Abundance of heritage homes in historic Queens Park

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A photo tour of Queens Park in New Westminster

It was such a beautiful day in my neighbourhood that I decided to take a walk and snap a few photos of some heritage homes in historic Queens Park this morning. If you haven't been to New Westminster in a while, you might be surprised with what you'll find today. Most of the unkempt boarding houses and mansions that only a few decades ago dotted the neighbourhood have all but disappeared. 

About 10 years ago my wife convinced me to spend a day at the New Westminster Heritage Home Tour. It's what first exposed me to the abundance of heritage homes and just how beautiful a community New Westminster had become. The tour was also instrumental in helping us decide we wanted to live in the neighbourhood.

After a couple of decades of restoration and city by-laws protecting heritage properties, the community of Queen's Park has been lovingly restored to its previous condition. Yet despite increased property values, most of the heritage homes still sell for well under one million dollars. They may not be cheap, but compared to Vancouver's westside, they're still better priced.

I only captured about 30 homes in my photo shoot but there are dozens more that I missed. The weather forecast is calling for cool temps and sunny skies over the next week or so. Those are perfect conditions for heritage buffs who might be interested in making their own way down to Queens Park with camera in hand to snap a few photos.

If you can't make it out for a walk in the neighbourhood before the rain returns, at least I hope you enjoy the photos! Click here to be directed to the Flikr photo set which includes homes in in both Queens Park and Glenbrook North.

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Nice set of photos of 'heritage homes' in the Queens Park area of New Westminster, Daniel. Notice that every home has an overhang, too, meaning none of those nasty leak / water ingress problems that have plagued more recently constructed homes and apartments built across Vancouver over the course of the past thirty years.

Many thanks Daniel. These photos are a real eye opener. My views about New Westminster have not been at all positive for many years now. But maybe I need to reexamine this bias. Many years since I have been there. I just remember the old deteriorating homes and neighbourhood that was not at all welcoming. New West was just a necessary bump in the road as I drove to the Royal Columbian to see an ailing friend or to the Patullo Bridge and the wonders of Whalley beyond.. Good for the owners and the City of New Westminster.

How's that new high school coming along? You know, the one that was supposed to be built and completed years ago. New West the "little city that couldn't" should just give up and merge with Burnaby.

I hear what BobH said loud and clear. I think too many of the residents of the lower mainland have outdated ideas of New West or their impressions are based on a few beauty challenged street corners. New West is a densely populated small town with real neighborhoods. The people here are generally engaged in their community and there is a persistent sense of progress in the city (especially for those 25-45 years old). Traffic challenges, land shortages and other issues continue but all stats are good. New West even ranked best (or least bad) on the recent CFIB report on Muni spending. Good time to be a Hyack Booster.

I hope there are many New West residents like Daniel and Will. These two could be civic leaders who will encourage and coerce residents in the yet to get the idea and civic pride displayed by the Queens Park property owners. A small city like New West could be the jewel in the metro area.
And forget about Burnaby. Not much there but nondescript buildings and a far left leaning do nothing but complain local government. I would be horrified to say I was from Burnaby.

Will may be a Hyack booster, many people are. He is dead wrong about how New Westminster is trending.
It's facilities and amenities are dated, lacking and in short supply.Debt is mounting rapidly, as New Westminster's strategy changes from being a working city to a bedroom community. Tens of thousands of jobs have left. Every time a major employer leaves, the mayor says that he is surprised.
He shouldn't be surprised, council has signal very clearly that they see value in densification and increasing taxes. This is a false economy, unsustainable, because multi-family residential does not pay for the services that they use.
Also, if you take the first three years of the decade out of the equation, New West ranks very high in tax increases.
Under the previous Mayor, tax increase from '90 to '92 were 0,0 and 2.
The tax and spend crowd currently in place are rapidly driving New West. to the top in terms of taxes and debt.

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