BC's NDP after Carole James - what's next?

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carole-jamesCarole James's toughness wasn't enough to hang on

By now you've probably been singed by the blast radius of the latest in a series of political detonations taking place across the province. Carole James has resigned from her post as BC NDP leader, and will step aside to allow an interim leader to take over to be chosen by the party.

Today we won't have much to write about this as CityCaucus.com will be contributing to a special report for Tuesday's 24 Hours newspaper. It's widely held that James is a nice person, but her good nature wasn't enough when it came to holding her caucus together.

So who is next? Who can gain the support of the NDP membership and their labour backers? Several names are being tossed around, including Adrian Dix, Mike Farnworth, Norm Macdonald, Fin Donelly (MP), Peter Julian (MP), Bruce Ralston, John Horgan, and of course Gregor Robertson.

Notably there are no women being bandied about to replace James.

So who will it be? What are the implications for BC politics, for cities, or for the BC Liberals? Leave your thoughts below.

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I'm not super familiar with the leadership potential within this NDP caucus (I've only been in BC for a year), but Jenny Kwan could be added to that list (and would add at least 1 woman).

Whoever it will be it will the same shit, different pile. Same with the Liberals.

We need individual leaders to step up, not sheep at the mercy of some inept corrupt party.

+1 on Jenny Kwan. She should definitely run.

Also on a totally unrelated topic but one that I'm sure will be lost in the political bs is the Cambie Corridor planning process plows ahead. See the concepts and comment forms here:


Kwan is too much of a radical.

Farnworth would be a good candidate.

You can't act like lady Macbeth and expect to come out wearing the crown. Kwan is a traitor and stabbed her leader in the back. No way around that reality.. There is no way the electorate are going to reward her with the leadership. As an NDP supporter I am now waiting for one more resignation. That of Jenny "Macbeth" Kwan. Do it now.

Lady McBeth is the wrong analogy here. What we witnessed was more like the samurai scene from 'Kill Bill.' Beatrix Kwan seeks revenge with a samurai sword after CarO-ren Ishi originally tries to asphyxiate her with a yellow scarf!

For more insights into Carole James' role in her own demise see Corky Evans' piece in the Georgia Straight about how the original Carole James love-in with the yellow scarves might have actually gone down. If this story is accurate, then the venerable Ms. .James is definitely the author of her own demise

Ujjal Dosanjh?

Oh, I am all FOR Jenny Kwan to take a run...;-)

I have no intention of voting NDP, regardless of who the leader is, HOWEVER, I do hope that the NDP gets a strong leader, with a comprehensive platform, to run their damn party. Whomever is in power always benefits from an intelligent opposition that keeps their feet to the fire.

Carole James was never able to provide any real concrete alternative to the Liberals and simply rallied against anything that they came up with (the best example of this is the carbon tax, which the NDP should have not only come out in favor of, but should have rallied to increase, if they were staying true to their roots).

The NDP need to move beyond their ideological past and their coozy connections to unions, and put together an economic plan that is in keeping with the realities of the 21st century.

James would be a great leader for the Greens.

She could move the party towards the centre and respectability with no labour union involvement and she would also be able to establish a new party on the political horizon that the right might consider voting for.

"no women". Except on the voter's list. It's always been a problem for the NDP. The only women they care about are either missing or working as teachers.

In the 90's female NDP Cabinet Ministers used to place bets with each other on how long it would take the Male Ministers to change the subject when they spoke in committee. It never took long.

This is the same party (and many of the same people) who let Dave Barrett lose three provincial elections before sending him to Ottawa to qualify for that indexed federal pension.

This whole thing smells strongly of Bob Williams. I hope they run him. God forbid he ever gets anywhere near the Cabinet table ever again. Mind you the idea that it just might happen should mobilize a river of corporate donations to the Liberals.


Look for Jenny Kwan to be amply rewarded for being the one to lead the charge. Her days in provincial politics are numbered, methinks. But she will have a cushy, soft landing...

If you believed Corky Evans spin piece, I have a word of advice - never trust anyone over the age of 12 named Corky!

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