The haughty hands reveal the man

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What Robertson really feels is evident in those mitts of his 

When Vision Vancouver outworked the NPA and neutered COPE in 2008, they probably felt that they were on Easy Street. Nothing could stop the legendary 500-year plan to use charities, strategic business investments, educational indoctrination and political donations starting here in BC for systemic social change.

Thankfully for the future of the city it was not a complete rout on city council, park and school board, with some good people getting elected to hold Vision accountable. While our more red meat-eating readers might take issue with Coun. Suzanne Anton's sometimes understated approach, there are times when it can be particularly effective at getting under the skin of Mayor Gregor Robertson.

A case in point are Anton's questions directed at the Mayor during council last week, which you can view on video here. My colleague Daniel wrote about how Mayor's office aide Kevin Quinlan was engaging in throwing political jabs during business hours on his Twitter feed. While some thought it was fair game (he is political staff after all) the City's code of conduct is clear that this is a no-no.

Anton simply asked Robertson, who is Quinlan's boss, to be accountable for this and to make it stop. However, as the video makes clear, Gregor Robertson doesn't like the line of questioning about him or his staff. The Mayor's steely stare at Anton and his hands, tightly tapping impatiently, expressed Robertson's arrogance better than words would have.

Once again Gregor either pretends to be out of touch as to the activities of his staff, or he is being deliberately kept out of the loop. Given that Robertson is one of Vancouver's most famous Twitterholics, how is it possible that he doesn't know what his Executive Assistant is saying on Twitter?

Anton simply asked Gregor to be accountable for one of his staff, which he curtly said that he would "take under advisement". The NPA city councillor could have been more aggressive, but clearly her approach was quite enough to get Robertson to reveal himself.

- post by Mike


Hey Mike,

I thought I'd re-post a comment I'd made back when launched. I'm happy people are starting to think about policy regarding social media. I am also very glad that Vancouver has someone like Anton grilling the Mayor during council over topics like these.

"Did you notice links to Robertson's personal Twitter and Facebook accounts?

Gregor created his Twitter sometime in September 2008 - a few months before the election. His early tweets were mostly about working on a campaign. He talked about working on Vision's platform, attending interviews and debates, going to fundraisers and events, and reminding to people to go out and vote. Sometime after he was elected he changed his account name to MayorGregor, but it is still the same account.

So the CoV is linking to a website that was essentially used as a campaign tool. By the CoV directing traffic to Gregor's Facebook and Twitter accounts, he will have more friends and followers to send political messages. Who has ownership over these accounts? Will he use these accounts during the next election? What happens to these accounts when he leaves office?

NYC's webpage links to a Twitter account for the mayor's office, but it is obvious that it represents the office of the mayor and not the person himself. Bloomberg has a personal account, but that account is associated with his campaign's website, not the city's website. This is proper way to handle social media accounts. Campaign accounts should have to be separate from government accounts."

as a professional manicurist, trust me, the hands tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

If looks could kill. I'm sure he was mumbling under his breath "that f***ing NPA hack, who does she think she is questioning me, the Imperial mayor."

Those hands speak VOLUMES!!! Great video catch guys.

The Thought of the Evening

"No need to judge a man by his cuff-links. Oh, he's guilty, alright."

Mike, you little naughty, naughty boy, you picked on Gregor, again! Shame on you! How could you? Especially, when you only know half of the truth. The question is, do you want to know the truth?
Do you? Do you?
'Cause, I don't know, if you'll be able,to handle the truth!
OhKeeey, then.
Have you heard of the CC Tunnel Syndrome?
Think, think...
Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!
How do you feel now? I hope, very ashamed.
I say, you get to do it first! Let's see you do it, and then see how it feels afterwards.

The tingling.
The cramps.
The numbness.

Let's watch together.
(filmed during the break, right before the Anton enquiry - inside the Mayor's office)

The Moral is:

'Always keep a couple of freshly baked white rolls, nearby. And don't eat them! You never know when you'll gonna need them.'

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Just when I thought it could not get any funnier....
Tears are rolling down my face from laughing so hard.
You sir are the best!

@Glissy. You know what's scary? We were talking about you at our Thanksgiving dinner tonight. The numbness was caused by a bottle of Spanish Tempranillo. The tingling caused by laughter. No numbness thank goodness, but you're right, I do need a holiday.

Gliss R., the hardest working man in blog and roll...

This video is so funny and captures the essence of Robertson. I loved the zoom in on his hands. Couldn't stop laughing. Almost fell over in my chair. More. More!

The mayor should ask Mr. Green to apologize for his remarks. This would demonstrate he is above partisan politics. I think what he wrote in his Sun column is offensive. I'm sure he ruined Thanksgiving weekend for the whole Geller family.

Yes, it starts with the hands...

But as the investigations deepen, it cannot help but manifest itself in ever more serious ticks and neuroses...

Funny clip Angry Taxpayer...
This is the second meeting that the FD Element issue has been brought up .... in both instances Gregor's eyes did that evil twitch thing...wonder what he meant by taking it under advisement...

The Mayor must think we aren't smart enough to know that Kevin Quinlan is most likely one of his Facebook friends as well as one of his twitter followers. Is he kidding us !!!

What a non story.

Vancouver Citizen,

only you think this is a non story....are the trolls out tonight??

If nothing else watch the video a few times it gets funnier with each viewing...

Hahahaha!! Oh, you must be quite the comedienne! To think that the Mayor would ask.... HAHAHAHA.... Jim Green to apolo... HAHAHAHA -gize.... HAHAHAHA!!! Oh, I'm out of breath I'm laughing so loud!

While you're ABSOLUTELY CORRECT that he should apologize, he won't. That would require the Mayor to actually have a pair of stones in his trousers to make such a request, and it would require Jum Green for a few seconds to not be an unprincipled charlatan (and I don't think either man could pull it off).

As for the video... good stuff. He strikes me as the man who really thinks ignorance is bliss, since he seems to know nothing.

However, I think at one point, his hands looked like he wanted to wrap them around Suzanne Anton's throat. I guess that could've been dubbed "Hizzonner's Hold" (much like the legendary Shawinigan Handshake from Jean Chretien).

Does anyone know Morse Code? If you watch the Mayor's clenched hands and his fingers opening and closing he may be using them to send a secret SOS message to his staff like a captured POW... open, close, open, open, open, close...

Really? That's it? I was expecting some kind of horrible hand wringing or diabolical clenching of fists.

Does he sound like a douche for avoiding the question? Sure. But if politicans avoiding answers was news worthy, every single politician of any stripe would be in the news every time they speak.

The hands though? What a dud of a story.

Oh, Glissy,
You had me there, for a moment.I said to myself. Whaaat? Then I watched the Table Ballet... :-) You are the most entertaining writer on the blogosphere, at least in our part of the world, you are! Thanks for making my day.

does not seem particularly newsworthy.

Is the video 'news'? Not a bit. Is it hilarious to see how angry Gregor gets? It's priceless.

If it were Larry Campbell, he'd be sitting there with smirk on his face. He'd probably make some jab back to Anton and everyone would laugh.

But Gregor has no sense of humor. None. As a result everyone is laughing at him.

Thanks for the video, boys. This one got my week off to a good start.

I found it extremely newsworthy when once again, our Mayor is caught lying. His inability to control his body language confirms it.

Do you think we believe he isn't a twitter follower of of Kevin Quinlan, they are Facebook friends so it isn't much of a stretch.

Better yet, it is recorded so when he is held to account for condoning breach of the Code of Conduct of his Office that he swore oath can be used as evidence...
Come on, it was pretty funny....the Table Ballet of Glissy's will have you LOL


Are you claiming to be expert in reading body language? How does this video confirms that he is lying?

Please, this is a stretch even for most people here...

Actually Boohoo I was my profession for over 20 years. License hangs on the wall in my office..

sorry Boohoo,
I didn't finish answering your question. The hand movements displayed his stress level while trying to be deceitful answering a direct question.
This administration uses social Media, that will be their downfall. Everything is on record.... he stated that he was not aware of the tweets in question...that can come back to bite him


Surely you're joking...? I hope?

Sure, he looks uncomfortable. Does it confirm his supposed guilt? Hardly.

a conversation with you is obviously impossible as you only interpret what you want to try and redirect or deflect.

What are your qualifications that make you so sure of your comments? Or is this your job, are you trolling for your Gregor again....


Did you previously go by some other name? I don't know who you are yet you already know I'm a 'troll for Gregor'?

I'm not redirecting anything. I'm laughing at the depths people are going to try and slag the mayor. The body language of his hands equals he is guilty of lying? I mean come on...that's a bit over the top don't you think?

Oh and if calling the mayor a douche equals trolling for him, I wonder what complimenting him would be...

I'm smart, I can read, you do this every time, with everyone, right on cue you are pulling the I don't understand why people say this about me card.

Read my posts as I've answered your questions 3 times already....instead of a conversation you keep responding with smart ass put downs trying to denounce everything I say. READ CAREFULLY before you put me down!!!!
Thou who doth protest too loudly...

I watched the video clip. Few times.
Good catch City Cacus. What bothered me was Gregor's response @ 2m 19s 'Is that all you have?' Watch his satisfied Duffy Duck grin, listen to his tone, and look at his posture. No comments. Oh, and by the way, listen to the laughter (at Anton allegations) coming from the background of this video. It starts @ 2m 06s and continues after the Robertson response. Pitiful.
Charles Chaplin Tunnel Syndrome for this comedian. Glissando Remmy, one of my favorite commentators on this blog was BANG ON! LMAO


So have you changed your name?

My question was more rhetorical than anything... this whole video 'proof' of his guilt is just quite a stretch even for this blog.

I mean what next, proof he lies based on the colour of his tie? (That's also a joke and doesn't require a response fyi.)

Oh, dear, Parker Johnson (good nom de guerre, btw) and boohoo...

Newsworthy? non.
Funny? Oui!

You guys need a funny bone transplant, stat!

Paging Dr. Kerry Jang, Dr. Kerry Jang to the CC ER, right away!...

Well it's obvious he was fighting the urge but couldn't help himself from subconsciously wanting to key a direct message reply tweet to

"@KQ_VanCityHall: find out if we can create a link between Anton and 100 drunken women in a melee with a male stripper."!/KQ_VanCityHall/status/26414804015

Check out!

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