Vision stages another kangaroo council meeting

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So late that the time clock gives up, another after-midnight vote is rammed through

It was one of the more unusual moments in the council chambers at Vancouver City Hall. After yet another pious pronouncement by Vision Coun. Raymond Louie, about five housing activists decide to occupy the middle of the room for an "intervention". And it all takes place in front of the cameras at 12:40am in the morning.

If you can spare only eight minutes to check out how dysfunctional council is under Vision Vancouver, then watch the video posted above.

Last week posted about the late distribution report on the Olympic Village, and the meeting which followed it. Then we posted more analysis as to why discussing Vision's tactics is important.

Until now, unless you've actually sat through the 90-minute (Windows Media only) video archive of the meeting, you've had to take our word for it as to how absurd city council meetings have become under Vision Vancouver.

Yes, there have been plenty of posturing politicians in council chambers during its 73-year history. But rarely have parliamentary rules been consistently applied to thwart public process as much as under this council.

In the clip we've provided it's amazing to see what we described earlier in our Twitter posts unfold. First, Coun. Raymond Louie gives one of his most sanctimonious performances yet, thanking the housing activists while condescending to them at the same time. Louie states that the late night vote was about "saving lives," but even his Vision colleagues probably knew he'd crossed the line.

Next, the VAN-ACT protesters move their chairs into the middle of council chambers to stage an intervention. This is taking place at 12:40am with staff looking on, likely on overtime pay.

Then something happens which is very revealing but hard to notice in all the chaos – Coun. Geoff Meggs calls the vote without debate. Meeting Chair Heather Deal hears the call from Meggs and proceeds to attempt to call the vote. If not for Coun. Anton's protests there would have been no debate. Amazing.

It's also astonishing to see City Manager Penny Ballem literally walk into the middle of the council chamber to face off with the housing activists. At $313,000 annual salary, Ballem became for a few minutes the city's best paid security guard.

The final moment of the video is a real keeper. The speech by Ellen Woodsworth, who after bristling during Coun. Anton's speech (Woodsworth is chewing her gum hard and holding her hands up to the side of her head, looking as though she's plugging her ears) gives her real feelings about democracy. She says it's best they hold this vote in the middle of the night so council doesn't have to listen to anyone opposed to their plan.

Another kangaroo council by Vision Vancouver is not exactly what the party needed to improve its reputation around the city. We know that Gregor thinks that communism is a great system, but we didn't think that other Vision & COPE councillors agreed with his anti-democratic ideals until we saw this latest episode of the Late Show with Vision Vancouver.

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I thought municipal governments were supposed to be the most accountable to the taxpaper, I guess only when the citizen is in agreement with the councilor. Clr Woodsworth's remarks are troubling, no matter which part of the political spectrum one is situated, with respect to the Canadians we honour this week.

Social media commentary cannot be blamed for Vancouver city council's reputation as they continue to ignore process, debate and choice. COV does a good job of swinging their own hatchet.

"Why it's not perfect and why more needs to be done. This is very important work that you do. But I think that tonight it's about finding the balance,of what is perfect and what is very imperfect, which is what we find on our streets."
That's Raymond Louie bullshit at its best! He almost choked on the word 'perfect'. LOL
Thanks for posting this Mike.
One rant addressed to that Bozo that sat on the table and obscured Suzanne.
Next time sit on a chair idiot!

Louie's rambling diatribe reminded me of Donald Rumsfeld's famous "Known unknowns" speech or maybe more appropriately poor old George W when he got tangled up with "Fool me once.."

But it's great to hear from Councillor Woodsworth that "everyone" is going to get a chance to live in one of the nicest parts of the city. Where do I get the application Ellen?

What Hadaway said.

What a banana republic we live in.

This video makes me wonder how Heather Deal felt about Andrea Reimer trashing Rich Coleman...

What a zoo this council has become. These guys all deserve to be kicked out of office. Kind of like doing a hard reboot of your computer. On occasion when you get stuck, it's the only option you have left.

The only way to describe what I saw on that video is dysfunctional.

All this just trying to reverse NPA's hard-working efforts in the past to create stability in the city and turning Vancouver in to a left-wing idealistic city of Vision's liking. Vision/COPE are one and the same party, just on the surface two different parties.

Is that democracy cubed?

Clearly Heather Deal was not meant to chair a meeting. That was terrible. she should be replaced by councillor Reimer or Geoff Meggs.

The Thought of The Day

“Homeless shelter volunteers needed - Offering weekend meals, or sharing a skill you have developed. Councillor Raymond Louie need not apply.”

Another long day at Vision Secondary!? Watching this video took me back to the time when I was a junior in High School. The Principal was talking, yada, yada, yada, I was more interested in measuring up the hot chicks, exchanging obscene gestures with my friends and trying to find a way out of there for a quick fag.
Why did I have the sensation of those juvenile years returning to me while watching the clip, beats me. Apparently I wasn’t the only one noticing that in between themselves all the actors present were looting a healthy ONE MILLION +++ TAXPAYERS $$$ per year in wages, benefits and miscellaneous perks.

Just asking. Who is benefiting from these long meetings? Are we talking overtime ’fat’ for city staff and/ or time banked against early retirement and/or pension benefits? ‘Cause, I think we do!

Back to Louie...his proudest moment for this year, if you didn’t know, was consumed on the PNE grounds when he extracted the winning ticket for the PNE Prize Home.
Some swore they heard the PNE President whispering nervously into Raymond’s ear ‘Councillor, take it easy, easy now, breath in–and-out, ookey, now-let-go-of-the-winning-ticket, easy, very good, so we could all go home to our families...and not in government issued Cruiser. Well done!’

Tell you what, the next group of people moving into the House of Pain will have to be checked for the existence of their middle fingers. And when found, they would have to give them up, allow them to be surgically removed.. They say, at least in theory, by doing that actually lowers the Bullshit Libido in Politicians. LOL

On a happier note, I’ll see if I can convince Glenn Beck to pay us a visit as a key note speaker for the next important public meeting at the City Hall. I might address the Council myself on his behalf if necessary. The Solomons and the ‘Tides’ peddlers hate his guts for he is getting to deep inside their fishy dealings and for exposing their complete bullshit, oh and for smoking them out in Canada as well. Me? I love the guy. He has a way of explaining things in plain English, you how everything is ‘Tide’ together...

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

City Caucus reported very clearly in an earlier post that the OV is social housing, not supported housing. No one eligible to move in is "on the street". Meanwhile, this is what's happening on the street:

Technically, not the city's problem. So what do we do? Just look the other way. How many health vans could have been supported for the money this Council has spent on divers frills?

Hi Gerry:

Only 21 of the 84 units are for social housing and this list of persons will be taken from BC Housing. The other 63 units will be given priority to the first responders and those ever important teachers, of which, according to this meeting, there is a 200 name waiting list - at market value, again that value deemed by the new operator's management company.

Regarldless, aren't the taxpayers still covering the subsidies for these higher earning folks? Maybe I have misunderstood that.

So in essence, only 21 people or familys (not many two and three bedroom units as comapared to singles) will be housed in the Oly Village.

The next parcel, (parcel 9) is suppose to be for seniors.

For whatever reason, Vision still believes they will hit a 50% mix over the next X years. However, they have not identified how many X years are.

I fail to see how these units will house anyone that is currently homeless and that is the biggest thing that is rubbing me the wrong way.

Will this move people that are currently in suitable housing that will now be available to move 20,40, 60 people off the street? I doubt it. Raymond Louie needs to help connect the dots, or perhaps there are no dots to connect. His incoherent verbal mush was nothing but a con job. (and a bad one at that)

Not on topic but of interest:

Talk turkey and COPE
Doug Herbert | Email news tips to

Saying they'll work with Vision Vancouver if a deal can be made, COPE says they'll be ready for the next years Vancouver civic election, "We know we're not going to have the kinds of corporate developer donations that the other two parties are gonna have so we will run a leaner more efficient campaign but that's what we did last time."

COPE Councillor David Cadman says if they can't reach an agreement with Vision on a combined slate they are ready to go it alone.

When asked whether he'd run for Mayor again, "So I've basically said at this point I don't think that that's my role. But never say never; there are a number of people that want me to do that."

Cadman says he hopes negotiations with Vision can get underway fairly quickly.

Hopefully the NPA will have to brains to use this video in their ads against the Visionistas next year.

As for COPE and VISION trying to come to an arrangement so as not to split the vote. My question is that if two parties have to do this to be elected there is really no need for the two parties as they are by their actions showing that they are one of the same so why the charade of running two parties.

Not only will these units not house the homeless, they are unlikely to house anyone who actually deserves any subsidy at all.

As Max notes most will go to people who are by any standards on good salaries and could readily afford to support themselves. Of the residue, well this is where a mixture of experience and cynicism comes into play.

Both here and in the UK I have observed that subsidized housing in highly desirable locations very soon fills up with the pushy and connected. I know some of these people, we probably all do, to whom income rules, waiting lists or actual need are irrelevancies. They end up living in these places while having posh cars, exotic holidays and even second homes.

I don't particularly blame them, it's human nature. Responsibility lies with the politicians and bureaucrats who misdirect public investment, which in this case could have gone a very long way toward resolving this shameful problem. They will be 'punished' in due course, however. With consultancies, directorships, pensions and pay offs.

It has been reported that the social housing complexes located in the False Creek area have single persons living in multi-bedroom units. They move in with families, but now their kids have grown and left yet they still stay there.

It should be part of the contract that once these family units becomes homes to empty nesters that those parents or singles agree to downsize accordingly.

This would allow families in need to get a place.

(Hey, doesn't Councilor Meggs live in those units?)

I think you are onto something. While I loathe the whole concept of social housing in the form it has taken at this location and in the manner it was delivered, it is now here and I fear we are stuck with it.

Therefore, as this 'social housing opportunity' is meant, according to COPE Clr Woodsworth, to 'allow all residents an opportunity to live in the most beautiful real estate in the city', some finite terms for the tenancy for those deemed recipients of this public largesse is entirely in order.

I fervently agree very recipient of housing at this location be required to re-apply for their housing at regular intervals, as their life circumstances (income, family composition) change.

The social housing component at 'Millenium Waters' is but a perk. Contrary to Clr. Louie's claims, no street person is ever going to receive an opportunity to live there, and no teacher or firefighter is in danger of dying on the street if they do not receive their 2 BR suite.

Housing is a basic need. Shelter is a basic right. Waterfront housing is a luxury - plain and simple.

David, I come from a former communist country of Yugoslavia many years ago after spend 30 in there. THe communists did the same there. Build very nice houses and buildings in the best places in the capital city and then all the police, security, big communists members, doctors and teachers communists members moved in there. We called it the
Parasitzya Kvartal. Not same here please.

@Max. Coun. Meggs owns a home built upon Vancouver Property Endowment land in the neighbouring community of South False Creek, just west of the Cambie Bridge. He and his neighbours own the so-called property improvements (the building) but not title to the land underneath. It would not be an issue normally, but Meggs is council's lead on all matters relating to this SEFC property just a short walk from his own property. I think it's a grey area in terms of conflict of interest, but he does not live in "social housing". In my opinion, it would be more ideal if Meggs would not live so close to SEFC if he's going to be weighing in on this project.

Srjdan, while I get the general idea, what does this translate to? Thanks.

I think he is referring to the fact that the units are being given to a priority list of 911 responders and teachers rather to those that are more in need.

Let's face it, the only reason these people have been singled out has zero to do with 'a national disaster' and more to do with payback to the CUPE members that donted heavily to Vision.

Especially teachers.

Tanslate: Paradise town.

I think it's parasite's quarter.

Yes, I think it is Parasite's Quarters too!
I 'googled' it, and despite the fact it took me some time to get there,I suspect it's a misspelled word (Ex. ParazitsKa instead of Parazitsya) But the message is still the same. And if someone from the former Red countries is getting worried...there is no smoke without fire.

At this rate the crack dealers will be living there and doing deals in the lobby, gang bangers will be trying to get in on the action and junkies will be shooting up in the elevator.

Definitely sounds like million dollar properties people would line up to buy.

Maybe the mayor can ride by on his bicycle every few hours to keep an eye on things and ring his bicycle bell to scare them away.

Agree with you Max, it appears to be an attempt @ "...payback to the CUPE members that donted heavily to Vision." by VV. Trouble is -- once more into the breach young man -- it's backfired. All the teachers & firemen I've spoken to about this are embarrassed.

Off topic, but again, of interest:

Fee hikes coming to Vancouver parks
Gord MacDonald | Email news tips to

Get ready for fee increases at Vancouver parks and community centres.

Park Board chair Aaron Jasper says "adjustments are done on an annual basis and this is very much in keeping with past practices and we have to make sure that we are covering our costs".

Jasper, who says a proposed, across-the-board increase of four per-cent covers a pay hike for union members previously agreed to.

But why always increase fees instead of cutting programs and laying off staff?

He says it's a fine balance and unionized staff have faced layoffs.

He says they are running a lean operation.

The Park Board votes on the fee hike Monday evening.

Mike, Thanks for the video and the comments. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad.

Where is the citizens democratic rights in this process? No Notice? No debate?

Vision Councillors (Louie) admit here that they can't fix homelessness. So their campaign promises were false. Now everyone knows it.

Love they way they suddenly blame all other levels of govts who certainly wouldn't lie and claim they could fix it. I bet if homelessnees could be easily solved Vision would happily take the credit.

What a despicable bunch.

Check out!

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