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vietnam billboard's billboard in Ho Chi Minh City, seen top-left – click for larger image

We're not sure how many of our readers have their own Twitter accounts, but we recommend to those who do (and those who are considering getting one) to make sure that you join over 2000 other followers and subscribe to @CityCaucus on Twitter. Loved by social media junkies, and disparaged by critics of these sometimes invasive tools, Twitter is creeping into more mainstream use. For us, it's now an invaluable tool, and here's why.

Political junkies that we are, many interesting items cross our desk each day that we cannot take time to blog about. What we do instead is send them off to our Twitter followers.

For example, we've been watching the very interesting mayoral battles taking place lately in Toronto, Winnipeg and Edmonton among other places. Rob Ford has been the subject of literally dozens of our tweets, if only because he's such an outrageous political figure from the standpoint of the media (but not voters, as Ford is poised to win).

There has also been a bizarre scandal involving a US blogger and the Edmonton mayor's race. Stories like these keep popping up and we try to pass them on to Twitter. We also "bookmark" several stories per day that we think will interest our readers using "Delicious". Those links are also automatically shared to our Twitter and Facebook pages. For those who live on Facebook, you can see all of our posts and bookmarks, as well as share or comment on them. Join the over 1300 Facebook users who like

We also sometimes feature breaking news on Twitter first, which is why you might want to subscribe to our tweets using your cell phone. Just click the tiny cell phone icon next to the Follow button and Twitter will text them to your phone as we post them.

If you are a Twitter or Facebook user, note that we have buttons at the top of each post that allows you to share them with your network. Click the Tweet button and you'll be able to send out a link to our post. You can also click "Like" to recommend the story to your Facebook friends. The Facebook "Share" link is now placed at the bottom of our posts, and you can use that if you want to share and add a comment.

One final note, and it's about the background image that you see at our home page. It comes from a post we did waaay back in January 2009.

Only seven weeks old then we were getting used to new visitors arriving at our site every day. Then for some unknown reason, according to our web stats we began getting regular traffic from Vietnam. As a result we did this post, saying that we were stepping up an international ad campaign spend including renting a billboard in Ho Chi Minh City.

The guy who rented it to us, a US ex-pat named Darrell said of the billboard itself, "You can see that sumbitch from anywhere in town!"

Then wouldn't you know it, the traffic from Vietnam dried up almost immediately. They must have been shy or something. We get lots of international traffic here at, but that was among the strangest.

So be sure to sign up for us @CityCaucus, or

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The Thought of The Day

"Twitter, Twitter on the Net,
Who's the newest Vision Pet?
Get this riddle's answer right,
Bail you out...I just might."


What can I say? I registered an account with them more than a year ago. The moment I clicked on the Send/ Register button my heart sinked in. Why should I be part of one of the most idiotic forms of communication? Since, I left one message, and forgot about it. Couldn't care less, in fact I did not tell anyone until not long ago on a comment I made on one Maggie Langrick and her pathetic twit on Robertson. Twitter is a cheap form of self-entertaining. Reassuring yourself that someone out there likes you, or at least wants to stalk (they call it 'following you' in there) you. So, people 'contribute' now and then, really important thoughts in the same way my kitty 'contributes' to his little litter box.

As for...FACEBOOK.

The preferred Meeting place for the Very, Very Low Self Esteemed and for the Recovering Stupid. During the Cold War, the secret police forces across the communist regimes and their capitalist counterparts considered espionage as their best tool in order to land their chops on the type of information some people are putting out on their Facebook accounts. Not to say that this is a total and complete data acquisition racket perpetrated by some wise guys. But here's the thing, they basically let you know up front that your personal bio. IS FOR SALE to the highest bidder and that you could be, most definitely will be, the victim of identity theft.

Still, the people are falling for it. You know the saying 'There's a sucker born every minute..." You cannot fight fate.

So no Facebook for me.
I meet you for the first time, you ask me 'do you have a FACEBOOK account?' or 'do you use Twitter like Ashton and Demi do?' well, my friend, I'll be busy for a while, very busy. My secretary will tell you I'm out of the country indefinitely!

So there, my two cents.

"You really have to get to know The Gregor to dislike him."

Whaddayathink? Should I put this on Twitter or on Facebook?

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

I tend to agree with Glissando. Despite all this hype around Twitter and Facebook and other 'social' networks, the irony is this is the best way to become anti-social. Sad.

No question that becoming anti-social is a risk of using e-communication. But it's not inevitable. You just need to look up from the keyboard sometimes and note the world around you. Then social media becomes a third eye, not blinders.

since I haven't made the leap to a cell phone yet, does this mean I'm safe:)

I agree with your POV too, Glissando. To some extent though. One can use this new media with caution and it could be both safe and helpful. It's like drinking. You can have a glass of red and have a lovely evening or you can make an ass of yourself. I liked your riddle too!

Check out!

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