A Christmas wish to Vision Vancouver from Bruce Allen

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Bruce Allen says 'Merry Christmas and a Happy Planet' to Vision

There's no denying that Bruce Allen, like the music artists he represents, is an entertainer. His no-holds barred approach to business has been the root of his success. Some of have suggested that he'd be a good mayor of Vancouver, but the reality is his business chops might be better suited running Metro Vancouver and whipping that accountability-challenged bureaucracy into shape. The City of Vancouver already has a fairly intense person running the civil service at City Hall.

Allen's attraction is that he speaks for Joe Six-pack on a lot of issues. There's nothing frou frou about his approach, which is why thousands of listeners on CKNW never tire of his rants. Allen's latest commentary zeros in on Gregor Robertson & Vision Vancouver in a way that would suggest that formerly fringe reports are hitting the mainstream consciousness big time. Listen to what Allen says here (mp3 clip):

Allen calls Gregor's gang a bunch of "eco-activist freaks" so linked to money from US charities that they don't give a damn about what Vancouverites think. He cites Mark Hasiuk's great December 1st column where Mark says that "Mayor Robertson is a Tides man." While the idea that Gregor & Vision might be gaming the system through their funding sources is catching on with average voters, the fair questions about who funds Vision had humble beginnings.

Of course, CityCaucus.com began writing about this as far back as March 2009, when we kicked off our popular "Know Your Donor" series of posts. In fact, our first subject was Gregor Robertson's chief of staff Mike Magee, and sources say that Mike didn't appreciate the attention. How, we wondered, could a consultant working for a number of US charities and green causes, either match or outspend people like Concord Pacific's Terry Hui or realtor Bob Rennie when it came to campaign donations? It didn't add up, so we wrote about it.

Then there is the odd and secretive society that exists around Hollyhock, the spiritual retreat 150 km from downtown Vancouver where the centre of power for this movement begins and ends. Joel Solomon is the local muckymuck of this movement, as a director of Hollyhock's board and with his current wife CEO of the island destination. Solomon has drawn attention to himself with his cavalier admission about having a 500-year plan well underway, and using Vancouver and British Columbia as a cauldron for systemic social change that he's driving with charitable dollars.

There quite literally has never been anything like it in the history of B.C. politics. But thanks to the research and personal sacrifice of Vivian Krause, the public are starting to piece together that something is happening below their radar.

So Merry Christmas, Vision Vancouver, from Bruce Allen and the rest of us who want to know who's been funding you. Perhaps your 2011 resolution will be to finally respond directly to the fair questions of Krause and others, to stop hiding who is paying the bills of the Tides Canada Initiatives Society, and to have Tides Canada back off on threats of legal action when someone asks questions about you.

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Good work by everyone involved in surfacing this one.

It's ironic that the left, who have been targeting anyone on the right who gets a few bucks from Canadian business is actually getting their funding from the USA when the skin is peeled back.

It has to bother them that this was uncovered.

Good to see there is still some journalism left although it's few and far between in media nowadays.

It would be interesting to hear from the BC Liberal leadership hopefuls if they are open to closing the loophole that allows foreigners to contribute to municipal campaigns. It should be done ASAP.

"Allen's latest commentary zeros in on Gregor Robertson & Vision Vancouver in a way that would suggest that formerly fringe reports are hitting the mainstream consciousness big time."

What you've essentially said is that Allen, finally woke up! Like the rest of the MSM (still with their collective heads up their asses), kissing up is (was) a given to the 'administration - whatever that may be', to the point where now, if you don't take a stand against you running the chance of becoming a media laughing stock. Let Frances Bula, Allen Garr and others fulfill those roles. They did it perfectly for the past two years anyways.
I've read clearer eye openers, right on the issue comments on this blog and on others, coming from anonymous commentators that have nothing to do with the MSM. Maybe they should be reporting the news and the 'journalists' should be pounding salt...
When a 'Bruce Allen' is script-reading what others are shouting out loud for a couple of years now, it's become accepted as reliable intel...
So it goes. LOL

See, why is this such a big issue now? External forces exercising influence over city hall has been going on for a very long time, and certainly this is not unique just for the Robertson reign - heck if we dig a little deeper the previous governing power in Vancouver I do believe have some answering to do - big time (not to mention the ridiculous scandals been perpetrated at a provincial level that makes Bingo-gate look like a 50/50 draw at my wife's book club).
We should be examining the atrocious influence corporate money has on our governing bodies and the stature that brings to corporate friendly legislation. Why has that been ignored for soooo long, yet this oh so secret, scaaaary group that openly speaks to its vision of the future is such a negative - it certainly deserves critical examination, but c'mon,
.......and you all most need this organization to exist so it can counteract the immense favoritism big business garners from its largesse influence.

Allen does not speak for the Joe the plumber. . . oops I mean Joe six pack. Christ I'm Joe six pack and I know he doesn't speak for me and my compatriots. Allen speaks for simple knee jerk reactionaries with short attention spans who only respond when buzz phrases are dangled in front of them that require little thought to comprehend and is easy for them to repeat at social gatherings or in disagreements where they believe because they are the loudest that their argument carries more weight. Allen is advertisement, pure and simple that is what he is. . . . lot of chat but no substance. We all can spout superficial drivel such as Allen, but not a lot of us are examining the greater construct.

Oh yeah, that line where you state: "There quite literally has never been anything like it in the history of B.C. politics" - are serious about that. Of everything that has gone on recently politically and everything that went on with the previous city governance you can't think of anything else that is comparative. Nothing jumps out at you?

Bruce Allen is right on the money this time. Living in Vancouver you can certainly feel the weight of a mayor who knows very little about economic benefits and is instead making every decision as though he were a Greenpeace activist. It's just so frustrating to see bad decisions being made every day. This 'Tides' story sheds a little light on who's really pressing the buttons of this administration. We are an American-run city with a Canadian puppet as it's face.

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