CityCaucus Podcast Pt 4: predictions for Metro mayors & rise of social media

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social media on civic politics.jpg Social media is changing the way we do civic politics in Canada

In the fourth installment of CityCaucus Cast, Mike and I discuss what we think might happen in the world of civic politics in 2011. Our discussion starts off with whether Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan might throw his hat in the ring for leader of the BC NDP. If he does, it may well shake up civic politics in that city for at least the next decade.

We also discuss whether Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart or New Westminster Mayor Wayne Wright plan to run again next year. If they do, we think Stewart has a lock on the job, while Wright may be challenged by another labour endorsed candidate or the upstart Voice New Westminster.

Our discussion then moves into the realm of how civic politics is being reshaped thanks to social media. There are now numerous bloggers and mainstream media reporters who cover this beat on a regular basis. It's helped to shape how people get their civic affairs news and heightened the level of interest in urban issues. Here is the segment in its entirety:

Here is a link to the mp3 clip.

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