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rec_centreENDED FEB 28, 2010: Abbotsford Recreation Centre will transform into an Olympic Hub February 12-28, 2010. The Live Sites program was created to help residents share in the Spirit of 2010 as well as to help BC communities, in all regions of the Province, find a way to develop a lasting legacy from the 2010 Winter Games. Abbotsford residents will have a place to go to share the Olympic spirit. Olympic themed public skates, swims, and programs will welcome Abbotsford residents.

There will also be a free night market and inflatable fun zone Thursdays & Fridays 5pm – 9pm, Saturdays 9am – 9pm and Sundays Noon – 9pm. The Russian figure skaters will be practicing as well. For our out-of-town visitors, Abbotsford is located about an hour or so drive east of Vancouver on the TransCanada Highway. Check here to get the latest information. Click here for directions on how to get there.

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Low key is an under statement.

Abbotsford please pick up the torch and run with it.

The Russian figure skating team has been incredibly welcoming to viewers and skaters, there are performers that are volunteering their time and energy, yet the city that invited them seems disinterested.

Went to see the Russian figure skaters a couple of weeks ago and despite having to wait for about an hour (training times got changed and there was a miscommunication about the new time) they were quite good, especially the male figure skater that was there (not Pulshenko). Once the figure skaters came out, the people gathered around the window overlooking the rink quite quickly. They will be there until Wednesday.

This is a very family friendly, low key event. Volunteers and event was very friendly people. We waited outside for about 15 minutes, then we were let in to watch the Russian figure skaters practice. The viewing area is not in the stadium, but rather behind glass in a room on the second floor above the arena. Everyone could see the ice and the skaters. We could stay in the viewing area for about 20-30 minutes, then they ask you to move on and they bring in another group.
Not much for crowds. Afterwards, the Russian coaching staff was near the marketplace and signed autographs for us.

I saw the Russian Pairs skaters on the weekend and was in awe. They are beautiful in every imaginable way. It was an incredible thrill for my daughters and I. We were 3/4 hour early and didn't have to wait to enter. Well worth it for me.

So excited for the arrival of the torch on Feb 7 at the Abbotsford Rec Center. Its going to be a day to remember for a long time....... Go Canada Go!

Richard, the maps I've looked at show it on the corner of Marshall & Old Yale Rd. I've updated the Google Map link just to be safe.

I am quite sure the link for the directions is wrong, I am thinking that it is Google Maps fault, as it says it is the ARC but instead it has directions to get to the AG-REC center and Exhibition park...which is a totally different place

Or maybe I am missing something but I work out at ARC and know it is not near where the link says it is...

Happy to know that Abbotsford is a Live city and that we can share in the Olympic spirit without having to travel into Vancouver (although, we'll be doing that anyways) Wooohoooo CANADA!!!!

Would be great if they had a pin trading centre at the ARC. Don't want to go to Vanc but really want to trade some pins!

We plan on watching the Japanese S/Skaters at the ARC - as well as the Russian training events. We have our Canada Hoodies, Flags & mittens all ready to greet the Olympic Torch on Feb 7th...GO CANADA!!!!

Went for a workout yesterday at the rec centre to find it a bit more crowded than usual, a group of Japanese 2010 Olympians were there, speed skaters I think. Starting to feel like something special is happening when you are running and working out beside elite athletes (which I am not). Also looking forward to the arrival of the torch on Feb 7 in Abbotsford.

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