4,000,000 CityCaucus Reads Can't Be Wrong

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Move over Elvis..? Not quite, but we're pleased that you're reading!

It's not the kind of web traffic that keeps mainstream media webmasters up at night, but we're pleased with it nonetheless. Last night about midnight according to our web statistic tracking systems, CityCaucus.com logged its four millionth page view! What's a page view? Simply put it is each time a human opens up a link to CityCaucus.com.

In terms of unique visitors the numbers are a little harder to pin down, but it's in the range of 1.7 to 2.2 million. Our biggest day for page views was during the heady days of the 2010 Games, when our Where to Be for Free guide went viral. That was February 19, 2010 (see posts from that day) and 46,877 visitors came to CityCaucus.com within 24 hours, and 141,015 pages were opened on that day, sending our webmasters to their battle stations.

We marked our second anniversary early this month, and plan to recognize the anniversary of our "official" launch next month with another pub night – stay tuned for details on that in the New Year.

Today Daniel and I will be recording our first podcasts, which will look at the year that was and the year ahead in politics with an urban perspective. We'll be rolling out a series of posts in the days ahead, then downing tools for a Christmas break. I'm taking a long overdue vacation in the sun beginning next week, and will be quite literally "off the [internet] grid" until January 5th.

We continue to be grateful to all of our readers for helping us to elevate important news and discussions into mainstream consciousness across Metro Vancouver, and beyond. We've had nearly 13,000 comments on our 1,905 posts, which tells us you're engaged and prepared to join the debate.

Increasingly we find ourselves engaging with our followers on Twitter @CityCaucus. We've tracked about 100 new followers per month since the summer for a total of over 2400, and we don't use free stuff to entice new followers, just good tweets. If you want to follow the real city beat then follow us as well, and sign for my own personal Twitter stream @MikeKlassen while you're at it.

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Way to go guys! BTW, who's Mr. or Mrs Four Million? Just kiddin'
All the best, and Merry Christmas to all of you @ City Caucus!

Congratulations City Caucus!

(Did you hear the collective sigh come out of City Hall at the news Mike would be off the beat for few days LOL!)

Merry Christmas to you all!

You have to take into account that at least a million of those hits came from Chris Keam.

Congratulations. I don't always agree with your take on things, and I would like to see more focus on policy and issues rather than narrow partisanship, but I appreciate the passion and commitment and enjoy the exchange.

Yes, guys, shurely there should be official recog/prize for your 4 millionth! Me, I certianly remember my first...but that's another story.

I leave it to others to come up with(in)appropriate awards!

From one blogger to another, congratulations guys. Have a well-deserved break Mr. Klassen and a happy holiday.

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