B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell resigns

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Gordon Campbell
Gordon Campbell resigns - photo: Todd Korol, Reuters

UPDATE: Prime Minister Harper releases statement on Campbell departure. Read below.

In a hastily assembled press announcement today at 11:30am, British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell announced that he has asked his BC Liberal Party to assemble a leadership convention as early as possible.

Campbell had been receiving a torrent of criticism in the days following his televised speech where he announced a renewed commitment to children's education, and a 15% income tax cut for those earning under $72,000. A rumoured letter from 17 members of his caucus may have been a deciding factor in what appears to be growing unhappiness from within his own ranks.

The BC Liberal Convention is taking place later this month in Penticton and there were increasing concerns that the unhappiness within the party would become more public. What is sure, however, the names of prospective candidates will become much clearer at the convention.

We will continue to add more details as they arrive.

We welcome any of your ideas on who might replace the Premier, and what you think this does for the Province as we go into the September 2011 HST referendum.

UPDATE: Prime Minister Harper sends out the following glowing statement. Is Campbell about to receive a big appointment from the Feds?


Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement:

"On behalf of the Government of Canada, I would like to thank Premier Gordon Campbell for his devoted service to British Columbians, and indeed his service to all Canadians. Through his considerable efforts, Premier Campbell has returned British Columbia to prosperity and has re-affirmed his province's rightful place in the heart of our Canadian Confederation.

"In particular, I would like to thank Premier Campbell for his steadfast support during the current global economic downturn and for his government's tremendous cooperation in implementing Canada's Economic Action Plan.

"On a more personal note, I would like to once again thank Premier Campbell for his tireless efforts in promoting British Columbia and Canada during the Vancouver-Whistler 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Canada and her athletes had no better champion, or more ardent supporter than Gordon Campbell. My enduring memory of Gordon will be with his arms raised cheering our athletes, his hands covered with those famous Canada mittens while passionately waving the Canadian flag.

"I wish Premier Campbell every success as he leaves public life. I am sure he will continue to sing British Columbia's and Canada's praises wherever he next goes."



I am not sure who is going to replace him but for sure the convention in Penticton could be an embarrassing sight.

So much so that the vice squad might be called in to tone down some of the soliciting between BC Liberals.

Best thing to happen to BC in decades!

The writing's on the wall for Carol James now. She won't be able to hang on when her poll numbers start dropping in face of a new Liberal leader.

He was well past his best before date. Good riddance.

Christie Clark would be a shoo in. I am sure she can get out of her radio show contract.

Bill Tieleman took down Gordon Campbell. Is Carol James next? I think so. Bill is working for Gregor. Expect Mayor Moonbeam to start looking a bit more at Victoria in the coming days. This could get interesting.

"Bill Tieleman took down Gordon Campbell." So Bill Tieleman talked GC into the BC Rail deal and made him impose the HST against GC's will.Uh,pass the Courvoisier, please, while I think about that one for a minute...

Shout out to Gliss-no pressure, but I sense a masterpiece in the making...

Bye bye Gordon. I won't miss you for a minute. You stayed on way too long! Hopefully it doesn't kill our cherished BC Liberal Party, cause we don't want the NDP in power.

Not a word of thanks for a lifetime of leadership in public affairs, a record of sound financial management and economic policy unmatched anywhere on Earth, the best Winter Olympics in history, lowest personal income taxes in North America, the largest investment of public funds in social housing for the last 20 years, advancing the First Nations file more than any other provincial or Federal leader, encouraging innovative and sustainable energy projects and on and on.
The churlish nature of so much of the commentary on Mr. Campbell's career is a bracing reminder of the central failing of the NDP. Sure, they lie about budgets, they steal from widows and orphans, they tax and spend and bend over for the government unions, then crash and burn (2 members, the good old days). That's to be expected. It's in their nature and we've seen it all before.
What really makes people tire of them is this: they have no class. Given the choice between a sneer and a smile, a shouted slogan and a warm greeting, waving a placard and seeking common ground, it's always the same story. Take the low road. Have no shame. Get into bed with Holocaust deniers and Zalmoids on the recall campaign. That sets just the right inspiring tone for those uplifting speeches you paid some guy to write. Hey, Dave Barrett was a fat old angry white guy and he did OK, right?

Meet the new boss...

Are you being facetious?

So tomorrow Mr C will be confirmed as yesterday's man. The end of this control freak's career is actually irrelevant to our everyday lives.

Meanwhile here's today's big news. Delta PD confirms the right of every police officer in BC to beat the crap out of innocent people without just cause and with complete impunity.

That affects us all, profoundly.

landlord, I don't know about the rest of what you say, but I agree that Campbell has served the province well.

Remove the red mittons. Roll up the sleeves. We are pleased to introduce you to Mr. John Furlong.

David, I am the ex-spouse of an police office.

Domestic disputes are one of the more dangerous situations for a police officer to walk into - for both the person at risk as well as the police.

Coupled with the fact this person did not speak English and did not obey the police when confronted.

First of all, my apologies for raising an off topic discussion. It simply seemed, and seems, to me that a very important matter with potential direct impact on our lives here in Vancouver is going to be overshadowed by a repetitious custard pie fight over Cambell, followed by an essentially futile snowstorm of speculation about his successor.

With regard to your comment, Max, let me accept from the start that there are good, competent people in our police force. I've met some of them, they would be a credit in any job. I believe, however, that they and we are let down by a culture of impunity applied to the VPD and other police forces.

In this particular case, to address your points, Yao Wei Wu is not a wife abuser and was not, therefore, engaged in any active criminality that would justify immediate physical intervention or forcible entry into his home. As you say, he does not speak English, which must have been obvious and certainly no surprise in this city, so expecting him to instantly 'obey' orders when confronted in this way is both ridiculous and not very credible. The idea that this small man in his underpants could be perceived as a threat by two large armed officers would be laughable in other circumstances. The report's conclusion is simply at variance with the evidence, it was clearly predetermined and would have been the same if he had died.

Of course as is usual Mr Wu, the victim, had charges made against him presumably on the basis of false claims made by the arresting officers, an abuse so widespread that it doesn't even draw comment. We are also expected to believe that the eye injury he suffered was the result of him hitting his face on the ground as he fell, but one look at a photograph makes it clear that this cannot be so as the damage is within rather than around the socket.

Your use of the word "obey' is interesting, although 'comply' seems to be preferred. This bespeaks a mentality that is unfortunately encouraged in which police are not the servants of the people but their masters, in which they see themselves not as a civilian force, part of the community but as something separate, agents of control. Combine that with effective immunity from prosecution or lesser sanctions and you have a recipe for incompetence, abuse and the kind of policing I really don't think any of us want.

Kudos man for your comment. I totally agree that the Campbell thing moves the other topics away from the big picture.
shove it buddy! OK?
Here is one other good example of someone not obeying the 'lookee no touchee' police mantra in Vancouver.


How sick is that, eh? Beyond disgusting pal!
BTW does the name Robert Dziekański reminds you of someone?

Just go.

Higgins, wow.

I'll remember your kind considerations for those that place their lives on the line to keep you and your family safe, day in and day out, and take more crap from the general public because quite frankly, many have nothing better to do than police bash.

I'll remember it when I see a friend whose hand was partially shot off when he and other officers went to a domestic dispute call. The husband took his wife and baby daughter hostage because he was 'upset' about something and drinking.

Did you ever stop and think that this incident may have been justified - or because of the persecution in the media did you just automatically think these officers were guilty?

Do you think I am unaware of the other incidents that have taken place in this province and across Canada?

I don't need youtube video - but thanks for your not so helpful insight.

That's what Ian Bush, Frank Paul and Polish immigrants used to say. Until the police killed them and skated on charges.

Do tell me landlord, how do those cases relate to the one commented on.

My first post was that domestic disputes are amoung the more dangerous that police officers have to attend.

To not even consider that their actions were warranted is typical of the police bashers we see crawling all over any news reports of police incidents.

Personally, I was not there and have no access to all reports outside of what reported in the media and we all know they never skew information.

If you and others feel so strongly against the police, that is your perogative.

But to blindly submit to the idea that because there was a mistake made that automatically it is 100% the fault of the police is small minded.

Let the police bashers carry on.


'..typical of the police bashers we see crawling over any news reports of police incidents."

Well, I don't regard myself or critics of police governance as crawlers or police bashers, in fact just the opposite. As to news reports, actually personal interaction has just as much influence on public attitudes. That is why I regret that in Vancouver we usually only see our officers in their cars rather than patrolling the streets. A good interaction with a police officer, and let me repeat I've had them, does more for the image of the force than any PR campaign ever could.

Unfortunately bad interactions can do lasting damage, and the number of those, never reported in the media, is in my opinion likely to steadily increase so long as police departments do not effectively hold their members to account. The force will steadily become less attractive to the right kind of people and more attractive to the wrong. Here are two from the experience of this middle class, middle aged, white male, the demographic most favourably inclined to law and order.

A little while ago I was tailgated, yelled at, insulted and then obstructed in a road rage incident by an idiot in a massive SUV for having the temerity to get in his way by driving at the speed limit in the left hand lane as I approached the junction where I intended to turn. OK, nothing new in that in Vancouver, except the culprit was a police officer, in one of the new SWAT type uniforms. How such a person is recruited is beyond me, he certainly undid any good work good officers have done in building the force's image. I do believe that, if it had not been in a busy street, I could possibly have suffered Mr Wu's experience.

Another unreported anecdote. A colleague's teenage son, leaving a noisy party about which a neighbour had complained, makes an offhand but not insulting comment to an arriving officer (not VPD) and walks away. He is promptly tasered in the back then tasered again on the ground. When his father attempts to file a complaint the boy is promptly charged with assaulting a police officer, a charge that could ruin his future career plans. In other words his father is effectively blackmailed, after legal costs running into five figures, into abandoning his case.

I know there are officers like your injured friend whose dedication and sacrifice deserve nothing but admiration, but they have nothing to fear from scrutiny and I really believe that they will be a vanishing breed if things continue as they have been recently.

Have to agree with you on that one, Gerry. The Premier brought this down on his own head.

The King is Dead!

Long live the ??????

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