Chuck Davis 1935-2010

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Davis in his element – Photo: Les Bazso, PNG, Vancouver Sun

We are saddened by the news of the passing of Vancouver historian & broadcaster Chuck Davis this morning just before 6am. Chuck revealed that he was ill at Sam Sullivan's Public Salon in September. We are extremely grateful for his work documenting our city's past, a great legacy which we all benefit from.

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Rest in peace Chuck.

Thank you for documenting our city. Your legacy of knowledge will be with us and our children's children forever.

I approached Chuck several years ago for some advice about a historical project I was hoping to undertake for our neighbourhood. His enthusiasm was so contagious that our one project became 4 and the list continues.

We may not have centuries of stories that will be taught in history classes around the world, but we have the most amazing collection of stories involving names that we recognize on street signs or parks or neigbourhoods. These are our stories and our history and Chuck has been a big part of making sure those stories are not forgotten. We owe him a promise to continue his work.

My condolences to Chuck's family. We have all lost a family member today.

i am truly sadden by the death this morning of Chuck Davis ... The Vancouver Book and The Greater Vancouver Book among others (and hopefully The History of Metropolitan Vancouver) have defined the history of Vancouver ... for which we are all grateful ... it was a pleasure to know you ... that willingness to offer 'one l...last story' at Sam's September 23rd Public Salon -- a memory I will never forget ...

My father was very interested in reading the history of Vancouver. He had The Vancouver Book for sure! Will have to go through his collection and make sure that one doesn't get given away.

My condolences to the Davis family.

This is truly very sad news. But Chuck knew the end was near, and still demonstrated incredible bravery and an amazing sense of humour.

A number of us had been in discussions with him about a potential fundraiser to raise monies to finish his latest project. Sadly, he was too ill to participate. However, if you are interested in making a donation to help the project get finished, you can find some details here

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