What on earth were Vision thinking?

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Vision sells a memento of the traffic jams, lost sales

Picture the following. You've just been in a very sensitive negotiation with stakeholders. You've asked them to make a sacrifice for the greater good, and promised them that you'll be sensitive to their concerns. Nerves are already raw because the affected parties don't think you've been actually listening to them.

You spend hours in discussions, and a decision is made that has left several people on the opposite side of the table dissatisfied.

Do you...

  1. Keep your head down. Remain humble and work to mitigate the concerns of the affected parties? Or...
  2. Pop champagne corks and proceed to laugh at the people who you've just inconvenienced?

vision-shirt-pageMany downtown Vancouver businesses and residents might be wondering if Vision Vancouver opted for #2 upon learning that they're selling t-shirts that mock their predicament. Vision Vancouver are selling the t-shirts off the party's website (presumably at a small profit), and they plan to hand them out at an upcoming social event. According to Vision Vancouver's website the shirts were created "in the spirit of supporting the latest decision to create a separated bike route in Vancouver’s downtown core".

Or, as some might describe it, "IN YOUR FACE, CHUMP!"

The shirts say on the front "Bike Lanes Make Me Hornby" and have an illustration of a bicycle, with a Vision Vancouver logo on the sleeve. Party supporters can proudly wear these tees right through the profit-making Christmas shopping season, which will most likely bypass Hornby Street merchants this fall.

Vision Vancouver already have a well-earned image for being arrogant and dismissive of opposing viewpoints, but it does seem odd that they would have created an article of clothing to express it. Vision's Executive Director Ian Baillie told The Province newspaper that the shirts are "fun" and a way to "energize" party members.

CityCaucus.com contacted Charles Gauthier from the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association to get his reaction. He told us:

Typically I don’t comment on what political parties do, but I am disappointed in the T-shirt for the very same reasons that others are pointing out. It is supposed to be a trial and there is supposed to be some sensitivity. I don’t think this will sit well with a number of our members on Hornby Street. I’ve said very clearly that we support cycling as a mode of transportation into the downtown, but we have difficulty supporting this separated bike lane.

We also spoke with Laura Jones of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. Here is what Laura has to say about the t-shirt:

This is the same attitude we saw from Vancouver City Council and it’s disrespectful to the businesses on the street who are very worried about sales losses. The businesses I’ve dealt with have been very respectful and supportive of bike lanes—just not this specific proposal. They don’t deserve to be laughed at. The Mayor should show some leadership and put a stop to this.

Perhaps not widely known were the t-shirt phrases the party threw out before arriving at the suggestive Hornby line.

The t-shirts that Vision did not make stated:

"What, me listen?"

"I've got 3.2 million rea$on$ to laugh now"

"Right turns off Dunsmuir? Whatever."

If you want to discuss with Vision Vancouver your thoughts about their t-shirt, contact party staffer Tim Chipperfield directly at timc@votevision.ca.


We still think the NPA f***ing Hacks t-shirts were a whole lot more funny. They will make great Christmas presents for the City Hall watcher in your life! You can custom order your NPA %@#*&! Hack? t-shirt here.

- post by Mike


You can expect Robertson and Vision to blame the tasteless tshirt on the previous council. It's coming.

Who is paying for these t-shirts? The Vision(less) party or the taxpayer?

Who is covering the hard costs?

It's called triumphalism. Here's dictionary.com's definitions:


But wasn't it nice of them to pretend to listen to us? Don't they realize their mandate is from only 18% of the registered voters in Vancouver? They're behaving as if it was 80%...

Whadda ya expect from His Arrogance, Mayor Red Light? Thoughtful, respectful self-less, intelligence? HAHAH!!!

Can the mayor and council verify the "green/ethically/locally produced from start to finish" status of the tshirts??? I'll bet two cents that they weren't "made in Canada" - though apparently Vision has the bucks to pay!

I think mandatory drug testing needs to be instituted at City Hall.

Good chance they were made with "cheap" (possibly child) labour as well.

Mike is this a joke? A classic city caucus prank? If not, how bloody insulting to local merchants. The mayor seems to have completely lost his marbles. When will this all end?

Ohhh.... Gregor Gregor Gregor. I almost want to close my eyes. I just can't watch this train wreck anymore. So sad.

Shouldn't the T-shirts say "Temporary Bike Lanes Make me Hornby"? It's just a "trial bike lane", right?
The arrogance and poor taste of this crew seem to have no bounds and it's a great way to build relationships - stab your constituents in the eye and then laugh at them. The bullying behaviour continues...

spewing venom at Robertson over a bike lane is not only a sad reflection of the emptiness of your personal and professional lives, but it reminds everyone that the scandals and poor governance from Sullivan and the NPA were on an entirely more significant plane

I'm an avid cyclist but even I realize this t-shirt concept is stupid, stupid, stupid. I would never be caught dead wearing that shirt. This is really a big slap in the face to all the mom and pop store owners who are facing major construction headaches right about now.

Is this the same mayor that got elected on the backs of the Cambie Street merchants? This is akin to Gordon Campbell selling t-shirts that read "Cambie, the biggest hell hole ever".

Gregor I would cut your losses now, before this turns really ugly. It may have seemed like a cute idea by your political staff, but it's going over like a lead balloon. You are just feeding your opponents more ammunition. Please give me something to vote FOR you again.

And again, someone else who either didn't read the article, hasn't followed what has been taking place over this 'bike-lane', or just doesn't get it.

There is is folks, we all knew it would eventually be blamed on the NPA....

This has nothing to do with anybody but Vision and the lack of leadership at City Hall...
the only spewing going on Dylan, is the arrogance and bullying tactics from this administration.

oh my, this is classic 'white people and their problems'. Get some perspective on life, folks. An election happened. They were given a mandate from voters, based on an election platform that included expanding bike lanes. Yes, you are still mourning from an election that roundly condemned the NPA into obscurity, but this is the nature of the democratic process. You don't always get what you want--particularly if you have, frankly, bizarrely strong views on an issue like bike lanes.

I was wondering what Vision was thinking, so I went to over to Visions attack blog to find out..I was curious about what Johnathon Ross thinks, well all he has up is a picture of said disgusting T-shirt with a headline reading "Pretty Funny"....so we know what Vision thinks about their shoddy behavior.
Now if they were as honest about who pays for that blog, then Gregor produces the letter regarding the noise levels, now that I would find "very funny".
This situation is just repugnant...


classic "white people and their problems"


All I'm getting is images of Mayor Juicebox standing on an aircraft carrier saying "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."

This shirt isn't just the final straw, it's a rallying point. A cry to all those people who have been undecided that civic politics now needs you to take a stand. No more shall we let a bully run this city.

Wasn't I just told to lighten up and take a joke?

Jeez...this whole bike lane thing is just a tad overblown. Perspective people...

You lecture CC readers on perspective, and then play the race card? You disgust me.

The whole process for this bike lane and the shirt are disgusting. Voters will remember what they've done next year at the ballot box.

This has nothing to do with whether you support bike lanes or not. I support bike lanes but am disgusted with the lack of consultation that took place and now this arrogant sounding tshirt. If I were a business owner impacted by the current construction, I would be so choked right about now.

My prediction. Vision will back off from this within 48 hours if the mainstream media picks up the story and puts some heat on them.

Take out the 'b' in "Bike Lanes Make Me Hornby" and there it shows Gregor Robertson's true enamouring and obsession with bike lanes... plus being trapped in an endless dream of crowning himself the pariah of green action.

"Bike Lanes Make Me Ho**y". LOL

What infants!
As a woman who has spent a lot of time dealing with youth who have been sexually assaulted I find this type of humour adolescent and uncalled for.
Don't tell me that it's just about Hornby street.
It's the play on words that gets everybody's attention.
Locker room mentality.
I'm tired of all politicians.
Stop playing games and get on with improving this city.
Is that possible?

off topic sort of....
just reported on Global News, the city states that they face possibly as much as a 20 million dollar shortfall in next years budget...... wonder where that money shortfall came from....could this be why there is a need to sell the disgusting T-shirts. Who will lose services to accommodate Vision's agenda, children seniors,disabled???? do tell us Mr. Mayor

I was shocked to learn that the bike lane being constructed on Drake Street, between Hornby and Burrard is being built on the south side of Drake Street. VR 1183, 950 Drake Street is a strata-title residential building of 150 suites that only has access for moving in and out of the building from the loading zone on Drake Street. If you take away our only access to the building there will be no way to move in and out. No loading zone for seniors either. If fact, access is already blocked by the construction crews on Drake Street. Somebody has made a huge error in the disclosure and planning for this bike lane. We must have access to the street to move in and out. It also appears that the bike lane will block access to the common area courtyard which various trades need access to for critical maintenance work and fire department may need access to for the whole Anchor Point complex, which is bounded by Pacific, Hornby, Drake and Burrard….

NOTE:This email was sent to CityCaucus.com this morning by a strata manager and we thought we'd share it with our readers

The copycat Vision 't' shirt design would be a fail if it was submitted in a graphic design course. @ least the F#*@+> Hacks has some imagination & fun behind it.

I always knew what these lanes was all about. SEX!
Vision SEX that, Vision SEX this... and the same message over and over...Masterbike Comrades, Masterbike!
I'll give you a slogan for your next wet T-shirt lollapalooza:

You imply Greg that Hizzonner had marbles to lose in the first place! Gregor is the empty suit who was more electable than Geoff Meggs for Mayor. We all now Geoffy is Gepetto and Mayor Moonbeam is Pinnochio, Vision's little puppet.

When will it end? Well, it will hopefully end on November 19, 2011, election day in Vancouver and the rest of BC. That's if the NPA runs a flawless campaign with a Carole Taylor type at the top of the ticket. If they run a Suzanne Anton-type at the top of the ticket, look at 2014 when it will all end.

Too bad Anchor Point folks were not notified of the Separated Bike Lane coming to them along Drake between Hornby and Burrard. Of course, the City will say they were notified. Yeh... a small pamphlet stuck under some side door I'll bet.

Also Burrard St is getting a Separated Bike Lane from Drake to Pacific. And the right turn at Pacific St for South Bound traffic is eliminated too.

Pity the poor innocent tourist who wants to go into the West End from Burrard St. They will be stuck going over the Burrard Bridge or find they have to turn down Harwood towards Thurlow which is a busy street in itself.

(Hope the residents of Harwood/Thurlow are ready for a Traffic light at their intersection!)

All this for a small elite population. What a waste of money.

Do hope Vision Councillors don't soon tell us that there is a deficit in their budget. We know they would never admit it but will blame the NPA!!
Their reckless spending will soon bankrupt the City.

Hi Victor:

I noticed on Tuesday that the area surrounding the bus stop at Drake/Burrard as shut down to parking from the 13th to the 16th and on my way in that morning, two gentlemen in yellow jackets and a clip board were at the north-east corner of the bridge watching the traffic flow from the north-west.

Another done deal.

There's a great article in Saturday's, October 9, 2010, Vancouver Sun, "Villains, heroes, bystanders all perform on council stage" it talks about strata-ownership difficulties on a good day.

The thing that stands out the most is that no matter what kind of strata council is in place if City Hall wants to build whatever (even if the rest of the citizens are against the proposal)no strata counsil can win such a case against City Hall.

A "consccientious trustee" serves on the strata council, endeavours to be informed and keep other owners informed,listens to their concerns, follows the law, and acts inthe best interests of everyone. (Norton tellsme there seems to bemore demand than supply for this role.)

A "mushroom" is someone who'skept in the dark and fed manure. "Mushroom" owners are cultivated by false or misleading information, or lack of information, such as incomplete minutes of councilmeetings. Some council members cultivate "mushrooms" to maintain control or avoid embarrassment.

A "condo commando" is an owner who sees when something is not right in the corporation and tries to do something about it.

This could be writing a letter to the strata council, asking for a hearing, petitioning for a resolution to be considered at the next AGM, or running for council.

Sometimes referred to as "trouble-makers," these owners are isolated and vilified by the "strata nazis."

A "strata Nazi" ignores the rights of other owners and ignores strata legislation. He or she uses his or her power in the strata community to advance personal interests, often by bullying.

"Strata nazis" need not be on the strata council, but if such a group of owners gains control of your council, Norton's advice is to sell and move.

A "martyr" is a "condo commando" who burned out or gave up in frustration. Most "martyrs" sell and move, often to a non-strata property.

A "free-rider" is a strata owner who benefits from the efforts of a "condo commando" without helping.

A "sycophant" goes along with whatever is proposed by strata council. Many owners readily become "sycophants," unwilling to attend AGMs to ensure a quorum, or to fill vacancies on council.

Some owners play the "sycophant" role for fear of being socially ostracized or verbally abused if they object to something they witness.

A "leamming" is a "sycophant" who will vote against his/her interests to minimize time spent on strata matters.

For example, a majority of owners voted against getting a legal opinion on a developer's charge that may have been unlawful. They didn't want to risk a legal wrangle, even though a successful outcome would have been worth more than $200,000 to their strata corporation.

A "general" is a rarity. This is a supercharged "condo commando" who sees something is wrong and determines to put it right by organizing others and overcoming "strata nazis," "sycophants" and "lemmings" who stand in the way.

For example, a Vancouver condo owner, concerned about the cost of correcting deficiencies in her building and unable to get the three-quarters vote needed to sue the developer (too many "lemmings" and "sycophants") organized dozens of simultaneous small-claims court actions by individual owners.

The developer and its law firm tried to have the claims dismissed, but the judge refused. Mediation resuted and the owners - including some "free riders" - received $250,000 from the developer.

It seems to me that even if the strata council mentioned above had each others best interests at heart there is nothing they could have done to stop City Hall.

Sadly today on Global noon news, there was a story stating that Vision is speculating a 20 million dollar shortfall in the 2011 budget!!!! One can only guess where that money went..

Alex G T has just put up a post on the budget shortfall....we are in such a mess.. he lists where some cuts will be possibly coming...

Vision was elected by about 18% of registered Vancouver voters. The electorate has been woken up to the importance of civic politics by the egregious (look it up) behaviour of Robertson et al. If you think they're going to waltz into power again like they did the first time, you better have another look down that rabbit hole, because you're living in Wonderland.

Lighten up. Maybe you guys would be a bit happier if you got "hornby" more often.

I guess this means we will have hookers riding bicycles trying to seduce horny bicyclists into tricks. A whole new market for them.

The mayor can use this as an example of how bike lanes will stimulate downtown business for hookers.

I think we're all looking at this the wrong way...maybe they'll sell enough t-shirts to make up for the $20 million dollar 2011 budget shortfall that was just announced for our wonderful city. That way they won't have to raise our taxes and cut our services, they will just have to sell a lot of these incredibly stupid t-shirts.

I'm officially in the "anybody but Gregor/Vision" camp....we have to get these idiots out of office before they do anymore damage to our fair city.

And the city is using some of that common courtyard property as a construction workplace - perhaps we should look into having them evicted for trespassing on private property.

In the original proposal the bike lane was to be on the north side of Drake as there is no residences affected but I wonder if the Jim Pattison group lobbied the city to move it so it wouldn`t interfere with the development plans for there car lot site.

It is my understanding from attending both info meetings - for what it accomplished - that there will still be a loading zone as parking on the north side is being removed and the flow of traffic shifted - you would however have to move your stuff across the bike lane.

Thanks for much for enlightening the "white people". It's a shame that we can't just be all Joy Behar-ish and say "So what? Who cares?". You're cluelessness is what's bizarre. It's never been about bike lanes, it's about the behaviour of people that are PAID BY US.

to say that I am angry about this display of arrogance is an understatement. Traffic has been a nightmare. We've lost ALL of our parking on both sides of the street. Business is down about 20% in the first week alone. Customers are complaining. And all I get from the mayor is a t-shirt that in essence says F**k you Hornby merchants.

I don't have much time to spare outside the business but every waking moment will be spent trying to get rid of this mayor and his colleagues. What a misery they have been. Where can I take out an NPA membership for me and my family?

I'm sorry that you,and your family are going through this nightmare.I can only imagine your stress.
Just know that there are many of us standing to support you...I have already put in a call to the NPA office today, to offer assistance as a volunteer, the T-shirt was the last straw for me....
Good Luck to you :)

While the tshirts are stupid, how many 'final straws' have we heard about from vision haters? Seems a bit...insincere.

And why is the npa seemingly the only alternative? It's always 'I hate vision therefore I support NPA'. Why is that?

A question for you, boo: Why do you always ask so many stupid questions here?

perhaps you can suggest an alternative?

I think you answered the question..boohoo can't figure out which side of the fence she's on...hence the stupid questions.

It's an honest question. If you feel it's stupid, please feel free to ignore it.

Otherwise, why does hate for vision equal automatic support for npa? It seems like a very american style of politics. Are there no other options in local politics?

I wonder if Robertson has given up, thrown in the towel and just thumbing his nose at everyone. No sane politician would commit political suicide in such an extreme way. Put these Visionaries on mute and vote them out the door next year.

Ouch. Just watched Global TV. Gregor was hiding under his desk while they sent some young guy out in front of the cameras to explain this latest stupidity. He was a terrible spokesperson and didn't help the situation for vision.

They should have just apologized and canceled the stupid t-shirt gimmick. Instead, they defend it as "just a bit of humour" to lighten the situation for merchants. Incredible. Tell that to mom and pops who are losing sales and customers. Ha Ha Ha Ha...a really good laugh alright.

@ Charles,
even Meggs won't show his face on this one.

@boo: Um, do you think it has anything to do with the fact that this blog is frequented by many NPA supporters?

You are constantly here challenging anyone's support for the NPA, as well as their dislike for Vision. Interesting how I never see you doing the opposite while you claim to be "non-partisan." It's obvious that you are just here trolling. All you ever do is bitch and complain about the articles, the comments, the replies, everything.


I think the slogan on the shirt is great! Here are some of the other slogans we came up with that may show up in future Vision shirt promotions:
-Dictatorships make me green
-Vision - the nice Nazi's
-We have ways of making you bike
-F**k you...the bike lane is going in
-Hey buddy, can you spare $20 Million?
-Patti Bacchus make me hornby
-Meggs talks, Gregor walks
-We will keep lying until you believe us
-Hey, nice bike rack
-Is that a bike in you pants or are you just happy to see me?

Feel free to give us some suggestions. If we pick your idea we will give someone else the shaft.


I'm not challenging people's support for NPA. I'm wondering why it seems people are either hardcore vision or hardcore npa. People always write things like 'I voted vision last time but now it's NPA' or 'Where can I sign up for NPA' or whatever else. Is there no 3rd/4th alternative?

I don't understand your news flash.

And if you think I'm just trolling, please, feel free to ignore my posts.

And to Vision_Inside_'er,

Nazi's? Really? I guess I'm surprised it took this long...

you are so predictable....


How do you know me? Did you change your nickname?

Do you have an answer to the question? Or will you just be ignoring it as per usual.

I don't know you, I read this and other blogs. You are consistent with your posts. You are being paranoid.

Have I changed my moniker, yes I have,... for very personal reasons.

I was using a very much loved family members name as he bravely fought his battle with prostrate cancer. It helped me everyday to think of him as I typed in his name. A show of love and support.,

He lost his brave fight, and is no longer with us... if you have ever experienced grief and loss I'm sure you can understand that now to try and type in his name is nothing short of torture...grief is a complicated thing.

Does that answer your question??

My condo is in Anchor POINT 3, on Hornby next to your Anchor Point 2. You are correct, the City has shown the Drake lane on the north side of the street. The formwork is being placed however, on the south side. Why this change? IS THIS VISION'S IDEA OF CONSULTATION???

One of the issues I spoke to @ the Kangaroo Council about was the reduced on-street parking in the immediate area of this 5 building block all with 75% parking & no guest parking. This change is now wiping out another +/-10 spaces in addition to the 10 they took out before. They have reduced the on-street parking by almost 50%!!! How do your guests come to visit? How do seniors care providers & reno contractors, plumbers, etc. park?

To add insult to injury Vision is about to approve yet another SPOT RE-ZONING, 31 storey in an 8 storey neighbourhood, 12.44 FSR in a 5.5 FSR zone, 196 unit condo, also with 75% parking @ the 100'x130' postage stamp Ticket Master property @ Drake & Hornby.


"Is there no 3rd/4th alternative?"
There's COPE, they'd welcome new members who admire Fidel. You can run as an Independent, it worked for Carole Taylor.
The thing is, you and your party need at least $1 million to run a successful municipal campaign in Vancouver. Unless you know a wealthy American or quite a few wealthy Canadians, you can pretty much forget about it.
Don't worry, your donors only want what's best for the people, especially the poor old poor, no special deals or kickbacks or anything like that. Well, maybe the odd spot-rezoning or improved wages and benefits for city employees, but that's only fair. After all, they paid for it. You think they gave you all that money because you're pretty?
Sure, it's expensive. Just increase the property tax and blame your predecessors. Works every time.


Thamks for my guffaw of the day!

Bill - by moving it to the south side of Drake which wasn`t in the plans presented at the public meetings and on the website but was changed by council they are also wiping out access to service vehicles for our inner courtyard as they can only enter from the southwest corner of Drake and Hornby - it also looks like the trees in the bulge are also being removed which wasn`t in the plan presented to the public

The Thought of The Day

“Judging by the latest Vision T-Shirt release, I can safely assume that Robertson’s trip to China was a b*%#ing suckcess.”

And from here on, for Vision Vancouver there is only one way. Up!
Let me deep think for a moment. Maybe I can come up with a better slogan. Tick, Tack, Tick, Tack...


That would do. Oh, wait, here it comes.


(Oh,that's from the real MALCOLM X)


Love to stay but have to go. I'm in the middle of a VIFF marathon.

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Interesting what you find on the City`s website - here`s a link to a series of emails that went between city staff on the days leading up to and just after the vote - it is interesting to note how some of the players were cautioned about there plans in advance of the vote. It`s a pdf file and also shows the Mayor`s approval of the noise variance well in excess of the vote.



Just a thought but perhaps you can check your records for ip addresses from Ian Ballie and compare them to boohoo.

Seems a bit of a coincidence that "boohoo" has spent most of their time lately over at Bula's site with the rest of the socialists in Vancouver, only to pop up back at city caucus to defend a t-shirt.

Also perhaps a coincidence that Baillie was on the news defending said t-shirt with the same speaking notes boohoo is using on this thread.

Of course on mention, boohoo will immediately decry the Vision affiliation accusations as mere "conspiracy theory."

So in anticipation of this boohoo, you can spare us the defense and just fess up with who you really are already.

I found this quote at TheThunderbird.ca. Is this a plan for the future? Quite scary from the "Work Less Party"

“Vision wants to start a trial, we want to shut down streets [to cars] in the summer,” said Ian Baillie, media relations for Vision Vancouver, adding a trial period would help drivers adjust. “We’re saying let’s start slow, let’s have a trial.”

One thing, even despite the city's attempt to release all correspondence that would tend to back up their position that the project wasn't a done deal before the vote... They missed one damning piece of info.

In the letter from Joe Walls to Barbara Campbell on October 1st, Mr. Walls says...

"As we discussed briefly about the upcoming "potential" project..."

Why would Mr. Walls put quotes around the word potential? Probably because in the phone conversation prior to the letter it was agreed that the project was a done deal but they couldn't call it that in writing.

What's missing from this package was who approved the painted lines on Hornby Street on the Friday before the public hearing. There are several pictures available showing those lines existed several days prior to the actual vote of approval.

Also the signed noise variance from the mayor himself. If they're so willing to release the application why won't they actually release the signed order from the mayor?


As of this moment the City has stopped work on Drake St - in talking to one of the workers he admitted there was a flaw in the plan with regards to the loading zone issue at 950 Drake - there was a meeting between a strata rep and the Engineer this morning - more details later.

As for the trees - things have changed again - they are being moved about five feet closer to the sidewalk which now means the entire bulge put in about ten years ago is being ripped out.

I think it's kind of funny.

I'd even buy one if they were selling them online.


A few thoughts.

First, I don't think you know what Socialist means, perhaps you should understand it before you use it.

Second, I said the tshirt is stupid. I did not defend it. Please quote where I defended the tshirt. Come on, do it. ;)

Third, this is not the first time you`ve accused me of lying about who I am. I`m not sure what your fascination with me is but it`s pretty funny. I don`t know who Ian Balle is, nor do I care.

Since I found these blogs 8-9 months ago or whatever it was, I have never once logged in with a user name other than `boohoo`. I know you`ll just accuse me of lying, I don`t know what I can say about that.

And come on, how boring would these blogs be if there weren`t someone to argue with?

About as boring as city council meetings were when we actually had a council that listened to people who spoke to them. Instead of just looking at them all as actors engaged in theatrics.

Bike lanes make me Hornby? Oh Sweet Jesus, do these people ever stop. Just how many adjectives would it take to describe the character and composure of the Gregor’s mess.

What a litany of deceit & failure.

Why is it necessary to move trees for a 'TRIAL'? Does this mean the loading zone @ 1333 Hornby condo building + the 5 parking spaces on the west side of Hornby go also?

The City publishes 1 solution for Drake, gets Council approval & then builds another. The residents of the 950 Drake condo were blindsided by this irresponsible conduct. It is encouraging to hear the residents of 950 have @ least succeeded in getting the City to stop work but, what are the alternatives if the lane goes on the south side? This ain't pretty.

I'd like to know from the Jerry D. why he didn't mention this 'minor' change in their plans wen he & I were discussing the impact of reducing the on-street parking @ the Kangaroo Council hearing? The loading zone + +/-9 parking spaces were wiped out before this change but, @ least you could 'drop-off' in the active lane. With the change you would have to drop of then move navigate through the bikers to the front entry. This is a new low in the City's conduct & lack of transparency in this matter.

I suggest the 1333 Hornby condo strata also meet with the City to find out what other little surprises the City has up their sleeves for them. and, perhaps the merchants & stratas up & down Hornby should demand all work stop until the City can satisfy them as to what in fact the scope of work is for this project.

Nothing Glen? You just enjoy throwing baseless accusations out?


I'd be insulted if someone thought I was Ian Baillie after seeing him on that TV clip - the guy is a smirking dolt.

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