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Alberta HouseENDED FEB 28, 2010: Located at the intersection of Robson and Beatty Streets Alberta Plaza, in front of Alberta House, will be open to the public from 10:00 am – 11:00 pm daily and feature information about living, working, playing and investing in Alberta.  Every evening the plaza will offer free performances featuring 40 of Alberta’s established and emerging musicians and artists. The plaza will also showcase Alberta’s diverse cuisine with food and beverage sales offered to the public.

In addition to the musical artists, a selection of 20 artworks from the permanent art collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts will be featured at Alberta House. Showcasing Alberta visual artists, the artworks will highlight a diversity of media in both traditional and contemporary styles from hand blown glass to digital photography to kinetic sculpture. Thousands of international guests, Vancouver locals and fellow Canadians will be enticed to stop and experience dynamic presentations, and Alberta’s new brand message: Freedom to Create, Spirit to Achieve. February 17 has been proclaimed Alberta Day. See more info.

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We went to the Alberta Pavilion today to be rejected. Apparently it was not available to the regular public at all & was only available to important people. If these Pavilions are apart of the festivities for the Olympics then you should be OPEN. Some people actually pay to be in Vancouver for the festivities and would be nice to see representation from a neighboring province.

The prairie chowder is absolutely deliciious!! The people are really nice too. I love Alberta!!

Had a great lunch here! I took my kids when it wasn't busy. The BBQ beef sandwich, sausage & peppers on a bun and prairie chowder were all DELICIOUS, particularly the chowder.
We watched Olympic events and our hot beverages kept us warm. It's not expensive~ $6 or so for a beer ~ and the service is friendly. I'd go back for the chowder in a heartbeat. I agree with the poster who said try not to expect so much and just enjoy the place! Anyone else remember that the best part of Expo 86 was the Saskatchewan Pavillion, which sold terrific food??!? My point exactly.

Excellent food at Alberta House...beef buns, chili, "prairie chowder". All good.

their playing tomorrow actually it is free so I've heard. and who wouldn't wanna see Stereos for free lol.

Went here on Wed. afternoon, hardly any line up, there were displays of sculptures and free posters and pins, there was also a band playing on the stage when I came in but since this is an open venue you can just watch the show from the outside unless you want to spend money on their little restaurant.

Being an Alberta, we stopped at the house...complete disappointment as public is only allowed there to eat and drink. We expected more exhibits to sell tourism for spectacular province. Obviously not very thought out.

Where's the beef?

I've been in the line up twice and walked away. The first time, I didn't realize that it was a cafe only and I wasn't hungry. Then the second time, I didn't want to wait all night because people were not moving because they were watching the hockey game against sweden. Also, they were out of chicken pot pie.

Third time lucky?

got there somewhere around 4:00 and they said they were closed until 6....too bad...will go back later...maybe

Some of things people are saying about this place are total nonsense. I took my two kids there, had a meal (very good food) and watched the biathlon. Great service and nothing on the menu is over $10. Try not to expect so much and enjoy the place!

So I was spoiled! Alberta House ruled today, because I got so much swag AND we got to see the "private parts" AND we got to meet some MLAS! Weeee! Fun!!

it is driniking place only after waiting in line 20 minutes that's what i was where does the kid friendly come in...I was not in spending money for drink ..I was mad after the wait to get is only a "pub"

It's just an ordinary restaurant. Big deal. Why bother lining up when you can walk to a real restaurant with no line?

Alberta House is a great spot, because it's a HOUSE and not a tent like so many others. Fabulous music, enthusiastic servers & tasty food! What more can you expect? And btw, the line-up was minimal as compared to other venues.

Big disappointment. Stay away from this place.

Stopped by yesterday and they said on Alberta Day (Wednesday), they'll open the house to the public and have some giveaways.

We love this place!! Been there twice now. Inside is for vips only but outside plaza has YUMMY food (beef bun and chicken pot pie, sooo good) and live bands at night.
Have to wait in line a while which is annoying but it's been that way everywhere we've gone so far. And they have Big Rock beers!! ..... mmm, Big Rock....

Don't go. Only businesses are allowed in. Ordinary people are told to get lost. The only thing open to the public is the pub.

Restaurant by day, music venue by night. The food was pretty good (they had already run out of pot pie by 12:30, though, so go early). Decent beverage selection. Staff is super friendly and nice. Recommended.

was told that it was just a pavilion to eat in...too bad because it seems like there are a lot of those around :(

Aren't there enough Pubs in Vancouver? We don't need another one. Waste of time.

Security guard wouldn't let us pass either, what's going on? Seems like a trend that no one gets in here...don't go here, some of the other houses are way better

totally sucks, buzz killer, would NOT go, waste of time!

just a beer garden ,not much eles

Alberta House ROCKS!! I went last night and you have to try their Wild Boar Cesar.

Wouldn't it have made more sense to have the performers listed in order of the dates of their performances instead of alphabetically? I wanted to know who was performing tonight and tomorrow night. I had to scroll through the whole list. Not very user friendly!

Walked by Alberta House last night - security guard would NOT let us pass it on the sidewalk so that five unrecognizeable men in suits could exit from it without being inconvenienced by the pesky public and into their car. It was elitist and simply outrageous - it was a public sidewalk!! WE were NOT going to have it so deliberately walked on the street instead and passed right next to the car that these men were trying to get into. Sooooo unCanadian - I will not be visiting this house!

MBF Feb 19th! Just saw him in lethbridge! Can't wait!

Im excited to see the structure completed being part of the design team.

yes, i hope that Wil will be playing!! He is awesome!!

Can someone tell me if "Wil" is going to be performing at Alberta House?? If he is... you need to be there!!

Alberta cuisine? Alberta has cuisine? Isn't it just steak and baked potatoes? With bread, of course.

As an expat Albertan, I'm always proud to see Alberta promoted so positively.

I hear Stereos will be performing at the Alberta house on the 28th... is that show free?? :D

If you really want it to be Alberta house you need to put the a/c on to re-create 20 below! Brrr

This is across from my office...we can see the structure coming up! It is very exciting!

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