BC Hydro Power Smart Village

power smart village CLOSED: This winter during the 2010 Games, BC Hydro will be opening the doors to the BC Hydro Power Smart Village (at 333 Dunsmuir Street), another free attraction. Visitors are welcomed to celebrate the spirit of the Games in a theme of conservation and sustainability. Members of your entire family will enjoy a wide range of activities like dancing on a sustainable dance floor, creating an inspirational message on the digital expression wall or even taking a break from cheering on athletes to check out First Nation carvings or our "the future is now" home exhibit. You'll even have a chance to win Olympic tickets by taking part in one of their many events. Click here to read our special Editor's Review of this pavilion.

The venue is about one-block from the LiveCity Downtown site and the Canada Pavilion in Vancouver.  Click here for directions.

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Is the power smart village open to public during Paralympic (Mar 12-21)? do you have any pin to giveaway?

So this is why BC Hydro is raising consumer rates by 9% a year.

The Volt was at the Power Smart Village from February 10 to February 19.

Regrettably the Volt will not be returning to Vancouver during the Paralympic Games, though we certainly would welcome it back, if it did.

I like the powersmart focus of BC Hydro and the Games. Does anybody know if/when the Chevy Volt will return after Feb 28th? I was there on the 27th and missed it.

We went there today and it was super-duper fun. Went there with 3 kids aged 3, 8 and 10 and they all enjoyed answering questions to win prizes, they all did some coloring on unique paper and learnt a few things as well.

They enjoyed the Energy Dance floor and most of all the digital art.

The staff are very, very friendly and really good with kids. The kids enjoyed the energy challenge as well and the guy hosting it was super cool.

The best part no line ups and many different stalls to visit and that kept the excitement level up for the kids. The passport is a good idea to know which areas to visit.

Well done BC Hydro....a truely awesome place to visit. Your staff are doing an excellent job.

I went there yesterday and had fun. I LOVE the digital art, I made bunny and I think thats really cool. There was no big line up at all, was just waiting for about 10-15 mins

This is one of the few places we were able to get in on Friday. We were asked about power savings to get our free light thingy.

Best thing here I saw... Some parents dancing with their little girl at club energy.

Happiness is a smile.

A lot of fun and really informative. Great ideas for conservation. Glad I visited the venue.

Venue was extremely informative - the hosts were friendly and focussed on helping people out. Because it is a free flowing space and there are a number of things to do, there were few line ups and we had a blast watching a whole bunch of people dance on the dance floor.

The home of the future was really cool...what a great use of a shipping container. Loved the plants growing out of the walls...

The digital art for the kids was awesome - never a moment when it wasn't being used by several kids (or kids at heart)

This venue was great! The staff are SUPER friendly and quite happy to answer all questions and even those not related to BC Hydro. They have stuff for all ages too. The venue was not too busy when I went on Saturday. You also have the chance to enter some really cool prizes, including Men's Hockey Gold Tickets!

Friendly staff and has possibilities to be entertaining. A group of Aborginal dancers who are performing at the Opening Ceremony will be doing something prior to that here on Feb. 12. Or so I was told.

BC Hydro is monitoring real-time venue energy consumption: www.venueenergytracker.com

The facility will be open to the public on February 10, 2010 at 10am.

when is facility open to public?

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