More voices admonish Jim Green over smear job

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Jim Green's smear of Michael Geller has angered another local commentator

I call it the Vision Vancouver Bully Machine. Unable to justify their policies on their merits, the Vancouver Mayor's office and their various proxies continue to do "drive-by smears" of those who criticize or disagree with them. Such was the case at the start of the Thanksgiving weekend when the Vancouver Sun published Jim Green's attack on developer/architect Michael Geller.

So much for enjoying turkey dinner with his wife and family, Geller spent the entire weekend defending himself against false accusations by Vision's Green. We tried our best here on Saturday to put Green's garbage through our Hot Tub De-Spin Time Machine, largely because Green decided smearing Geller wasn't enough – he accused us of so-called "Tea Party" tactics.

Councillor Geoff Meggs celebrated Green's attack on his blog, saying he thought his buddy Jim's piece was well-done. By Meggs view of the world it's okay to defend yourself with a lie. "All I can say is, these guys can dish it out, but they sure can’t take it," says Meggs. We guess it would be too much work to actually back up his points with some facts like the rest of us.

Now two prominent voices are coming out to admonish Green and Vision for their "drive-by" smears. Webster award-winning journalist Gary Mason in today's Globe and Mail speaks directly to Green's smear, also asking him to publicly apologize to Geller.

In an opinion piece in the Vancouver Sun, Mr. Green effectively characterized Mr. Geller as a narrow-minded bigot who was prejudiced against poor people. It was a scurrilous and completely unjustified attack that ignored a vast body of work that Mr. Geller has amassed over the years on behalf of the very group he is accused of discriminating against – the poor and disadvantaged. (And Mr. Green should do the right thing and apologize).

Also joining into the discussion is the Green Party's Stuart Mackinnon, who has also felt the wrath of the Vision Bully Machine during his term on Park Board. In his Better Parks blog Stuart says:

This past week the Vancouver Sun published an Op/Ed written by former city counsellor Jim Green, in which he accuses public policy analyst and developer Michael Geller of being prejudiced against homeless people and the poor. This is yet another example of the drive by smear that is becoming too common in local politics; pundits and politicians who, rather than address the issues, choose to attack and besmirch the intelligence and reputations of those they disagree with. I don't doubt that Mr. Green and Mr. Geller have differing views on civic affairs, but Mr. Green, in a bullying and nasty piece, chose to attack Mr. Geller personally.

Stuart says that these smears are going to hurt our political process:

It is little wonder that so few good people are drawn into public life, and that most people have such low opinions of politicians. When civil debate is not possible, public policy loses. When the exchange of ideas turns into an exchange of insults, people turn away. It is time that public figures were held to account. It is time to say enough is enough. Stop the personal attacks and debate the issues.

Mackinnon is absolutely correct on this. While I think most of us you need a thicker skin to be in the public eye, not many of us want to stoop to Vision Vancouver's methods. Jim Green made a reputation for his pugnacious style of politicking, which he clearly hasn't shed now that he's out of public life. How about we actually see Gregor Robertson try to defend his party's policies instead? Wouldn't that be nice to see Hizzonner crawl out from under his desk sometimes and get his hands dirty.

It's time we sent the Vision Vancouver Bully Machine to the scrap heap.


Both Jim Green and Michael Geller will be on the Bill Good Show this morning at 9am.

- post by Mike


Jim Green should be ashamed of himself. He has made his living on the backs of the poor for many years....Mr. Geller deserves a public apology.....nothing less would be acceptable...

At least with Stuart Mackinnon we still have one person in public life with some principles. Mr. Green should offer an unqualified apology to Geller this morning. Full stop. If he doesn't, it will be one more bad mark on this Vision administration.


Well......A Good Day to all the "Vision Deficient" Caucusites!
I trust everyone had a wonderful T-day.
I must say, logging in this morning gave me much to digest, aside from the delicious Tofurky Ms. Spokewheel served on this Hallmark Holiday in which we celebrate the plundering of Native Lands.

Poor Jim Green. Here's a guy who gives his all to the New Vancouver.
Props up Lord gregor at every opportunity and this is the thanks he gets?
You'd think a guy with his name on so many Social Housing projects would command respect. Instead, He's slandered by speaking his mind against mr. Geller....A Capitalist who obviously wants Vancouver to remain a relic of mediocrity.
As I was riding into my volunteer job writing for Neine! Magazine, I couldn't help but notice the wonderful kitchy aroma of back alley chicken coups.......and the rather empty Olympic Village.

Damn right it should contain a social housing component.
Rightfully, it should all be social housing! Why should only people who can afford an expensive condo be allowed in?
This isn't fair. Capitalism days are numbered, and you all know it! Canadians, and Vancouverites in particular, are supposed to be known for their generosity. Prove it people!
Give these units to the disenfranchised.
This will clean up the Downtown Eastside problem overnight.
Jim Green knows this. That's why he speaks the word of Gregor so passionately. To bludgeon common sense into your Jurassic mentality.

I know I'll be listening intently to his spot on The Bill Good Show this morning.
Jimmy S. needs his fill of bike lane chatter, Social Housing Banter, and a sprinkle of Gregor Worship.

Yours, Jimmy Spokewheel
"A Broken Cog In The Gearset of City Caucus."

Good gracious - why can we not have a debate in the political arena that sticks to the questions at hand. There is no need to characterize either Jim Green or Micheal Geller as parasites, bullys or poor guys who couldn't enjoy their Thanksgiving Dinner. Both men laid out an arguement and refuted each others points; I don't feel sorry for either of them. These put downs are not at place on a playground for five year olds. Debate your oponent, refute their points and if you wish to skewer them in some way try using a bit of old fashioned wit.

where did you find the parasite reference, I can't find it...

Yeah, great debate with Green calling Geller prejudiced. It was a smear job, no other way to describe it.

I don't particularly like the forever pencil-pusher, oh, so philosopher opportunist Mr. Geller and his views on the less fortunate, and what we should do with them, or how to address their issues. These are not part of his 'mandate'. So please, go away!

Jim Green on the other hand, is another type of opportunist, he caters to a different category of shmacks. Give those ones space to stretch their legs and soon you'll find yourself out of 'sitting area' on your own couch, in your own house. By having Green around is a smart thing. This may be the only 'green' they could claim to have in Vision ans as part of their 'greening' of Vancouver.

They want a fair debate? They should mud wrestle. I'll pay to watch that!

@West End Gal:
Haha! Now that's funny. We could make a huge spectacle of it.
Dress them up in the old school Maple Leaf Wrestling outfits, and through them in "The Mud Pit".
We gotta think of some good Wrestling names now.
According to the Pro Wrestling name generator, the names should be:
Jim "Dirty Venus" Green
Michael "Red Beast" Geller


Instead of boxing gloves, they both have to wear the new version of the Olympic mittens :)

How sad to see Jim Green to allow himself to be used as a Vision attack dog.

Michael Geller is a man of integrity, willing to speak the truth on difficult issues, trying to offer a sensible way out of the morass this Mayor has only made worse, and willing to stand up and represent the interests of the taxpayer who are completely forgotten by those running the city.

Instead, hearing Geller's well-reasoned suggestions, the Mayor and his hacks do what they are best at, shouting the man down and impeaching his reputation. It was their style during the campaign and it's their style of governing.

They attack CityCaucus, they attack Michael Geller,they attack Suzanne Anton regularly, and they attack Sam. They don't bother to debate policy differences because they know best. Instead they jump right to character assassination, taking a page directly from Republican party tactics I recognize from watching their poisonous conduct in the two decades before I moved home.

I wouldn't call Vision's behaviour thuggish, but others well might.

Scorched earth is one way to rule, Mr. Mayor. But you will go down in the same flames you ignite. And I don't think the firefighter's union will be quite so eager to help you next time around.

Mr. Green should be ashamed to have allowed himself to be used for such a nasty purpose. But it's the Mayor who should apologize to the constituent whose reputation he has just used the bully pulpit to besmirch.

@Sean. Ironically, the tactics employed by Vision over the last while resemble those of the Tea Party movement in the US. They have shown themselves to be mean spirited and will do whatever it takes to hold on to power. The Tea Party movement has nothing over Vision Vancouver when it comes to attacking their critics. Nothing.

Jim Green is the equivalent of the grease-ball in high school who used to pick on and bully the rest of the kids.

He has just moved into the adult stage of his bullying.

Stormin' Norman: I found it in one of the comments left on the web version of Jim Greens' article for the Sun

You shills at CC amaze me sometimes.
The NPA is finished! Kaput!
The new voters are middle-of-the-road. The bight-eyed surfer boy you proposed to lead the NPA probably agrees more with Vision. And the flatulent right-wing shrews like Tsukamis make me pee myself laughing.
He's was a Socred,a Federal Tory and a Campbell Liberal but insists he's not a right-winger. It reminds me of the fat kid with his hand in the cookie jar, his mouth covered in chocolate saying: " Not me! Not me!"
And as for the sanctimonious Reverend Bickerton calling Jim Green an attack dog. Well! Finally! You chihuahuas have been nipping at the heels of Vision for a year. Begone! Or we'll set the real dogs on you!

Be careful bubala, those that lie down with dogs usually wake up with fleas ...

In the spirit of the dramatic live rescue of the trapped miners in Chile, I'll say let's bury the hammer and sickle babalu and call Jim Green by his Spanish name El Pricko! Chi, Chi, Chi, Le, Le, Le! Chile!
Getting 33 people out of a hole in the ground, alive, after 69 days... that's news! Human hope, spirit, camaraderie, nothing like in Vancouver.

Maria,....I agree with your statement completely...awesome isn't it!

Your comment shows a real sense of panic.
Instead of distancing Vision from Green's scurrilous attack, by your silence you defend it.
BTW,what a classy response by Gellar in today's Sun.
Green is nothing more than a bitter throwback, still mired in the class warfare of yesteryear, and also a poverty pimp of the worst order.
Numbers don't lie babalu, vacuous Juiceboy and his handlers are going down for the count.
I don't know what the NPA will look like, I am not a member, but anything would be better than what we are seeing in power today.

Check out!

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