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Just a few quick items for our readers to note as we have a busy day ahead, including honoring the memory of Virginia Greene this afternoon.

On advertising

Yes, CityCaucus.com runs ads! It's how we're paying for Christmas presents for our kids this year. We currently have two ads circulating, from Ocean Village Resorts and the Kevin Falcon campaign. The latter ads have garnered some questions as to whether CityCaucus.com is "endorsing" Falcon's leadership for Premier. CityCaucus.com has not taken any public position on any of the BC Liberal leadership candidates.

For those who are interested in running ads on our site in the months to come, please email us for details.

The Vancouver Courier "Newsmaker of the Year" edition is out!

The annual tradition continues with several "notable Vancouverites" commenting on what they thought the top news stories of the year were here in the city. I was pleased to be asked to contribute, and I argue why the Olympics will be Vancouver's 2010 newsmaker of the year.

Letters from Tides Canada's lawyer to Vivian Krause

Vivian Krause has now received three letters from the multi-million dollar charity challenging some details of her work, but none of her math. We'll have more on this next week.

We'll have more coverage of the week's events coming up in our weekend coverage. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @CityCaucus as we've had some fun exchanges and breaking stories happening in the Twittersphere.

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