Bloedel Conservatory brightens up for Christmas

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Bloedel Conservatory gives the dome a little sparkle over the holiday season

It's been a challenging year for the Bloedel Conservatory and its fans. Threatened with closure by the Vision Park Board, a group of supporters rallied public support and developed a business model to get visitors to return to the iconic Vancouver attraction.

What we saw during the year is that the public does like Bloedel Conservatory, and properly marketed (with all Canada Line / water reservoir construction barriers removed) the crowds will come back. During the upcoming holiday season the Conservatory is hosting its first ever Jewel Box of Lights, turning the dome into a sparkling jewel with thousands of little "guilt-free" LED lights.

I call LED lights "guilt-free" because of how little power they draw. I'm addicted to the little things, and end up buying a string or two more each winter. The LED hues will add colour within the tropical floral garden within, and during the cool evenings it will look spectacular from outside. I can see many fans of night photography setting up to take shots there now.

The Jewel Box of Lights at the Bloedel Conservatory is taking place beginning today (Dec. 3rd), and running until January 2nd 10am to 9pm, or 8pm on Sundays (the facility is closed only on Christmas Day, and closed at 5pm on Dec. 16, 30 & 31).

There will be a "special opening event" taking place this Sunday, December 5th 11am - 4pm. There will be music from the Trio of Tubas, Quartet of Carolers, and there's even a rumour Old Saint Nick will make an appearance.

Get out and see this great holiday time attraction. For more information call 604-257-8584. Due to a minor traffic detour, be sure to use the Ontario Street/33rd Avenue entrance.

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Speaking of positive news economically, technologically and to an extent socially:

"I call LED lights "guilt-free" because of how little power they draw. I'm addicted to the little things, and end up buying a string or two more each winter. "

Welcome to the Jevon Effect.

Good to see one of the NPA's green initiatives getting recognition. @boohoo, thanks for pointing this out in a non-partisan way.


The Friends of Bloedel in partnership with the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens Association are now able to initiate innovative displays such as the "Jewel Box of Lights" because of their dedication & hard work over this past year in saving this iconic Vancouver landmark.

All Vancouverites will benefit in future years from this & other imaginative programmes they will be orchestrating. The "Jewel Box of Lights" will allow visitors to appreciate the Bloedel's wonderland of exotic plants in a new way in keeping with the holiday season. This in partnership with Van Dusen's 'Festival of Lights' is a welcome holiday activity addition, especially for families.

Thus does technology make strange bedfellows... I utterly reject compact flourescents because they're not dimmable. Every lovely incadescent bulb in my household is on a dimmer. I rarely use any bulb's full capacity. My hydro bill is miniscule as a result.
As a PS, it is quite likely that electricity rates actually will triple in the next twenty years.
On that note, Merry Christmas everybody. And Happy Hanuka,too!

So far great public response to this event FYI best time to view is after 4:30 PM.Fantastic work by Park Board staff in cooperation with Friends of Bloedel to set this light display up.This is a small step, one of many positive ideas for renewal and increased public engagement at the Bloedel Conservatory.

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