BC Liberal leadership candidates: What's your position on urban issues?

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CityCaucus.com poses some questions to BC Liberal leadership candidates

Both the BC Liberal and NDP parties are about to get new a leader in a few months. So far, there are five declared candidates who've thrown their hat in the ring for the BC Liberals. They include Christy Clark, Kevin Falcon, George Abbott, Moira Stilwell and Mike de Jong.

To date we haven't heard a lot spoken about the "urban" agenda. That's why we drafted ten questions which are being posed to each of the BC Liberal leadership candidates. We hope they'll read through each of them carefully and provide us with their succinct responses in the coming weeks.

1. Do you support an outright ban on civic parties or politicians receiving money from foreign contributors?

2. Do you support the current 3 year term for civic government or would you advocate for 4 year terms? If you support 4 year terms, would you also support introducing recall legislation for civic officials?

3. Do you support annual financial disclosure statements for civic parties, elected officials and candidates to ensure openness and transparency with campaign financing? If so, would this support extend to continuous disclosure of campaign contributors in the final weeks leading up to a civic election campaign?

4. Are you in favour of placing a cap on the maximum donation allowable to a civic politician or political party?

5. Do you believe the current Freedom of Information legislation needs to be strengthened to open up City Hall to more public scrutiny?

6. Would you support a regional police force in Metro Vancouver?

7. Are you in favour of eliminating AirCare if those funds could be transferred directly to TransLink in order to help support improved transit?

8. Will you commit to protecting the integrity of the Agricultural Land Reserve in order to reduce urban sprawl and improve access to locally grown food?

9. Are you willing to consider new legislation and/or policies aimed directly at reducing urban sprawl?

10. Would you be prepared to fund the development of a new Metro Vancouver regional economic development strategy?

We've asked the individual campaigns to respond in one of the following ways:

  • send us an email response which we will translate into a post
  • send us a series of tweets @citycaucus with their answers to individual questions

As soon as we begin hearing from the candidates, so will you. We hope they're all good sports and will be open to engaging our readers in this important discussion.

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