Canada's Northern House

husky-eyesOPEN UNTIL APRIL 17th: Canada’s Northern House, at 602 W. Hastings Street & Seymour in Vancouver, is located in the heart of downtown. You can expect to be captivated with the simulated northern lights shining from the windows. The lights will draw people in to view and get information on Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Yukon art, business, athletes, cultural performers and artists.Visitors to Northern House will be greeted at the entrance by an inuksuk built by former Nunavut Commissioner Peter Irniq, using stone from Nunavut, Northwest Territories and British Columbia. Canada’s Northern House will showcase talented performers such as Artcirq and throat singers, drum dancers, and traditional games athletes during the Olympic Games. Canada’s Northern House will have an art lounge, story telling area and an exhibit called “The North Today” featuring interactive displays on living, visiting and investing in Nunavut. There will also be business information about the three territories. Visitors also have the chance to win an $8,000 diamond or a 3.8 ounce gold nugget valued at $7,000. The House is open through March 31, 2010. Daily hours during the 2010 Olympic Games will be 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Before and after the 2010 Olympic Games, it will be open from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Check out some cool exclusive photos and video of the pavilion by clicking here. Check out Daniel's review by clicking here.

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CNH is open 10 am - 5 pm until April 18th.

i've seen the northern house during the olympics and told my friends about it and they wanted to go and see it too... so i'm just wondering if it is be open on april 4 and 5 (easter sunday and easter monday)...thanx

If you are in Whistler for the Olympics and Paralympic Games, make sure you get out to the Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre as there really are no other cultural houses of note open during the Paralympics. You can see a list and a map showing were all the Paralympic Houses are in Whistler at

Canada's Northern House was fantastic. It was the first house to open, even before the Olympics began, and one of the last to close, end of March. We went at the very beginning and had no lineups. We made our hilarious Northern video and successfully forwarded it to our home emails. From our home compters there was any easy format to then forward it to friends. Our welcome to the Olympics message made all of our friends and family exited about the then upcoming Olympic events.
I enjoyed seeing the Musx Ox, not something you often see. Also we liked talking with the staff, all from the North. My friend did purchase a somewhat expensive, but oh so cute smiling walrus carved from Caribou antler. They were just setting up the gift shop at the time so a little disorganized, but they did find the name and card of the artist who carved the piece. A nice souvenir of the Olympics. At the time they did not have pins for the house. I will definately go back. It is amazing but Canada's Northen house and Ontario get my vote for being far the best 2 Pavillions at the Olympics. BC Isn't even in my top ten.

I enjoyed tremendously my visit.
The polishing diamonds demonstration was impressive.
The artworks are first quality. The people answering questions are very knowledgeable and courteous. I had an excellent visit and I hope to go back with my daughter....

After being so dissapointed at having wasted half of our day going to Lonsdale Quay, visiting the Canada Northern House redeemed my enthusiasm back. My kids and I had so much fun inside, there are so many things to try and do. Definitely a must see!! Don't forget to try and build your own Northern Adventure!!

I think the attendants are telling people to do it wrong. On the first screen is the "sender" email, which everyone is assuming is the recipient email. The next screen gives the option to send to up to 3 addresses, but the attendant I saw was bypassing this screen. Thus the video was sent to no one. Disappointing. I sent a message through their website to see if they can retrieve ours, but I'm not holding my breath

This was one of our top 2 picks for pavilions to visit, 20 minute wait. It was highly educational for young and old offering 2 floors of facinating information about the northern part of our country with artwork that made me proud to be Canadian. You were able to see and learn everything from the animals that live up north, culture, art, history, mining, industry to folklore....I would like to travel there to witness it myself.
The shows vary each day, and worth a second trip. They offered very interesting information regarding diamond mining and held demonstrations for diamond facet/polishing.
You would be remiss to not come, a truly worthwhile experience.

I had a great time at the Northern House. So much so that I'm really disappointed that I didn't receive my fun video by email. I just followed the instructions on what to do. I wanted to show if of to my friends and family.

This was one of our top two pavillions, excellent for young and old. Very classy display of Northern art and culture, with interactive bits (build an inukshuk for the kids, some stuffed beasts, video postcard). There is a great stage in the middle of the main room so you have access from all 4 sides, with charming, friendly and interesting performers - we caught two 'shows' - a demonstration of a Northern sport of high kicking (where they invited kids from the audience to participate), a demonstration of a tug of war game played with your head (!), then excellent dancing, singing and drumming. I was so proud that this is part of Canadian culture - my kids were fascinated!

What a great House. It is great to see a place for families. I am experiencing the Olympics here in Whistler and one thing I have noticed is that the majority of houses here are not open to the public to explore and understand the different cultural aspects like you are offering. I ended up getting so frustrated with the houses here that I set up my own informational portal for Whistler so that others would not be as frustrated as I was.

Well worth the wait

We spent about an hour in the line up and about the same amount of time in the pavilion.

The exhibits were well done, the entertainment ... unusual but well done. I spent 15 minutes listening to a modern adaptation of throat singing - an experience I enjoyed but would probably not repeat.

The art gallery was the highlight - they only opened it up later so make sure it is open before you go to this pavilion.

The gift shop actually had some stunning works of art, clothing and other items that made the crap at the Russian Pavilion look as cheap as it was. For the price of a crappy Russian sweatshirt ($200 - we thought it was in Rubles ;)), you could purchase a limited edition print or a hat made out of seal & wool (slag me for the wearing fur but this hat was a work of art you could wear)

Well worth it - if you have one pavilion to see, go to this one.

Great pavillion, educational, interesting with beautiful artwork.
Love the animals, polar bear, muskox, artic wolf etc.
the live performance was great as well.

could get up close with tusk of mammoths (the extinct animal), warwales etc

short line...about 30min on a sunday morning

visit this pavillion along with the cauldron...they're only a 5-10min walk from each other.

Great pavillion and such a short line up! I went on the 17th. My only disappointment is that I never received the video postcard I created there - it was lots of fun to make but I think the person speeding us through there must have not sent them properly - he only let me put in my email address and said he'd do the rest to send it so if you're making the postcard and want to actually receive it I'd recommend insisting you read through and do all the steps to send the postcard by yourself.

Great venue...just only took 15 minutes in worth it.

The Northern Affairs was by far one of the best and most interesting displays for adults and children included.
Canada could take a lesson.

After Pavilions with beer and bands I decided to visit Canada's Northern House. I'm glad I did. Even though it had nothing to do with the Olympics, it was educational and very interesting. I highly recommended, especially if you have kids. I took a short video while there. You can see it at

Wow, this was one of the few sites I planned to see. Went first thing this morning and was it worth it !! Very interesting and informative displays. Live varied performances. Varied video presentations. Only thing we missed out on was the diamond polishing demonstration. This site is so worth seeing even if you have to wait - made us think seriously about a vacation up there to see it in person.

We stumbled upon this house and I must say it is well worth it. Great artwork and exhibits. The line moves fast enough.
I must say this is the best house I have been to.
Recommend it!

After wandering around Vancouver and finding that most of the pavilions are just places to eat in, this was a very pleasant surprise. Did wait about 30 minutes to get in, but very spacious inside, lots to look at, and interesting information. A great place to visit!!

This was the first and only House I have visited so far and I'm glad i decided to cross the street and come in instead of going to the mall, which I never ended up going due to the fantastic distraction once inside. I HIGHLY recommend EVERYONE to see the Canada Northern House. The artwork is amazing and the detailed beaded clothes are stunning. The 43min video of the discovery of the diamond mines puts Canada on the map with all others by far. I absolutely loved it. Way To Go!!!! I have to say THANK YOU to everyone who made the Canada Northern House what it is and how it represents the North West Territories. Everyone who works in there, give yourselves a Big pat on the back for your excellence in hospitality.

A Must see!!! Loved the Northern house... It was beautiful, clean, lots of info about the North.... fantastic art, and my daughter loved the rocks to build her very own Inukshuk! Also, we loved the Pins! Congrats, a Job well done!

This was a really impressive display - completely enjoyed it and would recommend it!

We visited Canada's Northern House and were very impressed. We intend on visiting the Yukon in the near future and found lots to see and explore. The diamond polishing exhibit is wonderful and the northern artwork is absolutely beautiful.
Thank you.

Congratulations - Canada Northern House The pavilion is so inviting you definitely want to visit the north; the art work is spectacular. Well done.

We went to Northern House yesterday afternoon and it was busy. The staff were very friendly and the displays were interesting. I would highly recommend seeing this house!

Brought my kids down to visit the Northern House.. not bad for the younger set.. especially the inuskshuk building and the video postcard. Wanted to mention the poor access for wheelchairs and strollers. The lift wasn't working properly and you have to get assistance to use the elevator to the downstairs exhibit. p.s. if you bring a collector pin - they'll trade you a NWT one for it.

Very interesting and enjoyable with friendly and informative staff. well worth visiting.

Wow. Memories of Expo 86 with respect to the FRIENDLY staff. Exceptional displays on both floors (don't miss going downstairs). Good variety, interesting, educational and fun. This is a "must see" House.

Canada's Northern House was excellent! Lots of information, beautiful artwork, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Lots to see and do! Definitely going back to check out the entertainment aspect, as I did not see any when I went yesterday. Highly recommended!

We were short on time but went in anyway. A true delight. Lots beautiful works, photos, videos, etc to take in. It's a part of the world not many of us get to see so I was really glad we checked it out. Just wish we had more time!

I brought some students there and they really enjoyed it. Great all-around experience - the only problem was that a too helpful staff member was trying to speed people through the video postcard and was only entering e-mail addresses into the user's box (which one would assume would you send a copy but does not) and not putting anything in the send boxes so most of my kids didn't get their postcards then, but they had fun making the postcards, making inukshuks, playing the games, and touching the dead animals, and the staff were great with them as well. Only weird thing is the woman's bathroom which is down this long hallway and through a couple of doors.

Northern house is not very wheelchair accessible. The lift is broken and it was very small anyway, so would not accomodate very many scooters or large wheelchairs.

The artwork was stunning, if I had large amounts of extra cash,I would have bought out the gift store of the sculptures that were for sale! We are going back Feb 1st to enter draw for the diamond and the nugget.

Stunning and inspiring. The artwork is outstanding. The fur and dying was gorgeous and meticulous.I am sure no jewelry will be left - it would/is what I would hold on to for life as a tourist. The staff were all knowledgeable and really super friendly/inviting. I had my two year old with me and he bolted for the beautiful animals on open display, and excitedly threw around some of the base (ie.sand/gravel) the pieces stood on. Very embarrassing but the staff just said, "no worries - let him throw it, it is after all sand..." - very understanding and calm.
We had a great time making videos, building the inukshuks and watching the videos. We bought a bunch of children's books and will be back for more.

I visited this place with a friend of mine and we both enjoyed it. Lots of infos about the Northern part of British Columbia. We had fun making the postcard videos and admire all the life size stuffed animals of the north.
A great place to spend an hour or so especially when it's raining outside.

We were bumbering around Vancouver to see what already is up and running prior to the games. Canada's Northern House was truly the best. The staff was warm and welcoming, and well- informed. Kids would love to see the animals and have fun trying to build their own Inukshuks. The artwork from the north is truly beautiful, and is presented in a spacious setting. I understand there will be entertainment once the games officially start. Northern House is well worth the visit and within easy walking distance from skytrain stations or stepping distance from the bus. We intend to go back with our grandchildren.

Went there yesterday at lunch with my coworker and had a blast making a video e-card! We were cracking ourselves up until we found out there was another screen outside the recording booth broadcasting our silliness to everyone else in the pavilion! Beware! hahaaa...Good fun. Had a great time learning more about northern Canada! Thanks!

I visited Northern House today and had a ball making the videos and post cards. I spent about an hour in all there. It is worth sitting down and really watching the changing pictures on the wall. It is really well done and has a lot of good information about the north. It is a good idea to go now before the crowds come.
Bravo, Northern House!

I am viewing this from my computer thanks to my dearest friend David .He is from Surry and I am from Nothern Minnesota.Im unable to attend the lovely places shown here in person.What beauty there is in Canada and thanks to him I am able to enjoy. Wonderful photo presentation.

Thank you all .

I spent way too long trying to find the opening hours for Northern House and finally came across your website. Thank you for being a one-stop-shop for free Olympic event information!

Had a chance to visit Canada's Northern House yesterday. It was easy to find and only a few minutes away from the Waterfront SkyTrain station. Lots of things to do and see for kids. The stuffed animals and inukshuk building centre were the most popular. For the first Saturday of it being opened, there were quite a few people there and the place felt busy. The staff are super friendly and very knowledgeable of the North. The most popular booth was the electronic video postcard you can send yourself or friends. You stand in front of a green screen and for 25 seconds you record yourself in one of several Northern backgrounds. The only glitch is we received about 10 emails from the pavilion later in the day with the video file. Looks like they may still be working out some glitches. A sample video has been put on our account for you to take a look at. We also placed a number of excellent photos for you to look at before you head down. Starting Feb 1st people can enter a draw to win a big gold nugget or diamond...each valued at over $7K. Overall, we spent about an hour or so there and it was worth the trip down. I'd recommend it.

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