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bell-ice-cube ENDED FEB 28, 2010: The Bell Ice Cube will be a 3,000 square-foot temporary building located at Robson & Beatty street in downtown Vancouver and will open to the public on February 11th.  It will be open February 11th to 28th from 11am to 11pm and will feature entertainment, Olympic ticket giveaways and interactive product demonstrations. The unique high-tech design of Bell Ice Cube will provide visitors an opportunity to view ceremonies and competitions on multiple plasma screens in high definition Bell TV. During the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and during major sporting events, visitors will be able to watch the magic on a large projection screen.

Every day at 3 pm, there will be a live show called Ice Talk, where Olympians will be interviewed by five-time Olympian and Bell Champion Charmaine Crooks. Athletes will share their own Olympic stories and sign autographs for Games fans. Bell Ice Cube will also feature guest performances by internationally acclaimed vocal play group, Naturally 7. In addition to brilliant harmonies, every instrument sound is created by the human voice. From musical styles that range from pop to R&B, Naturally 7 has charmed fans around the world.

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High tech pavilion . Short fast moving line up. Go thru airport style security, get a free pair of QUALITY ear buds, not the cheap kind from the dollar store. Enter a lobby with an huge impressive LED screen, go into the main area and watch live Olympics coverage from CTV on flat screen TV's or watch short Olympic theme videos on hand motion activated video terminals. A Bell store is in the back of the pavilion.

This is a really cool spot to go to. The description speaks for itself, but they also give you free headphones (while quantities last, and we were lucky enough to see naturally seven. They performed at 7:30 when we were there

I went there yesterday and wait in long line up for about an hour, got inside and got free ear phone then leaved. It was really boring, all they have was some interview things. There is nothing much you can do except wait in line and get free earphone, really

I was planning on checking this out on Wed. afternoon but long line up and then you have to go through a security check. I can understand if the Canadian mint pavilion has security checks which they don't, but a Bell venue, give me a break.

I came at a time where there wasn't an athlete visit or performance, but still found it very interesting and fun. Lots of TVs showing events and it is cool that you get to use the earbuds.

As for the negative reviews, I don't know what people are expecting from these free venues. These venues are just highlighting their products (whether it is Bell showing products, or countries showing the highlights of their country).

Nice free headphones, but I went twice (waited a long time in line)on two different days and they were out of bells both times. I did see Alexandre Bilodeau live!

They gave out earphones to try out their special presentation programs. Sort of boring, just a lot of TVs to watch. ps. They ran out of bells.

How do I reach to Bell Ice Cube from my location? My Address is 7033, Hastings Street, Burnaby.

It's like going to a Bell store in a mall. There's no point in going in.

Not about the Ice Cube but didn't know where to put this. At the Bell kiosk in Pacific Centre by the atrium at the Georgia/Howe street entrance and Take 5 Cafe, they had an Olympic torch they were letting people get their picture taken with. They used their own camera to take pics and gave you a card to download the online photo the next day. They also took a picture with your own camera too. This was on Sunday Feb 14. Lineup was short. Not sure if that continues through the games. Very cool!

Will the Ice Cube be playing the Canada-Norway game today at 4:30?!?

The Ice Cube is kind of fun. You are handed a set of ear buds on the way in.

The atmosphere is great. Lots of lit up cubes hanging from the ceiling. Also cables hanging in front of flat screens. Plug your head phones into the cables to watch different kinds of content. Watch events on a big screen near the back of the cube. This is where the athletes appear. I saw Silken Laumann up close!!! She looks great. In the back, near the exit, text "cowbell" to 2010 and staff hand you a cowbell. Will go back to see Naturally 7.

Naturally 7 were great! The rest is just OK, at least it's not just a beer garden like most of the other places.

Naturally 7 was incredible!

This place is great; you just have to know the right time to attend.

Athlete interviews and autographs were pretty sweet!

If you like TVs and Naturally 7, you might enjoy the Ice Cube. There were some interesting athlete bio videos, but I really didn't have the patience to watch more than a couple. Skip it.

It is free and is open from 11am to 11pm
the line up moves very fast and it is pretty cool inside with all the lights. it is worth checking out just to get in the spirit of the games.


GAWD-AWFul...worse than waiting on hold for Bell service listening to muzak. If you like watching boring bank advertising, this is for you. Packed with hosers...

Corporate, dull, no seating. Forget this place unless entering draw for Oly tix.

You can find Naturally 7's performance schedule at the Winter Olympics here at

All performances are FREE! Enjoy!

Yes it's FREE!! Check the twitter page for more info.

We have a school next door to the Bell Ice Cube and would like to bring the students for a visit. Is it free?

How big is the big screen going to be? If it is smaller than 10 feet i may as well stay home and watch in my theatre room...

Yes, Naturally 7 - what days and times are they performing? Is there a charge to get in?

what times do Naturally 7 perform daily?

None of Bell's releases indicate an admission price. Given that it is nestled among other free venues, a ticket price seems unlikely.

Is this free or is there a charge to get in?? The site doesn't indicate either way.

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