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canada-pavilion CLOSED: Centrally located at Vancouver's LiveCity Downtown Celebration Site (corner of Georgia St and Cambie St), the Canada Pavilion will demonstrate Canada's commitment to creative excellence, sustainable development and fostering diversity with informative and innovative content that is sure to make Canadians proud. Inside the pavilion, visitors can use interactive technologies to learn about Canadian sport excellence, including Canada's Olympic and Paralympic history, trivia and visual displays illustrating Canadian innovation in sporting equipment and technology, and virtual snowboard and slapshot games. The Pavilion will provide an opportunity to learn more about Olympic and Paralympic sports and help to choose an activity that's right for you. Hours of operation are March 12-14, 2010: 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. March 18-21, 2010: 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

See's exclusive "first look" profile of the Canada Pavilion!

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Was at the Canada Pavilion on Sunday March 14th, around 2:00 PM. The line-up (whic is NOT protected from the rain) was only about 25 minutes long, and people with strollers, wheelchairs, or children under age 5 can use a priority-access entrance at the "east" side. Just walk past the crowd-control line-up (on the east side) and straight to the security-check gate itself and ask a blue-jacket volunteer if you can use the priority-access. Security -replete with magnetometer wands- is still making people dump out their drinks before entering, but again, those with young kids don't have to dump out their water, and we could bring in our granola-bars.

Once inside the pavilion, you can hold both the olympic and paralympic torches (probably replicas) and have your photo taken. If you time it right, someone in a Sumi costume is available for photos as well. There's also a 2-man bobsleigh you can pose with (not inside, just next to, holding the "pushing arm"). There are a few interactive video games to play, but that's about it. The Stanley Cup is not there anymore. You'll have seen the entire pavilion in maybe 10-15 minutes. Outside the pavilion you can try wheelchair curling, which was very pathetic (instead of ice it was a sheet of plastic with gravel(!) for lubrication?!?). There were also two hockey-players on stilts and a couple of RCMP Mounties, in full red-serge outfits, posing for photos. Hot food and beverages can be bought in the pavilion, and a couple of projector-screens were set up showing CTV's Paralympic coverage, with seating for maybe 150 people.

10 million for what? major dissapointment

Is the Stanley Cup still on display from noon to 3 pm???

Visited the pavilion on Saturday afternoon and was quite unimpressed. It looked like someone just decided to toss some sports memorabilia around and a few monitors and interactive screens at the last second. It looks like the afterthought that everyone has felt it was. This cost us $10 million dollars. I think we the equivalent of a US defence contract by the US company.

If only the federal government had put as much effort and thought into the pavilion as they did with Beijing, maybe we wouldn't be feeling ripped off. You would figure as the host country, we could have put up a better effort.

Nothing justifies outsourcing $10 Million Canadian dollars to a US company, for OUR Canadian Pavillion.

Furthermore, on a 'tent'?! Where'd the money go? What did it get spent on, exactly? The most expensive tent in the world, perhaps?
What a disgrace... The fact it is ugly and boring is positively shameful.

The Indian/Native House was beautiful, even served food. So much for Canada...

Another very embarrassed and disappointed Canadian.

This pavilion is not worth your time. I visited this on Wed around noon, there's a long line up outside the gate then there's atleast another hour wait to get in here. The day I went was Alberta day so they were giving out cowboy hats but because of the long line up, by the time I entered the pavilion they ran out. That was the only reason I lined up for. Inside exhibits are boring, unless you want to wait in line to play some kind of Wii game or wait in line to take your picture holding the torch. this venue cost ten million to build but nothing to show for it.

Very little to see, it was kinda surprising. Good thing they had the Stanley Cup there otherwise it would have been a waste of an hour in line to get in

Canada Pavilion is a waste of your time. If you're in the mood to wait 30-45 minutes in line, go through security (where you can't even bring a water bottle in), then look at an ugly white tent... then go ahead and spend an hour of your life in Canada pavilion. The pavilion is pathetic and honestly why do they need that much security so we can look at a tent?

We were disappointed in Canada House. Just felt there really wasn't that much to see - too many "video" type "games" instead of history of sport in our country.

Have you seen Panasonic House it's no better. Personally I don't care what the building looks like on the outside..they are temporary and need to be dismantled and the materials re-used so if it's ugly that's fine. Canada House had some interesting memorabilia...Grtezky's jersey, a 200 year old curling stone, and I got my picture taken holding the I had a good time for 30's free...why complain.

The interactive games were fun, I enjoyed the snowboarding while my 6 year old son liked the hockey! They had Quatchi, Miga, and Harry the Horse from the '88 Olympics that you could get your picture taken with today. Also get your photo with a bobsled. Since it was Alberta day, they were giving away cowboy hats and some Alberta athletes were stopping by later. Most fun pavilion yet!

While I'm a typical Canadian and love to bash the government as much as the next guy, I was impressed by the Canada Pavilion. I've been to about half the pavilions and I would say this one had the most to do for kids and adults alike. They have lots of interactive games that are actually related to the Olympics, pictures with the torch and examples of sports equipment and the changes they've made over the years.
Overall I found it the most interesting. I went mid afternoon and there wasn't any wait to get into the pavilion, about a 10 minute wait to get into the site.

My family wasn't very interested in going to see anything but I convinced them to visit this one pavillion. Canada has just won the gold medal and I thought the place would be the hot spot for sure. There was a line up too see the band and to get through security but the pavillion was not very busy and not very interesting. A lot of fancy video screens, a snowboarding game and a bit of memorabilia. Outside was pretty quiet. What a waste of our evening! What a waste of my tax dollars.

Dear Harper Government : Next time you can't make a decision on time about if we should have a Pavilion or not at the Olympics? Please save us from the embarrassement of having an ugly and last minute Pavilion that costs 3 TIMES more than it was INITIALLY planned a year ago...I know you know exactly what I mean...

This is NOT how Canada should be represented at the Games and how our money should be spent...

I disapointed Canadian Citizen.

Outside it's unspectacular; inside, nothing noteworthy or inspiring -- but it's OK some interactive stuff that the kids liked, but really I wouldn't go out of my way to stand in line again.

I had hoped after the negative press that it would turn out to be an ugly-duckling and shine inside, doesn't.

One would hope that the Canadian Government might have put more effort into showing Canada to the world. Unfortunately, I found this is just what people have reported -- lacking. Lacking in vision, design, planning and execution.

I don't want to add to the negativity because it's not a terrible experience; I just thought it would be more inspiring, more enthralling, and more ... I guess, just "more."

After waiting in the rain for 30 min. outside we got thru security just to wait for another 15 min. to get to the pavilion. From outside it looks big, but it's pretty small inside with some memorabilia, few touchscreen games, arcade snowboarding and a pic opportunity with the torch if you are willing to stand in another line. Lot of wasted money on stuff you can find in malls around the country. And let's not forget another beer garden. Enough already, Vancouver has plenty of restaurants, pubs and places where people can gather and celebrate. Not worth standing in long line (any line)!

David, we know each other and only an NDP/liberal flak like you would consider spending twice as much on a 2 week show and call it responsible and respectable. LOL

great venue once you get in.Was fun & interesting

What an embarrassment. Besides looking like a garden shed, the pavilion is surrounded by construction fences that make it hard to get in. It wasn't ready for opening day, and the exhibits were just installed so the staff didn't know where things are. There were no live presentations at all when I was there, the place was dead.

Time and money is no excuse; they had as much time as every other exhibitor, and other exhibitors were able to do more with less. The Irish pavilion was simply a big tent, and it was absolutely rocking with great food and music. The Italians rented out the Roundhouse community centre; it is great, and any improvements are permanent.

The Canadian pavilion is neither interesting, attractive, nor worthwhile. It should be taken down to avoid giving visitors a bad impression of Canada.

Actually Bill, That's what this site is all about.

Oh my god would you people STOP BITCHING!!! Nobody cares what your opinion of the pavillion is.

Our hats go off to the thousands who originally promoted the idea to have the Olympics in Canada in 2010. You had a vision that was crystal clear and fostered that idea step by step into reality. You have made us proud! Also, we are proud of the thousands of volunteers who stepped up to the plate. From beginning to the end the 2010 Olympics will be a phenomenal success.
Who said so? Millions of Canadians across Canada said so. We are proud to have this world event in our back yard. What a show it will be ! And to those who still cannot say"I believe" - Shame, Shame on you !

Hear this site is spectacular inside! Don't judge the book by its cover!! What a bunch of whiners. Why would money be spent on a permanent structure situated on a parking lot? Some day a fabulous permanent building will be created here thus providing Vancouver taxpayers with more $'s to pay for Olympic expenditures that they probably the same (above) critics might be complaining about!! These critics will be converted in a few days. Let the Games begin!!

This US pre-fab pavilion is claimed, by the Conservative Government (of Canada) to be a responsible use of taxpayer funds. This building COULD NOT BE FARTHER FROM A RESPONSIBLE USE OF TAXPAYER FUNDS! It is a travesty, an insult to every Canadian and our creative community. Even twenty million (twice the announced price), spent on an imaginative structure, which is a Canadian tradition - at both the Olympics and at Worlds Fairs - WOULD have been a responsible and respectful use of taxpayer dollars. This mess is an embarrassment.

Personally, the tents at the concord pacific are set up nicer and gets more more attention compare to the Canada Pavillion.

To the Ugly Chinese Canadian.....
the last photo of the cdn pavilion ..or do I mean the vanc spec u had me fooled!!
Very clever of u. Keep up the good detective work!

Heh. I admit I didn't notice the similarity to a Vancouver Special. Very clever of you to spot this.

Actually, most of the pavilions are very tent-like on the exterior. Credit must go to those who dress up the outside well, like the Ontario Pavilion.

What an amazing design. What an amazing expenditure of $10million tax dollars.

We, at the UGLY Chinese Canadian, have figured out the secret design behind the Canada Pavilion. Designed by foreigners for our nation's showcase building...

only in Canada, eh.

... and here's our story behind it:

If you click on the hyperlink, you will find a map to the exact location. This pavilion is actually located in a parking lot, so there actually is not address to refer you to. The best I could say is that it's located at the corner of Georgia St and Cambie Street. Once you get there, you won't be able to miss it. Hope you enjoy your time there.

Why don't you put the address of the site with the information?

will we be able to watch the women's gold medal hockey game there?

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