Don Cherry "left wing kooks" comment turns Ford inaugural into a circus

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Pink Jacket Day: Cherry blasts "pinkos" in Toronto City Hall – photo: Toronto Star

Quite the few days for Toronto. Rob Ford is working to drive a stake in the heart of Transit City. To stop this gravy train he'll blow over $130 million already spent on the project, be on the hook for whatever coin it's going to cost to cancel contracts, and bid adieu to five years worth of planning in a city that's a quarter-century behind in public transit. What loco motives drive this man?

Ontario's Ombudsman declared that the regulation that gave G20 fuzz jackbooted power was illegal and "likely unconstitutional". Andre Marin went on to say: "The effect of the regulation ... was to infringe on the freedom of expression in ways that do not seem justifiable in a free and democratic society."

Gee, I guess those protestors of whom Mayor Rob Ford said he had "very little sympathy", may have been subject to laws that were "almost certainly beyond the authority of the government to enact."

Then Mark Dailey, the voice of Toronto, the man whose quips and "CityTV. Everywhere" are part of my fond childhood memories, died of cancer.

Could a week that's only two days old get any worse? Of course it can!

Enter Don Cherry. For a few days the blogosphere and media have been jumping with news that Mississaugan Don Cherry, he of the xenophobic and bigoted remarks, the captain of the Julian Fantino fanclub, the man who relishes fight club hockey, would be speaking as Mayor Ford's special guest to open council.

Before Grapes could stand and deliver, he got his game face on by noting that he was happy to see the ass-end of the artsy elites and it was time for some lunch-pail, blue collar workers to run Toronto.

Cherry and Ford are millionaires. Hardly blue-collar but every inch the elite.

In today's speech to City Council (go to the 38 minute mark to see Cherry), Cherry actually outdid himself. He wore one of his garish suits. This one resembling satin sheets from a 19th century bordello. Fitting.

He used the word "pinko", a term as outdated as Cherry, four times. He said he was wearing "pinko" for "all the pinkos out there that ride bicycles and everything." Then he referred to left-wing pinko newspapers and left-wing pinkos who oppose Ford (unlike Ford, at least he didn't call anyone a "right-wing communist bastard").

Cherry finished his crazed, incomprehensible diatribe with the classy: "put that in your pipe you left-wing kooks."

This will be news for a few days as Torontonians and Toronto media attempt to figure out what happened to this city. One day we had a man who was Harvard-educated and well-spoken, now we have a Mayor who struggled with polysyllabic words during his swearing-in and thought Cherry a wise choice to deliver an address to the opening of council.

But I'm pleased, in a schadenfreude way, that Cherry got to shine in all his troglodytic glory. He has set the tone of the Ford years. Where all who disagree with Ford's misstep du jour will be labeled a kook and any time the media scrutinizes a Ford decision, they will be derided as pinko left-wing newspapers (never mind the MSM is not remotely left-wing and never has been).

In a meandering three-minute stand-up routine, Cherry neatly expressed the rigid ideology of Ford and his cronies. The loathing they feel toward anyone who questions or protests or criticizes.

Toronto, we are the nerds and city council is run by the football team and for four years they're going to punch us in the gut, steal our lunch money, and stuff us in a locker.

- post by Eric Mang

UPDATE @ 2:30PST: A spontaneous pink protest is taking place at Toronto City Council today. Looks like pink outerwear has become the new fashion trend!


Eric, you are just scared. You scared that citizens are tired of these Left wing social engineers. What did David Millar ever do for Toronto? So what if he went to Harvard? That automatically makes him a great politician? The left wing Pinko social engineers have had their time at the helm. I think it is great what cherry said..I LOVE IT, PINKO!! Stop being such a sore loser!

Thanks Eric... great column.

Eric you captured exactly what I was thinking. I don't like Don Cherry on HNIC, and I don't like him at Toronto council. Well done.

"One day we had a man who was Harvard-educated and well-spoken"

I think George Jonas has put it best:

"Education may dispel ignorance but it's likely to only confirm stupidity. Educating people beyond their intellectual means is a disservice to humanity. A clueless person who knows little is a nuisance; a clueless person who knows a lot is a menace."

Seems we can't go a week without Cherry causing a stir...

People like Cherry because he speaks his mind and doesn't come across as a phoney.

Cant say that about any politicians around today and that is his attraction.

Yet another thing missing here in Vancouver:


Enjoy your rainy season and stench of marijuana. And to all you bicycle riders out there: Beware of the drug dealers in their SUVs.

Here's Don Cherry's speech on YouTube.

Judge for yourself. It was a flashy way to say that there's a new sheriff in town, for sure. Was it offensive? Only if you have no sense of humour.

Cherry was blasting his critics. He always does that. He aimed his remarks at lefties in Toronto's media, whose sense of entitlement Cherry despises.

Oh well. Canadian politics was colourful for one day at least.

Great article. Eric. How sad that so many of us tolerate these offensive goons by laughing them off as colorful personalities. Some pitbulls need muzzling. As for your new mayor, and our Prime Minister and Ralph Klein's 15 year tenure in Alberta it is becoming evident that a good portion of our population is too stupid to deserve a democracy.

Great column, Eric. Really hit all the best touch points.

Mike, what's a pinko? Is it a bike rider? Or someone taking a streetcar? Dressed in pink. And what's a social engineer? You seem to be an authority on the subjects, which begs and expansion on your clever insight, as it confuses me. Basically, when I see one on the street I need to identify and stop them. Pictures would be helpful. Thanks.

Again, well said, Eric and the CityCaucus crew.

If the guy is so crappy for Mayor then why didn't the people of Toronto elect a better person? There's a saying, "The people elect the politicians they deserve." You may not like what he says or does, but once again, why didn't you work harder to get the person you wanted into office?

The Thought of The Day

"Looking at Don Cherry's flowery print jacket, tie - handkerchief - minted cuff-links coordinated,I wondered if he'd noticed. Naaah! He knows it's Pink...and No, he's Not."

Just put him in the 'Don Cherry' category. The man cannot be taken seriously. He's a naughty Baritone playing Il Pagliacci. Period.

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Check out!

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