Royal Canadian Mint to set up store in downtown Vancouver

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People love money – that's why the Mint's coming back to Vancouver

"You can keep your Marxist ways, but it's only just a phase!" sings Eric Idle in Monty Python's famous Money Song. Of course, he wasn't singing about Vision Vancouver, but it is indeed true that Vancouverites love precious metals, cold hard cash and shiny bobbles. We know that because people would stand and wait for long hours to enter the Royal Canadian Mint Pavilion, arguably the most successful free venue during the 2010 Games.

I was privileged to be able to visit just moments before the crowds descended upon that Pavilion (see photos), and was equally pleased when the Mint figured out a way to extend their attraction during the Paralympics down at Vancouver's downtown library. For those who loved that venue or for many others who didn't get inside, we have learned that the Royal Canadian Mint is opening a store shortly at 700-block Granville Street.

The Mint's boutique is part of a two market test (Montreal and Vancouver) to gauge to viability of a retail market presence for the Mint based on the overwhelming consumer response during the Olympics.

We're awaiting further details on what will be presented there, but given the strict rules surrounding Olympic-branded items we don't expect that any medals will be on display. However, we're expecting a few surprises, and maybe another giant gold coin that no one could lift without a crane.

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Funny enough I walked by the store yesterday. A dozen or so staff were buzzing around, unboxing product and setting up displays. I asked through the locked door when they were opening and was told "This Thursday". As a collector for 45 years now, that's pretty exciting news. And no, I didn't buy a BU 1926 far six nickel for $30 from my paper route money when I was twelve because I thought I could still find one in my change...
o' well.

Great news. Thanks for posting this. The mint comes up with some really beautiful products.

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