hause


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