Media voices weigh in on Vision's "sham" public process

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The ubiquitous Mr. Meggs, the only Vision councillor who ever does media

What was supposed to be Vision's big political win has become yet another nightmare as the party and their leader continue their Fall from Grace. Last night's feature story on GlobalTV was about the apparent sham public process ("political theatre" as Councillor Anton called it) that was Tuesday's marathon public meeting on the Hornby bike lane.

Other media have also pursued this story on whether the project was, as many critics call it, "a done deal". The most incriminating evidence was a construction noise variance permit referred to in the memo circulated to neighbours first thing Wednesday morning, just hours after council's vote. The letter makes mention of the 7am start time for crews on Sunday.

Noise by-laws are set in place to allow us to have quiet time on weekends and evenings. To override these by-laws you need a signature from one person – the Mayor of Vancouver. The variance permit process according to City staff is five days from start to finish. The construction noise variance for the Hornby bike lane project was signed by Mayor Gregor Robertson on September 23rd. All requests to have the City release a copy of this letter by have been met with "go FOI it".

In response to questions from the media, Coun. Meggs – the man who steps into the limelight continually as the Mayor hides under his desk – shrugged it all off as a "ridiculous kerfuffle". Meggs also defended Engineering for starting all the planning and preparations without the approval of city council.

Perhaps one of the most pointed attacks on Vision Vancouver came on Thursday afternoon on CKNW radio. Host John McComb of The World Today program opened up his broadcast to blast Gregor Robertson and his Vision gang for their "sham" process in getting the bike lane passed through council. Listen to McComb's words in his 4-minute radio rant here (mp3):

This week's horrible media for Vision Vancouver includes a painful admission from the Malek brothers from Millennium Development. According to a story by the Vancouver Sun's Jeff Lee, the City "got in the way" of the developer.

Shahram Malek said Millennium would likely have made its September deadline had the city not put itself out in public as a “co-developer” when it took over New York-based Fortress Management’s construction loan.

The brothers state:

“A certain number of buyers were associating us with the city, they were saying the city has made references that they are co-developers with us. What that meant was that the original milestones we planned were affected by those allegations.”

In Lee's report, City Manager Penny Ballem balks at the Malek's explanation, stating that the City are clearly not "co-developers" of the project.

However, as the old saying goes, "you break it, you buy it". And when Gregor Robertson starting calling the Athlete's Village "a train wreck" that citizens would be "on the hook" for the billion dollar cost...

Well, you get the picture. Gregor Robertson better start making some calls to his American financial backers to help him out of this jam.

UPDATE: The Province newspaper has now weighed in on the "sham" consultation regarding the bike lane. Here is an excerpt:

It's a wonder how long Vancouver voters will continue to endure Mayor Gregor Robertson and his Visionaries, given their appalling contempt for democracy and due process, on display again with their Hornby bike-lane project...

Vision's disdain for the many people who live, work and do business in Vancouver who hold differing views and its disinterest in considering alternative ideas that could lead to better, more popular policies is a terrible shame for Vancouver. From the HEAT homeless shelters, to the West End STIR fiasco, to the bike lanes, to the obsessive Green agenda, the mayor and his party have shown a disturbing inability to consider other views. It may haunt them come next election.

- post by Mike


Does the statement by Shahram Malek of Millenium mean that Millenium was only depending on the $258 Million in sales
to pay its due loan payment to the City of $ 200 Million ? So Millenium Development does not have $ 2,000,000
in cash ? I do not think Concord Pacific or Peter Wall would have had a two million spare change short fall !!

. Engineers like to design and build things (in school their mindset is that they rule the world), while politicians like to spend money, especially on the constituency that they think elected them. The unfortunate truth is that they're going to bankrupt several hard working small business people to make a bike lane that most certainly will kill people. But it's OK. The engineers and politicians are just doing what engineers and politicians do, so there's no real reason for any of them to feel guilty about it.
If only they had heard of Hans Monderman...

Interesting how when Bob Rennie was interviewed yesterday on Global he said the reason they are late in offering sale incentives is the developer needs to agree to the package and so does the city. It would appear neither have come to an agreement. Gosh, and he's a friend of Vision. Just imagine if they don't like you.

Meanwhile, as Rome burns, the holding costs for this albatross continue to mount. Why is the city being so bureaucratic about this? Rennie said to the CBC back on Sept 1st the incentive package was imminent? Huh? Something is seriously wrong behind the scenes here. Enough in-camera meetings already. When will this incentive package be made public?

SEPT 1st CBC NEWS: The man marketing condominiums at the former Olympic Village in Vancouver's False Creek hopes to sweeten the deal for prospective buyers to spur stagnating sales.

Bob Rennie of Rennie Marketing contemplates absorbing some costs — such as the HST or a couple of years' maintenance fees — to lower the prices at Millennium, which the former Olympic Village is now called.

"We are going to announce those incentives mid-September," Rennie told CBC News on Wednesday.

Rennie has a reputation as a highly successful condo salesman in Vancouver.

'I think we'll be on track to do this within a two-year period.'— Millennium condo marketer Bob Rennie
He has his work cut out for him at the development, which had hoped to cash in on its role housing athletes during the Vancouver Olympics.

Millennium sales have been slower than expected. Hundreds of high-end condominium units are unoccupied and some commercial and retail space is unleased.

To date, 254 condo units have been sold, and 483 remain.

A sales drive that began in May has a goal of selling 40 condominiums by the end of September, but only 26 have been sold so far...


I thought the concerns of the elderly and disabled were an issue for critics of the Hornby St design? From your link:

"Another hurdle will be gaining acceptance from groups such as the elderly and disabled. The only negative reaction from the public in Drachten came from elderly people, with 10% feeling it to be more dangerous than before.
‘Elderly people feel the change
in responsibility and the perception of risk the strongest. This is a big issue that we have to give attention to in our designs,’ says Monderman.
Likewise the disabled, and particularly the blind, are likely to be uneasy about changes that will take away instruments such as lights, curbs and tactile surfaces at crossings that they lobbied
hard to get installed."

Examining the state of our local democracy is very appropriate today, as the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded this morning to Chinese democracy advocate Liu Xiaobo. He won't be able to pick up his prize as he is currently imprisoned for his writing and activism.

City Council should send a congratulatory message of support to him.

Notice where the arrow is pointed in the photo above. LOL. Looks like Meggs has a nose stretcher to me. Great work on another week of keeping these fibbers in line. How many more weeks until the election? Too bad it wasn't this fall.

This up on CKNW:

The animosity continues at City Hall
Marcella Bernardo | Email news tips to Marcella

Vancouver's Mayor is accusing lone NPA Councillor Suzanne Anton of insulting city staff by questioning their ability to start construction on the new Hornby bike lane hours after it was approved late Tuesday night, "Its just politics at work and instead of taking the principled position and doing what's right for the transportation network and getting this trial underway as soon as we can."

Gregor Robertson also continues to insist the 3.2-million dollar project is not permanent yet, "This is a trial and we have to give it every chance of succeeding. If its not working. If there's real negative impacts from it, then we have to look at other options."

Robertson says staff have always said they could work quickly to get the lane ready before Christmas.

What does Gregor have to hide? Why doesn't he just release the letter to the public? If he did sign a work authorization exemption for the bike lane prior to the council meeting then we have the right to see his signature at the bottom of the letter. What do you say mr mayor? If this process wasn't a sham, then post a copy of this letter on your website today.

If it walks like a sham, talks like a sham, it's a sham.

Why do you complain so?

King Gregor I flatters us stupid peons so much by pretending to listen to our concerns while he plans his slam dunk policies.

He doesn't need to flatter us. He is a progressive, so much smarter than us, so much more able to decide what is good for us, so much more capable of doing good.

He needs us not but he allows to pretend we have a say in our governance. His rich American backers will make his future secure, despite how much he screws over the rest of us.

He is just channeling his inner Progressive, showing his love for Obamassiah style government.

Don't be so hard on him, you are not equal.

Are you telling me that not only do I have to put up with the construction crews on my street for 10 weeks but now Robertson authorized workers to start at 7 am on Sundays. Now I know he's really nuts. Do you know how pissed thousands of us will be when the cutsaws to build his stupid bikelane fire up at the crack of dawn every Sunday. What the hell is the big rush on this bloody project anyways!!!!!

Don't worry, those bike lanes will be well used in the dead of winter - which, if the meteorologists are correct, is suppose to be similar to the one we had in 2008.

Can't wait though, I am 100% sure that when the city reports its first set of numbers for riders using that lane they will truly grand regardless of whether there is 6 feet of snow at the time, or not.

On a more serious not, last night Global posted up future routes targeted - Main, Cambie, Commercial, Oak and I can't remember the others.

From what I am hearing - Commercial Drive is next.

$3.2 million for a 'trial'?? Plus lost parking meter revenue - I have heard $1.5 million a year. So $4 - $5 million ...more if you count the cost to manufacture statistics and a report on the $125 million in 'benefits' the cycle lobby would have you believe Vancouver will receive.

I was thinking last night, Malbec in hand, that if the Fall from Graceâ„¢ continues the NPA could run Kim il Jong for Mayor and win.
Then it occurred to me that Kim and the Mayor actually have a great deal in common. Consider these similarities:
• Hagiographic back-story stressing famous lineage
• Publicly funded assumption-of-power spectacles
• Uses public money for luxury surroundings
• Unintentionally comic publicly-funded propaganda operations
• Long term regime plans
• No opposition
• Fawning mainstream media
• Doesn't appear in public much, and rare appearances are heavily scripted
• Deep pocketed foreign funders
• Soft spot for communism (the non-democratic bits)
• Secret island hideaway
• Surrounded by henchpersons
• Hit lists for critics
• Memorable hair
What did I miss?

Yes - you are correct - firing up the chainsaws at 7AM on a Sunday is correct. Probably double or triple time for the workers as well.

The city put up red no parking bags on the parking meters in the 1300 block Hornby early yesterday - depriving business of a place for there customers to park etc AND there are NO CITY crews out there working this morning - probably drinking their Happy Planet juices while planning their long weekend overtime work on Hornby St bike lane.

I'd be curious to have some feedback from the owners/managers of Relish at the corner of Hornby and Nelson.

For quite a while they were fenced off, while the area was under construction.

I know they were offering some good deals on local oysters (before the band and pints of beer to try to pull people in.

They were just getting out from under the construction blanket and now this.

With some drivers now openly admitting to assaulting cyclists, it’s becoming more and more clear that cyclists need additional protection from aggressive and potentially violent individuals.

“I get out of the truck, bat in hand, fixing in on his back wheel…that’ll be first strike, so he has nowhere to go…remembering first time I saw ‘Shock and Awe’ offensive on cable news, the explosions on the tube will seem like a flick of a Bic here…thinking about beautiful choke hold I learned in Osaka years ago….”

OMG. I never even thought about all the overtime it will take to get this work done. No wonder it cost $3.2M bucks. The mayor is ramming this through before christmas, forcing work crews to start at 7 am on Sundays. What bullshit.

I am shamed to admit I actually voted for this guy, but now I will be working my heart out to throw him out of office. Will someone please step forward and put their name up to run against him. Please. Anyone! Even Jimbo the Chimp would suffice about now. He's got to go. How about Carol James for Mayor?

I attended a Norquay Working Group Community Planning Meeting last night. I have never witnessed such a failed public process shambles before. The so called public consultation being applied here is clearly not working &, based on my current understanding, it's not because of the resident representatives. I am told staff have completely changed 3 times in 4 years. Agreement has never been achieved over these 3 working phases. The last time staff changed +/-1 1/2 years ago, the new staff came back to the table with what was essentially the staff proposal @ the beginning. They've been @ loggerheads ever since.

Last night staff announced, in the last 10 minutes of the meeting, that they were going to recommend to Council that the previously proposed 8 storey zoning on the Kingsway corridor would be increased to 10 storeys [residents want a more humanly scaled, eyes on the street 6 storeys].

Staff, then in a less than diplomatic way, announced the process to be over, no more meetings [which seem to have been +/-every 4 months -- far to spaced out] & residents could take their concerns to Council @ the public hearing. That forum is the very same one that Councillor Anton has defined as a "Kangaroo Court" aka the theatre of the absurd.

So, this is yet another example of public consultation, Vision style.

I love that interpretation - a cyclist is supposed to be allowed to act like like a hooligan, threaten someone, break the law and expect people to not retaliate -- because he's riding a bike and 'saving the earth' I suppose? Alex's reaction is what normal people resort to when they have been bullied and ridiculed by self righteous punks. In Calgary many years ago a pharmacist shot two robbers in the back as they fled his store. The store had been robbed dozens of times and the pharmacist was acquitted. My point - if Jim Chu's VISION agenda is to not enforce the law this is exactly what happens - he won't enforce bike laws and he won't enforce drug laws so certain individuals (and many Critical Mass types I am sure) have decided they are above the law. We need a police chief with some cajones - not a VISION puppet in a blue uniform or we will only see more of this. If you a 'leader' in the cycling community how about driving home a message about abiding by the law and respecting the fact that some people drive cars for valid reasons so don't go punking them? With your incredible posting power - more posts than bikes on Burrard at last count - surely that would have an impact?


You are in serious need of psychological counselling.


Get some help now.


I can't help but notice how easily you glossed over the fact that there was a medical emergency, vehicles were assisting the woman in distress and the cyclist chose to be ignorant and was the cause of how things played out.

Personally, if some idiot unreasonably cracked or busted my back window, I would have taken that as a threat against my well being and protected myself as well. (Don't have a baseball bat, but find my steering wheel lock works the same)

About a month ago one of the Global reporters (the little dark haired girl) was doing a live report. I guess she was standing in the 'bike lane' because a cyclist went by, yelled at her, circled her until they (Global) cut away. It was an interesting display to watch play out.

And I emphasize the word display.

On a separate note, my condolences to the family of the 13 year old bicyclist who recently passed away from a bike/car collision. As reported on A channel - he came barreling out of his driveway onto the roadway as a car was right there. Both the young boy and the driver tried to correct their path but were unable to. He went over the hood. He died of his injuries. No helmet.


I'm not condoning the cyclist's bad manners. He started it. But the driver escalated it, and further, initiated a physical attack long after the incident had passed. Are you condoning violence as a way to deal with traffic problems? Guess why cyclists are fearful of sharing the road?

@ Max:

I provided the link so that everyone could read it and make their own judgement. I didn't gloss over anything.

Remember also that you are only getting one side of the story at this point. The cyclist may have a far different interpretation of the event.

"Personally, if some idiot unreasonably cracked or busted my back window, I would have taken that as a threat against my well being and protected myself as well."

If some 'idiot' was talking or texting and rear-ended your vehicle would you consider it appropriate to get out of your car and beat them up? Is vigilantism and a physical assault over a broken window and a crying child the sensible response to an idiot?


I just had a check and no comments from you over at Tsakumis' blog.

How typically cowardly to avoid Alex's blog and attack him elsewhere.

Where's your superman cape big man?

No cajones to go face to face with him?

Was it you on the bike who hit his SUV to begin with?

If the cyclist had a license plate, perhaps Alex could have written it down and sought the police's help in ticketing the scofflaw.

If the cyclist had insurance, perhaps he wouldn't act like such a jackass on the road to begin with.

But no, you're against that aren't you Chris. No accountability for your brethren, because you're all above the law.

You're nothing more than an arrogant sanctimonious cycling ass, who has shown time and again you support this type of behaviour, all the while trying to come off like you're above it all.

You're not fooling anyone Chris. You wallow in the mud with every other bad cyclist out there.

You and the VACC are no better than the slime that attend critical mass.


Again, who was the root cause of a possible chain reaction.

The cyclist tried to instigate a reaction.

Being randomly 'hit from behind' is not the same as a deliberate act of vandalism.

And heads up - I've been hit twice by cyclists riding on the sidewalk - both this past spring and in under 4 months and in the downtown core. The second assault, and under the law it is classified as a 'hit and run' when the cyclist knows they've hit you and leaves, left a very large and ugly bruise on my right arm from the elbow to the wrist.

I'm not attacking Alex Glenn. Heck I'm driving traffic to his website. I don't often post to his site because he moderates comments and doesn't necessarily allow posts that don't suit his P.O.V. As I'm sure you know, I have commented on stories on his blog before.


"Again, who was the root cause of a possible chain reaction."

Alex for parking illegally? :-)

"The cyclist tried to instigate a reaction."

Speculation. He may just be a foul-mouthed dick who thought he could be a jerk and ride away.

Come on Max and Glen - you MUST know that bicycles are SACRED, and that bicycle riders can do know wrong, never, ever, at no time - especially if they are no their blessed, sacred, holiest of holy bicycle.

All pedestrians and vehicle drivers MUST stand aside and BOW DOWN to any and all blessed bicycle riders, especially on sidewalks.

When the winter rains come, all pedestrians and vehicle drivers MUST run along side every single blessed bicycle rider and provide umbrella protection for the blessed bicycle rider.


Although I understand your comments and agree with your frustration, in its current state the NPA is woefully unable to change things.

You are by definition not able to draw up policies and rely on your candidates once elected to work towards their own goals and objectives.

Should you happen to carry the next election, you can't gaurantee they would do anything differently, and when you tried to bring forward a motion to change this, you were soundly defeated by the ghosts of NPA past.

A great example of this was Suzanne's blundering this week. Whether you wish to admit it or not, this has cost the party dearly in trust from the electorate.

The bottom line is that Suzanne voted for what Suzanne lanes. She heard the concerns, she heard the uproar, she is and was aware of how Vision operates, she voted with them anyway.

When you have party members and councillors that believe in an ideology and refuse to listen to the public's interests as she has done now on numerous occassions, and not just with bike lanes, it really doesn't matter what type of a public consultation process there is. They turn around and vote how they want anyway, because they think they know what's best, not John Q. Public.

Talk all you want about Vision's sham processes, the NPA simply cannot promise any of that will change while you continue to operate in the manner you presently do.

Show me and about 20,000 other people watching closely, how you're going to change that and get our votes.

So far all I see is lots of complaining without any proof that the NPA can deliver.

Suzanne showed us that in spades this week.


I know you've commented on his site, many times in the past. For some insane reason he actually approves them.

Precisely why I've called out your lack of cajones for posting here and not going over there to debate him yourself.



Again, you and I have had differing opinions of Councilor Anton, but I agree that her voting with Vision, knowing as we all did that the consultation process was a complete farce and knowing the feelings of the business community, a huge, huge, huge mistake.

Regardless of her actions following the vote, that mistake will not be forgotten.

I know the NPA is not against bicycle lanes, but in this case, it was about the lack of democracy given to public.

And he backed that lack of democracy.


Max I agree 100% with you. Anton did the right thing in the end and she will be remembered for that. There is no way she should be endorsing a kangaroo council as she puts it. The voters will be with her and the NPA on voting day.Just wait and see.

I'm so looking forward to watching Vision's arrogant, smug faces turn to sad faces when the results start pouring in from the polling stations.Us voters will teach them a lesson. Time is running out on their dictatorial regime.

According to the article posted by AGT, he was pulled over assisting a woman in a Volvo clutching her chest, Alex called for emergency assistance for her. GOOD SAMARITAN!!

How is that parking illegally? Why did the cyclist not notice an ambulance with flashing lights?

I think it is only fair to post the facts...or did I misinterpret the post?


You also don't know which ones he chose not to approve. Pretty sure I can link to an online story about a criminal act without having to debate the alleged perpetrator about their justifications, nor do I need to observe your protocols for online behaviour. If I did that I'd intersperse most of my remarks with insults and hyperbole n'est-ce pas?

Chris - can you not READ??? I am advocating that Jim Chu grow a spine and crack down on those cyclists that behave like jerks so that normal law abiding people dont have to take matters into their own hands AND I am asking you who must be some sort of self appointed 'leader' in the cycling lobby promote responsible behavior amongst your critical mass. You have your mayor, you have your bike lanes - neither are licenses to disrespect people who use cars. Respect the fact that not all of us can ride bikes all the time - some of us have jobs and other commitments that require a car and some people walk to reduce their carbon footprint - they too deserve some respect. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE limit your comments to 1 per day and stop trying to be the last poster on every story - very annoying and childish.

Why wolves run in packs...i picked this up from a link on Jonathan Ross' site!!!
"I got caught in the "critical mass" trying to drive my friend home with our two hot sweating dogs in the car on pacific and all was going well with cyclists riding by and us. We were cheering and giving thumbs up for about half a mile until one individual decided to block our car in the on -coming lane and becoming aggressive, egging others on to become confrontational and turn a great thing- that I do support and am a bike rider myself - into an ugly, ignorant attempt to grab 15 minutes of fame and encourage others to really poison the positive and free spirited nature of the whole event. I am deeply saddened by the acts of a few to intimidate me, my friend our two dogs and an elderly couple who lived one block from their destination who did not know about the planned ride and was innocently trying to get home.
My car was bumped by riders with their tires who deliberately got off their bikes and harassed us, not allowing us to back up or move forward while the ride was going in the opposite direction. The ugliness that was displayed by the token few "geniuses" in the group was disgusting. My hood was banged upon and it was quite ironic considering that I have been a supporter of making Vancouver more green and encouraging bike riding in the city. I would say that the majority of riders were wonderful and positive but those few bad apples do more damage than your whole "critical mass" put together. You are losing valuable people that would have fully supported this ride.
Please take note that the people that some of you are out to attack are in fact supporters and perhaps pause, take a breath and enjoy the fresh air you claim to cherish so much.
→ comment by wilbur pollock on June 27, 2009"

Omoishiroi, Max

Please read something I posted on Harvey O's site Keeping it Real, in regard to what a parking authority officer said to me about not ticketing cyclists.
He has given me good advice...

Norman :-)

On another topic - congratulations to Surrey Mayor Watts and her council - they along with a private partner have secured 50 (or 52)housing units - modular and box housing used up at Whistler during the Olympics, to turn into social and low income housing and senior housing.

The city donated the land, and the company is revamping the units for use.

The province helped pay for moving the units.

Norman great post - thanks for the link! During the HEAT fiasco I called the police once or twice a day to report open drug use on Howe Street, in the park next door or in our back alley. I can confirm sometimes the police don't take calls or dispatch for open drug use but sometimes they do. I was told by one officer that it is a 'grey area'. I suspect the confusion comes because officers are under orders from Jim Chu to look the other way but some officers believe in enforcing the law and follow their conscience and not Jim Chu. I would pay top dollar for a roadside seat to see the police crack down on critical mass for example - but that's never going to happen.

Glen, I'm pretty sure that no matter who ran for the NPA, you and Alex would be out there all over the blogs posting your slanderous personal attacks and insults anyway. The only candidates that would be acceptable to your ilk are those who subscribe to a far right-wing ideology, which would make them completely un-electable in Vancouver. But perhaps that's your secret agenda.

Everyone has known for a long time that Suzanne is an avid cyclist. Only an idiot would believe that she wouldn't support bike lanes. And now that she's rescinded her vote, here you are still bitching and whining. Nothing is ever good enough for you, is it.

Suzanne is no slouch. But she is just one person on a council that shuts her out of nearly every decision-making process, along with a Mayor who has threatened her with legal action for speaking her mind in council chambers! Where was your support for her then? Oh, wait, you were too busy trashing her on Alex's blog and here.

Your comments about Suzanne and the NPA are really despicable and completely unwarranted. I just hope the NPA executive aren't stupid enough to listen to the insane rants from you and Alex because that would assure a complete loss for the NPA in the next election.

Folks, I just want to remind everyone about our insistence that we don't get "personal" here in our comments. I see what hurling insults and name-calling does to newspaper comment sections, and we do not want that here.

We've had thousands of comments and very, very few occasions when we've had to remove smears (yes, we've removed smears against Vision elected types on a few occasions).

In the back and forth please stick to the topic and do not talk about the commenter themselves. Make an argument, and not a put down.


@ Glen Hall

What is it about this issue that drives otherwise sensible people to extremes? Yes, Chris Keam can be very sanctimonious and annoying but you can't just call someone a coward like that. You wouldn't say it to someone's face without the most extreme provocation so don't write it here. I know I can be a bit rude occasionally but that was just offensive and it's a pity Mike doesn't start doing a few deletions to shake some people up, otherwise the quality of discussion here is going to nosedive.

I believe you are speaking of the supported housing units.....I have been told that all the new supported housing units being built in the province, refurbished hotels etc. If they are listed as supported housing, and have on site staff, they are NOT covered under the RTA...

Hi Norman;

I'm not sure; it was on Global news last night.

They did mention that there would be a central kitchen, but I didn't get the impression this was one of the Province's projects.

I could be wrong....and will look for more info.

Mike, (and David H)

I'm not going to apologize for calling Chris a coward or making a personal attack.

He made a choice to cross-post a link to Alex's site, regarding a post Alex made that he disagrees with, to change the conversation from Vision's sham process in your post.

Did he bother to post his concerns at Alex's site. No he didn't and yet he admits to commenting there many time before. He also posted a similar comment at Bula's site as well.

Why is Chris doing this? I'm sure every single one of us knows the answer. If his intentions were of real concern, he would have spoken up, rather he continues to use tactics which are conniving and cowardly. Hence my comment.

If you don't like my comments feel free to delete them, but I would also then request that you delete comments like Chris Keam's, when he makes whatever failed effort he can, as in this case, to change the topic.

Glenn is welcome to play Internet referee and tell people where they should post their comments, but I'll note he's never visited my blog to call me out either, despite his very obvious distaste for me.


"Why is Chris doing this?"

AGT doesn't typically attract the readership I'm looking to influence.

It has nothing to do with my courage or lack thereof.

There's a lot of good things happening in the NPA. Some of us are working hard to communicate with the public in a variety of forums, this being 1. It's starting to pay off. We have been actively 'out there' over the spring & summer & are continuing. The response from the public has certainly been encouraging. I think a number of people associated with the NPA have been making their positions known on various issues. Whether they become candidates via a democratic nomination process remains to be seen.

It all comes down to the candidates given the NPA's structure. In the past there have been good candidates & those candidates have articulated their policies sufficiently clearly to convince the electorate. I am confident we will do the same in 2011.

Tundaleo (or Suzanne, Suzanne's friend, Sean, Bill, other NPA board members, who ever you really are),

Here you go again....

"Glen, I'm pretty sure that no matter who ran for the NPA, you and Alex would be out there all over the blogs posting your slanderous personal attacks and insults anyway."

Slanderous, eh! Perhaps you should point to a direct quote of something I've written that is slanderous before you make these false accusations. If its slanderous, I'd gladly meet you or anyone else in court where we can see who's telling the truth.

If you have an issue with something Alex has written, as I said to Chris, go to his blog and leave a comment there instead of hiding behind an anonymous comment at another site. He approves Chris's comments, there's no reason why he won't approve yours.

If you have an issue with anything I've posted, then point it out. If not...

"The only candidates that would be acceptable to your ilk are those who subscribe to a far right-wing ideology, which would make them completely un-electable in Vancouver. But perhaps that's your secret agenda."

Funny, yes my ilk. Far right-wing. Yes, that's me alright. You sure have me pegged there Tundaleo. Yes my secret, Stephen Harper federal Conservative agenda. Nice baseless accusations there. Hilarious actually.

Yes I am against NPA candidates that want to rip down the viaducts, ABSO-FN-LUTELY. (Hello Sean).

Yes I am against NPA candidates that jeopardize winning a majority on council in 2011. Guilty as charged.

Yes I am against the NPA continuing on a path that will ensure further civic political instability for the next 2 terms if they don't get it correct this time around. Damn straight.

Yeah, thats a secret agenda....exactly why I've been commenting about it at every chance I get. Its so very secretive that I publicize it every chance I get.

"Everyone has known for a long time that Suzanne is an avid cyclist. Only an idiot would believe that she wouldn't support bike lanes. And now that she's rescinded her vote, here you are still bitching and whining. Nothing is ever good enough for you, is it."

A) Suzanne should have left her vote as is to maintain any shred of integrity she has left.

B) Suzanne should have known well in advance of the sham process Vision was carrying out. As you state below she is no slouch. If she had a problem with it, she should have voted as such originally and not rescinded her vote the next day.

C) Since you haven't figured this out for yourself, one of the biggest issues the citizens of Vancouver have with Vision, is that their ideology gets in the way of decision making.

Yes Suzanne being an avid cyclist is exactly the same problem. Rather than listening to her constituents, she went out and did the very thing we are all so mad at Vision for doing. She believes in bike lanes so therefore any bike lane is a good decision.

She made a choice of turning her nose up at every single business down Hornby and downtown in general. Now her and the NPA have to live with that very selfish decision.

Only someone looking after their own interests would have voted the way she did which pretty much shows that you may have her ear but she doesn't really hear you....and if she does hear you, she doesn't really care because she knows what's best for you.

"Suzanne is no slouch. But she is just one person on a council that shuts her out of nearly every decision-making process, along with a Mayor who has threatened her with legal action for speaking her mind in council chambers! Where was your support for her then? Oh, wait, you were too busy trashing her on Alex's blog and here"

Talk - action = ZERO. For you that would be Talk - action = Suzanne.

Can you hear my tiny violin playing for you and Suzanne? When you run for politics you take the good with the bad. So she's on her own, big deal. Joy McPhail and Jenny Kwan went 2 against 70 something back in 2001 and did a remarkable job. That doesn't excuse Suzanne from making half assed efforts. So what if Gregor threatened her with legal action, if he did, he may just have to open up Vision's files to show who really paid Johnny Ross for that work.

So she huffed and puffed in council, then had no backup plan. Yes but she's no slouch.....

If she can't handle being a lone wolf in a sea of Vision sharks then I would encourage her to resign already.

"Your comments about Suzanne and the NPA are really despicable and completely unwarranted."

Completely unwarranted eh! Not only are they warranted, they're desperately required. The day that Suzanne wakes up and realizes that she's there to serve the people and not herself, is the day I back off. In fact its the day I back off of any politician that does so.

"I just hope the NPA executive aren't stupid enough to listen to the insane rants from you and Alex because that would assure a complete loss for the NPA in the next election."

So I'm insane? Have you ever heard the saying that we're all a bit crazy, and if you don't think you are, it's you with the problem? I've been involved off and on in some level of politics for about 30 years now. You may not like what I have to say, but I'm seldom wrong and this time ain't one of them.

As for your assertion about a complete loss for the NPA in the next election should they listen to "me and Alex"....another hilarious line. They better be listening, because if they aren't then we'll have another 3 years of what we already have - whether it's the NPA or Vision holding court.

....IMO it presents many issues,there is no security in this type of housing for the tenant....the sites here in Vancouver for the mentally ill are basically minimum security prisons ...the housing in Surrey will be run by a Mental Health Organization.
IMHO that means that tenants are at the mercy of the staff....piss someone off and then what? back on the street?
If I'm not correct could someone post otherwise...thanks
Sorry to be off topic folks.....


I know exactly what you're up to Chris. The question was redundant.

There is no reason to come to your site because I wouln't influence anyone there and why would I waste my time?

So, you wish to use Alex to pump your agenda and prove your point. You're just preaching to the choir there Chris. Sure you hope to pick up the oddball still sitting on the fence at various blogs, but you're only folling yourself.

The reality is that the line between those who support cycling infrastructure and those who don't is growing wider everyday.

Keep fanning those flames on your side and it will do you more harm than good in the long run.

@Glen "The reality is that the line between those who support cycling infrastructure and those who don't is growing wider everyday."

I agree with you, however I think more people (read: voters) are finding themselves on the cycling side of that line. The city is changing and needs to accommodate that changing reality.

Note: My history on this project is to oppose it. It was hastily dreamt up using absolutely NO real consultation with affected residents and businesses and it is now even more hastily being implemented.

Suzanne Anton's blanket support for cycling should not be a reason for her to consider leaving politics or distancing herself from the NPA. I believe a voice like hers can benefit the NPA and the city as a whole.

The Thought of The Day

“More Bodies in here, than the Nobodies in the City Hall of Vancouver.”

Lets set the record right, the population of Vancouver interested in local politics is in the same one digit percentile as the cycling population. 3% and climbing to… 4%! Leaving a propaganda site like this, or that of an opponent’s, in all fairness, it’s nauseating.

It feels like coming out from inside one dark, humid, beer stunk basement bodega, after a night of a alcohol induced orgy, into a BBQ smelling back street of an inconspicuous city.

The light coming from the full sun, at around midday, hits me like a ton of weed brownies rushed from the Cortes Island, for my full enjoyment.

After a non eventful walk on a yet another downtown street whose name I don’t recognize, I start asking around for directions to the nearest pisser. Bladder, eh? No luck.

What ‘Aufock’s going on in this city? Everyone walking by me avoids my blogger stare, plus I stink of controversy. I stop one lady, ‘Who’s the Mayor? Who’s taking care of this city? Where am I going to pee? And I’m not just saying that!?’

She runs away. I see her approaching a cop doing his beat. His ‘beat’? Where am I, In a Charles Chaplin movie? I thought they are well over, doing that. Anyway. He approaches me in a gentle and loving manner, second only to that of a 300 pounds quarterback in heat, taking down an opponent. He stops abruptly and sniffs me. Smiles. He likes! My BO fragrance is good for business. His.
‘So, we started early, we were on a blog or two this morning, weren’t we?’ Sniffing. `Mmmmm, FB, CC, VO, AGT, VC, tz, tz ,tz, you never mix those, Sir. No one told you that before?’

I look the constable in the eyes and say ’Officer, if you don’t point me out to the nearest crapper, I’m going to do it right here. Man, who’s the mayor of this shithole, what are his lieutenants doing? Does anybody in this city care about a human trying to urinate with dignity?’

‘Not if you are a ‘Cycloped’ (the new word for cyclists wearing their bikes up theirs) they got their bike lanes, see?’ showing me the new separated bike lanes, painted pale yellow. ‘You can do it in there, hide behind those lane separating panels. And, don’t worry, not too many bikes on those bike lanes either. By the way, I heard the Mayor and his Cheerleading Council are off to Paris, for the Green Pisser Convention. I don’t know about you, but where I’m from, the Green Pisser is what we’ve called the Bush. Have a good day Sir!‘

The Officer leaves me there, takes a few steps, stops, then turns around in a Lieutenant Columbo afterthought stance, and says to me:

‘The Mayor’s name, I can’t pinpointed out, but it rhymes with ‘rick’ or ‘mick’, everyone in my unit calls him that. Now go get take care of that…’
My yellow mixes perfectly with the bike lane’s pale yellow. A match made in Heaven.

You know what they say; this is what you get when nobody up there loves you…’rick’ or ‘mick’ or something like that.

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.


You write:

"....In the past there have been good candidates & those candidates have articulated their policies sufficiently clearly to convince the electorate. I am confident we will do the same in 2011."

Going back to 1999-2002, the city was so fed up with NPA councillors people dumped manure of Puil's front lawn.

Gordon Price was actively and unapologetically skewering those who disagreed with his arrogance and agenda in his newpaper columns being published during this term.

People like to forget the arrogance of that administration and blame the 2002 loss on Jennifer Clarke backstabbing Philip Owen. The reality is that that was only the final nail in a coffin half covered in dirt...or the manure on Puil's steps.

People were so fed up of the NPA at that time, they ushered in Larry Campbell and COPE. Shall we recap those sad sack years?

Fast forward to 2005-2008 and again, the NPA disappointed people enough to elect Vision in 2008.

Sure some like to blame the infighting or Ladner vs. Sullivan but the reality is that if the party believed Sam could have won that election, it wouldn't have been an issue.

The leak of the OV documents although important, were also just the final nail in an NPA coffin half covered in dirt.

I appreciate you putting on a brave face for the NPA publicly, but the reality is that I'm not the only person with these worries about the party. You have about 20,000 of us in the city who will vote either way, or not vote at all.

What is bad for the city, is a swing to one party over the other because of bad management(in this case Vision), regardless of the worthiness of the candidates on the slate.

If all we can expect from the NPA are candidates that support the same policies of Vision, but promise to not be so damn condescnding when they impliment them, why should anyone support you?

So far, its a failing grade whether you choose to admit this or not.

No Chris I'll tell you what a sensible response to an idiot is:

Exactly what I'm about to tell you.

You really have several screws lose. Very. The cycling Nazo caused SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS damage to my vehicle and frighten the shit out of both my kids after they were worried enough that their Dad had pulled over on a busy street to help a woman who I have know discovered, died.

You are a complete asshole. Sorry Mike, but I banned this freak from my blog for precisely the spiking I strongly suspect he's paid to do.

My daughter doesn't deserve to go to school crying, Keam. nor does my son need to say as he's leaving, "The window looks broken Dad, can I still sit there on the way home?"

Of all the immature ravings and idiotic runs of the keyboard you've had on any blog you've infested or diseased, this last one is really the limit.

You want me to sit idly by while my kids were intimidated, and I TOLD the biking nut so, because he's what? A nice man because he's a radical extremist like you.

If you really wanted to have people make up their own minds, you wouldn't have lied. I NEVER touched the guy although I'm now wishing you and him were both present and I wasn't off to have my knee scoped next week.

THIS DRIVER never advocated or will advocate for any violence against anyone--UNLESS it's a response. Are you illiterate as well as stupid? The cyclist bashed in the frame to my window. He swore at my and my kids and then gave us the finger. I stop for woman who had a heart attack you indignant fool. Does none of this register to you and your nuttier than as squirrel turd lobby?

Keam, not ONCE have you ever been on the right side of an issue you've littered any blog about, but on this one you are so offside,Why did you not openly condemn the violent actions of the cyclist? Why did you not condemn, strongly condemn him for frightening my kids? Why did you not frame my post like that? I'll tell you why. Because you are a demented coward, who doesn;t care about anything so long as your whackjob views are accommodated.

I'm really hoping you ride that bike lane at some point in a month and half or so and try the same thing as your jack off fellow lobbyist.

...because my knee will be in prefect working order by then.

Mind, you wouldn't ride in the snow...or along corporatist Marine Drive. Shame on those people, they all stole their money. They should be sitting at a Starbucks telling the doped up kid that just came from a Gregor event that their all editors and writers with useless websites about cycling in a city with hills and valleys, where the two largest ethnic groups WILL NEVER counsel their kids to leave the balmy confines of the showrooms of Porsche, Mercedes and BMW.

You are a total fool and if there was ever any doubt before, you've sealed it now.

So now you know how I respond to idiots.

Why would they be "exempt" in the first place? Robertson is seriously skating on thin ice now. I live on the 1100 block I'll call the cops either way. Just so they have to log it.

Do any of you idiots seriously think staff wouldn't have a plan in place to start construction of the separated bike lane immediately following Council approval?

Vancouver Citizen...
who are the idiots you refer to?

Wow Vancouver Citizen, you're easily fooled aren't you.

And if you believe this wasn't a done deal way in advance of the vote....I have a bridge with a bike lane on it to sell you.....

That was a sham vote as well.

Check out!

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