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Happy New Year to all of our readers!

It's New Year's Eve and the staff at CityCaucus Towers are all grumbling today about the fact we've asked them to work until 5 pm. Unfortunately we need them to stay late to keep researching some of the big stories we're working on for early in 2011!

What follows is our summary of some of the top stories we covered this year. Tomorrow we'll provide you with sampling of our top video hits. Have a great celebration tonight and be sure not to drink and drive! Enjoy the look back at 2010!


2nd: Our first story of the year was about the high school fiasco in New Westminster. After years of delay, the city's new secondary school has yet to be rebuilt

5th: An FOI we filed revealed that Vancouver City Manager Penny Ballem was deleting some emails

17th: We begin reporting on where all those free events will be at the Olympics. Our Where 2 Be for Free Guide became a smash hit

17th: A report comes out at Vancouver City Hall that says the arts granting system is not a corrupt system but it's influencable

26th: We report that Vancouver civic officials and their spouses get free tickets to the Olympics

31st: A video about one man's love for the Olympic Games caught our attention when it had less than 100 views. Over 800,000 views later it still inspires.  Do you believe?

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