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Stormy political winds a comin' in British Columbia - click for larger

A weather analogy seems only fitting to describe what is about to hit British Columbia. A tornado of political activity is building that will permanently reshape the future of our province. Leadership candidates are building their operations, lining up supporters and mapping out strategies...and that's just the BC NDP. The ruling BC Liberals are also up to something too!

How will it affect you and me? How will affect our economy and our cities? We think it's important to ask these questions, and to hear from the candidates directly in the weeks to come. While most of us will be settling in for a little Christmas caroling and warm evenings of mulled wine, there are several people working overtime to try and take power in Gordon Campbell's wake.

And we want you to find out what's really happening by visiting CityCaucus.com. Today we are starting to ramp up our coverage of the BC Liberal leadership contest, and providing more background and analysis about what is happening in the back rooms. This evening we will post our interview with the first declared candidate for the BC Liberal leadership, MLA Moira Stilwell.

We remain the source of discussion about what's happening in our urban centres, and particularly our hometown of Vancouver. But the stakes are high for our cities. The rumblings of unhappiness within the NDP, and the no doubt aggressive campaign to come out on top in the BC Liberal party in the end will affect us all.

We will also be making extensive use of our social media in the coming weeks. We strongly suggest that you follow us on Twitter or Facebook if you are not already. Our crack research team at CityCaucus Tower will be combing through the best info and analysis out there, and we'll be sure to share it all with you.

So we look forward to the weeks to come, and of course the feedback we get from our valued readers. If you could ask the next leader of British Columbia, what question would that be? What's important to you?

Leave a comment below with your ideas on what British Columbia needs in a leader to move forward into the 21st Century.

- post by CityCaucus Staff

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