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After months of inquiries Robertson finally supplies his answer

Vivian Krause's attempts to get answers to her fair questions of Gregor Robertson and his acolytes continues in spite of the Mayor's refusal to provide a forthcoming response. This latest post from Vivian Krause's website has a terse letter of response from Robertson, once again evading the questions.

In the letter Robertson says, "Your letter is asking several questions about business matters of third parties and as such I would encourage you to contact them for your answers." Those "third parties" are all the people who gave him money to get elected.

It was a big kiss-off from Mayor Gregor, but Vivian Krause promises there was no mistletoe involved.

See Thursday's Financial Post for another commentary piece by Krause based upon her recent experience speaking to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Natural Resources. And now, Vivian's latest post...

Since July, I have sent a series of letters to Mayor Gregor Robertson to convey my concern that a substantial amount of his campaign finance (both with Vision Vancouver and with the NDP) may have originated from the Endswell Foundation, a registered charity that is intimately involved with Tides Canada.

Today, I received a letter from Mayor Robertson. He doesn't answer any of my questions.

Two of my main question are:

1) Campaign Finance from a Registered Charity?

Did $159,783 of Vision Vancouver campaign finance and $49,172 for his 2005 NDP campaign, originate from the Endswell Foundation, a registered charity that is intimately involved with Tides Canada?  Since 2003, the Endswell Foundation spent $11.4 Million on overhead while 99 percent of Endswell's grants went to Tides Canada. What about the Vision Vancouver campaign finance from Interdependent Investments Ltd. - which was paid $1.2 Million by the Endswell Foundation (1997 - 2008)?

If Mayor Gregor Robertson is confident that none of his campaign finance originated from a registered charity, why doesn't he simply say so?

2) The "Strategic Plan" to Address B.C.'s Oil & Gas Industry

What is the "strategic plan" that Tides Canada was paid $70,000 to develop while Mayor Gregor Robertson was a director of Tides Canada? The stated purpose of that plan was "to address the oil and gas industry in British Columbia?"

  • * Fig Hewlett $12 Million Did the "strategic plan" involve thwarting oil exports to Asia by blocking oil tanker traffic on the B.C. coast - all in the name of marine conservation?
  • Did the "strategic plan" involve Tides Canada or Tides USA funding a large number of organizations to campaign in concert against Alberta oil - as reported recently in the Financial Post and the Vancouver Sun?
  • Did the "strategic plan" involve making HUGE payments to First Nations, such as the $27.3 Million that Tides Canada quietly paid to two, small First Nations, in 2008?
  • Did the "strategic plan" involve supporting a particular political party, or a particular politician?

For my response to Mayor Robertson, click here. Please read: Copyright Notice & Disclaimer.

- post by Vivian Krause. Follow Vivian on Twitter @FairQuestions.


Read "Demarketing Alberta" in today's Financial Post

Here's an excerpt of Vivian Krause's op/ed published today from coast to coast...

Last week, Michael Ignatieff and 142 other Members of Parliament voted in favour of a motion to ban oil tanker traffic on the north coast of British Columbia. This week, Liberal MP Joyce Murray from Vancouver Quadra introduced Bill C-606 to put that motion into law by amending the Canada Shipping Act to prohibit oil tanker traffic on the north and central coast of British Columbia.

Ms. Murray and every single one of those MPs played right into the hands of the U.S. foundations seeking to block oil tanker traffic. Whether intentional or not, these actions will also stop oil exports to Asia. On the surface, this is about oil, Canada’s single most important export. More important, this is about the sovereignty of our country, which should be decided by Canadians, not foreign-funded campaigns.

The charge to pressure MPs to vote for a tanker ban was led by the Dogwood Initiative. In 2009, a U.S. foundation paid $30,000 to the U.S. Tides Foundation to fund the Dogwood Initiative “to expand an outreach campaign to mobilize urban voters for a federal ban on coastal tankers.” Another U.S. foundation paid the Dogwood Initiative “to help grow public opposition to counter the Enbridge pipeline construction …”

In 2006, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund paid $100,000 to the Pembina Foundation and $100,000 to the Westcoast Environmental Law Research Foundation, “To prevent the development of a pipeline and tanker port that would endanger the Great Bear Rainforest.”

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Looks like Gregor is trying to bury this issue . . . so it is most likely there really is an issue, something to hide, something that could be politically embarrassing or if we are lucky, put an end to the era of Hollyhock Hippies ruining our city.

See what happens when you get a couple of politically motivated rich people with an eco greenie social justice agenda who think they are smarter and better than ordinary Vancouverites.

Uhh, I, erm, don't think, y' know... ah, this ... Erm... the issue is, uhh ... sounds like..y'know..uhh.. Greggy.

The 'Gregor' Thought of The Day

" I am a balloon artist. I can make 269 different animals.And they all look like dogs.So, what would you like;dogs? Good choice!" n.d.r.

And my interpretation of Gregor Robertson's response is:
'Dear Ms. Krause,

I'm The Gregor,
...and a chick, chick there...'

Gregor Robertson

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater!

Advancing sustainability, reducing our footprints, making livable cities, and promoting food security are IMO the most important issues our society is facing. That and government and corporate corruption.

Gregor Robertson: egocentric, corrupt, and more than willing to waste your hard earned money for his own office renovations, kickbacks to buddies, etc, etc. The grievous obstruction of process that he's created through his late night council sessions are just one in a long series of wrongs against Vancouverites.

But don't confuse that with green=bad. Bike lanes are good! Poorly planned needlessly expensive bike lanes are not. Green conscious development, good. "Ecodensity" that uses valuable land that should be reserved for local food production and light industry, bad.

Gregor Robertson has without question utterly failed to deliver on his pre-election commitments to transparency, social housing, environmental sustainability, and respect for the people at large. Time for an election!

I'm a bit confused? Is that really the mayor's letter to you?! If so, I'm shocked at how childish and churlish a response it is. Every day I am coming to regret casting a ballot for Mr. Robertson.

Ms. Krause thank you for your tenacity on such a deserved issue, and please know MANY Vancouverites encourage you to continue to press for 'actual' answers.

I find it so telling that those with the most to hide curtly shirk off duty to come clean and pathetically pass the buck onto others or third party.

As both Krause and Klassen emphatically state, when politicians like Liberal candidates Christy Clarke and Kevin Falcon “kiss off” fair questions and refuse to call a Public Inquiry into the sale of BC Rail, they are surely guilty of hiding a deep web of lies and corruption. After all, if they aren’t guilty or tainted in some way by the scandal, then why wouldn’t they favour an inquiry to clear their names and remove the massive cloud of doubt this casts over the Liberal party?

So, it is heartening to read this post and realize, by logical inference, that Vivian Krause and Mike Klassen fully support the call for a Public Inquiry into the sale of BC Rail. As they both make clear, the public has a democratic right to ask fair questions and know the truth about this deeply troubling matter.

We are lucky to have selfless individuals with unbiased journalistic integrity like Alex Tsakumis, who care so profoundly about the public’s right to know the truth.

And I will fully support Vivian Krause, Mike Klassen, and the rest of the CityCaucus team in their demand for a full Public Inquiry into the provincial Liberals’ sale of BC Rail.

No more hypocrisy!

"No more hypocrisy!". Boy, that'll be the day. That may sound cynical, but a cynic is what an idealist calls a realist.

Why stop with BC Rail? Let's have a public inquiry into the land dealings surrounding the Duke Point ferry terminal and the granting of casino licences by the Clark government, or the frauds perpetrated by Nanaimo Commonwealth, or the many cases of BCTF conflict-of-interest in their infiltration of school boards province-wide, or the issue of foreign campaign contributions to Canadian politicians.

If public inquiries are good, more is better. After all we have a right to know. Let's say the BC Rail deal was rigged from the start. Do we demand a return to the satus quo ante? Re-nationalize the railway and return the money? Run David MacLean out of town on a rail?

Does anyone seriously believe there is any hope of putting an end to kick-backs, influence-peddling, cash payoffs and all the other iffy core principles of our democratic system?

Sir Humphrey Appleby: "Minister, two basic rules of government. Never look into anything you don't have to. And never set up an enquiry unless you know in advance what its findings will be."

Don't forget the officiating in Game 7 of the '94 final. I think we need to take another look at that too (we wuz robbed!)


If we don't strive for having a government that isn't corrupt...what are we left with?

boohoo asks: What are we left with? Matters remain as they have always been and always will be. In the real world cash talks, bullshit walks.

Citizens face two choices: insurection or acquiescence. Mass protest demonstrations are merely a cover for inflicting property damage and physical injury on symbols of the State, rarely if ever accomplish their stated goals and play right into the hands of the "law and order" cadre. They will make the case that the Charter and a liberal judiciary go too far and encourages civil disorder and that we need to double the budget of the riot police, increase surveillance on everyone and build more prisons in selected ridings, etc.

The whole thing winds up in the Courts anyway and you could come out of it with a criminal record, after which nobody will much care what you think or say.

Playing the game however gives everybody an equal chance to improve their lot in life. Why waste years of your time trying to educate and organize a broadly-based coalition of environmental groups (for example) who will, at best, attend endless unproductive committee meetings and write reports which no-one will read, about a policy that has already been decided? Particularly when the money this requires mostly comes from foreign interests with questionable motives.

Any group with an issue that needs action now knows it's quicker, simpler and cleaner to raise the cash, put it in an envelope and then slip it to the Minister's executive assistant on the way into your meeting. Having donated generously to the election campaign helps. Or you could launder it through a charity or communications firm. There are lots of ways. Result? A timely decision in your favour.

The true hypocrisy is pretending that this isn't the way people do business in the real world, or that hand-wringing or setting strict terms of reference for a public inquiry will change anything.

You had me reading until:

Playing the game however gives everybody an equal chance to improve their lot in life.

Equal chance lol!

"We are lucky to have selfless individuals with unbiased journalistic integrity like [insert name here] who care so profoundly about the public’s right to know the truth."

pft ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh god some comments just kill me.

I disagree with AGT on a number of issues, for example as drug policy, Israel, Wikileaks, and when commenting in his blog have done so vigorously and received equally vigorous arguments back, written with a great deal more thought than a juvenile hahahahaha.

More important, however, are two facts which, irrespective of these disagreements, make me respect him as a man.

First I know, for reasons which I will not put down here as they relate to a third party, that he is an individual capable of remarkable personal generosity. Second, when pursuing misdeeds by those entrusted with public office he has the virtues of a Terrier, Bloodhound and Pit Bull rolled into one.

He digs, he chases and he bites.

Bang on Glissando.
Gregor should have added IOU to the taxpayers of Vancouver.

The Thought of The Day

"I think 'bev' stands short for 'beverage'. Based on your ha-ha-larious comment, it could only be a 'spirit'. More like in the outhouse fermented, strong Chukchi Vodka category, house of the Siberian taiga."

You are way out of your league, pal!

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Check out!

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