Ice skating returns to Robson Square December 5th!

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Robson Square ice skating
One of the most popular venues during the 2010 Games is coming back – click for larger

Whether you skate like Moir & Virtue did in their gold medal performance (wasn't that amazing?) or if you make your way across the rink on your ankles, people love being on the ice at Robson Square. Last year thanks to a partnership with General Electric, the ice rink at Robson Square was brought back to life and became a centrepiece of Where to Be for Free during the 2010 Games.

Just before the excitement starts at today's Annual Rogers Santa Claus Parade, Premier Campbell will be joined by VANOC CEO John Furlong, along with Ministers Mary McNeil and Margaret MacDiarmid to officially re-open the Robson Square ice rink at 11am today. It can't come a day too soon, as we've already had four phone calls from members of the public asking when the rink will open. Our 2010 Free guide still puts us at the top of Google searches on the rink apparently.

During last year's Games festivities the GE Plaza brought over 115,000 visitors to Robson Square to enjoy ice skating, concerts, and other special events after its re-opening in late November 2009. Robson Square was BC’s signature celebration site during the 2010 Winter Games. It featured live music performances, lively crowds and of course the amazing fireworks shows every evening (see our video for the Ignite the Dream show). This time around though, it's just the skating which we're sure will make plenty of people happy.

Be sure to get downtown early, and we strongly recommend taking public transit if possible – Skytrain and Canada Line will both get you within a block or two of Howe & Robson Streets. Bring the kids too, as there is a rumour that a certain popular personality from the North Pole will be in attendance at today's opening of the rink.


A reminder to also check out Bloedel Conservatory today after 11am.

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Wouldn't it be great to recapture the Olympic spirit right before the holidays with more fun at Robson Square?

Won't the Mayor be there? Or has he not been too naughty this year to see Santa?

Though not up to skating myself I am delighted to spread the good cheer.

I think the mayor and Chris K will have to do the carbon foot print analysis of the rink before he would endorse it by showing up.

Robson Square is a provincial facility and the funding is provincial so the Mayor wouldn`t necessarily be invited.

Check out!

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